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ShowGamer - an information and entertainment resource that brings together under one roof several talented authors who (as its name suggests) have been talking about video games for several years now, sharing the latest news, screenshots, official trailers, publishing reviews, guides and walkthroughs, and maintaining a regularly updated game database. The game is not only a gaming site, but also a YouTube channel, and a number of communities on various social networks and popular blogs.

You can:

  • Read informative, entertaining and analytical articles
  • Check out the latest released games and games about to be released
  • Discuss any news item in the comments, including with the authors of the website
  • In the future it will be possible to submit your own material, and if we like it, we promise to provide everyone with a symbolic but gratifying reward}
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Right now the site is under active development. If you have any ideas or suggestions for design and functionality, if you find any terrible bugs - be sure to let us know by e-mail!

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