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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty — Help Somi or Reed?

Let's look at the consequences of an important decision when V can help Sonbird or Reed in the Firestarter in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.
Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty — Help Somi or Reed?
Julia Kushnaryova
Date of publication
4 October 2023

Firestarter in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty — Somi or Reed?

While Alex, disguised as Aymaric, communicates with Kurt Hansen, V, disguised as the second twin, finds himself alone with Somi. While she examines the device in which the captive AI from the Black Wall is hidden, you must make an important choice. Your choice determines further developments and quests that you will complete at the end of the story addition.

If you decide to help Songbird

Alex will finish off Hansen as previously planned. Firstly, the girl will survive, and secondly, you won’t have to fight Hansen in the future.

As you move towards the exit of the stadium, Somi will help you with killing several enemies. In addition, in the hall with the machines you will meet Murphy, one of Hansen's lieutenants. He will have the iconic Murphy's Law.

When you go into the corridor and there is an elevator on the right, if you go down, you will see a bonus scene — Reed, standing in the parking lot, will shoot V.

After you leave the stadium, you will have to wait a few days in the game for Somi to contact you. In the final mission, you will go to the spaceport to help Somi fly to the moon on a shuttle. At the end you will meet Reed. If you give him Somi, you can cure V, but he will become an ordinary person, unable to use combat implants. If you refuse, you'll have to kill Reed. It will drop the iconic Pariah revolver .

If you help Reed catch Somi

Hansen will kill Alex, and you will have to leave the location on your own without the help of Somi.

Eventually, you will face Kurt Hansen, a very dangerous opponent. Use dodges more often. But Hansen will drop three iconic weapons at once! This is the reward for Alex's death.

Take the elevator to the parking lot to jump into Reed's car. You will see how MaxTuck captures Somi.

Overall this story arc will be much longer. First you have to save Somi from the clutches of MaxTak, fighting four elite fighters. And then - explore the Kinosur complex, where Alex was experimented on and forced to go behind the Black Wall. At the end, you can kill Alex or hand her over to Reed alive. In the second case, you will again be able to cure V, but he will become an ordinary person.

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