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ShowGamer.comHow to find, buy or craft a bow in Medieval Dynasty

How to find, buy or craft a bow in Medieval Dynasty

You can find a bow inside a chest in a hunting lodge near the village of Branica. Remember that you have to steal it, so no one should see it. You will not be able to sell the bow to the local merchant, and he will have a limited supply of arrows. Look for the house to the west of Branitsa, not far from the clusters of huts. The chest will contain 5 arrows and the bow itself.

You can also buy a bow from the Sambora hunter. You will get to him during the Uniegost Story I and Alvin Story IV quests. The bow can be obtained before Alvin's quest. It costs 200 coins (500 for an improved longbow). Sambir is in the northeast. Wolves often gather near his lair. So always take a few copies with you. The character is located at the top of the map.

You can also make a bow by hand, but you will need the right equipment and materials. The process is long, but, fortunately, different quests will make the task easier. First you need to build a hunting house, since this is the only place where you can create weapons. You will do this as part of one of the stages of the Into the Wilderness IV quest. In the Technology and Survival section, the bow schematic is sold for 50 coins.

To craft a bow, you will need wood, which is collected by cutting trees (with an ax), as well as linen thread, which you will probablyoh, you can't create at the moment. But it can be bought from Unigost from the neighboring village of Gostovye for 100 coins. After that, go to the crafting station in the hunting lodge. Press E and select bow. Arrows can be bought from Sambor, crafted on your own, or received as a reward for completing the Alvin Story IV quest.


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