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ShowGamer.comHow to open everything in Subverse

How to open everything in Subverse

We are talking about several effective ways that will allow you to unlock all content and all scenes with waifu in the erotic RPG Subverse

First, you can use the save file, which contains the complete walkthrough of the game. To do this, go to the website of our partners -

The next way to get all the sex scenes is to take companions with you on missions, for which they will receive special points (PP), and then spend them on unlocking sex scenes. But choose carefully, because there are "poses" that are also unlocked for PP, but really do not give anything. The Pandora Center itself, which allows you to do this, will be unlocked later. Continue through Subverse until you get to Celeste. Then head to the Captain's Quarter. Click on the bed, which will allow you to view already unlocked sex scenes.

How to unlock sex scenes

Since there are many characters in the game with which you can open erotic scenes, first you need to get these characters. The hardest thing to open the sex scenes is in the captain's assistant - Demi . It's easyexplain. You cannot complete main quests with this hero. Points to unlock sex scenes with Demi will be earned by completing story acts.

Much easier with other characters. The first playable character Lili will reach the required amount of PP points very quickly and you will be able to open several erotic scenes. Just play as this character and complete various tasks to level up Lili, get PP and unlock intimate scenes.

After the introductory missions, you will find yourself on the bridge of your own ship. From now on, you can view already open erotic scenes in the Pandora menu. We go to the captain's cabin and choose his bed. The game will ask you if you want to enter Pandora. If you select Yes, please! ” then it will take you to the menu, where you can open and view any scene you are interested in.

  • The green icons are looped animations that you cannot interact with;
  • Yellow icons are controlled animation.

How to wind up Pooter Points in Subverse

To cheat PP in the Subverse game, you will need one of two programs:

  • cheat engine
  • ArtMoney SE

We will consider the most simple?? method using the second program ArtMoney SE . This program is free and can be downloaded from the official website of the developer .

First you need to earn 3-4 PP on the character you want to unlock all erotic scenes on. This is necessary in order to find the desired value and change it. You already know how to earn PP. Complete any quests and assignments with the hero whose intimate scenes you want to open. This will take about 20 minutes of real time.

Got enough PP? Then you can start spinning. Open the Pandora menu on your ship and select a heroine. Under the locked scenes, we see the available PP points that we need to change. Launch ArtMoney, select the SUBVERSE process and press the Search button.

In the window that opens, in the Value input line, enter the PP value that is currently available with the selected heroine. In the Type section, select “ Integer (standard) ”, click on the three dots on the right and check the box “ Integer 4 bytes ”, since such an indicator has the desired value.

Click OK and wait until the program finds all available values (this cant take some time). After that, we open one scene, the price of which is 1 PP, so that the available amount of PP decreases by 1 unit. Go to ArtMoney, select Filter and also set the available number here. Repeat the steps until you have 10-20 values left. If there are still a lot of values, and you have already reached 0 points, it's okay. Just press Delete with a value of 0.

Transfer the remaining values to the right column and change them all to 2. If at this moment the number of available PPs in the game becomes the same, then you did everything right. You can click on the Filter button again and select the modified value so that you know exactly what value you need. The maximum can be 99 PP, although 20 PP is enough to open all scenes with one heroine.


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