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Sequel to Forspoken will not take place

Luminous Productions will close shortly.
Sequel to Forspoken will not take place

Despite the fact that the development of the sequel to Forspoken was at an early stage, the authors were eyeing other projects. Luminous Productions is likely to close. Employees will be distributed to other Square Enix studios.

Until May 1st, Forspoken is working on In Tanta we Trust and patches to improve performance on PC and PS5. The expansion's release date is unknown.

Luminous Productions opened in 2018. However, their game Forspoken was criticized by journalists and players. In February, former game writer Harry Whitta shared that the developers have completely changed his work and kept only the name of the country of Atia in Forspoken.

Anton Latoshkin
Date of publication
6 March 2023

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