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Forspoken is getting a prequel story expansion

The authors are working on content, despite the failed release.
Forspoken is getting a prequel story expansion

Despite the fact that the release of the Forspoken adventure game turned out to be a failure in every sense, Square Enix decided to develop its game anyway, creating fresh content for it.

The developers announced a DLC called In Tanta We Trust, which will tell about the events that happened 25 years before Frey's visit to Atia. It is noteworthy that the girl we know will also become the heroine of the update, but now Holland will have to follow the mysterious voice into the past during the battle of Purge of the Rheddig. It was this event that caused the devastation of the fantasy world and the ensuing madness of Tant.

In Tanta We Trust is scheduled for release on May 26th.

Edward Dmitriev
Date of publication
30 March 2023
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