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The best online survival games of 2023

We are talking about the most interesting and attractive online survival games of 2023.
The best online survival games of 2023

Survival games online - 2023

In 2023, as before, we were waiting (and are waiting in the future) for very good projects, including online survival games. In this collection, we will talk about the top projects of the genre, in which you can test your strength in surviving in especially dangerous conditions.

Best survival games in 2023

The year 2023 pleased fans of this trend with both classic survival games and something very unusual. By tradition, our summer season turned out to be the hottest for new releases, and you can find out more about other summer releases here .

Now let's move on to the games themselves.

Outlast the Trials

The Outlast Trials is a co-op survival game in which a group of 4 people have to get out of the level by solving various simple tasks. Events unfold during the Cold War at one of the secret facilities of the Merkoff company. Corporation scientists conduct inhuman experiments on people here, wanting to turn them into superbeings.

Do they succeed? Well, this is what the player needs to prove. All sorts of mutants under the control of artificial intelligence will interfere with the task at the levels. Monsters react very actively to the actions of survivors, so don't expect an easy confrontation. You can't kill enemies, you can only run away or hide from them. Use available items and the help of allies to defeat the enemy!

As a reward, we get invaluable experience and various bonuses. Each run in Outlast the Trials is unique due to the procedural generation of locations, you will find each item in the level in a completely different place, and not where it was previously located.

In general, if you are looking for a serious test, and even ready to involve your friends in this, you are welcome to Outlast the Trials.

Sons of the Forest

Now let's move on to Sons of the Forest - another survival game that pleasantly surprised me. Endnight Games has been working for quite some time on the continuation of their survival horror, in which we again had to go to the island and experience several hours of real horror. But now it can be done in company with partners who will provide you with all possible assistance in the fight against cannibals.

Lists of enemies replenished with new types of opponents. Demons have become even scarier and smarter, and you have at your disposal more tools for creating traps and weapons. In addition, now you have a partner, and over time, a mutant named Virginia can also join you, who can be trained to use weapons, and then the girl will accompany you in battles.

Sons of the Forest turned out to be suitable and worthy. As the players say, this is an improved and modified version of the original game with a lot of mechanics and tightened graphics. What else is needed for happiness?


If you are looking for an unusual survival game, you can try Barotrauma. In this project, we act as one of the members of the submarine crew, on whose actions the integrity of this very submarine depends.

Having gathered a team of sailors, you go on a voyage. Assuming specific responsibilities, make sure that all systems and mechanisms of the vessel work properly. Obey the orders of your captain, who controls the submarine, and then everything will be fine.

The game provides a large number of tasks and puzzles, the successful solution of which depends on the success of the mission. Try yourself as a submariner in Barotrauma and call your friends, because it will definitely be more interesting that way.

Void train

Voidtrain is another unusual survival game that combines the mechanics of a construction simulator and a first-person shooter.

You act as a space traveler. To move around the galaxy, you will use a special train that you need to build using the extracted materials. Arriving in new worlds, get ready to face the danger represented by representatives of aggressive flora and fauna. Along the way, you may be attacked by a space monster, which you need to fight off using the entire available arsenal.

Voidtrain provides a story mode and the ability to complete tasks solo or in a company of up to 4 people. The game boasts a huge Abyss world and a unique visual style.


Exorcising demons isn't easy, Demonologist fans know. This project invites us to play the role of a fighter with a hellish essence that has settled in a gloomy house.

Armed with the tools of the exorcist, go explore the location. Try to track down the spirit and determine what type of creature you have to fight. Use the entire arsenal of improvised means to catch the creature by surprise and send it to where it belongs!

But be prepared for the fact that the first time you do not succeed. Learn the mechanics and behavior of demons to become a pro at Demonologist.

Smalland: Survive the Wilds

If you like The Forest (or, in our case, Sons of the Forest) and would like to introduce your child to a similar game, then you are welcome to Smalland: Survive the Wilds . This project does not contain the horrors of its "older comrades", however, it offers players to go the same way from getting to a desert island and until the moment of salvation.

An important difference between Smalland: Survive the Wilds is that in this game you will turn into a small fairy-tale creature, while the environment will remain the same size. From now on, insects and beetles will no longer be so harmless, and it will become oh so hard to extract resources.

But we won't stop, right? Explore a variety of biomes solo or with friends, get weapons and defend your camp from aggressive neighbors. Become the king of a fabulous island!

Star End

Our top survival games of 2023 will not do without a project in a space setting. Stars End is a very low-hardware game in which players will go to explore distant galaxies in search of secrets and mysteries. In the systems that you will visit, something interesting is constantly happening: worlds are born and die, asteroids collide with each other, new constellations are formed.

You can travel around the universe in Stars End both in and out of the ship. Put on a spacesuit and go out into outer space in order to study something interesting. Land on the planet and land on the surface with your comrades, explore the surrounding area. Believe me, you will definitely find something interesting there!

Stars End provides for the availability of vehicles, as well as the ability to capture territories and receive bonuses from them. Collecting resources, crafting weapons, and that's all, too.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

And we will finish with the asymmetric horror The Texas Chain Saw Massacre , which is scheduled for release on August 18, 2023.

The project, as the name implies, was created based on the horror series of the same name about a maniac nicknamed Leatherface. The events of the game will unfold on a farmer remote from civilization, where there are several survivors. Behind them, bloodthirsty serial killers open the hunt, from which you need to run and hide. The main task of the former is to find a way out of the farm and escape, and the latter is to prevent them from doing so.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will receive only English localization. Over time, the developers promise to supplement it with fresh content, developing mechanics and adding new characters.

This is how we got a selection of survival games in 2023. We hope you and your friends have found entertainment on this list for the next few evenings.

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13 June 2023

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