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Diablo 4 player has completed every basement in the game 10 times

This was done for the sake of statistics.
Diablo 4 player has completed every basement in the game 10 times

The player under the nickname MrFrodoBeggins decided to collect interesting statistics during the passage of the Diablo 4 action. So, the gamer went to explore the cellars in the hope of finding out what you can find there if you do this business as responsibly as possible.

The user started his journey when his character was level 84. After going through 1270 cellars, the hero reached level 89, while for all the time he only met the Butcher three times. During the run, the traveler knocked out 200 legendary items and earned 80 million gold in addition to 82 million experience points. The adventurer practically did not meet bugs in the process, but he met the Goblin 21 times.

Having completed the experiment, MrFrodoBeggins came to the conclusion that, given the performance, the basement run is a pointless and low-profit activity.

Edward Dmitriev
Date of publication
4 July 2023
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