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New Anime Action One Punch Man World Announced

Yes, this is the new One-Punch Man game.
New Anime Action One Punch Man World Announced

Perfect World and Crunchyroll Games have announced a new action game called One Punch Man World. This project will reveal new details about the One-Punch Man universe, which is very popular among anime fans.

Judging by the debut video, we will have to follow the path of the plot of the series, playing for a variety of characters. In addition to bright battles, we are expected to walk through a world that is not very open, talk with ordinary citizens and complete various tasks. Whether it will be possible to play for Vanpunchman himself is not yet entirely clear.

There is no release date for One Punch Man World yet, but it is known that the game is being developed for PC and smartphones.

Edward Dmitriev
Date of publication
18 July 2023