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Thousands of Smurfs banned from Dota 2

Main accounts are next.
Thousands of Smurfs banned from Dota 2

Valve Studio has carried out another wave of account bans in its game Dota 2 . This time, restrictions were placed on the so-called Smurfs, experienced players who create new accounts to play against newcomers.

To date, more than 90,000 such accounts have been banned, while the game developers clarify that this is not the end. The creators of Dota 2 managed to discover the connection of accounts with the main accounts of gamers, and now they can already be subject to various restrictions (up to permanent blocking).

Recall that earlier Valve had already carried out a large wave of bans, but then it was about scammers using third-party software. Now, apparently, the turn has come to less dangerous, but more annoying users with their behavior.

Edward Dmitriev
Date of publication
5 September 2023

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