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Astrum Entertainment announces online adventure shooter Xtract

On November 30, the game will be available on the VK Play platform.
Astrum Entertainment announces online adventure shooter Xtract

A new free multiplayer shooter Xtract from publisher and developer Astrum Entertainment has been announced. As treasure hunters, players will explore the mysterious Isle of X in search of valuable artifacts. The release will take place on November 30 on the VK Play platform.

Xtract is a PvPvE shooter adventure game set in a near-alternate future. In the new world, the treasures of ancient civilizations acquired special value, and along with this, organizations specializing in their extraction also appeared. One of these companies, GRAIL, attracted adventurers from all over the world to the search.

The hunters will travel to the recently discovered island of X, in whose depths are hidden ruins and temples full of treasures. But stealing them will not be as easy as it might seem at first glance - the relics are guarded by monsters and surrounded by deadly traps.

On their own or in a team of three, players will face each other in a battle for artifacts. Adventurers will have to find weapons and ammunition, explore ancient ruins that contain many secrets and dangers, as well as solve more than one puzzle and fight monsters. You can try to rob a caravan transporting treasures around the island. By?The leader will be the team that will obtain the main artifact and deliver it to the GRAIL organization. Nevertheless, all hunters will return with prey in their pockets.

At the base, players can upgrade both artifacts and equipment. Combining them, as well as choosing suitable amplifiers, will allow you to create a set of equipment for your chosen playing style. Well, the ability to customize the appearance will make such a character truly unique. Adding to the variety is the fact that you are allowed to take up to 3 artifacts at once on an expedition to the island.

Xtract will be released on November 30 on the VK Play platform for PC players from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Players can now add Xtract to their wishlist and receive gifts on launch day. Additional information can be obtained on the website or the game page on VK Play, as well as on official accounts on social networks.

Anton Latoshkin
Date of publication
28 November 2023