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Porn actress Belle Dolphin lost $90,000 because of Paypal

The girl was selling water from her own bathtub.
Porn actress Belle Dolphin lost $90,000 because of Paypal

Porn actress Belle Dolphin (real name Mary-Belle Kirshner) ran into trouble when payment service PayPal locked her account and seized $90,000 earned from selling her bath water. Dolphin announced the issue on social network X, pointing out that PayPal had no warning of the lockout and took all of her earnings.

However, according to a report by Business Insider, PayPal eventually reconsidered its decision and returned all of Delphine's money after five years. Belle Dolphin, known for her provocative stunts, started selling water from her bathtub in 2019, which caused a huge outcry on the internet. Although the move brought her widespread fame and significant profits, according to the actress, she did not receive any of the money she earned and even incurred losses.

According to PayPal's rules at the time, the service only allowed certain types of sexually oriented merchandise, as long as it was physically delivered. Every sale of bathwater was considered a violation and was subject to a $2,500 fine. However, a PayPal spokesperson told Business Insider that the company had already abandoned the $2,500 fine policy a year ago.

Julia Kushnaryova
Date of publication
21 May 2024