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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Sex with the Devil

Walkthrough Sex with the Devil

We tell you how to complete the game 100%

There are currently 4 achievements, 2 of which require different playstyles, but you can restart the game at chapter 3 to replay it again.
You can also restart the game on the desired chapter to try all the "wishes".

What is required of you.

After you meet the devil, you will be thrown into the labyrinth. In this labyrinth you need to find the blue key. It will hang on a round platform somewhere in the maze (each time in a new place.)
It can be seen by the blue aura.

When you go through the labyrinth, you can see the doors, going through them you can start explicit scenes.
Not required for the full passage !!!

Once you find the blue key, simply bring it to the gate with the key symbol and go through the portal.

1. I saw the devil! Open Prologue.

1. I saw the devil! Open Prologue

Achievement d?It starts right after you get to the Devil on the carpet.

2. Apple of knowledge! Open the appropriate ending.

2. Apple of knowledge! Unlock the corresponding ending.

After each labyrinth, when talking to the devil, don't take a wish, you should just ask questions.

If you missed this achievement, just download the game from chapter 3.

3. Dead end! - Open the appropriate ending.

3. Dead end! Unlock the corresponding ending

For this achievement you must fuck all the demons during the question and desire phase but not have sex with the Devil.

  • Immediately choose "Let your demons humiliate me!..."
    (To end the scene, hold down the Esc button and click on "Return to selection")
  • After passing the labyrinth, choose "I want ... the one that sprawled at your throne"
  • After going through the maze again, instead of choosing "Become a woman", click on "I want to ask you a few more questions ..."

4. Sharp blade! - Open the appropriate ending.A/">

4. Sharp blade! - Unlock the corresponding ending.

For this achievement, when you reach the end of the game, press the wish "I want to be a woman...". After the sex scene, ask a few questions before the final cutscene. Good luck

These are all the achievements currently available in the game and thank you for using this guide!

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