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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 - guide for all tasks

Walkthrough Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 - guide for all tasks

In this guide, I will show you how to complete all the story missions in Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2.

Zinda Province

There are four tasks to complete in Zinda Province. Three of them are related to the murder. If you're on a mission for the first time, you'll have the UK 50 sniper rifle available by default. Soon you will be able to unlock more weapons and gadgets.

Tip 1 . If there are tests that involve killing a target with an explosion, the best way out is to use special explosive ammunition. Waiting for such enemies to pass next to the red barrels is a long time.

Tip 2 . There are some tasks that require you to eliminate the target without raising the alarm. If the guards suspect something, it's not an alarm! But there are missions that require you to raise the alarm, as the target must be eliminated during the escape attempt.

Antwan Zarza

Zarza patrols the harbor, periodically approaching a couple of soldiers near the courtyard, then walks across the road in front of the building. If you shoot at the winch at the right moment (when it is about to pass under it), then the shipping container will fall right on the head of your target. Since this is considered an accident, no alarm will be given????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Ronald Payne

Shoot the elevator control panel on the right. Payne will run up to the fallen armored personnel carrier. In the end, he will be under the car on the left. If you shoot at the panel so that the car falls and crushes it, then complete the side task.

Fedor Novikov and satellite dishes

You will need to destroy the four antenna controls, which are labeled 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2. As a result of this, Novikov will go to tune the antennas. He will move along with one guard who will walk behind. You can kill him unnoticed.

Mount Kwamar

Take a light sniper rifle with you and install a silencer on it. Perhaps explosives or an automatic turret will come in handy for some tasks (destroy 5 cars, kill 10 enemies at the same time). One of the challenges involves completing all the objectives of the level, killing enemies with normal sniper rifle bullets. You will not be able to complete this challenge and the challenge of killing 10 enemies at the same time. Any kills with non-sniper rifles will not allow you to pass the test.

Disable Jammers

At the beginning of the level, several enemies patrol the area. There are three snipers on top of the towers and the jammer. Move past the enemies and climb up the ladder to take out the snipers. As for jammers, there will be one in the starting area surrounded by turrets. Enter this area from the left side to avoid detection by the turrets. You can use the crates to get to the stairs. There are also several explosives here, which will come in handy to destroy the transport. On your way to the next area, you will notice an armored personnel carrier. Below is a tunnel leading to the ventilation area. If you pass the bridge, you will find a second jammer and another car. The third jammer is located in the very center of the map. You will have to overcome the ventilation zone, where there will be a lot of soldiers, snipers and vehicles. Take your time and carefully plan your actions.

Tip 1 . One of the tests is to turn off all jammers in 5 minutes. The countdown is carried out after the first one is turned off. I suggest doing it in a separate walkthrough. First, kill all the enemies that stand in the way between you and the jammers, and then do it using the fast travel mechanic.

Tip 2 . The central part and the ventilation zone are possible spawn points for two additional targets.?call.

Disable the main antenna and turn off the cooling system

Main antenna

To the west is the main antenna. This is an open area with several guards and snipers (who can be approached within striking distance). Ideally, you need to destroy most of the enemies in order to calmly fulfill the main goal after that - turn off the antenna. There are three rotating pylons, each with three circles (lights) to shoot at:

  • The first part is visible on the left side near one of the exits of the ventilation tunnel.
  • The second part is visible on the right, if you stand on one of the upper flyovers.
  • The latter is located at the very bottom, in the central area. Be careful as there is an armored enemy there.

Note . Shoot in time, because after the first hit, a countdown will begin, which will restart the system. Before it expires, you need to hit all three targets inside the pylon.

Water pumps

To the east there is a section that looks like a dam. Your goal is to find three water pumps and turn them off. the first pump is located on the left when facing the dam. Is it on one of the elevated platforms/reserve??ares. The second can be found on the right side. If you swim through one of the flooded tunnels, you will find a pump on a metal platform. After turning off the two pumps, the water level should drop. So you can go into the adjacent tunnel leading to the third pump.

Kill Lars Helstorm and destroy the main computer

It is best to go down along the river bank. If you go to the side, you will find a reservoir. Then follow the main path to bypass the minefield. You will see the citadel. As soon as you enter there, move to the left so that the turrets will not detect you. If you have EMP grenades or ammo, then you will greatly simplify the task and will be able to disable the turrets. Eventually, you will find a control panel that can disable the turrets. Follow the blue wires leading to these panels. Your task is to get inside the object. I advise you to use the side sections, because there are stairwells. There is also a hole through which you can jump into a small room. Vdernoy opening leads to the elevator shaft, which leads to the interior of the Citadel.

Eliminate Helstorm

You will find yourself on floor B3. Sneak and silently eliminate enemies until you reach the elevator. If you want to complete an additional test,take the elevator to level B1, aim and shoot at Helstorm, who is on level B2. Shoot while the elevator is moving. However, to access the computer, you will need its key card. Take the elevator back to B3, and once you see the path leading to level B2. Quickly take a running jump to get to the platform. It may take several tries. You can even get stuck in the air or textures. Alternatively, you can look for a way down from level B1.

Destroy the main computer

Follow the corridor, which will meander from side to side, killing enemies or making your way past them, until you find yourself in Helstorm's office. Take his card key and take the elevator down to level B4. Kill all the enemies, because at the end of the task you will be trapped and more will come. Interact with the terminal, and then kill the opponents, including Nakamura. She will have a key card. Pick up and ride the elevator to the very top to complete the mission.

To be continued...


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