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Walkthrough KONA 2 BRUME — Guide & Solution

Detailed guide to all puzzles and levels of the game; where to find all the keys and items.
Walkthrough KONA 2 BRUME — Guide & Solution
Andrey Pavlenko
Date of publication
18 October 2023

KONA 2 — walkthrough and guide

Northern Quebec, Canada

Swim the boat forward, get out of the water and go to the house ahead. Take the flashlight from the table and read the note. You can open the map to see your destination and an icon where the key is located. Collect various resources in the room, including ammo and spare parts. Remove the hatchet from the wall. Also take out a revolver from the drawer to the left of the fireplace. Throw wood in the fireplace to keep warm. Then pick up and use the first aid kit on yourself. To do this, click on I to open the inventory and left-click on the first aid kit. Go to bed.


You can switch between tools and weapons using the mouse wheel and LMB. Also pick up a camera and a diary from the table. Leave the house and go west towards Hamilton's mansion. In the middle of this large area there are two tents with a brown bear and Sighting Notes . Be sure to take a photo of this space for your journal (there are empty spaces for photos in your journal).

Continue driving until you find a snowmobile and a frozen man. Examine the man to find a hand-drawn map and a Level 1 GKG Key Card. Follow the path southwest where the hand-drawn map points. Apply the key-map to the door of the protected area and take the loot from the bunker ahead. Go back and make your way through the snowmobile to the other side. Along the way, pick up a Geiger counter, a note and a protective bag. You can also take a photo of the broken machine gun, the marks on the dead man's neck, and the car itself.

Hamilton Estate

Enter the garage on the left, tune the radio frequency to hear the alarm message. You can also throw firewood into the stove. Collect various supplies and go outside. Also take a photo of the two signs on the outside walls of the garage. Go to the right of the mansion and look for the key to the estate in one of the benches. Examine the suitcases inside the house. You can only enter through the front door. The dumbwaiter is stuck between the first and second floors.

You can light the fireplace. Go to the kitchen on the left. Examine the bloody trail on the table. Take a photo of it. You can also open the back door to create a shortcut to the outside. In the bathroom opposite the kitchen, across the hallway, you can find a Canadian coin . In the corridor itself you need to inspect the furniture blocking the path. Then take a photo of the furniture and the picture with bullet holes lying under the wall.

Enter the next room and find the book “Finding Maggie” on the table. Leave the room and open the door on the right to create an exit to the backyard. Sooner or later, Carl will start to feel cloudy. Pick up a Geiger counter and moveFollow the marker, examining the locations. Take a photo of the bloody print on the door through which the ghost escaped.

Continue through the bar. To open the door on the right, you need a special key. Enter the library ahead, open the door further and turn into the trophy room on the right (there's a stuffed bear). The visions will begin again. Go through the door to find yourself in a dream.

Vision 1

If you look at the house, then the closest to it should be a stone with a blue mask (in a large circle), further away - with a white one. On the right - with red, on the left - with blue or green. There are stones with the same masks around the house. They serve as a hint. Go through the house and drop down the hole and move forward.

Прохождение KONA 2

Hamilton Estate

You will receive your first mistanite . Leave the room. You are in a flooded basement. In the room on the left there is a niche with firewood. There will be a workbench and a furnace ahead. You can warm up. On the workbench, be sure to take the red valve . Go left. The path forward is blocked by steam. Turn right, go past the devices with valves. Behind the open fence on the right there will be another equipment without a valve. Install and turn the valve. The steam you saw earlier will disappear. In the room opposite??resources will run out, but the far door will not open. Go back to where you found the valve and go to the right where you saw the steam. You can go to the door on the right, but it requires a special key. So open the wooden door and go up the stairs.

You will find a woman's corpse and a diary. Take a photo of the woman. Examine it, the driver's license and the diary. Go out into the corridor. On the right is the bar and that same door. A special key is still needed. You can unlock the door ahead to return to the office in front of the trophy room. If you look there, you will find that Karl has fallen into the basement.

Go back and open the door to the right of the stairs, where the woman's corpse lies. You will enter a lobby with a large staircase leading to the second floor. In the hall on the left there are tables and doors, opening which will create a short path to the beginning of the estate. By removing the mop from the door opposite the steps, you will create a shortcut to the very beginning of the estate.

When you're ready, go up to the second floor and try to open the white door ahead and to the left. Need a key. You can open the white door opposite. Basically, you need to find the corridor with the corpse of the gardener Hamilton. Examine and photograph it. Then, by any means, go to the library (there are two doors) and go downstairs. Examine the globe you passed by earlier. Interact with him and solve the puzzle. Do you need to turn the dials to ??get the continent of North America. Take the love message from Cynthia and the key .

Прохождение KONA 2

Next to the gardener's corpse there is a door that leads to Hamilton's room. But the path forward is blocked by debris. Enter the room on the right to reach Hamilton's wife's room. On the table there is her diary and the key to the cinema hall . You can open the white door on the second floor near the stairs. But keep in mind that until you kill the ghostly wolves, you won’t be able to interact with the door!

Go to the cinema hall, listen to the scene between the wife and husband. Only then can you open the door. Go through it into the corridor. You can look around the room on the right. There is a bust in front of the door. Take it and throw it down the service elevator shaft. Go through the far white door. Go up the stairs. At the very top there will be another wooden staircase. You can find notes on the windowsill. Go down a couple of floors and go through the door into the main attic area. There will be a lot of boxes here and a wolf will appear. First, turn left and look for a narrow passage on the left. This path leads to a dead-end room with a closed door and a snow globe from Hamilton's house.

545f059e52.jpg"> Прохождение KONA 2

Go in the other direction until you find the butler's corpse. Take a photo of it and open the yellow door. Eventually, you will find a hole in the floor through which you can go down to the bedroom. Take a photo of the hole in the floor while you're in the attic.

You will find yourself in William Hamilton's bedroom. Look for the key to the office on the nearest cabinet. Take a photo of Hamilton's bed! You can exit through the only door. This will take you back to the library. Go down and open the door near the library. The very first door is behind the bar.

Прохождение KONA 2

There is a typewriter on the right, the keys are missing. Examine the will from the table. There is also a list of phone numbers on the table. Go through the door on the left and remove the gun from the wall on the left. Go down to the basement and find the service elevator in the flooded areas. Take the typewriter keys and return to William's office. Apply the keys and enter the name CYNTHIA.

The door to the right of William's desk will open. Going downstairs, search the desk drawers and take the secret key to the laboratory . Open the doorb to return to the basement. Unlock the only locked door in the flooded basement with the key and take the second mistanite from the glass cabinet. Be sure to take a photo of the laboratory. Open the other door, go through the flooded tunnel and climb up. Talk to the woman on the radio station. She will say that she is in a shelter in the north with other survivors. Take the canister, go outside and go down to the dock north of Hamilton's estate. Interact with the boat to refuel it. Swim away from the pier until you can move to a new location.

Leach Lake

While in a boat, you can use fast travel. By pressing the T key, you can move to Hamilton's estate.

Small island

Swim across the lake and notice that there is a small island in the middle. Moor to it to open a new location. Remember the key from the globe at Hamilton's estate? With its help you can open the only building on this island! Here you will find various items, and above the fireplace hangs a shotgun !

If you land in the far north, you will find an ice wall. It is impossible to climb it without climbing equipment. A little further south there is another pier, off the eastern shore. There is a tall wooden tower there. This is where the spare parts will come in handy for the first time. Can you repair a wooden staircase??tsu to climb to the top of the tower and collect the loot. There is a rise near the tower. If you follow up the slope, Karl will run into a locked wooden gate.

an old house

You need to go east, turn right and back. In general, make sure you are on the other side of the wooden gate. There is an old house here. Along the way you will meet a monster. No need to shoot him. Just run away towards the house. You can go around the house in advance, collect boards and board up two windows, spending 20 spare parts. Also find the electrical panel outside and repair it by spending 15 spare parts.

Enter the house through the front door where the intercom is located. On the shelf on the left you will see a snow globe with Hamilton's estate, if you found it in the attic. This is sort of your collection. Talk to Francoise. You can also repair the faucet in the kitchen for 10 spare parts. I found just the last detail near the stairs. If you are missing details, don't worry. Please be patient and come back here later. You will receive nothing but gratitude from Françoise. On the second floor there is a rifle and other consumables. Be sure to take a photo of the girl.

Go outside and meet a sled dog. Don't rush to go south and look for all the dogs! Instead, head towards the bridge to the west to meet a girl repairing a sled. Will she give you pig ears, a delicacy that sled dogs love??. The screenshot below shows their location. Be sure to take a photo of Charlotte for your diary. Later it can be photographed inside the old house, on the first floor.


Return to the old house with the survivors to tame the first dog. Go southwest. There is a small area where the rest of the dogs are hiding. The first dog will be at the entrance. Also interact with the fire near the tent. Go to the shore on the right, where there will be a cargo with a red parachute and a dog. Free her from the trap and tame her. Finally, there are three more dogs in the far south. By taming them, you will gather a full flock. One of the dogs will have to be saved from the wolf. Return to the harness to the west. If you talked to Françoise, tell her you can hit the road.


Continue forward and left to head southwest, where Henryville is located and where the marker points. Along the way there are small passages to the right and left. The passage on the left will lead you to the second mystanite, another mysterious stone . He is guarded by four wolves. On the right there will be a container with supplies, which is guarded by a huge elk.

You can collect supplies around the houses. You can climb the tower and examine the corpse. Move between houses. In a yard with a car without wheels, look for a hole in the fence through which you can get out into the street. Soon the Geiger counter will detect the radiation. Then can you kill the three wolves??in and pick up the fourth mistanite . Go to the backyard of the house with the scarecrows outside.

Continue deeper into town and find a department store. Go inside. Behind the counter on the right, look for a snow globe with Henryville on it. You can use the coin to buy a soda. Look for an ice ax on the far shelves. Go outside and climb the ice wall ahead. Go forward, left and kill the wolf near the fifth mystanite .

Climb over the fence, kill the huge moose and return to the harness. Use fast travel to return to the old house.

Ride the dogs to the east, where there is a patch with an ice wall. By going up and walking around this place in a circle, you can find a yellow container with a parachute and a sixth mystanit , which is guarded by a ghostly bear.

Return to the old house, head west and turn right this time to head north towards the marker pointing to Jules Demer. Along the way there will be a narrow passage on the right. Move there, find a fire with food. Go down the slope and turn right to cross the logs to the island in the center of the location. By doing this, you will be able to discover three wolves and a seventh mystanite . Go back a little and in the same direction look for radiation, a bear and the eighth mistanite using the counter. At this moment you will hear the voice of the narrator who will say thatBut for Jules this number of stones will be enough.

Hamilton Mining Corporation

This path leads to the quarries and the tower, but all the gates will be locked with a level 3 lock.

Jules Demer

You need to return to the old house, go down to the river and sail north to the pier where there is an ice wall. If you have already been there, get on the boat, press the T key and select “Radio Tower”. Climb it using climbing equipment.

Radio tower

Inspect the building, the far entrance is closed, but if you repair the shield, you can collect supplies. Go inside, collect the items and talk to Jules. You will receive a Jules Demer Level 3 access card. He will also ask you to collect the fragments of mystanite. Go outside and go west to the mine. Open doors and gates using key cards. Move down and enter the mine. By the way, on Jules’ radio tower and just before the entrance to the mine (to the elevator) there are two vending machines. You can spend 2 coins to drink two more sodas.

Underground laboratory

Go forward and left. The path to the dining room is blocked, but you can visit the recreation room. Again there is a soda vending machine. Take the next passage on the left, go up the stairs and enter the control room. Examine the corpse ahead, read the note. The battery is at the far end of the tunnel. There is a large battery in a box nearby. ??Place it in one of the five empty slots on the control panel on the left. Once done, press the red button to turn on the lights and turn off the alarm. Right now you can open the doors of two of the four buildings - B, C, D, E.

Building B

Activate levers B and C. There is an elevator nearby - go down to the first floor and enter the large hall (see map). Go east to Building B. Enter the main room ahead. Conservation equipment nearby. In the far right laboratory with the corpse of a wolf you will see a memory. There is a gate on the right. Some of them are damaged. On the left you can find a red jack. Install it under the gate. Need a jack handle.

Open the white door and go along the long corridor with rooms. Go forward, go into the room on the right where the scientist went. Use the monitor and talk to the man in the cell. Ask for the archives. He will tell you where to find the pass if you bring two dossiers. You can explore the other rooms, collect supplies and return to the B wing general laboratory. The gate on the left will rise. Go there and kill the wolf. Take the lever and place it on the jack of the adjacent gate.

Make your way under the gate and shelving, find the second large battery . Nearby there is a hatch leading to a flooded basement. You can swim through this basement, but at the end you will encounter poisonous gas blocking your path. First you need to start the ventilation. Ve?Follow the same path with it and install it in the control panel. open case B and turn on the fan. Return to building B, sneak under the gate with the jack and dive into the basement. Swim through the basement and get out into the room where the poison was. Go to the other side and swim through the tunnel again until you find yourself in a storage room. There's a battery here. Click on the button to open the gate. Take the battery and place it in the box on the right. This is the beginning of building C. Go back the same way, power up building C, take the third large battery and install it in the control panel.

Building C

Power up the drain and Building C. Follow Building C to the south, at the bottom of the map. From there you brought the third large battery. Go under the forklift ahead and get under the gate on the right. Find the hatch and go down into the tunnel. Since you turned on the drainage system, there will be no water here. Go to the end, go up the yellow stairs on the left and go down. You will find a box containing the fourth large battery . First, move the cart to the right to remove the boxes. Then take the battery and go upstairs with it. Place the battery in the empty box and enter the room with the conveyor belt. Take the gear from the table and install it in the belt. Place the battery on the running tape. She will move to building C.

Return to building C,take this battery away. The fifth large battery is located there, at the very end of the tunnel. Install all 5 batteries on the control panel. Turn on the drain but turn off the fan. Return to building C, turn into the warehouse on the left, where you sailed from building B. Go down to the basement without water, find the fan and make your way under it to take the ninth mistanite .

Building D

Move into the building to the west. Examine several rooms (you must first kill the wolf). Return to Enclosure C. Make sure to turn off the water drain and turn on the fans. After that, go to C, to the warehouse on the right (after the forklift and save terminal) and dive into the water. Swim forward. Once in the far room, turn around and see a tunnel above the water. Climb into it, go through the fan and follow to the left. This will take you to the archives. Search drawers 215, 252 and 174 (the latter is optional).

Building B

With the dossier from the file cabinet, return to building B. Open the window of the last door. There is no one in the cell, and there is mistanite on the table. Return to the next room and talk to the man. Ask for an access card and archives.

Building D

Go north, where you came to the laboratory. There is a locker room to the right of the elevator. There will be a ghost near one of the lockers. After hallucinations, open the locker and take the key card . Go to building D, making sure that?? turned on the drainage system. Open the far door with the card. Go forward and go down the stairs (there used to be water here). Enter the only room, go up the yellow stairs and examine the man's corpse. Take a photo of it. It was with him that you spoke earlier. Take the prototype from the safe. Don't forget to visit the man's holding cell to pick up the tenth Mystanite .

Ivivah Valley

When you're ready, head to the lower right corner of the map, where the transition point to the valley is located. As you move forward, along the left rocks, you will catch a radiation signal. Also to the right will be the corpse of a guard next to a snow bike. Get off the harness and go left (on the map you can see a separate area around the corner). Kill four wolves and take mystanite (11) .

You need to move to the far west. But a little to the left and above the current position there is another separate area with mystanite (12) , which is guarded by a bear.

Strange cave

Even higher in the north, where there are bottlenecks on the map, there is a strange cave. Stop and walk towards her past the fire. Climb the two walls and you will see a blue stone blocking the entrance. Select Jules' weapon and shoot the stone. Once in the cave, go forward. At the fork, don't turn anywhere and go straight. You must enter the cave with a lantern. If something is wrong, then choose another turn. INAt the end there will be a corpse with red mystanite .

Lumber camp

To the south there is a large spacious area. Directly down the map from the cave. This is a lumber camp. Get off when you can't move on the harness and follow the Geiger counter to the mistanite (13) . In the south, look for houses and higher ground. You can fix the wheel. Behind the next house on the left there is a broken cart. Install the wheel on it. The cart will move to the side, and you can search the chest.

Watch tower

There is a small area north of the lumberjack camp. You can repair the ladder and go upstairs to collect supplies. Even further north, the Geiger counter will go off. Go there, kill the ghostly bear and pick up the mystanite (14) . There will also be wolves and a box with a parachute along the way.

Quarantine zone

Continue west where Jules awaits. Along the way, in the center of a large location, among the trees there is a frozen lake with mystanite (15) . The doctor will ask you to find four red mystanites. There are already two.

Head north from the quarantine zone, where there is a narrow passage. Kill the ghost deer, blow up the crystal and pick up the third red mystanite . Finally, the fourth mistanite is located to the right and below the quarantine zone. Talk to Jules, take the device and go along the railroad. Blast the crystal on the left side and go through the tunnell. Where necessary, climb over the platform.

Heart of the Storm

There are two markers. You need to visit them in any order. You cannot destroy crystals, that is, every time you need to look for a workaround to the beacons. To temporarily disable the monster, use a phaser. Then climb the wall to the west, go to the station and go up. Install the prototype and lower the lever. Go down and shoot the monster (or the red stone to the right of it) several times with a phaser.

Map not available

Examine the corpse and grave of Laura, whom Hamilton accidentally shot while hunting. Examine the hut, find a signal pistol. Then go outside and press the E key.