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Black Book Walkthrough - Completed

Detailed guide to the passage of the game. Which solutions to choose. How to earn a lot of Sin. How to beat the game without ever making a mistake. What to do with demons. Answers to all questions of visitors. How to earn rubles, experience, open new cards, items.
Black Book Walkthrough - Completed
Anton Latoshkin
Date of publication
10 August 2021

How to get through the Black Book

The Black Book game combines two main genres - an adventure (adventure) and a collectible card game. There was also a place for elements of a roguelike, RPG and tactics. We have to play for Vasilisa - a young girl whose lover suffered a tragic fate. And now she, in an attempt to resurrect her beloved, is ready to do anything - and even become a real witch...

And I saw in the right hand of the One sitting on the throne a book written inside and outside, sealed with seven seals. And I saw a mighty angel proclaiming with a loud voice: Who is worthy to open this book and break its seals? And no one could, neither in heaven, nor on earth, nor under the earth, open this book, nor look into it.

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Road to Rosstan

After the introductory video, look around and click on the hotspot at the bottom of the screen to enter the field. Pick up the Adam's Head herb on the right (heals 5 HP). Pass through the field, podb?Rush towards the scarecrow and pick up Cover-grass (increases defense by 5 units). Follow the road to the left and watch the video.

Mikhailovskaya Rosstan

Go to the right of the grandfather to the pillar to pick up the candles (gives +3 defense on the first turn). On the left, another herb "Adam's head" grows. Candles, by the way, are used as an item installed in a slot. Return to the grandfather, talk to him and interact with the stone. Grandfather Yegor will give you the Black Book.

The first battle will begin. Get the magic word "Urazy" from the book and end the turn by dealing 4 damage to the enemy. Now read the word "Avdelay", gaining +5 defense points for one turn. Next, you can make a conspiracy of several words. Choose two words "Urazy" and one word "Slave". Note that some words are marked with "scrolls", others are marked with "keys". These are their types. The corresponding types are in the cells at the top of the screen.

A "sword" icon and the number "1" will appear above the opponent's head. The black book allows you to see what the enemy is up to next turn. Very comfortably! That is, this black wolf is going to strike with 1 damage. Finish off the enemy. Use the Gates to Hell .

How to initiate into sorcerers

Interact with the Rift and talk to the mysterious creature, who will say that the First Seal has been opened and there are six left.

And now about sins :

  • H?? Throughout the game you will be able to influence events. Make certain choices.
  • Some decisions will lead to nothing, while others will aggravate your magic and the fate of the sinner.

And here is the first solution. Satan will ask how many devils you will take into service:

  • One. A good choice
  • A lot of. +1 SIN

We will follow the path of the righteous and try to sin as little as possible!

Grandfather Yegor's hut

Chat with grandfather Egor. Click on its icon again and ask a few questions to expand the encyclopedia. You cannot go on a mission until you have received all the visitors. Now he will be alone. The miller will immediately give you 5 rubles . He will ask a question. If you answer the questions correctly, you will earn experience points.

During the night work at the mill, strange sounds were heard and a shadow appeared. What could be the reason?

  • Correct Answer: Evil spirits. +50 experience points

Manor of Mogilevsky

You will receive a story and side quest. Go to the Mogilevsky estate by clicking on the left icon on the map. A man will stop you and ask you to jinx the grandmother. Refuse. Go to the village of Kusheva.

Kusheva village. Why did evil spirits appear in the hut of the peasants?

  • Correct answer: they forgot to christen the dishes. +50 experience points

Agree nhelp to get 10 rubles . Examine the hut, and then approach the samovar. For the victory you will receive 4 rubles and 125 experience points.


  • Come closer. The fight will begin (the weakest demon)
  • Draw a circle. The fight will start and +25 experience points / BEST CHOICE
  • Pass by. The fight will begin, the demon will be stronger

For the victory you will receive 3 rubles and 50 experience points .

Kamgort grove

  • Greet the poor.
  • Leave the area. Nothing will happen

The beggar will ask for money:

  • Give to a beggar woman (-2 rubles). Give grass "Adam's head"
  • Refuse. +1 SIN

Forest near Bigichi

  • Take offerings. +3 SIN, +5 rubles
  • Distort letter. +3 SIN, +50 XP
  • Leave. Nothing will happen / BEST OPTION
  • Gain Grass Rupture (destroys all enemy armor)

Ravine Penesherskaya

Kachevo lake

  • Attack. A fight with two demons will begin
  • Read a prayer. Demons will disappear
  • Come closer. A fight with two demons will begin
  • Pass by. A fight with two demons will begin

Near the river Nizovka

  • Follow the owl. You will receive the Black Finger item (+4 HP). Installed in the equipment slot
  • Read?lapel. +100 experience points
  • Come back. Avoid the fight

Log of Gorodishchenskaya

  • Laugh at the joke. -3 HP
  • Hit the peasant. The battle with the black demon
  • Run away. Nothing

Chudskoy forest

  • Attack. The battle
  • Examine the wreckage. +3 rubles
  • Lay low. Nothing

Old Mill (plot)

Go around the mill on the right. You can pick up the Adam's Head herb along the way. Interact with the log:

  • Climb inside. Get inside but lose 3 HP.
  • Examine the mill. New entry in the encyclopedia
  • Return. Examine the mill, and then it is better to choose this option.

Walk to the left of the entrance and pick up the old ax . Gives +1 HP (installed in the equipment slot). You will be able to open the lock on the mill with the help of gap-grass, which can be obtained in the Penescherskaya ravine. Or with an axe. On the second floor there is a cabinet with rubles. If you take it, you will receive SIN . On the third floor, pick up the grass. Then examine the break in the wall of the mill.

Why did the demon appear at the mill?

  • Correct Answer: Lured by the victim. +50 experience points

Agree to take the Devil into service, but you still have to defeat him. For the victory you will receive 20 rubles and 666 experience points. Can he also?? spend your first skill point. New demon Thirteenth Brother .

Chapter 1

From now on, you will have to take care of the devils. On the one hand, if you do not send them to work, they will torment Vasilisa, and you will receive certain fines. On the other hand, any such work is a sin. It increases the indicator of the same name!

Grandfather Yegor's hut

But first, four petitioners...

Melnik :

  • You will receive an Ancient Mortar from him, as a result of which herbs and healing spells will bring 1 more HP. This item must be installed in the equipment slot. No new task

Peasant :

  • If the peasant was refused on the Mogilevsky estate, he will come, give 10 rubles and ask if you have changed your mind. If you don't intend to sin, then give up.

Nicholas :

  • +7 rubles. This is the nephew of grandfather Yegor. Say they were banniki . You will receive +50 experience points. A new task will begin.

Peasant woman :

  • +10 rubles. Additional task

Talk to grandfather Egor about everything to get a new little tale. On this day, you will have the first assistant. It will be Nicholas. Your main goal is "Bathhouse on the Shore". But, as always, I explored every location!

Grove near our hut

  • Dos ??shush song. +100 experience points, fight with two demons
  • Attack. Fight with one demon
  • Pass by. Nothing

Perhaps here you will have your first fight with Nikolai. You can attack with it (for 5 damage) once every five turns. That is, after the impact, a cooldown is triggered. Click on the "sickle" icon and choose an enemy. Herbs can be used once per turn. Also above the spell slots at the top of the screen, you can see how much protection you get and how much damage you deal.

Mermaid backwater

  • Disperse the snakes with brushwood. -3 HP, single snake fight
  • Read a plot from snakes. One snake fight
  • Help Nicholas. You will receive Adam's Grass / Fight with part of the snakes
  • Avoid the snakes. Nothing

When snakes inflict a negative effect, try to use a minimum of cards. On the next turn, you will have to recover with herbs anyway. And, by the way, instead of cards, you can use herbs to get armor.

Mikhailovskaya Rosstan

  • Attack. Fight with two enemies
  • Greet the demon. Communication with the Devil, questions of the Devil
  • Pass by. -1 HP, combat

How to answer the devil's questions correctly:

  1. Lithuanian. +50 experience points
  2. River cape. +50 experience points

If you answer the questions Che?If so, you will receive 8 rubles , 200 experience points and a new card of your choice .

sorceress passing

There will be an herbalist here. You can sell items and herbs to her, or buy herbs from her.

Ezov village

  • Enter inside. Choose any option (call or say a prayer) to get a new item - Pechina (gives 5 defense points at the beginning of the turn)
  • Look outside. Dummy option, two others remain
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Trinity Church

Communication with the father. You can trade with him (buy different items) or pray. Prayer restores all HP. But be careful. Some of the father's goods are herbs, and are used once as a consumable!

crooked log

  • Read a prayer. Nothing
  • Protective conspiracy. Nothing
  • Run away. -1 HP

Bridge to the baths

  • · Approach. +50 experience points
  • · Avoid. Nothing

Oryol Kurya

  • Attack. Battle
  • Agree. -3 HP
  • Help Nicholas. Battle
  • Continue on your way. Battle

Pretty easy fight.

Lake Kotzhilskoye

  • Check out the holes. -3 HP
  • Leave the area.

If inspection??those pits:

  • Take the victim. +1 SIN, +4 rubles
  • Examine the pigeon. Encyclopedia entry

Manor Zapolsky

  • Come up. Agree to get +1 Song . You will also restore health
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Bathhouse on the beach

Final location. Talk to Nikolai and say that he just didn't ask for it to get +75 experience points . To the right of the entrance to the bath, pick up Adam's grass. Examine the skull above the bath and click on the bath marker that appears. You will receive an Encyclopedia entry . Another Adam's head can be found at the pier (go left). Talk to Nikolai and agree to go inside.

Inside the bath, light a candle by the window on the left. Talk to Nikolai to ask for a visit. Then list all activities. Melt the furnace, draw a circle and start casting the spell. Ask Nikolai not to go outside the circle. Chat with Banna Bride. Specify that this creature is a Changeling ( +75 experience points ). You will also receive a new Encyclopedia entry .

The bathing bride will ask you to bring a cross (from the devil), an opayaska woven by a sorceress, as well as a name that the priest should give. At the end, you will receive a new bylinka .

looking for a cross

So, what demon does a book need to open an wasp??th Seal: The correct answer is Changeling Devil ( +75 experience points ). Learn first for the cross. Chat with grandfather Yegor on all topics and get an entry for the encyclopedia.


  • Nicholas . Get the "Satin Deck" as a reward. An item that gives +1 Speech at the start of combat. Nikolai will also offer to play cards.
  • The Uglians will issue an additional task.


Here you can chat with the Herbalist, Scribe, Peddler and Gamblers. You can reset skills and buy incantations from the scribe. Peddler sells items and herbs. With gamblers, you can play witching fool. You can save and win rubles in cards, and then buy whatever you want. You play cards in pairs. That is, both you and the Peddler, who is sitting opposite, should go out.

Turchansky tract

  • Talk. If you talk, you can avoid the fight by giving all the rubles (a normal deal if you don't have a lot of them). You can also choose to fight or ask Nikolay for help. choose the latter to get +5 rubles and a card .
  • To fight. Fight with a robber

northern forest

Just take Adam's head.

House near the Tarakanovka river

Enter inside the hut. If you take the money, you will get +3 Sin and +5 rubles . If you select the option "Rask?“Zat in the village”, then you will still receive rubles, but do not sin. And if you decide to bury him, you will not receive money, and reduce SIN (-1) . If your Sin is zero, then take the money through the second option.

Alimovskaya grove

  • Intervene. Battle with two demons
  • Pass by. +1 SIN
  • Watch the devils. Fight with demon and ghost

old cemetery

It is unlocked if you kill the imps in Alimov's grove, and do not bypass them.

  • Dial graveyard land. +1 SIN, Graveyard Ground item that adds the word "Earth" to the first spell
  • Check out the crosses. New entry in the encyclopedia
  • Read a prayer. Health restored
  • Leave the area. Nothing

East Bridge

  • Intercede for the sinner. Fight with two demons
  • Bypass them. Nothing

Stefan stone

  • Drink the dew from the trail. Health restored
  • Take offerings. +2 SIN, +3 rubles
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Lyulva swamps

  • Hit the calf. +5 rubles and a battle with two demons
  • Protective conspiracy. Battle with two demons
  • Run away. Nothing


By?Chat with Evdokia to get an Encyclopedia entry . Say you want to help her daughter, convince her. You will find yourself at the Transfiguration Church. Adam's head grows in the grass on the left. There is a Gap-grass near the steps. Tirlich-grass grows on the right, not far from Nikolai. go inside the church. Go deep, interact with the iconostasis and go through the gate. Wake up Akulina and talk to Hiccup Girl. Select all options and say you'll get rid of the hiccups. By the way, to the right of the icons you can find another herb - the Royal Eyes. It restores 20 HP by default. Choose how to piss off the Hiccup Girl - Icons ( +100XP ). Next, you need to fight Proshka.

How to kill Proshka Hiccup

During the fight, there are several interesting moments. One of the spells is called "Deadly Health". A "cat" icon appears above Proshka with a countdown. So, as long as there is such an icon on Proshka, you cannot kill the boss. However, he has 150 HP, so from the very beginning of the battle, attack at any convenient opportunity. Before Proshik attacks, and they come after a spell that adds effects with increased defense and attack, it is better to use a card that enhances defensive plots. During all the attacks of Proshka, I recommend defending. Use Nikolai's attack when there is no shield on Proshka. The rest seems to be simple. And don't forget about tr?wah! For the victory you will receive 7 rubles and 700 experience points . But the fight will be long. You will also receive the Akulina Cross .

Proshka will become a neighbor in the house of Yegor's grandfather. He is also a source of joy.

How to get the Name

Talk to grandfather Egor, Nikolai and Proshka. From the cat you will receive a new bylichka . The Devil will come as a suppliant. He will issue an additional task.

Grandfather Yegor's hut (Devil at the hut)

This is a separate location. Visit and kill the Devils to get money and experience.


You can buy and sell items and herbs.

Mermaid backwater

Take Cover Grass.

Mikhailovskaya Rosstan

  • Take offerings. +1 SIN, +5 rubles
  • Make an offering (-2 rubles). New entry in the Encyclopedia, Health restored
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Broken cart

Get a new one right away. Pick up a new item. This will be a box that adds the word "Glass Devils" to the first plot.

Colva coast

  • Attack. -1 SIN, battle
  • Talk / Outsmart / Run to Perm +50 experience points, +30 rubles, +200 experience points, new word
  • Play cards. You save a poor soul, and if you win, you can do without a fight and get one card
  • Continue on your way. +1 SIN

old bridge

  • Attack the devils. Battle with two devils
  • Intervene in a dispute. Nothing
  • Help Nicholas. Nothing

Eastern grove

Look around:

  • Attack sorcerers. Battle with two demons
  • Buy a samovar (-5 rubles). One demon fight
  • Help Nicholas. Demon fight
  • Leave the area.

Lake Lopatskoe

  • Attack. Battle with two devils
  • Wake up the peasant. +2 rubles, +50 experience points
  • Leave the area. Nothing
  • Help Nicholas. Battle with two devils

old barns

  • Greet the Undead / Enter Inside +200 XP
  • Attack. -1 HP
  • Run away. -1 HP

Cemetery near the village of Retkina

Call out:

  • Persuade. -1 SIN, +1 Adam's head
  • Help dig. +1 SIN, +1 Adam's head
  • Knock out the fool. Fight with a robber
  • Say goodbye. Nothing

Trinity Church

Talk to the priest and get a new Encyclopedia entry . Then you need to convince the priest:

  • The correct option is to help your neighbor. +50 experience points
  • Let Nikolay choose a name.
  • If you cheat and return to the hut, you will receive +1 SIN

How to beat Andreiko

Go to the field. At the end, get a new Encyclopedia entry . Tell Andreiko (after choosing the phrase "Hall") that he was summoned by a sorcerer ( +100 experience points ). +5 SIN if you agree to take Andreiko to your place. In general, if you want to act in a good way, you have to fight the demon.

Try to use a lot of defensive spells, items that increase protection, reduce damage and increase the bonus when healing. It will be a tough fight. Also, kill the summoned imp as soon as it appears. The enemy will no longer call him. And get ready to defend yourself a lot - it is better to buy grass in advance that increases protection. Better yet, unlock perks that allow you to use two herbs per turn. For the victory you will receive 30 rubles, 100 experience points and the Hall item (increases Corruption by +2) .

How to get the Belt

There will be no petitioners on this day.

Abachkinsky forest

  • Take the cross. +1 SIN, new item "Cross of the Dead" (2 armor at the start of the turn, two turns from the start of the battle)
  • Bury the dead. -1 SIN
  • Continue on your way. NOTHING

Log Flat

  • Throw knife. +5 rubles, battle with two demons
  • Step aside. Nothing
  • Read the prayer. Battle with two demons
  • Help grandfather Egor. Battle with two demons

Salman swamps

  • Wait. Battle against the snake and the devil
  • Attack. Fight against hell
  • Play cards. If you win, free the snake, if you lose, you will have to load the last save
  • Return. Nothing

Village of Ust-Urolka

  • Offer assistance. +5 rubles
  • Scare the whole village. +1 SIN
  • Continue on your way.
  • New Encyclopedia Entry

old idol

Road to Pyanteg

  • Help the girl. -1 SIN
  • Keep out. +1 SIN

Grove Vilisova

New Encyclopedia entry:

  • Tell about the body in Pyantege. 100 experience points, -1 SIN
  • Summon the spirit. Fight with two demons
  • Continue on your way. +1 SIN

Pyanteg village

  • Zoom in / Listen to the song / Health restored
  • Leave the area.

Zheltovsky settlements

  • Talk / Mezha.
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Choose how to deal with the peasant:

  • Spoil the Petrovskys. +3 SIN, +5 rubles
  • Deceive the man. +1 SIN, +5 rubles
  • Attack. +50 experience points / If you rob a man, then you get +2 SIN, +5 rubles
  • Leave. Nothing
  • Adam's head

Tashkov cliff

Izba Spinner

Talk to Grandfather Egor to get a new bylichka . On the right, you can pluck the Archilin grass. If you refuse to listen to the riddles, you will have to fight the spirit. Solve riddles:

  • Graveyard +50 experience points
  • Funeral +50 experience points
  • Needle and thread +50 experience points
  • Shadow +50 experience points
  • Sky and stars +50 experience points

To get to the Spinner, it is enough to guess one riddle. But if you guess everything, you will get a lot of experience, and you can also take the talking head to your house (this is not a demon, there will be no debuffs). Praise Spinner's belts ( +50 experience points ), say that you will torment demons ( +50 experience points ). For two correct answers, you will receive another +50 experience points and Opayaska , needed for the quest.

Rite (how to save the bride)

Grandfather Yegor's hut

Talk to grandfather Yegor about everything to get a new Encyclopedia entry . There is one petitioner. You will receive 10 rubles and an additional task from him. Near the hut you can pick up Adam's head.

Orlovskaya grove

  • Take Tirlich grass

Mermaid backwater

  • Check out the tracks. Battle with two demons
  • Leave the area. Nothing
  • Remove damage from traces. +8 rubles, +300 experience points and a new word

Road in Bonevskaya bush

  • Greet. Talk to the driver and learn about the new location
  • Step aside. Nothing
  • There is nothing

Mikhailovskaya Rosstan

Road to Vilgort

  • Attack. Battle with two demons
  • Help Nicholas. One demon fight
  • Play cards. There will be no fight, get a card
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Peddlers in the village of Ezov

You can trade with the Herbalist, Peddler and Scribe.

Manor Kulyashov

  • +5 rubles

old baths

Get a new one right away. Interact with the shelves, go deeper under the bathhouse and find a door with a mechanism. Rotate the wooden discs so that the symbols for the stove, fire, and water tub are selected from top to bottom from the center. The battle with the devils will begin. Defeat two demons. Don't use defense as these enemies will only apply corruption.

How to defeat Obderiha

You will need to choose the right bride among the four options offered by Obderiha. Choose the right bride according to the girl's clue (I'm third from the left). Select chest with blood. He is in the middle. All ra?but the battle will begin. Try to impose damage on Obderikha, you won’t have to defend yourself too much. Obderikha deals little direct damage, and small mobs only inflict damage. Just heal in time and attack the boss. You can not touch a trifle. For the victory, you will receive 40 rubles, 1000 experience points and the Wreath of Obderikha (+3 to Corruption at the beginning of the battle and +1 to words with damage) .

aspen seal

Grandfather Yegor's hut

Talk to grandfather Yegor, Nikolai and the girl. You will receive a new bylichka . You will receive a new task. One of the applicants will give an additional task and 26 rubles .

Abachkinskaya grove

  • Take the child. -1 SIN, +150 experience points
  • Steal offerings. +50 SIN, +5 coins
  • Take the offerings and carry the child. +3 SIN, +5 coins, +150 experience points

Key Icy

Herbalist lives here.

old church

  • Check out the church. Battle with two demons
  • Leave the area. Nothing


  • Check out the hut. New Encyclopedia Entry
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Cherdynsky tract

  • To battle! Fight with two enemies
  • Help Nicholas. +5 rubles, +50 experience points

Cemetery of Zabolotnaya village

  • Leave the cemetery. Fight with two demons
  • Investigate the cemetery / Investigate the grave / To battle! - All the same

Pokcha village

Throw a child over the threshold or shoulder for 200 experience points . Defeat the Changeling. Be sure to use the Corruption cards, and when 3 enemies appear at once, use the attack cards of all at once if possible. Don't pay attention to health points. In fact, these points are not so many. This will unlock the Aspen Seal .

Chapter 2

Chat with everyone and listen to the petitioner Pakhom. He will ask for help.

Zemskaya station

Follow the nearest location. To the right of the gate, the grass of the Petrov Cross grows, to the left - the Serpent. Examine the roof of the house to the left of the gate. Kill a magpie to get the Dead Magpie item. Don't worry, it's not considered a sin. Enter the gate. Plakun-grass grows near the barn on the left. Chat with the stationmaster. Meet Samson and Alexander. Ask all questions. Play cards if you like. One of the questions activates an additional task. Cards can be played for money. Walk left to the horse. Examine it to get an entry in the encyclopedia . Then call out the evil spirits.

Chat with a demon. Select the "Negotiate" option and return to Samson. Say that the neighbor asks to buy a new horse. Choose the right color - gray (+100 experience points) . Tell the good news to the unclean spirit. You will receive 20 rubles and 250 experience points , and you will also be able to continue the story. Also, choose a new card. Tell the caretaker that everything is ready.

Road to Ust-Borovskoye

  • Call out. Greet the man, cross yourself and ask all questions. You will receive an encyclopedia entry
  • Hide. If you hide, you can attack (+1 SIN) or salute, as in the option below.
  • Draw a circle. Greet the man, cross yourself and ask all questions. You will receive an encyclopedia entry
  • Attack. +1 SIN

black coast

  • Read a prayer. New tale and new item "Comb of the Unclean" (+5 HP)
  • Read the plot. Battle with two evil spirits
  • Return. Nothing

dark forest

Meeting with the Bookman.

Kokarinskaya grove

  • Attack. Nothing
  • Run away. -5 rubles
  • trace. Learn about the village of Logovo
  • Help. Proshka will recommend to trace
  • Say that the Fire Serpent is to blame for everything (+125 experience points) .

Lair Village

Say that you want to watch for the demon. A new Encyclopedia entry will appear. You can immediately attack or talk. Either way, the battle will begin. It will be difficultoh battle. To defeat the Fire Serpent, use the Corruption, Protection and Healing cards. It will have a special blessing on it that will give +5 damage whenever you attack an enemy. Therefore, you need to attack him exclusively with damage, so that there is one addition per turn. You will attack with all cards at once - Fire Wyrm will receive +5 damage for each word! You will receive 34 rubles and 1000 experience points .

telegraph line

Listen to the peasant and the foreman. Offer your help to get an additional task.

Broken telegraph

  • Two grasses grow on the right - Adam's head and Cover-grass, on the left - Tirlich-grass.
  • When you're ready, go deep into the location and go to the far village.
  • Ask for footprints to get 50 experience points . You will return to the foreman, and he will give 3 rubles .

The village of Ust-Borovskoye

Listen to a new song, restore health, and then fight the demons.

Ust-Borovsky plant

You will receive the Factory Hut.

First day at the factory

Accept the petitioner, mechanic.

Office of the Ust-Borovsky plant

Chat with Pakhom to get an entry in the encyclopedia .

pump tower

Talk to the mechanic to get an encyclopedia entry . Then you need to determine how this wooden tower is used. Ruleny answer - raising salt (+100 experience points) .

Salt chest

To the right of the men grows Odolen-grass. Plakun-grass grows near the table and bench on the left. Examine the scratches on the right corner of the building. Also examine the footprints on the ground near the table, on the right. Tell Pahom about this to get additional experience .


Talk to the salt maker. Ask all questions. You will get access to two locations and an encyclopedia entry .


  • Draw a circle. 50 experience points, and after - the battle
  • Step inside. Battle with two demons

After the victory, leave the spirit in the barn. He doesn't touch anyone.


  • Attack. Battle with three banners
  • Talk. If you choose to talk, then when you cheat, you get +2 SIN and 50 coins (I think so - correct me, vekshitsy and sorcerers, if anything); but -1 SIN and +5 coins you get, most likely, when you tell the truth (Vasilisa, as I understand it, admits that she is not an Obderiha and that she cannot lead a shtetl coven). Thanks to the user under the nickname Recorsa .
  • Run away. -3 HP

Kama bank

  • Attack. Nothing, it's a man
  • Call out.
  • Come closer. Communication with the fisherman, it will be possible to buy various drugs from the “Herbs” section

You can play cards with him, but the stakes will be low - 5 rubles each. By the way, if you reload autosave, the assortment of goods will be different. BE SURE TO BUY AS MANY OF THESE ITEMS AS POSSIBLE!!!

Salt chest (story)

Go to the main goal. Pluck the Gap Grass on the left. Chat with Pahom. Say that it's all about the Mermaid (100 experience points) . Also get an encyclopedia entry .

How to beat a mermaid

You can attack immediately or talk. Either way, you have to fight. It will be a tough fight. You will constantly be attacked with corruption. I recommend defending yourself, using damage against the mermaid, as well as a card that deals damage to enemies whenever Vasilisa receives it. And you will need a lot of potions and medicines that you can buy from a fisherman on the banks of the Kama. For the victory you will receive 20 rubles and 1000 experience points .

Kingdom of the Water

Listen to the petitioner Pakhom in order to think over a plan for further action.

Upper Onyl

  • Ask the peasants. +100 experience points
  • Ask the evil spirits. Evil spirits
  • Hurry up to the lake. Adam's head

pine grove

  • Ask the devil. -3 HP
  • Draw a circle. Fight with three enemies
  • Pass by. -5 HP

Verkhne-Chugrum swamp

You will receive a newmet - "Thunderstone" (+1 Blessing).


Drink tea to restore health . Ask all questions. Get an entry in the encyclopedia , as well as an additional task. Agree to help.

hunter camp

Look around the camp. At the spruce on the right, find the footprints. Examine them. Now you can follow the tracks to a new location. You can also examine the rusty ax and the dot on the left. Take 5 rubles . It's not a sin.


Pick up the Tear-Grass on the right. Then look into the hut. We'll have to fight the Lord Ethereal. All attacks against this creature will be "in milk". So, here you need to take as many Corruption cards as possible and throw damage on the enemy as soon as possible. We also need cards with the Evil Eye to reduce the damage of the enemy, since he has one unpleasant buff: every time he deals damage to Vasilisa, he restores a certain amount of health (first 20, then slightly decreases, and then imposes the next +20 and etc). There is also a Cleansing Herbs card. If you activate it, then you will deal damage to the boss every time you use an item (herbs, potions). For the victory you will receive 58 rubles and 750 experience points .

hell swamp

  • Come closer. Meet the mermaid , you have to fight with two enemies
  • · Avoid. Nothing

??dovo lake

If you take the wallet on the right, you will get +3 Sin and +10 rubles . Adam's head also grows next to the cage. Chat with the fishermen to get a new bylinka . If you helped earlier, then the fishermen will calmly take you to the water.

sandy bottom

You will restore health . As a result, you will find yourself at the bottom and will follow different locations in an attempt to get to the Water Vakul.

thickets of algae


sandy bottom

Collect the item "River Shell", which gives 7 points of defense on the first turn.

underwater village

Get a new one right away:

  • Talk to evil spirits. +7 rubles
  • Attack evil. +50 experience points (no combat)
  • Speed up your step. Nothing
  • Help Proshka. +50 experience points


  • Track down demons. Fight with three demons
  • Take offerings. +3 DREAMS, +3 rubles
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Drowned Circle

After the video, you can look around at the location. Chat with the mermaid on the right. Grass Petrov Cross grows nearby. Agree to help the mermaid, but stay to look around. Examine the idols on the left. You will hear a melody when interacting. There are three idols. Interact alternately with middle, right, left, right, middle. You are freechild utoptsev and get 35 rubles .

fishing nets

  • Call out. New entry in the encyclopedia / Select the "Deceive" option and say that the merman is called Vakul ( +100 experience points ), +15 rubles
  • Attack. Battle
  • Play cards.
  • Pass by. Nothing

sunken sleigh

On the left, tear off Adam's head. In the chest on the right you can find a broken chest. Explore all the options to get a photo card of E. and P. Frolov and 5 rubles . It turns out that the mermaid is Evdokia, the dead daughter of Pahom. The merman powdered her head. You will receive a new bylichka .

Underwater manhole

You will have to fight a huge pike with 350 HP. Throw damage and evil eye on the pike to reduce damage. Use Guard only before her main attack, which charges in three turns. Everything else is simple. As many Corruption cards as possible and that's it! For the victory you will receive 20 rubles, 1500 experience points and "Pike tooth" (the first plot contains the word "Pike bite", causing 6 damage to all opponents) .

Road to Water

You will stay overnight with a mermaid. Do not forget at the end of each day to pick up devils from meaningless work (opened by skills) and send them again.

underwater thicket

You will receive a new encyclopedia entry . You can attack the drownedyourself, or you can call them to get 150 experience points and avoid combat.

cave cemetery

Talk to the mermaid Evdokia. Look at the graves on the right. On one of the golbets there is an item "Mermaid's Cross" , which gives +4 Ward at the beginning of the battle. Nearby there is a transition to the "County Cemetery". This is the easter egg of the game - on wooden crosses you can read the real names of the developers and people who had a hand in the creation of Black Book. Invite the mermaid to go on a journey.

salt cave

Tear off the grass on the left and talk to the mermaid. Go through the tunnel and find the interaction point in the depths on the right to go further.

In the depths of the cave

  • Throw coins. You will be able to pick up the "Silver Mask", which gives +5 rubles to each battle
  • Pray. -5 HP
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Gate to the palace

You can fight enemies or agree and solve their riddles:

  • River. +100 experience points

Outside the throne room

The battle cannot be avoided.


Offer your help to the peasant to get rubles and a bylichka .

chambers of the merman

Examine the treasure on the right and take the part to get 50 rubles . Talk to Evdokia. Throw away the treasures (-100) as the girl advises! If the merman something will be offeredyeah, you need to ask for scales. You will receive an encyclopedia entry . Talk to the plant. Say that Demidov threw away the glove as a sacrifice. Get 150 experience points . The next answer is seven (+150 experience points) . Ask for scales and agree to complete the task of the Waterman.

Force thieves to make sacrifices

You can talk to everyone and go to the fair nearby.

Log of Akhmatova

A battle awaits you.

The village of Saltanovo

  • Help the guy. +1 SIN
  • Help the merchant. -1 SIN
  • Keep out. NOTHING

In any case, you will talk to the peasant and be able to offer him your help.


The location will appear if you agree to help a peasant from the village of Saltanovo. For this, you will also receive an entry in the encyclopedia .

  • Talk. If you take the icons, get +5 SIN and the item "Stolen icons" / If you choose "Outwit", show motley ( +100 experience points ) and +25 rubles, +150 experience points
  • Attack. Battle with two demons
  • Play cards.
  • Run away. +50 SIN

Saltanovsky forest

Talk to the beekeeper. You can get a new bylichka from him and trade. Honeycombs increase eloquence.

Village Nekrasovo

  • Find the wife of the drowned man. If you don't givengi, get +50 SIN / If you give 10 rubles, you get Adam's head / If you give 25 rubles, you get Adam's head and -1 SIN
  • Find out about the kabak. Additional task
  • Leave the area.

Nekrasov baths

New song and health recovery.


  • Examine the logs / Examine the bodies / +5 rubles
  • Check out the fire. Nothing
  • Examine the hole. Nothing
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Coast of Saltanovka

  • Attack. Meeting with an accordionist
  • Call out. Meeting with an accordion player
  • Pass by. Meeting with an accordion player

The accordion player will take you to the peasant. If you give him 5 rubles, you get -1 SIN .


  • Read the black plot. Battle with two demons
  • Call the barrel. Battle with two demons
  • trace. Nothing
  • Pass by. Nothing


In the left corner of the fence there is Adam's head. At the left corner of the house, Gap-grass grows. On the right side of the house, outside, another Adam's head is growing. You can threaten the guard at the entrance, or blow up the side door of the farmer's wagon using the gap-grass. In a conversation with a peasant, offer help, and get a key from him. Then thisthe door can be opened with a key. Take Brazhka from the table on the right, and then talk to Fedka the harmonist. There is one more mash in the depth of the screen. Interact with the shop and select the "Wait" option. Talk on all topics with Mikolka, after which the battle with the demon will begin. This is a pretty simple fight.

How to kill Mikolka

Communicate as little as possible with Mikolka, attack immediately so that you have 7 moves before the end of the battle. Each extra phrase reduces the number of moves for which you need to kill demons by 1. And so on up to 4 at least. I also recommend setting up the deck for black cards that deal damage, add damage, and so on. A little protection can be left in the "keys". Mikolka will offer his help. Kill him to reduce the SIN .

Grandfather Egor's hut

In the hut of grandfather Yegor, talk on all topics to get an entry in the encyclopedia . There will also be 3 petitioners:

  • Levonty. This will be a unique task from Levontiy. If you agree, the task below will begin.
  • Fisherman. Will give 65 coins if helped with a side effect

Teach Levontius to fly

Let's go on the map.

Village Bolshaya Ochga

  • Help the peasant woman. Additional task
  • · Refuse. +3 SIN


  • Listen to the whisper. +100 experience points
  • Draw a circle. Nothing


  • Hurry up for a whisper. -3 HP, combat
  • Protective conspiracy. No loss of HP, fight

Puzzle battle in the Black Marshes

This will be the first such fight. In it, you must use only those cards that have been issued to you. Items cannot be used. On the first turn, use an item that grants 3 attack increase. An item (white) that protects against corruption. Attack the enemy on the right (inflicting 999 Corruption) with one hernia and one ore. A defensive card will prevent the monster from damaging you. Levontius apply damage to the enemy on the left. On the next turn, attack with all hernias and one ore of the enemy on the right. These cards should be enough to finish off the enemy (given that on the first turn you chose a blessing that gives +3 to attacks). Corruption will finish off the enemy on the left. As a reward, you will receive 300 experience points (in addition to the reward for winning the battle).

Turkish village

  • To battle! Fight with three demons
  • Play cards. If you win, there will be no fight

The village of Bondyugskoye

Talk to the Peddler. You can ask for Levontius. The second phrase will open an additional task. You can also trade with the Peddler.

Mouth of Bondyuzhka

If you dig up the grave, you will receive the item "Phalanx of the Sinner", which increases the amount of Sin received by 1 and adds +1 to words with damage. By itself, this pr??dmet does not give SIN, so you can use it.

Izba Levontiy

You will have to fight against an imp in a puzzle battle . You need to kill him in 2 moves:

  1. On your first turn, choose +20 armor boost, damage equal to your current armor, and an ore that deals 2 damage. Throw Corruption on Kladnik with Levontius.
  2. On the second turn, choose two cards that give about 25 coins, and a card that deals damage according to the number of coins the enemy has. As a result, Kladnik will have 2 HP, but he will die due to the Corruption of Levontius on his own turn.

Then decide what to do with the calf:

  • Give Levontia. 200 rubles and help to Levontiy
  • Break into coins. 200 rubles
  • Let go. -1 SIN

Opening the water seal

Fedorovo village

Carefully inspect the saw and decide to go to the blacksmith who recently repaired it (offer help).


Answer correctly the question: moving ( 100 experience points ). If you steal a victim, you will receive a new item "Cock's feet" (increases the Ward by +2) . But you get +4 SIN . Offer your help to reduce SIN and get 15 rubles .


  • Talk. Nothing
  • Attack. Battle with two demons
  • Play cards. Avoid the fight, get the card


You will receive 15 rubles, and the blacksmith will repair the saw normally.

wine shop

Go to the shop to chat with the merchant.


If you helped a farmer tending cows to a merman (remember the underwater puzzle with musical trumpets?), you get -1 SIN .

Water Mill

Talk on all topics with Pakhom. On the left, Archilin grass grows. There is a board next to it. Pick her up. A little further on, Adam's head grows. On the right, on the stones, there is another board. Go to the river bank to the right of the house. Adam's head grows there and a mermaid sits. Talk to her, go back to the mill and go inside (marker to the left of the house). Chat with the saline. Tell him to spin the wheel. As a result, you will meet Vakul. Ask the merman to free the mermaid (-3 SIN ) . Don't worry, she will open the seal.

Addition from Warrior user Bogdan:

If you still challenge the merman so that a normal one comes in his place, then you will need the "Barfly" fungus, which removes the eternal effect of untouchability. Grandfather Yegor should have an enhanced evil eye skill to make the fight much easier. When you win, get Andropko Imp (resistance to regeneration) and "Hand for the Saint" (+3 defense increase at the beginning of the battle). [25 rubles and 1200 experience] The mermaid will open the seal, but we won't meet a new merman yet. Sin will not be removed.

If you do not need to reduce sin, then you canthey kill the merman in the hope of both the pickle, and the more modest merman, who does not require people to be sacrificed. Show everyone where the crayfish hibernate. But you must have the skill of mindless work pumped. Keep the sin small. This will free all the mermaids. Including ours.

Addition from Warrior user Bogdan:

After talking with the salt maker, do not rush to start the mill. Dial "Water from under the wheel" (20 chance that the grass will not disappear after use). In a conversation, you can choose the option "Both a seal and a mermaid." Requires 100 gold. But with the fisherman, when he gives up to 40, this is not a problem. The merman touches the black book and survives, and the mermaid remains on the shore [-1 sin]. After a short, but very touching conversation, the mermaid goes to the judgment of God, dissolving into a white glow. Pahom is happy with the unfolding events.

Addition to the second chapter from the reader

Broken telegraph

At the beginning of the location, near the stone, lies the material:

  • Cow's Hoof - An old hoof hastily tied to a stick (-1 life if worn).
  • After that, a new question will appear in the village, for which they will give (+50 teeth).
  • There is nothing complicated to do there. Similar to another question, for which 50 teeth are given. Total +100.

Also, after these two questions, you can click on the " blame the peasants " option. They give already (+500 teeth)! This is simply not to be missed.

Further, the peasant will confess, and will crawl on his knees in front of you, so that they will not tell the volost. You have the choice of answer Ask , Tell the headman , Forgive .

When choosing Ask , we learn that the peasants have overcome troubles, and the internet wire (telegraph, you know) is to blame. The cow died because of the Internet, Masha's illness is also because of the computer. In short, all because of the new pillars.

Demons fly along the wires, so ....

An inscription appears in place of the completed dialogue

  • Persuade , but she is yellow, and blocked. Either they have already convinced, or something is missing.
  • Forgive me , there is nothing to go to hard labor for wires (one sin was removed). With the approving buzz of the crowd, a jug of fresh milk (for 2 rubles) flies out of it into your head. After that, you are transferred to the peasant and the headman in the telegraph line .

telegraph line

The elder comes to meet you. We say that the evil spirits could not be driven away (see, in order to reveal that option, either more demons or sins are needed. I had 4, and 1 sin). We get 5 rubles for courage. And we, with a sense of unfulfilled duty, go back to the main highway.

hunter camp

To the right of the footprints, closer to the river, there is Kalyuka grass. And in the very left corner, behind the pebbles with an eye , they will returntake the path to the lake. closer to the screen, the grass grows too.

Chapter 3

Tier 3 cards have opened in the book as you have unlocked another seal. The cat Proshka will act as a petitioner. This will be his unique assignment .

Learn about Proshka's past / Road to Yanidor

  • Hide. -1 HP
  • To battle! Battle "Mystery in the Dark"

To solve the Riddle in the Dark puzzle, attack with two 4-damage folding cards, and choose the Lazarus card with the third (it will resurrect you after death). On the second turn, attack with the same two cards with 4 damage and one collapsible card with 1 damage.


  • Talk. Correct answer: Funeral (+100 experience points) . If you agree to dig, you will receive the item "Wonderful Goddess" (+3 to the status of Prayer) , if you refuse - -1 SIN .
  • Leave the area. Nothing

East Bridge

  • Attack. Nothing
  • Help Proshka. Nothing
  • Run away. Nothing

Herb at the stone

A banal meeting with a herbalist.

Lyulva swamps

Get +50 experience points .

Church of the Transfiguration

You can walk in this location. To the right of the door, thorn-grass grows. Grass Cuckoo's tears grows to the left of Proshka's cat, oh??olo ate. Chat with Proshka, and then go inside. You can examine all the corners of the room, and then move the boards to the right of the entrance and the paintings. Get inside. Examine the rift in the blockhead. Talk to Proshka. He will say something is missing. Return to the first room and remove the mask from the sculpture on the left. Place it on the crack in the blockhead in the cave behind the planks. Talk to Proshka and it'll all be over.

Quest Proshki: Go to the grave

Chat with everyone.

In the courtyard

At the aisle on the right, Adam's head grows. Prickle-grass grows next to Proshka. You can talk to Proshka and grandfather Yegor. So, you need to open the Wolf Seal. Behind grandfather Egor, Tirlich-grass grows. Go to the field through the passage on the right. To the right of the path grows Indivia grass. There is another one of the same at the log a little further, also to the right of the path. Get on the road.

Addition from Warrior user Bogdan:

Opposite the log, across the road, there is another grass.

Road to the grave

Go forward to the grave across the field. Along the way, you'll get a new song .

At the grave

Watch the video and the task will end.

Grandfather Yegor's hut

There are three applicants waiting for you:

  • Father . He asks to deal with the cow. Agree or refuse to skip the quest chain. But we will consider it below.

Main quest: Catch the graveyard devil

Ogoro?? at the hut

  • Drive away. +5 rubles
  • · Observe. New bylichka

Mikhailovskaya Rosstan

  • Get close. Conversation with grandfather Yegor
  • Hurry up. No conversation

You can visit the fair on the right.


Talk to the father and ask all questions.

Vilgort cemetery

On the left, the grass companion grows (Sunday effect - revives when receiving fatal damage with 1 HP). A little further in the depth of the screen, near the fence, Indivia grass grows. Wormwood grass grows to the right of the building. Get inside. Examine the cow and talk to grandfather Yegor. Examine the iconostasis on the right and go outside. Examine the shroud hanging from the wooden cross on the left, by the red chicken footprints. This is new evidence. Return to the building and examine the red footprints. This is the second piece of evidence. Examine the rope lying on the bench. Talk about the evidence with grandfather Yegor. For the shroud you will get 50 experience points, for the bloody footprints - 100 experience points. Grandfather will offer to follow the trail. Go outside and go deep into the cemetery at the point to the left of the church. Examine the broken domina and talk to Yegor. Return to the church and examine the rope. If you examined earlier, then go down (that is, you do not need to pick up the rope). You will meet Procopius. You are fighting the same sorcerer as Vasilisa.

How to defeat Procopius

Will it be a puzzle fight??. Certain cards are available, you can’t use herbs, but there is Yegor’s help. Look, above the head of the sorcerer his plot is shown. If the number of words in the conspiracy is less than yours, it is like the first one. And you can't do it! Here's how to kill him:

  1. Use the Headless card, which is guaranteed to protect you from the first two attacks of the sorcerer. Add "Dead Man" and "Blood, Ignite".
  2. The second move is "Headless", "Dead Man", "Strong Knife". Add buff grandfather Yegor.
  3. "Bone Breaker", "Headless", "Herod's Bones".
  4. Skip your turn as Procopius will die from corruption.

After that, say that the dead man needs to drive in an aspen stake (+100 experience points) . Pick up the item "Prokopyev's Staff" (+4 Amulet) by selecting the appropriate branch during the dialogue with Egor.

Grandfather Yegor's hut

Nikolai and Matryona (wife) will come to you. This will be the main task. Select all dialogue phrases to get a new encyclopedia entry . Talk to the third visitor, Alexander. He will issue an additional task .

Main task: Remove beer spoilage

Near Colva

  • To battle! Battle against two demons
  • Play cards. If you win, you will take the reward as for the battle
  • Pass by. Nothing
  • Help of the flying Levontius (if you gave him Kladnik inpersonal quest time). Chase away demons

pokchinskaya road

  • Call out the evil. +50 experience points
  • Come closer. Battle against two demons
  • Draw a circle. +50 experience points
  • Continue on your way. Nothing

northern settlement

This is Alexander's side mission. Examine the chest in the far left corner. Examine the bags and things. When you examine the chest, only after that interact with the patient lying on the bench. Try to convince her by choosing the "Imp" option. Choose the Fisherman option ( +100 experience points ). Point to the gifts (+100 experience points) . A fiery serpent will appear. Then you can chase him or stay with the patient to drive away the devils. In the second case, you will defeat the devils, but the Fire Serpent will escape. I chose this option. In the first case, you will be able to fight him, but what will happen to the girl is unknown.

Addition from user Warrior Bogdan

If you choose to chase a demon (in the hope that Alexander will stand up for a woman), then on the "Bandyugov fields" you conspire to grab the snake by the tail, preventing it from flying into space. The fight begins [he has 125 health] (the merman had 450 at the beginning of the third chapter, so this fight will not be difficult). We get 61 rubles and 1075 experience for the victory. Snake to ask for mercy.

You can:

  • Take into service
  • Kill. -1 GRE??
  • Let go.

Western felling

Bylichka "Fyodor the Sorcerer". "1. Take the worms" [We get the item "Worm worm" - resistance to poison status (it seems to be cured)], "2. Burn the worms" [+50 teeth]. And "3. Continue the journey (return to the map)". The question arises: Are these the same worms from horse droppings in the bag of the last victim of the fiery serpent? And didn't Alexander weave them, as Spinner weaves creepers? In addition, these worms are supposedly supposedly "medical".

Kizmelka River

  • Attack.
  • Talk - you can leave or watch out (all other options will be available).
  • Play cards. The same result as with the fight
  • Leave the area. Nothing

You can visit the fair on the left.

Pokcha village

  • Ask the peasants. New bylichka
  • Visit a merchant. Can I buy something
  • Look into the church. Restore health
  • Find brewers. You still have to choose this option, so first click on the ones above

Cooking by the river

Grass grows under the tree in the foreground. Examine the bonfire. To kindle it, you need logs and dry grass. If you put your hand in the cauldron, you will get -3 HP . Arkhalin-grass grows on the right. There is also dry grass. Dial it. Take firewood on the left. Kindle the fire. If it doesn't work out, take some more wood and put it on the fire. Then demon will definitely come out. The fight will begin. You will receive 74 rubles and 1500 experience points. To fight the imp, I recommend using a deck focused on attacking cards. At what cards with damage can be removed, but the evil eye - put (in combination with cards that cause increased damage due to the evil eye).

Grandfather Yegor's hut

The first visitor will be the bridesmaid. You will receive a new task. The second petitioner is the ringer, who will bring 35 rubles. If cured, reduce SIN .

Main mission: Save the wedding

Nevestin yard

Take the ribbons out of the chest. Pluck the thorn grass growing nearby. On the right are birch branches. Take them and set them along the road. On the right side of the road, you can pluck the grass of Peter's Cross. Go to the bathhouse and decorate it with ribbons of any color. The barrel on the right will start moving. Interact with her. talk to Petka (do not attack). Say that you are a matchmaker (+100 experience points) . Talk on all topics with Petka to get a page in the encyclopedia .


Fight demons.

The train has arrived

Talk to the bride. Then - with a bridesmaid to get a new song . In a conversation with grandfather Yegor, you can get a new bylichka . Examine the floor near Petka. You can then leave the area using the stairs at the back of the screen.

Cage in the lead

  • Attack. WITHfight against one brownie
  • Greet. New bylichka without a fight
  • Leave the area. Nothing

noisy room

You can play cards for money. Otherwise, there is nothing to do here.


You can chat with different guests. For example, with Petka. In a conversation with Ephraim, you can argue. Use Adam's head to win the bet and earn 10 rubles. Talk to your mother and she will give you 10 rubles. Continue the feast by interacting with the bride and groom. You can donate nothing, or donate 5 or 10 rubles. For 10 rubles you will remove SIN, for 5 - nothing will happen, and if you don’t give it, you will get +1 SIN .

Grandfather Yegor's hut

The bridesmaid will come to you.

Protect the wedding train

Main quest: Farewell to Beauty

Take the item "Ribbon" (+15 health) .

The train is going

Examine the stack to the left of the stairs to find Petka and his girlfriend. You will receive an encyclopedia entry . Look in the chest on the right. Cut the lining to get a new item - "Bear Paw" (increases the evil eye by +3) . Demand a ransom ( +5 rubles ). Under the floor, you still need to remove the burnt dog hair (near the screen itself).

train departure

Agree with Fedka ( -1 SIN ) or argue. If you agree a second time, you get -1 more SIN .

Ford through the Icy Key

  • Throw guests. +2 SIN
  • Jump down and help. Fighting three demons is the only option to save all people, -1 SIN
  • Take it to your cart. +1 SIN

At the crooked forest

You need to get out of the forest choosing the right routes. Choose the path to which the prefix is \u200b\u200bgiven:

  • Drive on the track more often
  • Moonlight breaks through
  • Clearance among the trees

Mikhailovskaya Rosstan

New Encyclopedia Entry . Turn left ( +100 experience points ) from where the bells are ringing. This will restore your health .

How to beat Alexander

We'll have to fight against Alexander. In general, I liked playing with an attacking, almost black deck. The main thing is to use damage or evil eye with cards, the damage of which is enhanced by the presence of such a debuff. There's also a great tier 3 card that does 3 damage for each idle imp. If you follow my logic and do not sin, then it is unlikely that you are sending imps to work, which means that this card can deal a lot of damage. Also a good card that allows you to deal damage to all enemies for each use of grass. As a result of the victory, the demon Andropko will join you, blocking the use of regeneration.

Examine Akulina and use Adam's head. ABOUTon the same grows next to the lying girl. Talk to Akulina's mom to get a new bylinka . Talk to the bride. Tell grandfather Egor that you are ready to return to the hut.

Grandfather Yegor's hut

During a conversation with Egor in the hut , stand on your own to get additional tasks. The peasant petitioner will bring you 30 rubles. From him you will receive an additional task.

Main quest: Find the hunter

Pokcha village

  • Talk. You can attack or convince. To get them to believe you, tell them they need your help (+100XP) . You will also receive -1 SIN, +5 rubles.
  • Attack. Fight with three men
  • Pass by. +3 SIN
  • Help of the Flying Levonius. Fight with three men

Cherdynsky tract

Here you will find a battle with six demons . A counter will appear in the upper left corner, indicating how many imps are waiting for you in addition to those who are on the battlefield. And no more than three enemies can be on the location at the same time. Kill one, a new one will come, and so on until the counter is reset to zero.

Book Village

You can leave or eavesdrop on the conversation of devils to get a new bylinka . But in this case, you have to fight.

Village Aleshkino

  • Talk to the old man. The conversation won't do anything.
  • Check out the well. Maybethey attack or call out to the unclean at the bottom of the well. Ask him what he is doing in the well and offer to help. An additional task will begin.
  • Leave the area. Nothing
  • Pray in the chapel. Restore health

Aleshkinsky fields

This is the task of the demon from the well in the village of Aleshkino. You can fight in combat or in cards. You will play cards in pairs (with one of your demons). You will receive 50 rubles .

Road near Klepnikov

  • Come closer. Nothing
  • Draw a circle. +50 experience points
  • Speed up your step. -1 HP

foggy shore

  • Follow the tracks. -3 HP (do not repeat how much, you will lose health)
  • Examine the accordion. New item "Wolf Fang" (20% more experience)
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Anfilov cliff

Go down into the ravine and pray to restore health .


Chat with merchants and eavesdrop on a conversation between two townspeople. Offer your help. Give the woman tear-grass (+100 experience points) . Get 17 rubles . Examine the drunkard on the bench. You can chase away demons to get -1 SIN . Chat with the newspaper merchant. Buy a newspaper for 1 ruble. Talk again and select "Read the newspaper". Go to the right and talk to Mr.?Dean Fairbanks. Give him 5 rubles and get an additional task . This will tell you where the hunter's hut is. You can go to her.

hunter's hut

Chat with Airat. Get to know each other and ask for help. Give the falcon the Petrov Cross (+100 experience points. You will receive a new item "Hawk Feather" (50% chance to protect against Corruption) as a reward. Then fight three wolves. Disenchant the wolves to save Ephraim and get -1 SIN .

Airat's hut

Chat with Airat to get a new task.

abandoned village

  • Find traces. New bylichka
  • Find grass. Herb Cuckoo Tears, giving +4 regeneration
  • Look at the huts. Nothing

You can try all options!

pine grove

  • Behind the shadow -3 HP
  • Draw a circle. +50 experience points
  • Consult Airat. Nothing
  • Help Flying Levontius. Nothing

Bank of the Miracle River

  • Keep out. +1 SIN, +1 ruble, no fight
  • Help the fisherman. Fight with 6 wolves, +5 rubles, encyclopedia page

Eastern swamp

  • Catch up with the shadow. Fight, 32 rubles and 400 experience
  • Pass by. Nothing

By the way, wolves can run away from the battlefield, so what is active?? use it. Do not try to finish them off, this is optional and does not affect anything.

hunting hut

  • Look inside / Pick up supplies ( +1 SIN, +3 rubles ) or "Go back" ( nothing )
  • Follow the tracks. + Additional task
  • Look for herbs. cuckoo tears
  • Leave the area. Nothing

foggy ravine

  • Greet the sorcerer.
  • Attack. The fight will start immediately

If you greet the sorcerer:

  • Ask / Agree / Pay ( -15 rubles ) New bylichka
  • Attack.
  • Leave alone. Nothing
  • Play cards. Pick up a werewolf instead of a fight

The bridesmaid will be the werewolf.

Polyudov stone

  • Attack. The battle
  • Sneak after / Talk (if you choose fight, you will have to kill the werewolf, and Petka will die because of this) / Show Petka the whistle (+100 experience points)

You still have to fight a stranger. Use a card that gives damage to enemies for each attack, since this monster attacks at once with several hits at once, and for each one it will receive damage. After the victory, use Cuckoo's Tears to save Petka and turn him into a human form.

Rest in the forest

Talk to Airat and get a new task. ?Also chat with the others and hit the road.

Main mission: Rescue the trainees

You can visit the scribe, which is located to the left of your current location.

Foot of Poljud

You will receive a new bylichka , and then you will have to fight demons and wolves.

blood trail

  • Examine the tree. "Human-Eared" item that gives +3 Prayer
  • Study trail. Additional task
  • Leave the area. Nothing

wolf feast

If you took an additional task at the previous location:

  • Wait. In this case, the werewolf will taste the food, and you will not be able to wrap him in a person.
  • Intervene. Fight with four wolves, after the fight you can turn the werewolf into a bridesmaid / Kill all the wolves, but the werewolf must survive! Apply Cuckoo's Tears / New Byle
  • Leave the area. Nothing

gloomy forest

  • Stop the hunter. -3 HP
  • Keep out. Nothing

Tears of Vishera

  • Talk.
  • Attack.

If you talk, you can attack or win at cards. If you cheat , you get +1 SIN . If you bequeath a sacrifice, you get +5 SIN .

Nameless cave

  • Study bones.
  • Examine the pestle. New pr??Death Spindle item, giving +5 Corruption
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Cliff over the valley

Talk to the boy, collect Cuckoo Tears on the left. Go deep into the location and all the way to the right to find the same herb. Leave the location. Talk to Airat. If you agree to set fire to the forest, increase SIN . So it's better not to.

Near the lair (How to save Fedka)

Talk to the boy, pluck another herb Cuckoo's Tears on the right and go deeper to leave the area. You will meet a Changeling. Choose how to address him: Fedka (+100 experience points) . Choose music (+100 experience points) . Then say that you can restore his humanity (+100 experience points) . For this you will receive rubles and another 500 experience points . And also save Fedka!

Talk to the main leader of the wolves, and then end the conversation. You will save Nicholas and open the wolf seal!

Chapter 4

Main task: get out of the forest

Trees in haze

  • Pass by. -3 HP, no fight
  • Get close. Battle

Foggy forest

  • Call out. Nothing
  • Get close. +20 experience points

strange ravine

Compulsory battle . If successful, remove the buff from the creatureso it can't regenerate health when it damages you. Or defend well. However, the creature will immediately try to return the same effect.

Figures under the shroud

Just keep going (get a new encyclopedia entry ).


Lose 4 HP.

Silhouettes in the haze

Fight without options.

old pines

New tale.

Upturned spruce


strange trees

  • behind the silhouette. Battle
  • Run away. Nothing

Impenetrable Haze

Select the Bypass option. Then you need to decide what to do to find the way. Turn clothes inside out ( +200 experience points ). Take boots (damage resistance) and go to the village.


Accept two petitioners. Yefim will come and give 40 rubles . So you will receive a new task and another 30 rubles . The next petitioner is a peasant. He will give 35 rubles and an additional task.

Main quest: Taste Galina

overgrown forest

  • To battle! Battle
  • Leave demons. +1 SIN

Yuvolador fields

  • Examine the stump / Take an item / Item "Primary Egg" (+3 to defense words)
  • Leave the area. Nothing


  • Leave the area. Nothing
  • For animals. New bylichka
  • For the fogs +1 SIN

misty thicket

  • Along the path. Battle
  • Leave the area. Nothing

mossy road

  • To battle! Battle
  • Leave the area. No fines

deep trail

  • Hunt down the devils. Battle
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Buried cart

  • Examine the cart. New bylichka
  • Inspect the cargo. Nothing
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Mary Crosses

Look at the pigeons. Apply vodka and bread, inspect the crosses and pick up the item "Toadstools" (7 Corruption) . On the left is growing grass Cuckoo's tears. Draw a circle and proceed to the ceremony. Read the plot. Return to Nemzyu.


Accept four petitioners. Talk to Anisya Ivanovna. Listen to her swearing (if you mess it up, get +2 SIN ). Next, Yefim will come, who will give a few rubles . If you tell about the raven, you will get +25 SIN . Don't tell! Get a new assignment. The next petitioner is Martha. She will give 32 rubles . You will receive an additional task. Finally, the last petitioner is a peasant who asked for a cart. He will give 30 rubles .

Main Quest: Get to the leopard tree

forest fire

  • ABOUT?to look at the ashes. Battle
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Forest Karnyshka

  • To the clearing. Encyclopedia entry, health restored
  • Walk through the forest. Encyclopedia entry, -5 HP

Bank of the Deaf Vilva

  • Swim across. 1- HP
  • Look for a boat. New entry in the encyclopedia
  • Leave the area. Nothing

bad place

  • View log. New bylichka / Then you can attack and fight two devils / Or talk and take the silver ( +20 rubles )
  • Leave the area. Nothing

shot birch

  • Check out the birch. New item "Gift to the Devil" (increases the status of the Evil Eye +4)
  • Leave the area. Nothing


Tear off Adam's head on the left. Pick the same one on the right. Examine the lesha witchcraft. To remove the locks, you have to win three battles. In the last fight, you need to use grass that completely absorbs damage, or high protection. Or grass with resurrection. Talk to Galina. Return to Nemzyu.


There will be one petitioner. Talk to Marfa to get 55 rubles .

Main quest: Find Leshy

So, you can visit different places in the village as many times as you like. Communicate, return and again bchat with the characters to unlock new phrases. Gather as many clues as you can to determine who the Leshy is in the village.

Worldly gathering

Go here and collect the world if you have enough evidence and you know who to blame.

How to find out who Leshy is?

Each location has its own character:

  • Haystacks - the shepherd Filimon.
  • Galina's hut - Galina.
  • Estates of Anisya - Anisya Ivanovna.
  • Herbalist - herbalist. She also has something to ask, including facts.
  • Abandoned huts - chat with young people.
  • House of Martha - Martha.
  • The forest edge is a peasant. Go forward and find a new piece of evidence . Try all the options and fight in battle. Kill the enemy on the right as soon as possible.
  • Hunter's house - Efim. There is nothing to see outside. Go inside and talk to Yefim.

Make a circle on the list above and chat with each character on all topics. Next, talk to people in the following order:

  • Shepherd.
  • Galina (look around the yard).
  • Galina (talk about evil spirits in the hut).
  • Anisya (talk about facts and accuse). Get new evidence
  • Herbalist (about a patch, a new piece of evidence )
  • Abandoned huts - youth. Listen to the song, restore health .
  • Martha. About the patch. If you take the money, get +3 SIN and 20 rubles . Refuse?? get -1 SIN / Ask about villagers
  • Forest edge. Examine the traces of gravity
  • Yefim.

So go around in circles again. On the third lap, when you reach Anisya, she will not be at home. Try to find a neighbor. He will give new evidence . Fight demons. Go to the Shepherd and take a closer look at him. A new phrase should appear. Blame him and go after him. Listen to Yefim, who will say that a miraculous icon is hidden nearby. This will start the side mission.

Main quest: Catch up with the shepherd

Lunvolador fields

Win in battle.

Hunter's Cache

Take the icon - an item that reduces the torment of devils by 2.

lush forest

Talk to the raven on all topics to get a new bylinka . Next, you need to understand what kind of bird it is - Leshy (250 experience points).

Buzeb meadow

  • To evil! The battle
  • Draw a circle. -3 HP
  • For a person. Additional task

Bank of the Pudva River

  • To that shore. -3 HP, optional task
  • Return. Nothing

Pudva sketes

  • Attack. Battle
  • Play cards. Battle
  • Help with a conspiracy. Additional task, +20 rubles, +200 experience points
  • behind the silhouette. Continuation

Swampy Grove

Lose 5 HP.

tall pines

  • To battle! Battle
  • Run away. -5 HP and continued

impenetrable fog

  • Get close. -10 HP, new tale
  • Attack. Battle
  • Call out. Nothing
  • Leave the area. Nothing

abandoned chapel

The location will be available if you helped the demons with a conspiracy to the Pudvinsky sketes.

  • Check out the shepherd. Encyclopedia entry
  • Pick up a letter. New item "Shepherd's letter" (-2 Attack of enemies)
  • Pick up coins. The battle
  • Leave the area. Nothing


Encyclopedia entry .

  • Listen to Philemon, because in fact he is not to blame for anything.

After that, you will need to decide whether to support the raven or the shepherd. We supported the raven , so we had to fight Philemon. Focus on dealing damage. Damage through the evil eye is very effective. At what other creatures can not even touch. They will die as soon as you defeat Philemon.

Philemon's Lair

Here you will see Philemon in his true form. Throw as much corruption and evil eye on him as possible, and then attack through the evil eye.

Main quest: Wake Leshy

You can go to the Scribe to the east.

WITHear Viam

  • Look around. Encyclopedia entry (Select this option first)
  • Bind Birches / Enter Portal. Nothing

Ignatievsky creek

  • Examine the tapes to get a new tale
  • Then go for the ribbons, but you have to fight.

source of the stream

  • Examine the body. New bylichka
  • Bury. -1 SIN, -5 HP
  • Look into the oven. Nothing
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Chudskoy Meadow

This is where you have to fight.

Pu Yong

Tear off Adam's head on the left, and find another one on the right. Examine the tree on the left to get a new encyclopedia entry . Disenchant the idol. Draw the figure of a woman. At the top, align the head with the strip, and then it will be easier.


Tear off Adam's head on the left. Chat with the raven. Decide whether to take a crow with you or not. He will be in the same role as Proshka and Levontiy, so he will not burden you. Break the seal.

lonely island

On the left, pluck the Companion (gives resurrection), and on the right from the stump - Overcome-grass. A little further to the left there is Prickly Grass. Run to the very end of the island and take the Black Book from the altar. Talk to the Devil.

Grandfather Yegor's hut

Talk on all topics with grandfather Yegor. Accept petitioners. The first will be Nikolai and Matryona (wife). You'll getEncyclopedia entry . Next comes the bridesmaid. One or two. You will receive 50 rubles . Then Petka and Shark will come if you saved the guy. You will receive the item "Petkin's pipe" (protection from the black and white crown) . Fedka will bring 50 rubles. Finally, a peasant woman will come and tell you about a new task. You will again receive rubles.

Main mission: Defend the wedding

river bank

  • You can fight or ignore the imps.

Road to Ezov

You can talk to the skipper for 100 experience points . Next will be a fork. You can bargain on the market. I recommend, without looking, to take all the grass.

Ezov village

You can buy an interesting bag from the sorcerer. It will increase damage, increase HP depending on the number of devils working, but will give more SIN.

Bridge over the tributary

  • Attack. The battle
  • Walk across the bridge. -3 HP, combat
  • Pass by. -5 HP

old baths

You can get out of here or burn the bathhouse, but you have to fight.

Vilgortskie sheep

Talk to barns or attack them. In the first case, you will need to understand why they are not happy with the peasant woman: prayer (+300 experience points) . Agree to help.

The wedding of Nicholas

Pick the rotten mushroom on the left and talk to Terenty. A bit further ??astet Tirlich-grass. Chat with a beggar. If they gave her money then, she will tell a little about the situation. Pick up the Bolotwick by the building on the right. To the right is Adam's head. Go inside, talk to Yegor and the priest. The latter will give 20 rubles. You can steal the church offerings from the chest on the left, but then get a SIN . Tell grandfather Yegor that you found out about the necessary items.

Outside you will meet Alexander. Decide how to deal with it. We refused . Defeat him using the same strategy. The fight will just take longer.

Chapter 5

Grandfather Yegor's hut

In the hut, choose what you will look for - a towel, a knife or candles. The first petitioner will be Maryushka. She will give 50 rubles and an additional task. Tell her that she spins kikimora at night (+200 experience points) . The next one is Yefim, who will bring 100 rubles . Of course, if you freed the inhabitants of Nemzy.

Main Quest: Find the church towel

Anbor Woods

If you talk, you will get a new bylichka . Go on a quest and fight. After that, you can go to Travnitsa.

Anbor village

Visit Maryushka. Ask all questions to get an encyclopedia entry . If you refuse to help, you get +3 SIN .

carpentry artel

Look around and talk to the carpenters. If they helped Ephraim, did he??t rubles and will help you. What will happen if Ephraim is not there, I do not know.

Martin's hut (How to defeat Kikimora)

Burn the doll to get -1 SIN . But you can keep the toy for yourself to get a new item (30% chance that statuses imposed by Vasilisa will last an additional turn) . Do not worry, the sin for this will not increase. You need to fight with kikimora with the help of damage. You can also use cards that allow you to damage the enemy when Vasilisa loses health. Also, herbs cause damage to Kikimore, ignoring the status. In general, everything except direct attacks.

River Kozyr

If you collect sorcerous earth, get a new item (+3 Decay) . Or you can drive the witch away to get -1 SIN .

Road to Pyanteg

This is where the battle awaits.

Obukhov thickets

  • Follow the silhouette to get a new bylinka .

Pyanteg village

  • Ask the deacon.
  • Trade Shop.
  • Elias Church. Restore all health
  • Leave the area.

You can select all options.

Pyantezh baths

Listen to the song to get it in your archive.

Church of the Epiphany

Gather the herb and knock on the door. Say a prayer and he will let you in. Talk to the priest. If you help drive the demon away, he will give you a towel. Examine the altarand look through the gate. Examine the iconostasis. There is also no filth. Examine the sculpture, and it also does not belong to evil spirits. Go to the old stairs on the right and substitute it for the icon. Examine it and say that the demon is hidden in the icon. Fight the hellish demon. Agree or refuse. In the second case, you will have to fight the demon. The rest of the enemies will die when the main imp dies. Use this fact. Inflicts hex, hex for health loss, double. In general, damage here is great. You will receive a church towel . It will be an item of equipment that reduces the torment of devils by 3.

Grandfather Yegor's hut

Nikolai and Matryona will bring 75 rubles. Sergey Nikolaevich will also appear. He will give 50 rubles . Agree to help in order to receive an additional task and another 50 rubles.

Main task: find the church knife

Outskirts of Cherdyn

If you pass by, you get +1 SIN . Or fight demons.

Prokopyevskaya street

In the tavern you can get a new item "Human Fang" (+30% experience) . Or you can drive the demon away and reduce SIN -1 .

Cathedral street

Come closer. If you help the imp, get +3 SIN . If you help a peasant, you get -1 SIN . You can buy something at the location "Trading shops".

merchant's house

Behind the shops. If you leave this place,read +1 SIN . If you inspect the body after offering help, you will receive a new tale and -1 HP . We'll have to fight.

Gostiny Dvor

  • Persuade the priest / Superstition (100 experience points) , tell us about evil spirits and get rubles and an entry in the encyclopedia
  • Corrupt the priest. +1 SIN , tell us about evil spirits and get rubles and an entry in the encyclopedia
  • Help the priest. -1 SIN
  • Leave the area. Nothing

Assumption Church

Restore health .

Cherdynsky yard

  • Ask for it (-10 rubles). +100 experience points and a new word
  • To battle!
  • Play cards. Instead of a fight
  • Retreat. -3 HP

county police department

On the right, pick Tirlich grass. You can't enter the barn, so look into the building on the left. Talk to the policeman. Go left and you will see a church watchman in the cell. Talk to him. Talk to the policeman again. You can give a bribe, but I didn’t have money (I lost everything on the market). Go outside and call the evil spirits in the warehouse on the right. You can defeat the demons to find out about the secret hole. And you can cheat . Answer: dead (+200 experience points) . Wait for the night to find out about the secret hole. You can fight the watchman and take the knife, but that's bad. So go followhouse in the cemetery.

city cemetery

Go forward and pull out the shovel at the crossroads. Go to the watchman at the grave and draw a circle. A huge pig will appear. Let the evil eye hang on you. You kill a demon with corruption. Although the enemy will attack through the evil eye, so the herb that removes the evil eye and cards that remove the negative status come in handy. After winning, save the watchman to get -1 SIN . You will receive a church knife (blessing with damage increase +3).

Main task: Find Karnysha own forest

Accept petitioners. Karnysh will tell you about everything, and you will be able to complete the task of the raven.

Village Simonova

  • Talk to the peasants. Additional task
  • Chapel. New bylichka
  • Visit the store.
  • Leave the area.

Berezovsky coast

Nothing special.

Near the river Tsydovka

  • Check out the river. The choice doesn't matter
  • Watch for the unclean. The choice doesn't matter
  • Help. The choice doesn't matter

Puzzle "Abandoned Well"

  • Draw a circle.
  • Check out the well.

Make any decision and fight the demon. So, you need to defeat the demon. Clue:

  1. The word is pious, Yegoriy the Brave, Howler, the ability of Karnysh.
  2. Egory Father, Urazy.

field edge

Come closer topeasant and answer what kind of demon he noticed by the river: legs (+200 experience points) . Also get a new bylichka .

swampy edge

  • Go straight. Nothing
  • Round the side. -3 HP
  • Help Karnysh. Nothing

Grove Karnysh

Talk to the mermen. If you agree to their offer, trick Karnysh and get +5 SIN . Then fight or play cards. I chose the last option.

Solution of the puzzle fight:

  1. Headless, Yegoriy the Brave, Howler, Lazarus, Karnysh's ability
  2. Headless, Egory the Brave, Lazar, Ore (for a fatter opponent)
  3. Urazy + (on the first enemy), Urazy + (on the second enemy), Ore (on the first enemy), Ore (on the second enemy).

Grandfather Yegor's hut

A peasant woman will come to you. You will receive 35 rubles and an additional task. The next petitioner is Tikhon. He will give 50 rubles . The last petitioner is a peasant with 50 rubles and an additional task.

Main task: make feverish candles

Road to Nyrob

Fight or leave the area. There are no fines here.

Grove with waves

Get close to see the tied dog. You can leave it or let it go. I let go.

Village Big Field

You can trade and talk with the peasants toGet a new entry in the encyclopedia .

Polevskoy Pochinok

Talk to the peasant on all topics and get rubles .

Pochinkovskoye field

Leave the victim and talk to the goblin. You can attack it or disenchant it. In the latter case, indicate the correct answer - peasant (+100 experience points) . Next, you will need to agree (only 5 rubles) or refuse to take money for not telling anything that there is no evil spirits. If you refuse, the peasants will ask you to let them go. Again, for money. Agree and get 5 rubles. Returning to the customer, you will receive 25 rubles if you refused the first time (the second choice does not affect).

You can attack right away. If you do, you get +3 SIN . And you can attack and then talk. And if, after leaving the victim, you run away, you will get +1 SIN .

Iskor village

Examine the church, then defeat the devils in combat or cards.

Iskorka river

Examine the hut to get a new bylichka . You can attack or talk. In the case of communication, you can convince the evil spirits: “Not his demons” (+100 experience points). You will also receive 10 rubles .

Iskor market

Attack imps at will. There are no fines here.

Paramedic's station

Quick Option : Outside, interact with the bed-sheeted fever victims (right). Waitnight (select this option) and get a new item "Feverish Candles" (+4 Corruption, increases the receipt of SIN by 1) . Also, you will immediately receive +50 SIN and return to Yegor with candles.

If you want to help . Collect grass on the location. There are two buildings on the left. Enter the first one and talk to the nurse. Offer help. For a decoction, you need Cuckoo's tears, Adam's head and chicken droppings. Both herbs grow outside. Go to the barn for chicken manure

How to solve the jar puzzle (preparing a decoction)

Next, interact with the table inside the infirmary. It is necessary to make sure that in the right bottle the liquid level corresponds to the long line (4 servings). Pour the liquid from the large bottle into the middle one. Pour from the middle to the left. Pour from the large one back into the medium one. Pour from the middle into the left. The large one will now have 2 servings, and the medium (small) one. The rest is on the left. Pour from the left into the large one. Now the left is empty, the middle one is 1 serving, the right is everything else. Pour one portion into the left container. Fill the medium container by pouring water from the large one. There will be 4 servings per large. The decoction is ready! You will receive +500 experience points . Go to a peasant with a fever and give him a decoction.

You will face a fever. You need to either kill the peasant or outsmart Fever. Try the latter. If she escapes, you'll have to track her down. ODA??share where the Fever went: Iskor (+100 experience points) .

narrow street

If you're on the run. Fight in battle.

Iskor settlement

Be sure to edit your deck before starting a fight. Corruption cannot be used as it will heal Fever! If you have an item that converts corruption into healing, be sure to equip it. And there is also a fourth-level card "Cross". It is eternal and will protect you from damage! There is also a level 4 or 5 Enach-bes card. It removes negative statuses from the enemy! And so you can remove both damage and decomposition from the enemy. Very useful, and don't let the Fever heal. You will get -1 SIN for winning. Either way, you will receive the Fever Candles item . And there is also the card "Imperishable robes", which allows you to receive health from damage instead of damage. Where to use it, if not here?!

Grandfather Yegor's hut

You will receive a new main task from the grandfather Yegor himself. There will also be two petitioners. The first is Maryushka. She will give 50 rubles . The second petitioner is a peasant woman with an additional task and 40 rubles . All of them will express their gratitude for the previous help.

Sixth seal: Find the fern flower

You can fight enemies in the grove near the hut or leave the place. There will be no penalty.

The road to the slope

Just collect some herbs.

Bonfires at K??lions

Chat with everyone. Salt-worker will give you 100 rubles . If you confess to the priest, you will get -3 SIN . Nikolai and his wife will give grass. At the exit, you can go and find out your fate.

western forest

  • Sneak in. +1 SIN, 100 experience points
  • To battle! Fight with demons, no sin
  • Substitute the peasants. +5 SIN
  • Help Levontiy. +1 SIN, +50 XP

How ferns bloom

Get a new bullshit . Lay out the towel, place the candles, and draw a circle. Interact with the place where the fern should appear. Interact with the flower and then defeat the huge bird. You can remove the negative status "Rock", which you get on the first turn. Use grass or cards. Rock starts the countdown, and if it gets to zero, you lose. The enemy is easy to defeat with damage. Break the sixth seal .

Thunderstorm in the field

Next, the demons will chase after you. You can fight right away. You can escape and get -1 HP . If you look back, you will get another -10 HP . At the next location, the chase will continue. From here you can safely run away without taking damage. During a thunderstorm in the field, you will be attacked by a huge Lord. Focus on the main enemy. Use damage and you can quickly defeat him.

Chapter 6

Look around in the dungeon Alexander?? and hit the road on the map. Use the fern on the grate. To the right is growing grebe. Examine the crack in the wall. And then interact with the grid again. Disenchant the grate and select the grip (+250 experience points) .


  • Attack. Fight puzzle
  • Sneak in. No fight or penalty
  • Help Levontiy. Fight puzzle

Puzzle "Horned watchmen"

The battle must be completed in one turn:

  1. commotion
  2. Keela on the right demon
  3. Key - tongue on the left demon
  4. Imp-sorcerer on the left demon

Wine Vault

Inspect the cellar and pick up a new item "Flask" (40% chance not to spend the herb after application) . An incredible useful item, coupled with the Burning Herbs card!


  • Talk. Ask to get a page in the encyclopedia, and leave - the neighbor will give 30 rubles and a map of your choice
  • To battle! Battle
  • Leave the area.

old warehouse

Talk to the toothy swan. Ask all the questions and get an entry in the encyclopedia . You can fight with the enemy or choose a duel.


  • Riddles (+250 experience points).
  • Book (+250 experience points).
  • Steamboat (+250 experience points).
  • Mother's breast (+250 experience points).

Fight-puzzle "Toothy Swan"

  • First??th move: Urazy, Urazy, Castle
  • Second move: Urazy, Castle (there will be an empty slot)
  • Third move: Castle, Nava
  • Fourth move: Kila, Ruda


If you run away, get -1 HP . You can attack or talk to the devil-butler. Take a drink from him to restore health . Ask about everything and get an entry in the encyclopedia .


  • Attack. Fighting is optional
  • Talk. +100 experience points
  • Examine the herbs. Grass "Royal Eyes" (+30 HP)
  • Leave the area.

You can try both the second and third options, and then leave.

Library - Scarecrow with bisyakami

If, after inspection, you cut the bear, you will have to fight in battle.

  • Moon brothers on the devil's left
  • Moon brothers on the devil's right
  • Yudea on the devil's right
  • Heaven height
  • In the name of the father
  • Key - tongue on the dash to the left


You can study the pictures with the faces of the developers.

Corridor shishigi

  • Install Thorns (Tomashiha)
  • commotion
  • Killer on the middle line
  • Snake-head on the left
  • Ore on the right

Alexander's office

Talk to him. You can kill or convince with the words: The book is not needed (+300 experience points) .

How to kill Alexander once and for all?

Trinity is a fairly simple puzzle:

  • Chur and Strong knife in the first move
  • Two Cains and Serpent Sting on the second
  • Dead man and Ore in the third

Then you can forgive him or kill him. But it will be possible to kill with a high level of SIN. If you forgive, get -1 SIN.

Main quest: Retrieve the Black Book

You can visit the Bookman. There is a peddler in Pyanteg.

Izba Spinner

Sneak past and get a new encyclopedia entry . You can talk to them, go into the house and go downstairs, getting -5 HP . In general, the sneak option is better.

underground hole


dusty nook

Examine the three cocoons and take the ring to get 35 rubles .


Examine the machine to get an encyclopedia entry . If you release the imp, you will get a fly agaric (+18 HP and +3 Corruption to Vasilisa) .

Impenetrable web

  • Squeeze through. -5 HP
  • Fern. The best option
  • Gap-grass. Loss of this herb, but no loss of HP

Burnt threads

Choose the Divination option (+250 experience points).

narrow path

You can sneak past, fight devils or play cards. I tell you how to solve a puzzle with a fight.

Demons in the web

  • Evil eye
  • Evil eye
  • Urazy
  • sea depth
  • Ore

Very simple!

old spinning wheel

Explore everything and getpage for an encyclopedia .

Black book

Walk to the right, avoiding the red area of the glowing eyes. That is, skip them every time. At the end, the eyes should shine to the right and left. Run behind the left stones, hiding from the spider, and take the book from the Spinner. Here you can make a Direct deal or refuse three times. If you agree, Vasilisa will die from the paws of a huge spider, if you refuse, you will fight with him. The enemy is destroyed in no time by damage and damage due to damage. In general, a deck based on corruption is something! Especially a card that deals double damage based on the amount of corruption. You will also receive a new item, Web Girdle (-3 to enemy attacks) .

Grandfather Yegor's hut

Arriving home, you will find "Kupala ointment" (Regeneration +5, restores 5 HP at the beginning of the turn and gradually decreases by 1 unit per turn).

Main task: Find grandfather Yegor

You can go to a lonely grave. An herb will appear behind her.


We'll have to fight with grandfather Yegor. You won't know his moves. Grandfather puts 30 armor every turn, is not susceptible to damage and herbs. So build your deck around offensive skills and regeneration. Do not use armor, because grandfather uses "Mistake" (it will deal damage to you at the end of the turn, equal to the remaining armor). But he is also susceptible to the evil eye. This is your chance! Despite, ?then the grandfather is not susceptible to herbs, you can damage him through the Burning Herbs card.

Then the second fight will begin. Before the battle, you can edit the deck. Remove both damage and the evil eye, since the grandfather will not be receptive. However, it is susceptible to herbs, so you can remove such protection with a special mushroom. And this is one of the options: remove damage / evil eye and use this deck.

In the third battle, throw damage and the evil eye to Yegor. Damage does not need to be raised above 30. There will be no more damage than this value (for 1 hit). That is, we are not talking about the whole move, but about one spell. So you can use different spells, but you need to wait until the spikes fall. Then just defend yourself. And be sure to use a card (eternal) that gives protection from damage. And the spikes won't work. Healing uses it, you will have to be patient until it subsides, periodically maintaining HP.

You will then be able to:

  • Reset grandfather Yegor. +50 SIN / This is the only way to open the seventh seal
  • Drop yourself. Tragically final
  • Reset book. Destroy the Black Book (it will still remain)

You will open the seventh seal anyway .

Addition from user Mutant X:

If you throw grandfather Yegor into the Underworld, it will add +50 Sin. If in the previous chapter you peacefully resolved the conflict with Alexander, ?? then they decided to take him to the rosstan, option 4 will be available: "Reset Alexander". For some reason, for such an act, sin is not added. (!) (perhaps a bug? IMHO not a very good deed to first convince him, win over to his side, and in the end sacrifice an intellectual ...)

Chapter 7

Vasilisa needs to get to the center of the underworld, so she will have to overcome several trials. We accept the first demon and agree to help him. We follow the gates of hell and try to talk with the voice. We approach him at his request, and then we move to the bridge as wide as a hair. We talk with demons and drive them away. We move to the cast-iron cart and kill all the demons.

We climb the Sisyphus mountain, talk to the demon and take the artifact as a reward. In the tar pits we destroy the devils and go to the location "Cossack guest", where we talk with the demons and defeat them in battle. If we decide to play cards, then the man will be captured by demons. We run to the fair to purchase the necessary items and go to the mansions of evil spirits.

We pass by the chests and get acquainted with Andromalius. We ask him about everything and agree to go through the ordeal. Vasilisa will be transported to the abode of death. We receive visitors at a halt and inform the second devil that sorcerers transmit demons before death. We go to the damn pit and destroy the evil spirits that have appeared. In a boiler?We inspect the grottoes and refuse to torture sinners, and then we follow the damned barracks and approach the devils. We talk to them and try to convince them.

We select "Martyrs" and leave for the forgotten palace. We agree with the assistant and move to the fiery lake, where we attack the demons. After the victory we go to the temple of death. We talk with death and go through the ordeal. She will let Vasilisa go further, since the girl has done only positive things throughout the journey.

We leave for the forest of sinners and after a short video we run to the hanged man. We pass in a straight line through the thicket of sinners and find ourselves near the throne of hell. Vasilisa will be met by Satan, who will refuse to fulfill the wish of the sorceress and will tell her about the prophecy. Vasilisa intends to get her reward from the demon by force.

How to Kill Satan

Defeating the enemy is not difficult, but the level of his health is as much as 666 units. He summons minions and discards all strong words in incantations. Also in the last battle, Vasilisa will have to fight completely alone. In battle, be sure to use all improvised means.

After defeating the enemy, we get to the altar and again we engage in a fight with the demon. This time, his strength will be equal to the number of sins of the sorceress. If this value is zero, then Satan's attacks will deal a total of ?You take one point of damage. In this case, the demon can be defeated even when using the original deck.

Black Book endings

The choice of final decisions depends on the amount of sin. Below are options for those who have sinned little. For example, if you have a lot of sin points, then the option to destroy the book will not be available.

  1. Destroy the book . Vasilisa will throw the artifact into the lava and destroy the underworld. We run to the girl's lover and watch in the credits how the couple is sitting under a tree together.
  2. Get out of hell . Vasilisa will get inside the book and put another seal on it. In the end credits, the girl will be sitting under a tree with a book in her hands.
  3. Take the throne . To choose this ending, you will have to pump the level of Sin to 130 units or higher. In this case, Vasilisa will sit on the throne in hell and will command the devils.

We watch the final video and find out the history of all the characters, which differs depending on the chosen ending.

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