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ShowGamer.comGibbous A Cthulhu Adventure: Walkthrough

Gibbous A Cthulhu Adventure: Walkthrough

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Walkthrough Gibbous A Cthulhu Adventure


Go up and enter Library. Talk with Librarian about all. To save press F5. Go out and pick up thing on the doorstep. Enter the library and use package on Buzz. Wait. Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure You will play for Buzz. Pick up shoe and throw it at Strange Medallion (up). Pick up strange book. Talk with Kitteh. Pick up lighter (table on the right side of room). Open the fridge and take can of Dr. Fisher. Click on oven and use icon of cat. Buzz will open oven and pick up the key and cookie. Use key on the door on right side. Click on decorated closet and use icon of cat. Kitteh found diary. Click on gaudy hippie cloth and you will get scissors. Use lighter on Incense Stick. Use diary on this stick. Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure

Chapter One. Darkham

[caption id="attachment_8371" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure[/caption] Talk with Little Girl about all. Go left and take Male Model Picture on the wall. Go to the new location (left). Talk with Blonde Lady, then – taxi driver. Say him you – friend Blonde Lady. Click on small window on the door. Try to say password. Again talk with Lady. You will recognize her name. Talk with taxi driver. Take the letter, use it on Blonde Lady. You will recognize password. Click on door and say man password – Fidelio. Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure Talk with Voodoo Guy. You must go in Fishmouth. Talk with taxi driver. Ask to take you to the Fishmouth. Talk about all. He will agree, but you need to fulfill the request: to force Ed's wife (Asenath) to leave him. Ed – cousin of the taxi driver. Go to Voodoo Guy again and ask him about spell. You need scissors, Male Model Picture and Doll. First two things in your inventory already. Go on first location and click on Fish Doll above fish market. Use fish doll on Piscilla. You will get her doll. Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure Go to the right and enter in Library. Click on Dusty Intriguing Book. Use icon of eye twice, then pick up the book. Go to Voodoo Guy and show him scissors, Male Model Picture, doll and book. At first you must read the book in your inventory. Then tell the guy you're ready to start. Choose Picture, doll and scissors. Talk with taxi driver and chapter finished.

Chapter Two. The Temple

Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure Now you will play as detective Ketype. Wake up and click on the metal door. Pick up Fire Extinguisher, Empty Soup Can, Pristine Rag, Plank and Mug on the bed. Use Mug on Tar Puddle. Use Tar Mug, Empty Soup Can, Plank and Fire Extinguisher on Recess. Click on this device and use icon gear. Talk with cultist. In your room click on Improvised Rocket Ramp to stun cultist. Go to the left room. Examine globe twice. You get wire. Use wire on rail nearly ladder, then use Fire Extinguisher on hook thing. Use rail rocket to open hatch. Go to the up. Click on drawer on right side to get Spoon. Examine diary, then – three new books. Use Spoon on Lens of Telescope. Combine Filthy Lens and Pristine Rag. Use Clean Lens on Intense Line Beam. Take the Cannonball and Shining Trapezohedron. Go down. Click on Starry Standard on left side. Take Flag Pole and go to the right room. Use Flap Pole on Tar Puddle, then combine it with Shining Trapezohedron. Go to the left and use Sledgehammer on Cracked Surface.

Chapter Three. Fishmouth

[caption id="attachment_8375" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure[/caption] Talk with Fishmouth Citizen Brigade. Click on the Door under Sign and nearly archway. Talk with Clerk. You get license. Click on Liquor Bottle on the right to get Exotic Label. Go out and use license on Webfoots in archway. Go through the archway. Use Can of Dr. Fishman on Citizen Eating Sandwich. Talk with him and get Sammich. Go in Finman House. Talk with Finman and Pilgrim. Go out. Go deep into the screen and turn to the location to the right. Talk with Old Drunkard. Ask him about coffee. Go to Clerk and ask him about gifts. Tell him you need coffee mug. Go out and talk with Girl. Give her a Sammich and get Dolphin Milk. Go to Finman Hotel and use Empty Mug on Coffee Pitcher. Go to the dock and give Zadok Mug of coffee. Pick up Empty Bottle and go to Finman Hotel. Use bottle on Coffee Pitcher, the combine it with Dolphin Milk. Combine Bottle of milk and coffee and Exotic Label then use it on Zadok on dock. Talk with him about all and go to Finman Hotel again. Talk with Finman, then – Pilgrim. Take Piece of Paper on the bed. Use Olmstein’s Sign on Barnabas. In Ketype’s Office click on File Cabinet and choose new icon. Click on cabinet again, choose A-D, Barnabas Busara. Talk with Buzz and click on Olmstein’s Sign (choose new icon).

Chapter Four. Paris

[caption id="attachment_8376" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure[/caption] Take Flyer and Fishing Hook. Then examine all objects with new icon. Click on bell and talk with Serge. Examine flyer in your inventory and ring the bell. Talk with Serge about Flamel. Examine Ledger on table and ring the bell. Talk with Serge. He must write your data to the book and leave the pen. Click on the pen and use third icon. Talk with Serge and go up. Click on Pentagram and use third icon. Click on books on the right. Examine all books and choose right words: Cattus est draconi in finem. Click on each candle and choose these words (at first you must click them in books). Go up. Examine container (third icon) and use Flyer on it. Examine page in container.

Chapter Five. Transylvania

[caption id="attachment_8377" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure[/caption] Click on Trash and get Trash. Go to the right and enter Tavern. Pick up Bent Fork, Vinegar and Thick Glove (look up; ask Kitteh). Talk with Innkeepers. Try to drink, but Buzz will be drunk. Go to doorway and talk with Voluminous Gentleman. He will tell you a way to stay sober, but he needs the Internet. Also you will receive Cauldron. Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure Come out and go to the left. On the left edge is Red Gate. Click on it and talk with Old Lady. Go in Tavern and talk with Ion about the password recovery. You need letter Y. Go out, left and enter in the lane. Talk with Nicu and you will receive Slingshot. Open inventory and combine Slingshot and Solvent. Talk with Ion in Tavern and tell him you find Letter. Gou out on first location and stay nearly Statue. Use Think Glove on Light Bulb. Go to Nicu and use Lightbulb on left Spotlight. Then use letter Y. Return to Old Lady and tell her password – Nine Parts. Open the red gate, combine Cauldron and Rubber Band in your inventory. Use helm on Kitteh and tell her go up to the hatch. She will turn on the Internet. Go to the Tavern and talk with Luca. Go to Istvan and Rodica and drink tzuika. Talk about all, then talk with Luca and ask him to take you to the castle. Go out, talk with Luca and say you can go to the castle. Masks will stop you. Talk with them and back on the first location. Go to Nicu, then – go to left. Talk with Old Man. You will hear the legend. Go to the first location and talk with girl (with white cat). Give her a bus ticket. She will agree to help. Two cats will deceive Masks and you will reach the castle. Go to the door and examine pile of rocks. Enter the castle. You meet Vlad. Go up the stairs and enter center doorway. Use Bent Fork on chest. You receive Gauntlet. Go down and use Gauntlet on Vlad. Start Rap Battle. Win him: talk about castle, about opponents, about origins, brag. Talk with Peace. Then you will play as Kitteh. Use the left panel to change the location of the planets. Click the buttons on the ceiling in this order: left, right, center, right.

Chapter 6. Festival

Go into the boy’s voodoo house and talk to him until you get a sectarian disguise. When this happens, return to the first square and go to the fish store. Talk with the seller. Do this twice until you find out for sleeping pills. The seller will leave a can of sleeping pills on the counter, and a new entry will appear in the journal. Use your ability on medicines to find out the secret team. Talk to the seller and call this team so that he falls asleep. You will get covered with fish and get to the festival in Fishmouth. So, here you need to find the Butcher. Search the barrel on the left to get a ruined face and Randolph's name tag. Go to the arch on the right and talk with the sectarians. They will let you go further. Follow the new street and talk to the doomsday predictor blocking the way to Finman's hotel. Choose the following answers:
  • the biggest problem;
  • don't reach;
  • losers;
  • waste of time;
  • lemon cake and cotton candy.
After that, throw a rotten egg into the predictor. But this is not enough. Take away the scrap located at the car. Go to the pier on the left. Chat with the guy, and find the second egg at the very end on the right. Go back and throw it at the fortuneteller. Go to the right and go to the new location. Talk with Pesche and find out that the Butcher is hiding in this factory, but to get inside, you need some kind of gift. Return to the location with the predictor and on the right find the trash bin. Look in it to find the third egg and boot. Throw an egg at the fortuneteller, and the crowd to chase him away. Enter Finman's hotel and talk to the man at the reception. As a result, you will find out that Piovra is sleeping in a chair on the right. Find the empty glass on the right. Go outside and apply it to an oil puddle. Go to the lane on the left (near the transition point to the pier) and talk with the girl. Offer her a fishing hook, as a result of which she will agree to rent a car. Return to the hotel, apply a glass of oil on a sleeping occultist. Next, use a crowbar to throw it into a wheelbarrow. In the end, you will go to the factory. Pull the lever on the right, but the engine will not start. Need fuel. Use the crowbar on the container on the left and get a power tool. Climb the stairs to the left and talk to Priscilla, the very girl from the first chapter. Go down and go left. Hit the wall with a break on the right. You will see the door. Remove the rivets with a power tool, and then enter the room. Pick up the fuel canister on the left, and then interact with the strange car. Select any photo and close the device. An octopus man will fall to you. Chat on all topics. Pick up a liquid nitrogen spray from the floor (right). Go back and fill the fuel through the inlet valve at the lever. Pull it to start the engine. Pull the lever at the top where you met Priscilla. Go downstairs. Do not reach the pipe. Go to Priscilla in the room on the right and ask for a gun. Go out and shoot the hanging pipe to break the glass. Otis will cross the opening at the top of the door and open the way to the next room. Go there. Examine the red button. Go to the panel to the right of the door and apply a crowbar on it. Examine the panel and drag the cage onto the button. Press the red button, and then drive away all the monsters by applying a spray of liquid nitrogen. Pick up srones and a wooden stick, then move on. Pick up the handle on the left side, apply it to the drill to make a hole, and then insert a wooden stick into it. Place the handle with the stick in the hole on the right to turn on the light. Go to the central panel and examine it. Need a four-digit code. Examine the papers on the table. The first word begins with capital letters M. Remember the following three characters and set them on the four-digit code panel in the center. Find the first character by matching. Just change it until the script works. Open the book in the center and scroll until you see three triangles with symbols. Both left and right you need to set these triangles. Place all these symbols in the left panel and turn the triangles to the right. A niche with a torn cloth will open. Apply abilities on it to find out directions for other triangles. This is a mystery, which is not so easy to solve. In the right panel, select the following characters:
  • the fifth in the top row (from left to right); the first in the third row, from top to bottom (first left); the fourth in the top row, to the left of the first character of this sequence.
Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure In this case, all triangles should be directed to the right. Go through the opened door and throw stones from the inventory at the cultists until the cut-scene starts. Next, talk on all topics with Barnabas, after which you will find yourself in the detective’s office. Talk to each other, then open the world map on the computer and open the file with the sign of Olmstein. Align this sign on the map with Paris, Fishmouth and another place, so that the bottom point indicates a place in the ocean, to the left of South America. Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure

Chapter 7. Point Nemo

Arriving on the island, you will have to go through four arches. You need to do this in different forms. The base turns automatically, and to transform the Kitteh use the necronomicon on the cat. From left to right you need to go in the following forms: ordinary, unusual (turban on the head), octopus, pixel. For Kitteh go through the gates, click on them and select her image. Enter the cave and get out on the other side. Go down below and see four magic circles. Each of them needs to be interconnected, resulting in a figure similar to the sign of Olmstein. In this case, to connect the two circles, you need to activate them in the correct form. So, the first circle is the usual shape, the second is strange, the third is pixel, the fourth is terrible. Walkthrough Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure Turn Kitteh into a terrible shape and point to the fourth circle. Then, in different forms, activate the three remaining circles. Just click next to them and Baz will teleport. In order for Baz to change shape, one cannot stand at the circle. Get away from him. Having connected the fourth circle with all the others, do the same actions with the three remaining circles, connecting them with each other. Enter a new cave and you will see a block with a cutout in the form of a branch. Go back to the cave, which was before four luminous circles. Turn Kitteh into an octopus and order to climb onto the stele on the left. It activates it, and the wall will collapse. You will see a statue with a sword and a branch on the right. Apply the necromonicon to the branch until it falls down. Pick up a block branch. Use the necronomicon on the statue until a sword falls out of her hands. Pick it up. In the next room, order Kitteh to interact with one of the columns that fits her shape. For example, if she is an octopus, then select the first column. She will fall into the trap. Go to the right, listen to the ghost and use the sword on the web on the right. Go on without the Kitteh. Examine each subject in a strange room and go right. Talk to the villain. After a long conversation, examine the raised pile of debris under the Butcher to find the detonator. To study, use the ability of the detective. Then command Kitteh to move to the exit in the upper right. Watch the final cutscene.  



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