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ShowGamer.comPilgrims: Walkthrough

Pilgrims: Walkthrough

Piligrims is a fascinating quest from Amanita Design studio, which presented us with such masterpieces as “Machinearium” and the “Samorost” series. Solve interesting puzzles. Below we will tell you how to do it all and unlock each of the 45 achievements.

Pilgrims Walkthrough

You will find yourself in a clearing. Drag the main character’s map onto the screen to get out of the tent. Each time an action is performed, an icon appears to rewind time. You can use it not to watch animations for too long. Click on the tent again so that the man takes out a coin from there.

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Click on the “arrow” in the upper left corner of the screen to see a map of the world. Climb above the tent, to a pile of land. Pick up the pickaxe, place the main character and hand him the pickaxe. He will dig up the potatoes.

Go to the boats by the river and talk to the boatman. He will say that he will transport you to the other side if you get a bird.

Follow the burning fire at the fork to the right. Pick up a pot. Return to the boats; give the protagonist a pot. As a result, you get a pot of water. Place it over the bonfire and throw the potatoes to get a pot of boiled potatoes.

Go to the man standing at the beginning of the forest. Pick up the acorn and pass the pot of potatoes to the man. You will receive your first achievement (1/45). In addition, the man will agree to give you a gun if you bring him a bottle of booze. The rest of the location will open.

Go to the bridge and talk to the old woman. Give her the coin found inside the main character's tent. The old woman will be in your inventory (will travel together). In addition, you will unlock the achievement (3/45). If you now give the acorn to the hunter (old woman), then you will lose it. However, if you re-enter the location, then the acorn will roll on the ground.

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Go through the bridge and go down to the house below. Here lives an old woman with a broom. Place your old woman and realize that this is actually her house, and the evil grandmother took her broom and drove her out. Gather flowers and leave the location. Go to the man standing under the tree on the right. Take out the old woman and cheer him up: first select a coin and then flowers. You will receive the achievement (20/45). Give him a coin and take the fishing rod. Click on the sword - he wants a bag of coins for sword. Unfortunately, the boatman does not need this fishing rod.

By the way, double-clicking anywhere on the map will allow you to move faster on it. Climb to the house with a chimney in the center of the map. Smoke still pours from there. Talk to the innkeeper. He has a bottle, but he will give it only in exchange for fried fish. Pick up a coin from the floor. Give it to the innkeeper to drink a glass of beer. He will drop the coin again. Repeat two more times to get the main character drunk. You will unlock the achievement (6/43).

Having taken the coin, go outside and go to the building on the right. This is a church. A gloomy priest will come out. Do you see the bonfire in the upper left corner of the map? Go in there, tear the fly agaric and remove the rope from the tree.

Go to the lake to the right. Pull out the fishing rod and use the acorn as bait. You will receive the achievement (22/45). Now use the fly agaric as bait, for which you unlock another achievement (23/45). Now go to the castle. A man will not be able to pull the lever to lower the bridge. But there is a worm under the lever. Take it, go back to the lake and catch the fish using the worm.

Go to the fire (with water in the pot). Place it over the bonfire and throw the fish. Give the cooked fish to the innkeeper to get a bottle of alcohol. If you do not have a fly agaric, climb a clearing to a fire in the upper left and pick a mushroom. Now draw water into the pot, return to the house with the evil old woman. Give her a drink, show the fly agaric and she will hide inside the house. Pick up the broom. You will receive the achievement (17/45).

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Then, when the old woman returns, take out your old woman and give her a broom. There will begin to beat the evil woman. Her eyes light up. Put them out using a pot of water. The evil grandmother will leave, and your old woman will be able to return to her house. You will receive the achievement (18/45). In addition, a bird will fly out of the house. The boatman needs this bird.

Return to the old woman who already managed to plant flowers. She will give one of them to the main character, and you will unlock the achievement (42/45).

Go to the hunter with a gun. Pass him a bottle of alcohol. From this moment, you will have a gun in the inventory and the hunter will travel with the main character. You will receive the achievement (2/45).

Go to the tavern. Use a gun with an acorn to chase away the innkeeper and take a bottle of alcohol from the shelf. Go to the lake, where the merman lives and where you fished. Choose a hunter. Give him a bottle to treat the merman. You will unlock the achievement (24/45). Catch the fish using a fishing rod and a worm (look at the castle). Then use the fishing rod again and select the fish as bait. Merman will eat it, and you will receive a new achievement (25/45).

Go to the church. Give the bottle of alcohol to the priest (you know how to get it: shoot the innkeeper as a hunter) to unlock the achievement (12/45). While he is drunk, use a rope to tie the priest. You can also cook a fly agaric in a pot of water, and then drink it with any character. For this you will receive an achievement (39/45).

Go to the castle. Pull the lever (use the hunter) to get inside. The king complains about the evil dragon (which looks like a huge chicken), which requires the princess from him. A man will agree to help in exchange for his daughter's hand. "Dragon" will appear in the upper left corner of the screen, in the mountains to the left of the fire. Go there; select a hunter and a broom so that he inserts it in the mouth of the dragon. You will receive the achievement (30/45). Do the same with the broom to get another achievement (29/45). Then, while the broom or fishing rod is in the jaws of the monster, fire the pistol with acorn. The dragon will pass out and you will get achievement (33/45).

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Go to the cave to the bear, which is located in the mountains to the right of the castle. Shoot it with a pistol with an acorn to get inside and get a diamond. Also you unlocked achievement (7/45). Go to the castle and give the king a diamond to get a bag of coins and achievement (26/45).

Go to the right side of the map, to the volcanoes. A devil will appear here that will join your team. Do you remember the tied priest? Read above how to do it. Go to the church and get the devil to take the priest. Return it to the volcanoes, for which you will be one step closer to catching the bird. You will also receive an achievement (37/45). Return to the location with the volcano to see the spirit of the priest and get achievement 43/45).

Go to the merchant, give him a bag of coins and get a sword. Also you unlocked achievement (27/45).

Follow to the dragon. Use a sword on it, play as a hunter. The dragon will offer a deal - you will bring the princess, and he will give the chest. We decided to disagree. In this case, you need to hit the dragon with a broom, then insert it into the mouth of the monster, and then shoot the pistol with an acorn. While the dragon is stunned, use the sword to chop its head. Take it to the king and watch the cutscene. The hunter will become the new king, and you will receive two achievements (34/45 and 35/45). In addition, if you helped the devil, the old woman and the hunter, you can finally catch the bird. Return to the castle to find out how it all ended. You will receive the achievement (40/45).

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Pass the bird to the boatman to complete the game. You will unlock the achievement (44/45). If, you not killed the dragon, you go to the castle and use the sword so that the princess goes with you. Show her to the dragon why the hunter will get his chest. You will unlock the achievement (36/45) and you will also be one step closer to catching the bird.

Other Achievements  in Piligrims

Achievement (4/45). Do not rush to give your grandmother a coin. Instead, catch the fish, use a fire to cook it (fry without a pot) and treat the old woman.

Achievement (5/45). Take a fishing rod; go to the devil before you bind the priest. There must be a rope in the inventory. Pull the devil out of the hole with a fishing rod, and then give him the rope.

Achievement (8/45). Give the bear a bottle of alcohol.

Achievement (9/45). Give the bear sleeping pills. Prepare the very flowers plucked at the old woman’s house in a pot of water and serve them with a bear.

Achievement (10/45). Hit the bear with a broom on the head. Only grandma can do this.

Achievement (14/45). Prepare an asleep potion of flowers in a pot of water and give to the priest.

Achievement (15/45). Take the devil into command in the manner described above. Then go to the church, select the main character, so that the priest appears. Choose the devil and hit the priest with a broom. Then apply the rope.

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Achievement (13/45). Go to the priest; lure him into the main character. Switch to the hunter to hit the priest in the face.

Achievement (11/45). Go to the priest; lure him into the main character. Switch to the old woman and shoot the acorn with a pistol.

Achievement (19/45). Entertain the seller using the main character. To do this, you need a worm and fly agaric.

Achievement (21/45). Entertain the seller using the devil. For example, use a broom and flowers.

Achievement (28/45). Give the diamond to the seller to get the sword.

Achievement (31/45). Use the broom and hunter; insert the item into the mouth of the dragon. Then pour the potion of the fly agric in his mouth.

Achievement (32/45). Similar to the previous achievement, but instead you need to prepare a soporific potion and pour it into the mouth of the dragon.

Achievement (37/45). Fry the worm on fire.

Achievement (41/45). After the priest has been delivered to the devil’s hole, visit the church again to see the young priest.

Achievement (16/45). When the hunter appears, go to the evil old woman, shoot your stomach with a pistol and pick up the broom.

Achievement (45/45). You will receive this achievement after unlocking all the others.



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