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ShowGamer.comPostal 4: Walkthrough


Postal 4: Walkthrough

Read a detailed walkthrough of the game Postal 4.

Walkthrough Postal 4: No Regrets

Please note that this article was written in Alpha version, but with the advent of new content it will be supplemented.

Find a Job

You can pick up a shovel near the house on the right. There is a cardboard box a little further on the mattress. Lift it up, find a marker on the opposite side of the camp, and use it to leave an inscription on the cardboard. Choose the third (lower) option. A shovel can be used as a weapon, but for now, grab a cardboard in your hand. You can find a metal pipe for smoking behind the same building where there was a shovel.

As in previous games in the series, you can pick up cats wandering around the street. Go to the city. There is a trash can with a Kalashnikov rifle near the Anus Inn. Use the Q key to kick, open the doors - E. There is a machete behind the same motel. You can use car on motel parking to move around the city.

There is an office without a boss in the bar, which is located a little further than the motel, near the library. But there is armor on his table. You need to jump on them to pick up any items from the tables. Go to the library and show the cardboard with the inscription to the girl at the table on the right. She will tell you that you need to look for work in the employment office.

Check job agency

If you do not find information in the city, go up to the upper left corner of the map (where the agency is located). But first, collect other loot... There are three grenades in the library warehouse. Climb the stairs and pick up cat food. Among the shelving upstairs, you can find a shotgun and two pistols. You can search the third floor. Get to the point on the map marked with a green marker and the letters JA. Go inside and talk to your boss. He will give you three types of work.

Prison guard

A green PW marker will appear on the map. Since the prison is closer, then go to it. After talking with the boss, you will find yourself in the room. Collect weapons and open the code lock by entering the password 111. Go to each of the three blocks to find out the passwords from them:

  • Block A - 420.
  • Block B - 069.
  • Block C - 911 (you can find out if you go up the stairs from a small room in the central hall).

In a room in the central hall, enter the code on the panel by the laptop - 696. All three blocks will be closed, but there are passages next to them. Use three of these. Fight only with those prisoners who will attack you. You need to get to the blocks themselves, enter the control room and enter one of the passwords listed above. After that, the task will be automatically completed.

Animal catcher

A green AC marker will appear on the map. Go to the indicated place and listen to the message. Cats are easy to catch: look for them, stand directly on them and throw them in the back of the quest giver's van. Dogs are harder. You need to use dog food (middle box on the right, press H to switch) and throw it so that you lure the dogs to the stand on the side of the van. When you bring five dogs and five cats, the task will be completed.

Seewer worker

A green SW marker will appear on the map. Get to the sewer and go inside. Follow inland until the cut scene starts. Go through the green door; move on top to the opposite side. You are interested in the passage to the drainage pipes. There will be a corresponding plate. Follow there, climb up the stairs and pipes. You need to use a shovel to clean large concrete pipes so that water flows. All pipes where there are blockages are marked with red lights.

Next, you need to get to the control room, jump on wooden pallets in the water. Inside you will understand that you need two motors and one valve. Search the sewer to find these parts and reinstall them. Go further, kill some rats. Get out, breaking all the sewer tunnels.

Call it a day

Go to the motel and ring the bell to end the day.



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