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ShowGamer.comSpellForce 3 Fallen God — walkthrough & Guide

SpellForce 3 Fallen God — walkthrough & Guide

Read full walkthrough SpellForce 3 Fallen God - Main and Side Quests

First Steps

At the beginning of the game, create your characters. You can choose appearances, skill trees and allocate stat points. Take the only route. Use LMB to select all characters, RMB for the movement command. To rotate the camera, move the cursor to the edge of the screen or use the arrow keys. Next there will be a device without a lever. Go to the room above and remove the lever from the chest. Go back and install it in place, and then open the door. All this is done by RMB. There are resources next to the Hex Stone. You can take them.

Move on, kill the enemies and get to the second Hex Stone. Examine the blockage, behind which the third will appear. LMB on the Hex Stone (either of the two) and select the icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Alternatively, click on the X to start the process of connecting the portals. Then select the second stone on the map. Сonnect both stones, you can teleport behind the blockage. Continue driving and talk to the chief.

Mugwa's Tooth

Walk left to the troll village. Talk to the right character to find out what you need to make a Tooth. There are two markers in total, but both lead to the same cave. Go inside and kill the enemies. Eventually, you will reach the desired chest. Try to open it, but it won't work. Try to open the chest a little to the right. Take 5000 gold from there. The goblin spirit will appear. Agree to give him gold in exchange for an artifact. Interact with the spirit and buy a rusty key from him (just for 5000 gold). Having done this, open the chest and take the artifact. Return to the camp and talk to the blacksmith. Disassemble the artifact by moving it to the window in the center. You will receive 10 Purple Vials. They are needed to craft the Mugwa Tooth. Craft an item to complete the quest. Mission "The offering" will begin.

Big Little Blood

In the same troll village, there are several NPCs available for conversation. Follow the marker to the upper left corner of the map, where you need to help Noag to destroy a huge spider. Having done this, talk to him. He will become the fourth companion in the squad. Take the guts from the spider and take them to the blacksmith in the very village. Having done this, give the ring to the quest giver. Noag will stay in the squad, and the quest will end!

SpellForce 3 Fallen God — Walkthrough & Guide
SpellForce 3 Fallen God — Walkthrough & Guide

New From Old

This side quest can be taken from the character who is standing next to the blacksmith in the troll camp at the beginning of the game. He will give the quest after the fourth warrior appears in your squad, which will happen at the end of the mission Big Little Blood. Go to the lower right corner of the map (you can connect two stones) and talk to the Slig. Go through the door and find two heaps of gold. Select Stig and order him to collect iron (only one team from the list in the lower right corner of the screen will be available). While he is collecting iron, kill the spiders trying to attack the Stig. After collecting iron, talk to the Stig here. And then - at the troll camp.

The Offering

Go to Kabrax and talk to him. Follow up to the place of offering. He will tell you what to do next. The Offering quest will begin. Complete everything the game asks for. You will need to bring a ward of souls, but one of the trolls near Kabrax has it. It's pretty simple. Build the buildings you want, and so on. To collect iron, you need to build iron storage, hire collectors and send them, as was done in the side quest "New from Old". Collect Iron from all four piles. Build a fight house and hire three wreckers. Then train them at the fist camp, transforming them into skullbreakers. When everything is done, talk to Kabrax again.

Go to the sacred site. If you gave Urnuk a soul charm, then he will already be in place. There will also be a shaman. Talk to Urnuk and give him the Mugwa's Tooth. After his sacrifice, select the priestess, go closer to the corpse and apply the only available skill. Then select the altar of the sacred site and click on the "iron" icon to make an offering. Then select the altar again, click on the icon of the chosen one and apply to the priestess. She will turn into a giant. Talk to Kabrax, open your inventory and place the chieftain's heart in any slot. Close your inventory and eat this heart. Defeat 30 invaders, and then get to the troll camp. Talk to the survivors to complete the chapter.

A Strange Plan

Move to a new location, the Black Jungle. Move forward until you meet the Stranger. Talk to him and go to the left, where you will need to destroy the enemies. Defeat everyone, go downstairs and help the survivors. Then chat with their leader.

The Corrupted Beasts

This side quest will start in the Black Jungle, the location you get to during the Strange Plan quest. There are 5 flocks of corrupted animals in the jungle, and you have to kill them. The first can be found at the very beginning. Kill the bear and go left and down through the water. You will find three panthers here.

The second group of corrupted beasts is to the left of your camp. After capturing the adjacent sector, go down and destroy the spiders. Get to their nest and destroy it. Look for another group (demon) to the right of the camp. Go back past the deer carcass and go up the hill. There will be a big demon. Better to bring an army with you. All undead will disappear after the demon is killed.

The fourth group of corrupted beasts is located below the enemy camp in the penultimate sector of the upper right corner. Walk down along the edge of the map and come across two corrupted bears. Finally, another group of panthers is in the upper left corner of the building (just to the right of the very corner). There will be spiders in the corner. They are guarding a chest with a purple item!

For A Rainy Day

The side quest will begin in the BlackHeart Jungle during The Strange Plan, where you rescue the surviving trolls and take control of your camp. Just fill the carriage in the camp with any resources. You need about 25 of any resource. Click on the cart and select the resources you have the most (usually wood or food).

Breaking The Chains

First, create some Crushers and Scrappers in the Scrap Hoard. Place 3-4 Throwers at the top of the camp to fend off dragon attacks. Go left with the rest of the units and seize the territory. Build an outpost at this location. Leave the destroyed bridge up. Collect the necessary resources and assign workers to repair the bridge. To obtain iron, even if there are no piles of iron nearby, build storage and hire two scavengers. They have a special command "Search for iron". Click on it. They will search for iron on the ground.

Place the workers on the bridge, select the bridge and click on the boards. After renovation, explore the bridge to see a cut-scene. It remains to get to the upper right corner and destroy the main building of the enemy. Capture sectors along the way and build outposts on them.

A Chieftain’s Challenge

When the quest "Breaking The Chains" begins in the The Blackheart Jungle, go downstairs where the surviving trolls were rescued and talk to the character marked with an exclamation mark. You will receive this assignment.

Craft 6 Crushers in the main building. Direct three to the Hitiing camp, three to the Throwing camp. Then repeat the steps with the new units. That is, the Crushers need to be trained 2 times in these buildings. Then, upgrade the Spike Flingers in the Throwing Camp.

Move on. When you examine the repaired bridge, a countdown will start. You will have 30 minutes to free the hostages (blue question mark on the map) and destroy 25 buildings. It is best to use wallbreakers.

The Sacred Seal

Enter the temple after completing the Breaking The Chains quest in the Blackheart Jungle and talking to the Stranger. Once in the temple of the Sacred Seal, move deeper and kill enemies. Be sure to destroy large beetles and the necromancer (skeleton), as they can spawn smaller mobs. Eventually, you will gain the ability to communicate with spirits. Select Akroga, stand in the indicated location and click on the ability on the top bar of quick slots. So you will remove the blockage from the path and you can go further.

Do not forget to study the received blueprints (for completing quests). They will provide access to improvements for the troll camp!

Examine the sarcophagus, then pick up the staff and re-use Akrog's ability. Examine the gate on the right. They cannot be opened. Examine the upper gate. You learn that Noag can break down walls. Open Noag's ability window. The skill you want is in the middle, between the two skill trees. Drag the skill to any slot of the quick access bar at the top of the screen, select it and apply it to the gate.

Move on, kill enemies. Smash another gate and explore the memories using Akrog's ability. Go to the fountain, try to read the words for the four portals, but nothing comes of it. Be sure to study the hole, and then defeat the enemy. After destroying the undead, search the corpse and take the stone key. You talk to the Stranger. Insert the key stone and talk to the Stranger again. In a conversation with him, hand over the bone so that he can take it apart into essence. You need to find a few more such items that the Stranger can disassemble for essence. Also take the reward (chest in the quest window) - this is the key.

Approach the gate below. You will learn about a new skill. Select Zarak and climb into the hole. Get out between the doors, pull the lever. There are several groups of undead in the location below. You need to destroy each one to collect the bones. Be sure to rest between battles to restore your HP supply. It is better to have full health before the last fight. As soon as you kill the last undead, a Lich will appear. Then return to the lich, disassemble all the bones and parts into essences, and then create a plot item. Insert it into the fountain to complete the quest.

The Fallen God

The quest will begin after examining the sarcophagus in the middle of the Sacred Seal quest. As soon as you complete the "Sacred Seal" quest, you activate the device. You can now navigate to 4 portals. The first in line is the Temple of Hirin.

Hirin Temple

Move deeper into the location, to the right at the fork and get to the place where you need to collect more data for the time window. Have Zazka move through the hole to the right and study all the items. Then return and talk to Grungwar about the book you found. Now use Noag and destroy the wall on the left and study one more object. You can open the grate to find an ancient tablet.

Through The Rain and Wind

This side quest will begin immediately after you find yourself in the Temple of Hirin. Interact with a nearby corpse and collect the item. Activate the skill to see the spirits. The task will be updated. You will need to find 7 more places to activate the skill. You will find the next window of time behind the Gulem (read the description of the quest "Gulems" below). The third window must be studied according to the plot (read the quest "The Fallen God").


You can start this side quest in the Hirin temple by going up and to the left of the beginning of the location. There you will find a gate that Noag can destroy. And behind them is a sleeping Gulem. Back out and head right. There will be a wall at the top that you can destroy. Do so and take the core of the Gulem. Take it to the Gulem you saw earlier, insert and destroy the enemy. Ahead there will be several items that will allow you to study the Time Window (which is needed for the quest "Through the rain and wind." You will also find the heart of the ice Gulem. But the quest is not completed yet.



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