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ShowGamer.comSpellForce 3: Soul Harvest: Walkthrough

SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest: Walkthrough

Read the entire story and side tasks of the game, walkthrough and solving puzzles.

SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest Walkthrough Puzzles

The first steps

Move through the dream, collect stones and insert them where the marker points. Soon the dream will stop. When you need to connect the God stones, click on one of them and click on the X key. A map will open on which you need to select another and click the LMB. The button “Open portal” will appear below. Complete the system of training for the construction and hiring of soldiers.

Scratching the Surface

Inspect the corpses, defeat the enemies and follow inside the cave. There you need to defeat the strong gnome Rugremm. [adinserter block="6"]

The Queen Calls

Talk to the blacksmith near the stairs and take free clothes from him. Put it on, go inside and chat with the queen.


This is a side task from Berlog of the GreyKeep (Tower). He will ask to bring him the essences of vengeful spirits. You will find them in different locations:
  • During the Granite Sons story mission, enter the buried temple and find the coffin. There is a chest with a barrel below and to the right of it. Search them for lamp oil. Pour the corpse and burn the body. The ghost will disappear, and you will find its essence in the bag.
  • Complete the story quest "Vinculum" to get the artifact. Thanks to it, you can materialize things hidden in the blue fog. At the Cahlabrok location, go to the right side to meet the Aspirant. Perform his task. Destroy the Lich King, and get the key to the cache. Exit the building and on the left you will find the hatch. Open it, and then apply Vinculum to see the corpse. Burn the body and get the essence.
  • Next, Berlog will ask to bring two essences of a vengeful spirit at once. The first one is hidden in Silver Hollow. Go there with a vinculum, find a blue mist near each of God's stones and apply the vinculum. You will find 3 square buttons. Stand on them heroes. Materialize the button near the entrance to the crypt in the lower right corner of the screen by the fourth hero. Inside, find another blue mist (you first need to kill the bandits) and create the fourth square button. The sarcophagus will open, and you can burn the corpse.
  • Wait for the appearance on Leonidar Gorge, where you will need to go on the plot task. You will find the spirit at the very beginning of the location. Follow up and to the right, where the body is hidden near the God stone. Four more markers will appear, indicating the same caches with the rest of the corpse's limbs. Burn them all to get the essence.
The log will give you legendary items. [adinserter block="5"]

Granite Sons

You meet the gnome Kerga. Hire the appropriate units, go to Kerga. Select them and activate the spell from the windows in the lower right corner of the screen. Apply it on Kerga, and then talk to the woman. So you can go beyond the wall. Inside the buried temple, you need to find the sarcophagus and key. Get out of the tunnel by clicking on the bottom of the wall in front. Next you need to win the battle.

Forging the Hammer

When you take this quest from Kerga, go to the top right of the map and find the code from the chest (read the note in the inventory). Use it on the chest in the center of the map to get Moonsilver.

The Wanderer

On the Windwall Outskirts, you will see a person in need. Lure all the dead into the glowing mist and kill. Only in this way they will not be able to rise from the dead.

The Lost Sister

On the Windwall Outskirts, defeat Rugremm. Find the key, and free the captives. Go to the person they are talking about and talk to him. Tell Jaarus about everything.

The Lost Ihina

The first time you will not find Ihina. Clear the location of all enemies, including poisonous mushrooms, and then complete the storyline quest. Visit the camp again. [adinserter block="6"]

Iron in Scarce

When you start to build a base, next you will see a cart. Just load it with 50 metal bars.

Starting a Fire

Inside the treasury of the dwarves, deal with opponents and search every room. Collect 3 bags of weapons and gold to update the quest goal.

The Immaculate Fire

The quest is taken from the blacksmith from Windholm. You will find the Wyvern Mother in the upper left corner at the Cahlabrok location. The Lich King is located in Cahlabrok. In the right part of the territory, find Aspirant and complete his quest. He is associated with the killing of the Lich King. The Nidari male is hidden in the Laranian Swampland, but now there is a bug in the game that does not allow him to be found.

Missing Son

First you need to visit the Laranian Swampland and search the courier's corpse. Then you need to talk to Pavon in Cahlabrok. You find a friend of the missing son in the Howling Steppes.


When you reach the Crypt in the southern swamps, and then look at the entrance. Examine the graves so that the dead appear from them. Kill them until you find the Staff on one of the corpses. Equip it and open the crypt door. [adinserter block="4"] Inside it take the Vinculum stone. Open the inventory and drag the vinculum to the quick access cell at the top of the screen. Go to the blue mist and activate Vinculum. Different subjects will begin to appear. You need a lever that allows you to turn off the flame. Now every time you see the blue mist, use Vinculum. This will allow you to complete plot tasks, find hidden merchants, and more.

The Ritual

It is a difficult quest. In Cahlabrok, talk to the necromancer and go to the right place. In the inventory you have a verse. Use it, you need to kindle the fire in the correct order. Let the necromancer stand on the left side of the screen. There is one bowl next to him, three more - in the upper right, in the lower right and just in the right. Light them up like this:
  • bottom right;
  • top right;
  • next to the necromancer;
  • on the right (farthest from the necromancer).


This is the assignment of Aspirant from Cahlabrok. Enter the commune building and go to the sarcophagus. Destroy the four totems, smash the coffin and destroy the Lich King.

Echoe of the Fallen (how to open the hatch in Cahlabrok)

For this you need Vinculum. Read the description of the quest "Memento".

How to open the door in the Silver Valley

It requires Vinculum. Again, read the description of the mission " Memento ".


The smith will return to himself after you save him from the wolf on the Crimson Mire.

Big game Hunting: Medusa Matriarch

When you go in search of Medusa, you free the Amber Lake from all ordinary medusa. Collect fragments of lunar stones, which in fact are scales. You also need to kill two thugs. They have one scale. In the end, you must collect 2 white, 2 gold, 2 blue and 1 red scales. [adinserter block="5"] Now find the stone statues of snakes. Learn them. Each can have one eye or not one. A statue with white eyes needs 2 white scales. A statue with purple eyes requires red and blue, with gold - red and gold, with green - gold and blue. If one of them is already there, you are left to insert the other.

Endings SpellForce 3 : Soul Harvest

If you ask to transfer you to another world, the credits begin. If you decide to answer for your sins, you will see an additional cut-scene.

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