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ShowGamer.comThe Bradwell Conspiracy: Walkthrough

The Bradwell Conspiracy: Walkthrough

Read the walkthrough of the fascinating sci-fi adventure game The Bradwell Conspiracy. The protagonist of the game finds himself in a dilapidated museum and must seek a way out with the mysterious Dr. Amber.

Walkthrough Bradwell Conspiracy

Museum visitor

Follow the big arrows, but the main entrance will be blocked. Listen to messages from reporters. Now you need to get to the second main entrance via the northern staircase. By clicking on Tab, you can open the activity stream, where the current and completed goals, as well as the latest dialogs are displayed.

Go back a little. The column will collapse, and crouch and make your way to the left. Take the only path. Climb up the fallen column and go down to the restaurant door. Be guided by the inscriptions North Wing. Doors will be locked.

You will be asked to go to the entrance to the south wing. Go down and move to the far part, to the big door. Here you will first contact the guide, Dr. Amber Randall, who is in the children's area. After talking with her, go to the panel to the right of the door and take a picture of it by clicking on the "Space". Need to find a switchboard.

Turn around, go back a little and through the open door on the left. Get this corridor to the control room and examine the three guards. Open the left flap and press the highlighted buttons so that all the lights are green. After doing this, go back and take a picture of the panel. Now you will need to find the button three times that does not light up either on your scheme or on the scheme from the photo. Press M after taking new pictures to minimize photos and conveniently compare panels. Once you do this, fall down.

Now you need to get to the train station. Go forward with the only route and photograph the closed door of the train station. Follow left and into the room on the right. Take a picture of the two monitors in the right corner (with elevators and evacuation through the infirmary). Leave the room, go right and down the stairs. Enter the introductory training room. There is still a kiosk with glasses. Go to the table to the right of the kiosk, look at the calendar with the schedule and photograph it for Amber. Then take out new glasses from the opened cell.

Dr. Alex Seger

Follow to the next room and sit in a chair to watch a video tutorial. Then go into the next room, click on the red button and pick up the device. With it, you need to disassemble the key from the substance. Aim and click on RMB to do this. Then open the creation mode - the F key. Point the device at the keyhole so that the key turns green, and create it on LMB.

Go to the next room. Open four stands and absorb two substances, a castle, figurines of a cat and a dog. Select the creation mode by pressing the F key. Use the Q key, you can switch between drawings. Create six figures, with at least one cat and dog each. Go into the next room, pick up the drawing from the table on the right and absorb a few substances. Use the resulting drawing; you need to complete the drawing on the left. Use the R key to rotate the tiles. All of them should be directed by white triangles (after creation they turn black) to the center.

Take a picture of the D14 door so that Amber opens it for you. Then go to the lava room. Absorb two plates to be able to create them. Create slabs so that they are bridges. You must move along these bridges between the blocks in the center of the lava. It will be difficult to aim so that the bridges are built from above, but be patient and choose the right angle.

Go to the last room. Absorb blocks with angular and straight red lines. Absorb the devices on the stand on the left. Now you need to move from the first block at the entrance (gray block with a straight red line), create new angular and straight blocks so that each opening of company is connected in chronological order. Posters with these discoveries are hanging on the left wall, and there is a year of issue below. The sequence will be as follows: TV, computer, camera, buildings and substance. If everything is done correctly, the floor will turn green. It also opens the way out.

Go through it, go up and follow the wall. Create two platforms at different angles to bridge the gap. Next, you will need to go a couple of times to the other side using the doors. Take pictures of the doors D14 and D13 so that Amber closes them. On them, get to the office building, exit it and see ventilation on the right. Follow through the ventilation. When there is a gap, create a platform to get to the other side. So you get out (you will need to disassemble the ventilation grate).

Once in the atrium, go right and stop at the stairs. Create a platform on the left to make a bridge. A bridge may not be created because it is rotated incorrectly. Turn it twice so that it leaves you. Go to the other side, create another bridge and enter the security department. Get to the elevator, enter it and use the device on the side to hand over all the drawings and substance.

Department of water and electricity

To be continued…



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