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ShowGamer.comVisage — walkthrough & Guide


Visage — walkthrough & Guide

A detailed guide to the first-person horror game Visage: all four chapters, including two new ones released with the exit from early access

Chapter 1 Lucy

Go to the living room and talk on the phone. When the light bulb explodes, find a new one a little further, on the pedestal. Screw it in place of the spoiled one, go to the bedroom on the right, on the second floor, and study the drawing of the panda. After the cut-scene, look into the cabinet inside the wall and study the drawing. If there is no picture on the wall, then examine the pictures opposite (two on the stand and one on the table).

Knock on the wall inside the cabinet to hear a knock back. Do this three times. Go downstairs and go through the slightly opened door on the right. There is the key to the basement on the curbstone to the left. Open the door under the stairs in the hallway. You can explore the first floor and remove obstacles to create a short path between rooms.

In the dining room, unlock the door leading to the basement. Don't rush to go downstairs. Find the door to the laundry room and look into the far washing machine to find the key to the garage. If your character does not want to climb into the car, go back to the corridor where the light bulb exploded and go downstairs to the garage door.

There will be a note on it stating that the key is in the pants. You can explore the garage, but in fact in the first chapter you are not interested in it. Go up the steps near the cabinet, to the left and unlock the door on your right hand. You will see a staircase and a door to the left of it. Follow through the door and see another one leading to the Storage Room. There will be a closet inside, and there you can get different things that you need according to the plot. For example, if you lose some discarded item, but it turns out that it is needed to advance through the storyline. In that case, run here!

Follow the corridor on the left to the TV with a gramophone. Go to the room on the right and then back. You will see the flash of the camera. Take it and hold down LMB to take pictures. Do you see the black trail? Follow this trail through several corridors until you find yourself at the storage room. At the end of the corridor, a ghost will appear behind the storage room.

Pick up the syringe that fell from the ghost. Continue taking photos and follow the trail of the ghost woman. Move to the hallway with the radio, to the second floor and to the room on the right. Go to the nursery, where the doors will close. You will see a girl. Examine the inscription, turn around and see how the monster takes the girl. Go to the next room, a study with a map on the wall and a safe. There will be a monster on the far wall. Interact with him (the "audio tape" icon should appear, and then go down to the hallway. The door under the stairs leading to the basement should now glow red. Open to be on the street.

Go to the tree house ahead and look at the images on the right. There is a small key behind one of the drawings. There is a box on the floor. Apply the key on it, take the image and hear the voice on the radio. Look around the room until you can return to the house.

Go upstairs from the hallway and examine the nursery door. It should slam shut. Go back, to the left and go around the bedroom by another route. Go through the wardrobe to the nursery and examine the wall to the left of the bed. There will be a red door. This is a drawing. Tear it and make your way into the room with the birdcage. Unlock the other red door and you will find yourself in a room with pieces of furniture. The door in the far white section is closed. Dodge the ghost and search the two tables to the left and right. Both have six drawers. And you find a key with a keychain resembling a birdcage in one of the drawers. Open the white door and leave the ghost room.

Move in the direction of the red door to enter the room with the birdcage. Walk in circles. The doors should disappear. Examine the cage, causing the doll to disappear. The ghost of the girl will appear in the corner. When she disappears, go through the red door. Go through several doors and approach the cabinet in front.

After waking up, follow the room to the left and find the mannequin's jaw in the sink. Follow down, open the door under the stairs and turn to the right side. Follow down the steps, through the door on the left, and open the door in front using the basement key. However, you can wait a little: from the door go to the left to the blue sheet, past the lockers and round wall clock in the basement. Look for a mannequin on your right hand. Insert the jaw and open the cabinet next to it. Take a picture so that the wall disappears. Extinguish the lighter and take another photo. You will be sucked in by a ghost.

Go to the corridor, right and down and open the door. Go to the nearest room on the left and go inside. Turn around and see a ghost in the doorway. You will be taken back to the very beginning. Go left and up into the corridor on the right and open the door on your left. There are many things scattered around the room. Follow the long corridors until you find yourself in a room with cabinets. At the very beginning, there is a hatch in the right corner. Go down through it and go to the lighted room. Pick up the rug from under your feet and you will see another descent. Follow there and see a wall with an eye. Pull the bolt through the narrow hole.

Go back to the stairs, up and to the right at the end of the corridor. Remove the chair and open the door. In the hallway, go left and down the stairs, unlock the door at the end and you will see a long hallway with many doors. Open them to find a room with another door. Go through the doors to find a room with three doors. Follow the left, down and unlock the cabinet. Take the rusty key, go upstairs and unlock the door in front using this key. Look for the eye board on the right. Pick it up, there is a hole in the hallway ahead. Install the board and move on.

Go to the corridor with red lighting, to the right and unlock the door to stumble upon a brick wall (take a picture and it will appear). Follow the other direction and go upstairs. Follow the corridors and jump through the hole. Climb the pile of rubbish to the door and unlock it to return to the house. Follow to the second tier, to the bathroom and examine the far door. The room will close. Wait. The lights will go out; water will appear in the bathroom. Remove the curtain and examine the full bath. After the video and flashbacks, you climb into the bathroom full of blood, and when you return to the house, study the video.

Chapter 2 Dolores

The main thing to remember:

  1. To get to the basement, use the mirror near the garage door, in front of the living room.
  2. To access the living room, use the hole in the bathroom floor in the room where the mannequin was in the first chapter.

Take the key from the hanger in the hallway. It has a mirror-shaped keychain. Open the door with the mirror in the corridor where the light went out earlier. Examine the mirror under the sheet and open the door to the left of the hanger. There is another mirror to the right of the TV. Remove the covers from it. However, the mirror will not be there. Take the key to the basement, which is in the same place as usual (opposite the TV).

Climb up to the second floor and head left. Remove the coverlet from the item and find a mirror with a rocking chair. There is a ring from a hatch leading to the attic on the ceiling in the second floor corridor. Examine the note hanging on the garage door (down the stairs behind the corridor where the light bulb exploded). Now open the door under the stairs and get to the kitchen and dining room. On the side, there is a corridor with a laundry room, and inside the washing machine there are trousers with garage keys. Examine the second floor, the bedroom on the right (not to be confused with the nursery), and when you go down into the hallway, a ghost will appear.

Look left in the direction of the corridor where the lamp exploded. There will be a man. Go to the very beginning and see a ghost in the living room, where you spoke on the phone with a neighbor. Go to the trophy room and take out the poker from the portrait on the left. Climb to the second floor and use the poker to lower the stairs to the attic. Follow up, to the left and interact with the rocking chair. Jump through the hole into the bedroom with the mirror. Take the tape to the left of the mirror and listen to the recording on the player next to it. Examine the page with numbers. You can also see them on the wall. There are paintings on the wall to the left. Remove one of them and look through the hole. Repeat with another painting. There are slippers on the floor. Take it, go to the bed and apply this slipper to the other.

If there are two slippers on the bed, go to the hallway. You must pass out. Follow the dark trail to the trophy room and jump into the hole. Study the mirrors, linger where the ghost appears. When you see a ghost (for the fourth or fifth time), you look back. The mirror will crack, and you jump into the hole. Follow forward through the mirror and through the living room into the hallway. Follow the left and open the door to the garage. After examining the car, jump into the driver's seat and find the sledgehammer. After turning off the signaling and taking the sledgehammer, go upstairs inside the garage and open another door.

Return to the garage entrance between the hallway and the living room, by the corridor with the (very first) light bulb that once exploded. Enter the mirror next to the garage door, follow the only path. Turn left to the mirror and hit it, and then you go inside. The door is closed; go back, left, all the way forward and on your right hand into the passage to the room where the dummy's jaw was installed. Break the mirror on the side of the white cabinets, go to where the mannequin was in the first chapter, squeeze into the narrow passage and destroy the mirror on the right. Follow through this mirror to the kitchen and examine the table. Someone is sitting behind him. Take the key with the tea box keyring. There is an audio tape on the cabinet to the right of the hole.

Returning back, find the door to the bathroom not far from the steps (where the mirror was broken). There will be a hole. Jump into it and enter the mirror leading to the living room. Go to the attic. In the room with the rocking chair, look for the casket on the left and open it with the key from the kitchen. Having received the "special" tea, jump into the hole and launch the tape from the kitchen. You can leave the tape on the stand by the player.

Use the mirror at the garage door, unlock the far door. Get to the area where the mannequin was in the first chapter. Use the right mirror and find yourself in the kitchen. The woman is gone. Apply the tea to the cup on the table. Moreover, both hands should be free. And then you get hit in the head.

After breaking out of the oven, take the sledgehammer and the star (the first toy) from the cup. Pick up the crowbar as a weapon and the sledgehammer will go to the closet in the storage room (automatically). Follow the broken mirror and go through the mirror behind the steps (you haven't used it yet; on the side of the two white cabinets).

Climb up the stairs, use the crowbar on the window and lift the sash. There is a compass on the windowsill. Go back downstairs, go forward and take the sledgehammer from the pantry (discard the crowbar). Follow the narrow corridors to the right, up the stairs and break the mirror. Use it to get to the playground. Go forward, left and pick up the compass. He will show you the route. After going through the gate on the right, you take the flower from the bench on the left and get to the statue, and from it follow the left. There will be a second flower on the bench to the right. Go further along the path and find a bench on the left and a third flower. Then follow the same path, it will go to the left. On the left hand, there will be a bench with a fourth flower. Continue following the compass and find the tombstone with the fifth flower. Dig up the grave with the crib and open the box. You will receive a TOY ROCKET (second toy).

Return to the statue, go right and find yourself at the crypt. There is a flower under its door. Pick up it, go to the crypt and go downstairs. Follow the left, right, right of the pantry and look into the restroom. Walk down through the familiar hole in the floor. Go to the living room and use the door by the mirror on the left (in the living room). The kitchen will have lively appliances.

On the second floor, break the mirror on the left, at the end of the corridor hit the floor with a sledgehammer to escape the monster. Take the note from the chair, use the lighter and find three mummies with images of a shadow, a moon and an eye. Go up to the well and take the handle. Unlock three wells (in accordance with the found mummies / images on them): stand in front of the well where you found the handle (on the side where it lay), and go to the far right corner. This is the first well. Then use the handle on the well to the left of it. Turn around and go to the far left corner. This is the third well.

Go to the first tier and see the glow. Jump into the hole, which will be highlighted, and return to the house.

Get to the pantry and open the closet opposite it. Break the mirror, go inside it and move through the hole on the right. Open the door, climb under the crosses and go up. Go around the candles; look for the mechanism to which the handle should be attached. This will raise the crucifix and be able to pull the knife out of the corpse. There is a hole in the corridor opposite the crucifix. Jump, use the same hole in the wall and leave this place. Move to the restroom and jump into the hole. This path will lead you back to the living room. Use the door by the mirror and go through the kitchen and TV lounge. You will hear a call. However, you may have heard it before.

Go to the second floor from the hallway; go to the right of the bathroom and turn left (not into the nursery). This is a study with a map on the wall. Break the mirror to get into the room with the corpse and knives. Take the transfusion bag from the corpse and use the knife on it. Take the small key, open one door, and behind it - the other (with the key). There is an audio tape inside the box. Also pick up the toy cloud.

When the ghost disappears (close and open the door), leave this world and find a key with a lightning bolt in the office table (under the map). You can listen to the tape in the bedroom on the second floor. From the TV room, go right to the door, which was blocked by the curbstone. There is a mirror on the right. Break it, go down the stairs. However, before that it is better to go up to the bedroom and look through the holes again in order to remember 3 pictures!

Go down the stairs for the broken mirror (at the TV). Find all three pictures you saw earlier. Install them on the wall to open the door. After descending, take the middle picture on the right and place it in the middle in the back room. Then look at the right wall. There are four pictures, but you are interested in the far right (closer to the aisle where you came from). Hang it on the right. Then pick up another picture lying next to the empty space on the left (but not the nearest one, but one later). It depicts some kind of shadow. Use the transfusion bag to collect the toy sun. Go to the trophy room and break the mirror on the right. Take the sphere from the child and go back.

Open the garage door on the left and examine the vise. Place a sphere in them and then squeeze to destroy. There was a note hidden inside. Go through the mirror by the other garage door, behind the living room. Go to the room with the gramophone and look for the door on the left. Open it with the key with a lightning bolt to reveal the electrical panel. Click on the top toggle switch until the light comes on. Go to the living room (through the hole in the restroom) and break the mirror to the right of the door. There is a clock on the wall on the left (behind the mirror). Get the note out of the sphere and find out what time should be set. If there is no randomness, then the answer is the same for everyone: at 6 o'clock exactly, half past four, half past one.

Using a note, unfold the images on the wall to the right (left - right, right - left, middle - no changes, that is, up). Open the left and right windows, place the candle on the middle stand and light it (in the full version of the game this part with the candle was removed). Walk in a circle and go to the red corridor. Take the radio from the crib, go up the stairs in the hallway and activate this radio in the bedroom with a baby monitor stand. You will hear the code - 50373. Take the sledgehammer from the closet, break the mirror in the bathroom of the second floor and go through it. Choose routes in accordance with the password - 50373 (look at the clock). Zero - noon (12 hours). Interact with the gramophone under the bed. Go from the living room to the kitchen, get to the gramophone and take the handle. Go back and insert the handle into the gramophone at the TV.

Follow the tracks, jump down into the hole in the restroom near the pantry and through the living room you will enter the trophy room. Use the mirror that led to the sphere and take the child out of bed. Go through another mirror in the living room (where there is a sofa in an ordinary house), follow the room with the crucifix and give the child to the woman (behind the bars on the left). Take a look at the crucifix and collect the toy moon. You have collected five toys. Go to the nursery on the second floor and place the toys on the crib's mobile. A treble clef appears. Open the box with this icon (lying on the floor), take the vinyl record. Go to the gramophone and insert the record into it. Turn the handle.

Go to the door leading to the room with the electrical panel, follow the right through the mirror and unlock the door. Since the gramophone is working, you will see a maze outside the door.

Here is the correct path: left, right, right, left, left (where it is up), immediately right, forward (and down), right, straight, right up the stairs leading up (against the wall), right, right and long (the only) way up. Jump onto the ladder lying on the edge and move to the center. Walk right, right, and up to the glowing door. Walk between the beds to the painting room. Take a look at the holes on the left and right. Go to the bedroom through the other door and examine the photo and record player. Start the audio recording and take the mirror from the rope.

Chapter 3 Rakan

In the basement, not far from where the pantry is located during the passage of the chapters, there is a painted wall (spots of white paint are visible on it). If you pierce it and go down, you will find a pistol. After shooting yourself, you will see a cutscene that will show the items that trigger new chapters. And in order to start the third chapter, you need to examine the crutch in the hallway, to the left of the door leading to the TV lounge. Go to the TV and interact with the wheelchair. You will click on it every time to move to the hospital.

Move to the dining room, kitchen and living room as you watch Rakan cut scenes. Then go to the hallway so that he will notice you. Take the Omega Key from the cup on the chair in the hallway. Go up to the second floor; examine the door of the study. Poke out an eye in the picture opposite and enter the office where you need to sit in a wheelchair for the disabled.

The hospital has several corridors, but they all lead to the center where the nurse's desk is located. There is the key to chamber 323 on it. Take it, go deep into the hospital (not back) and open this room. Examine the brick in the niche on the right. When you pull it out, you need a tool. Go to the nurse's desk, forward and enter the toilet, the door of which should open slightly. There will be a crowbar in the back booth. Take the item, break the wall in chamber 323 and climb into the adjacent room to get the key to the meeting room 3F.

Exit and run to another part of the hospital. Open the door, which will be highlighted in red. Take the lantern and the key from the transit wing from the table, move the table to the right. To do this, you need to go into it. Open the door, move towards the exit (EXIT) and look for a door with a lot of such signs. Open it with the key of the transit wing, jump through the window.

Get down to the basement of the house, follow along the tube. Where the TV usually stands, there is a door to the right. It is closed like a study. Enter the room on the right. This is a pantry with a freezer. And gouge out the first eye. Then move behind the blue cape in the basement (where the mannequin was in the first chapter) and gouge out the second eye. Go through the door to the TV in the basement and interact with the chair.

Go to the right, for some person. Walk past a lot of people, bending down, take the key to the stairs and run in the opposite direction. Open the EXIT door on the left (using the same key). Go down, forward, right at the very end and to the end of the long corridor. Turn right again and enter the room with the red light on the left. There is a key to the basement stairs on the table. Run to the left side to the main door of this wing and exit into the courtyard. Go to the other wing and run to the right. Behind the shelving will be a door leading to the stairs. Open it with the key and go downstairs.

Move left and open the door on the right. In the dressing room, behind the lockers, there is a chair with a key to the control room. Leave this room, go to the right and open the last door. Take advantage of the crack in the wall and get to another corridor. There is a screen on the left. Roll behind it and look for the control room at the end of the corridor. Open it with the key, unlock the other door at the end of the corridor and move through the narrow space into the control room. Click on the button on the panel.

Go to the left from the screen, at the next fork, turn left and open the last door on the left (it is large). Unlock the door on the right. You will see shelves with sheets. Turn immediately to the right and go through the far door. In the laundry room, unlock the green-lit washing machine and collect the staff's magnetic badge. Move back into the spacious hallway and go forward to find the elevator. Use the pass, pull out one body and escape from Rakan. After making a circle, remove the rest of the bodies and use the elevator.

Move between people, run along the corridors, avoiding enemies. You are interested in the far right corner, but there will be another enemy near the door with the EXIT signs. If so, make sure he sees you, and then run in a circle and open the door. You can try to get around it in the hallway, but it's difficult. Once in the room, wait until black eyes appear. Watch the cut-scene to find yourself in the house.

You need to gouge out eyes again. Climb to the second floor and then run downward by jumping through the hole in the railing on the left. Pierce your eye on the left wall in the dining room. Another one is in the parents' bedroom on the second floor. Another is in the bathroom, behind the screen (where you were submerged in the water in the first chapter). Now go from the bathroom to the right and open the door on your right hand (next to the hatch to the attic). Interact with the wheelchair.

Go to the nurse's desk and turn into the corridor on the right. At the end of the long corridor, which is now open, there will be a psychiatric ward door. Go there, to the left and look for a corridor with red lights on the right hand (around the corner). Walk into it, right and through the door ahead. Behind it there will be a control panel with buttons. Click on the lower left button with chamber 5. Exit the corridor and go right to chamber 05. Look through the window, go inside and take the key from the examination room.

Go back to the narrow corridor with red lights, turn right, but this time go immediately to the left. Unlock the far door and take the lantern. Leave the narrow corridor. Run to the right past room 05, follow the black footprints and enter the toilet. Take out the handle from the electrical panel in the back stall from the toilet. After leaving the toilet, go right, left and into the back room. Try to get out of it to fall into the trap. Jump into the hole in the floor and follow through it.

Soon you will find yourself in the same location with Rakan. You need to stick a knife into the big eye from behind. First, duck down and crawl through the hole in the fence on the left. You find the knife either on the pedestal in the far left corner, or on the bunk in the far right corner. Take it, go around Rakan and stick a knife into his eye. Go forward along the corridor to the room where there is a shield on the right. Insert the lever and exit through the door on the left. Go through the door on the right and follow the tracks back. After the toilet and turning left, there will be an elevator on the right. Use it, go forward and turn right at the end. There will be a slightly open door on the right.

Once in the ward, inspect the cut-scene, and then, as you can, move the cabinet aside to find a hole in the wall. Move along it and open the door with black footprints. When Rakan disappears from behind the glass, snuggle up to him, turn around and find yourself in the right room. Get your eye out of the door. The chapter will end. You can jump into the hole in the floor.

Chapter 4

Where to Find All Videotapes, Mask Parts, Picture Frames

You need to find all the videotapes. Then, look through each one, find the parts of the mask.


You will receive this tape at the end of Act 3, on the basement floor against the painted wall. If you not picked up, pick up now.

Go to the basement through the kitchen door. There will be a new passage in these narrow corridors. Below you will find a sledgehammer against the wall. Take it and hit the wall. Turn around and see a monster. The light will partially go out. There are two rooms on the left and right. And in them you need to break the walls. When you break all four, run to the white wall and pull out a part of the mask. You can light the corridor if you have a light bulb. Or move bulbs from other parts. But I did everything by touch. Go to the living room and answer your neighbor's call.


Look for the tape in the back room, in the basement to the left of the TV. It lies on a cardboard box.

Take the stool in the pantry where the switchboard is. If you picked it up earlier, it is in the pantry, where all the necessary dynamic items are stored. Take the stool to the pantry with the boiler to the left of the TV in the basement. It is near the floor, where toys are scattered. Put it on the shelf and climb into the ventilation. At the end of it there will be an office. Sign the contract and move into the room with people. Walk around them to find a white dove with a part of the mask in the center.


You will receive this tape at the end of Act 1, in the bathroom on the second floor. If not picked up, pick up now.

Find in bathroom toilet on the second floor. Perhaps only led by Lucy. Turn it on the TV in the break room to the right of the hallway (there is a VCR to the left of the TV). After looking to the end, go to the storage room near the progress hall (or up the stairs in the garage). There is a red toolbox in the corner. Move it aside, bend down and crawl into the secret room. Open the box with the Omega Key, which was taken from the glass at the beginning of the third chapter. Do you remember? If not picked up, look for it in the hallway. You will receive a ring. This ring needs to be inserted into the trapdoor in the field, located in the basement, between the shelving opposite the blue sheet.

Jump down to get into some kind of laboratory. Climb onto the table by the window and break it with any chair. Move to the office, find the red fire locker on the wall and get the fire ax. Return to the laboratory and break the wall under the periodic table. Climb through the hole and get out through the other. Back to the garage. You will see black footprints. Follow them. They will lead you to the very same hatch in the basement. Take out part of the mask.


There is a cabinet on the left with two drawers in the basement, not reaching the TV. Above it still hangs a summary of the rules. There will be a tape in one of the boxes.

Watch the video, go to the kitchen and open the refrigerator. Take out a carton of milk. Turn around and place it on a tray in front of the TV in the same kitchen. In the same place, from the bottom drawer of the white cabinet on which the tray stands, pull out the bag of chocolate powder. Pour it into a cup on a tray and add milk. The main character will put the cup in the microwave. After the explosion, open the microwave. It's empty there. Climb to the second floor and enter the room on the left to find a teleporter with a cup there. Drink from it.

Once in the bedroom, go to the bed and see a black hand. Click on it. You can study comics on the curbstone. Go to the parents' bedroom and see a hole with a ladder. Go downstairs. Remove the blanket from the bed to reveal the cans. Another area with red chairs and a TV will be highlighted. Watch a TV show. The hero will drink. Wait. Eventually, a part of the mask will appear under the glass.


Look for the tape inside the bookcase in the living room (there are two of these).

Watch the video, take the crowbar from the basement storeroom and go into the room behind the door with the mirror that was opened at the beginning of the second chapter (Dolores). Break the floor with a pry bar, go downstairs and open the bunker door. Examine the boiler room and find a remote control with a glowing red button in the distance. Click on it to move the pipes, go back and turn left. Now there is a passage. This long path will lead you to another bunker door.

Walk forward to the white door. You need a magnetic pass. Head up the stairs on the right to the dressing room and look for a locker with black spots. It is locked. Return to the white door, but now head up the stairs to the left of it. You will find yourself in the dining room. Look for the tray with Lewis' key on the right hand side. As soon as you pick it up, a monster will appear. There is a table against the wall to the left of the dispenser. Climb up and remove the grate to get into the ventilation.

Run to the dressing room and open the locker with black spots. After receiving Lewis's magnetic pass, open the white door. Pick a red apple. The monster will drag you down the well. After waking up in the house, take out a part of the mask from the torn boiler.


You will receive this tape at the end of Act II, in your parents' bedroom. If not picked up, pick up now.

Go to the basement, to the TV and remove the vinyl record from the wall to the left of it. Put it in the gramophone, wind it up. The wall on the left will disappear. Go to the supermarket, roll the grocery cart forward. Fill your cart with white craft beer boxes. Open the door at the very end, sit down at the TV. When you fall off the chair, pick up the mask part.


This tape is located inside a drawer of the cabinet located between two doors by the dining room. There is also a staircase leading to the basement.

Go up to the bathroom on the second floor and you will see the key to the safe in the sink. Find the first picture frame in your parent's closet. Open the safe in your study. It contains a note indicating room 302. Go to the basement and enter the room with the freezer on the right. There is a second picture frame on the ceiling in the corner. Room 302 will appear to the left of the electrical room. Go through the door to see a joke with a dancing ghost. Go to electric room and find a third picture frame between garbage and cardboards.

Enter the closet where there is a cabinet with dynamic items. Go left and at the very end, find the fourth picture frame. Go to the dining room. There is a chair in front of the living room door (short way), and a fifth picture frame hangs on the wall. Look for the sixth frame in the progress hall, on the floor. All the frames are there. Go to the pantry door with dynamic items. The door on the right leads to a staircase upstairs. There is a striped wall to the right of it. Hang all the frames of the paintings on it and go inside.

Open the white door in front and you will see a table with colorful pills. Drink them in any. It's not important. Try to open the door, but the chains will return to their place. Examine all the doors (first the door to the left of the chains, then the second door on the right, the first door on the right, and the second door on the left). Open the door that had chains on it. Go forward, go down the slope. Get on the boat, enter the lighthouse and watch TV. Climb up the stairs and study the photo. Back in the house; pick up a part of the mask from the chair.

The Ending

When you have collected all the parts of the mask, put it on (in the progress hall). Smash the wall in the basement, with white paint, near the pantry with a cabinet where dynamic items are stored. Go downstairs. Without a mask, there was a room with a gun. But now you will find a way out.



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спасибо но где новый код на эмоцию прыжков?

Коды Silly Simon Says (Глупый Саймон говорит) — май 2024 года

Гость, 54 года назад

Гость, ты то откуда знаешь, его заблокали

Коды Аниме Адвенчерс (Anime Adventures) — май 2024 года

Гость, 54 года назад

Гость, у меня вышло 44 ангела и 44 демона, плюс перешла на сторону мальбонте чтобы стать несущей равновесие. Но я заранее просчитала все ходы чтобы равное количество статов собрать, не по этому гайду.

Гайд Секрет Небес — Ветка с Люцифером (Путь Мальбонте, Баланс)