Walkthrough all Side Quests Beholder 2

Walkthrough all Side Quests Beholder 2

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  1. Аватар Drew:

    organs: simply talk to Isaac after Carl Zero.

  2. Аватар AAAAAGH:

    Can you clarify what «Go to the (from Selena Marwitz) and buy a memory stick for 300 coins» means?

    1. Hello, you need to find a power supply for the terminal. (Otto asked). Go home and go outside. Go to the dealer (Selena Marwitz asked about this dealer) and buy a power supply for 300 coins. Go back to Otto and give the item. After a few seconds, he will tell you about Brother Wright.

  3. Аватар pont:

    Where is the dealer on 12th floor? (The escape quest)

  4. Igor Igor:

    At the end on the left

  5. Аватар pont:

    Sorry, but I don’t see this dealer.
    He is next to Nikolai Page?

    1. Stop. May be you want to see another dealer. If you want find him, go home and click on the door. Information about dealer may can find out from hawker on the 1st floor.

  6. Аватар InnerNinja:

    Hi. Can you help me with this problem I’m having with the game. Everything works fine and everything, it’s just Mark Legrand never leaves his desk. He stays there forever I cannot talk to him, I went up like 5 or 6 days not realizing anything until I read this walkthrough. Then afterwards I restarted and the same thing happened. If I lockpick his door he just says «What are you doing» then walks back to his desk. I cant talk to him, which means I cant get the biometric lock or his side quest. I need to resolve this please. I’ve looked literally everywhere but this isn’t this game isn’t all that popular so there isn’t that many forums or wikis out there, so I’m at a loss.

  7. Аватар Leiah:

    I also have a problem. I’m, on the 12th floor now, but i still can’t open the tables, allthough i learned to break the locks. Is there a bug?

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