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Walkthrough 11

Walkthrough all Side Quests Beholder 2

Play with Dong’s feelings

This task is a side quest, but it affects the plot of the game and allows you to return the letter to Hemnitz. Talk to Legrand during the quest “Father’s Letter” to start this quest. He took the letter. Agree to prank Peter Dong.

It will be necessary to find ways to make fun of Peter's weakness, passion, and fear. It is necessary to perform three separate tasks. When you complete the three tasks - Fear, Passion, and Weakness, go back to Marco Legrand and report on everything. This will complete the quest; get credibility points and a letter Hemnitz.

Reward: 1000 credibility points.


Talk to Peter Dong. You will know his needs: he is looking for headache pills. Instead, you need to find a laxative. This is in the table of Emma Hazer, but you need to learn the skill “Hacking lock”. You received a book with this information from a stranger who was helped with the fallen documents on the first day.

You can also take a laxative from the baker Serena Marwitz. She will give you the pills for free. After that, talk to Dong and say that you have found headache pills. See the cut-scene.

Reward: 250 credibility points.


You fin out from Serena Marwitz about Peter Dong. She will talk about his fear of insects. In the hall with a large screen, where Hemnitz was hanged, there is a landscaping service employee. Talk to him about everything and ask bugs. You will have to collect them yourself. There are three pots of bushes in the room — you need to interact with each to find a total of three bugs.

Collect three beetles. After this, hack the desktop of Peter Dong and put the beetles. Wait until he gets to work, and watch the cut-scene.

When you search offices, you need to act quickly. Pay attention to the scale at the bottom of the screen - when it gets to Evan, it will be detected and fined.

Reward: 250 credibility points.


You will have to learn the skill of hacking simple passwords to learn about the feelings of Dong. Do this and then hack the Peter’s computer. Read the unsent letter about declaration of love to Emma Hazer. Press the key and send the letter to all the staff of the ministry. Watch cut-scene.

Reward: 250 credibility points.

Window 101

When you visit the ministry on the third working day, you will find a person in the queue with a marker overhead. Talk to him. He asks to find out what happened to the employee in the window number 101. Agree to help. Go to the workroom and talk with Nicholas Page. Ask where the window 101 is, then go to the secretary’s office.

Do not enter it, but click on the alley on the right to go to the right place. You will see a dead employee. Tell the person in line to complete the task. You will receive a book with the skill "Discount on payment for water supply" as a reward from him. Go to the guard and tell about the corpse.

Reward: the book "Discount on payment of water supply", 250 credibility points.

Pass the envelope to Legrand

This task will begin on the third or fourth day, when you will be sent to the ministry. A man will stop you and he will ask you to take the envelope to Legrand. If you refuse, then you break the chain of the following quests. If you agree, but do not open the envelope, then again, you cannot complete the tasks below. You need agree to help and look into the envelope. So you will find out that Marco Legrand sells illegal stimulants in the ministry.

Pass him a letter and talk about everything. Agree to take on the job. In addition, the fact that you know about the illegal business of Legrand will allow you to get rid of him on the main quest - "Promotion".

Reward: 50 credibility points.

Deal with the Devil

This quest will begin if you have agreed to help Legrand in the distribution of stimulants. He asks you to find a way to deliver stimulants to the Ministry. There are two options - either you do it yourself and say this to Legrand, or you are looking for a person for this deal. In the first case, the quest will start “Dangerous way”, in the second you will need to look for a person.

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