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Walkthrough Candle


After the opening cut-scene, you can control the main character. Use the arrow keys "left" and "right" to move. Look around. Go to the projections and click on the "up" key or the "Space". It is necessary to hold the key to climb up. Move closer to the fence with fire right. Click on S, but you will not have object to interact. Go down and use the arrow key "down", or simply jump to left. You need run (hold Shift), then the jump (space). Hold to get a long jump. Go to the torch on the ground and take it to the S. Return key to the right, get on the same ledge and interacts with the fire on the fence by clicking on S. You will see a window with the inventory. You will have to re-click on S, to confirm the use of the torch found. Teku set a fire your finger (he's a candle). Jump back to the left side and go to the tent. Light a candle at the entrance and then go inside. Talk to the dying old man. Exit the tent. Teku will automatically move silently. Extinguish finger (hold key D). Go to the enemy and push it to a specified key (S). Jump over to right, the pre-light the candle of the finger at the tent. Go to that place and hold the D key (must burn your finger) to open the passage to the right. This is the first part of the walkthrough Candle.

Chapter 1. Swamp

Press S, to wake up. Swim out to the surface, and then click on shore. Go right and see a cube. Drag it to the left so that the jump to the ledge with the stone pillar. For this go to the cube, hold down S and hold "left." Climb to the cube; hold down the "up" to cling to the ledge. Go to the stone pillars, and press S. candle-2016-11-14-01-17-47-24 Click on the key S until the tip over the post. Click on the post to right and pick up the empty ceramic jug. candle-2016-11-14-01-19-45-53 Go down, run and jump across the pit to right. Ahead there is a creature that looks like a frog. You do not approach a short distance, or you die! Come as close as possible so as to jump up to the ledge above (not the one that leads into the house and nearby on right). Go to the house on left. Do you see a glowing circular platform? You can use it to persist. Climb up the ladder and pull the lever. You see another staircase. Climb to the location above. candle-2016-11-14-01-23-27-16

Change location

candle-2016-11-14-01-24-24-31 Climb the wooden platform on left. Look at the huge statue of a toad. You can jump on the wooden platform twice to overturn it. A few seconds later the statue toad is rolled down. And you must act as follows: first as soon as you climb the stairs, stand up under the wooden platform on left. Jump to overturn a blue stick, hold the platform. Climb up onto the platform and jump on it already. You have to overturn it and press it to the wall. Climb the wall, jump to the platform on which stands a statue of a toad. Go down and get up to the wall. Statue is rolled over you. If you do not press a wooden platform, it will kill you. candle-2016-11-14-01-35-42-65 Go up to where there was a statue, and take a piece of wood with a sharp stone. candle-2016-11-14-01-56-13-11 Note the symbol with green paint on the rock. There are three pipes - one is the water from the other two - the fire. Remember this. candle-2016-11-14-01-38-13-33 Go down and go right. Fallen statue is closed the pit with spikes. Do not rush to jump. Do you see the left vine (above the place where there was a pit with spikes)? Jump and pull the vine, to disarm the trap. candle-2016-11-14-01-39-23-35 Climb up and see the strange device. Jump by the yellow tabs on the seat with two levers. Turn the lever from L to R that upper stick shown symbols: water, fire, fire (as on the pipes left, where there was a stone toad). If first to pull the right lever, it will rotate counterclockwise only the middle wheel. If you pull the left lever, it always turns counterclockwise left wheel. But as soon as you touch the left lever, right lever will be rotated at the same time the average and the right wheel. So first, you need to do as follows: 1. Pull the right lever so that right and middle wheels is showed identical symbols and other sides. 2. Turn the left wheel so that the top was a symbol of "water." Turn right wheel so that to simultaneously will be characters of "fire" on the right and the middle wheels. If done correctly, you will start the cut-scene. candle-2016-11-14-01-39-23-35 Stand under the device. Right periodically the pipe is opened. Jump so to stand on its cover. Immediately press the "up" to cling to the ledge until the cover is closed. Go down the stairs and find yourself near the statue, where fire is needed. Jump and run to right. Jump to the hanging plate, and then you need jump to the ledge more right. There will be another save point. At the top you will see the enemy. Do not hurry! Do you see the fire? Light Tek on it and go back. Frog is afraid of fire! Set a fire on the statue on top, inside which there is a candle. This will open the passages to the stairs leading in the opposite direction. candle-2016-11-14-01-55-49-55 Do not hurry! Take the rope where the frog was. candle-2016-11-14-01-56-03-31 candle-2016-11-14-01-56-13-11 Climb down the ladder and follow the tunnel to left. Be careful! Do you remember water of the pipe? So it can extinguish the candle. Take this segment. Left of the ladder you get shaman figure of wood. candle-2016-11-14-01-57-54-99 candle-2016-11-14-01-58-05-32 Climb up and go back to the location of the first frog. Go back, go home and jump to right. Do you see a sign to right and above the frog? Go to it and pick up a dart. Go to right location.

Change location

candle-2016-11-14-01-29-37-40 Inspect platform underfoot. candle-2016-11-14-01-29-50-22 With these platforms, you can travel over long distances, but you must set a fire (to light Tek). Go to right to see one of the bodyguards of the shaman of the tribe. You must save him. There is the way to the top on the edge of the cliff. Move so there is a marker and press S. Rise above; inspect the bush on left. You will see pink rabbit, who will tell you that he loves honey. Come to hang cobblestones right from the edge. You can apply it to the subject, but no the pitcher or the dart is not used here. Follow in the reverse direction. Fright frog from bottom and go to right, to the new location.

Change location

candle-2016-11-14-01-59-59-59 Free the prisoner, and learn that the warrior Vakchu hid the key. Only with key you can to sail a boat. Climb up the ladder. The path through the shell to right leads to the location in the background. So far, do not in a hurry. Hold D, to extinguish a candle. Pre light a candle from the bottom, next to the place where the prisoner was. Make your way past the warrior Vakchu, he are sleeping on the floor. If you would not extinguish the candle, then you would have seen and killed. Upstairs there is the lever. Pull it to lower the shutter. Go back down and light finger of Teku. Rise from the fire. The shutter will cover sleeping Vakchu from the fire. But it's only temporary! Therefore, immediately go down the stairs, but do not run. Jump below the left edge. Upstairs in the room find a wooden bird (statuette). Apply fire on a extinguish candle to open the passage to left. Press the D key to open the picture. This is no ordinary secret. This is the help to solve the puzzle. candle-2016-11-14-02-09-09-33 Go through the passage to the left and push down the stone to trap warrior of Vakchu. You find the key from the boat At the spot where warrior was. candle-2016-11-14-02-23-16-54 Use it to untie the boat. But that is not all. The old woman asks two coins - red and blue. Let's try to find them! Go back and jump up and go to right, where the pink rabbit was. There is a platform for teleportation (a stone slab in the ground). Use it (it is important that Teku is fire). candle-2016-11-14-02-13-19-52 You will find yourself in a new location with a huge pink toad. candle-2016-11-14-02-13-29-66 It is necessary go past her. Go up and light a candle in the stone statue of the bridge. Tilt the cobbles on the left side of the statue to left to get access to the location. Go to the location on left. candle-2016-11-14-02-14-42-85 candle-2016-11-14-02-16-24-07 You will see the sleeping warrior Vakchu. Go to the location with a pink frog. If you come with the fire to the hive to right, then the bees will fly up to you. If you come without a fire, you can try to collect honey in a jug. But bees are attacking you again. Go from the hive down (without fire) and set the figure of shaman on the stand to left and above the pink frog. You need to find one more the same figure of the shaman. Go to the location with the prisoner. There you found the key to the boat. This is a mill. Climb up the first ladder and enter the shell on right to move to the new location.


candle-2016-11-14-02-24-04-92 candle-2016-11-14-02-26-08-37 Go to right of save point and remove red moss from a cliff. Throw the red moss on a stone stand to right. Light it, but nothing happens. Walk to right to see a hint - the image of the leaf. Is the leaf green, isn’t it? Assemble the other two mosses - blue and yellow. Just need to put them at the same time on a stone pedestal. It will turn green. Fire the green moss. candle-2016-11-14-02-28-50-70 Next you will see a drop. Burn the blue moss. When will the fire. In this case, you need to throw the yellow and red moss, and then burn the resulting orange. candle-2016-11-14-02-30-00-37 The platform is fully lowered. Go right through the cave. Above you see a lever on which you want to jump. candle-2016-11-14-02-30-12-33 But you need a box. Follow right, jump on the ledges above. Stop before you jump to the ledge with the insects. Do you see purple tentacles? So they will destroy you if you do not take action. Jump to hook for a large leaf on which the red beetle sits. candle-2016-11-14-02-30-37-25 Beetle will fly to the tentacles. Quickly jump to left without stopping. Jump to the hanging crate to topple it down. Push the box in the cave to right, jump from box and hook on the hanging arm. candle-2016-11-14-02-33-01-72 Talk with the creature. Ask him about the figure of the shaman. It is in a box. Break into the box. Here is the sequence of actions (before press F, to reset the solution): Red circle - key Q (one turn). Yellow circle - key R (one turn). Blue circle - key Q (one turn). Select the button in the center and press on S. Monster and warrior will come closer to each other. Continue: Yellow circle - key Q (one turn). Click on the button in the center. Warrior will come to spear and send in a monster. Continue: Red circle - key Q (one turn). Click on the gray button in the center. Warrior will kill the monster, and the box will open. You will automatically receive a figure of a shaman. candle-2016-11-14-02-45-41-65 Ask collector for a coin. He wants that you bring the Single red leaf. Go back to the previous location to the former prisoner. Follow the on-location with a pink frog. Install the shaman figure on the wall with the other two. When you light a candle in the statue on location with a pink frog, you should have seen the three descending torch (not burning). candle-2016-11-14-02-50-11-57 Leave this place and go back to where you found the fire (first lighted finger Teku). Upstairs there is an enemy. Climb when he goes to right. Be sure to extinguish the fire of Teku. Right of the stairs is the crossbow. Apply a dart at him from the inventory. Follow Vakchu and push it into the water. The other opponent will chase for you, who was sleeping on a floating flower. Run away to left, past a crossbow. On the floor there is a purple button left of the stairs. When you get up on it, the crossbow will shoot and kill the enemy. candle-2016-11-14-02-59-02-89 Light up all three torches. candle-2016-11-14-03-02-29-20 Go right to the beehive. If you do not have organized the passage, then move to teleport from location pink rabbit to location with pink frog, climb up to the statue with a candle, which is lit up before, and push the left stone. With lighted finger approach the hive. Bees come after you. Run left to the three flaming torches. Bees fly away to them. candle-2016-11-14-03-04-44-52 Go back to the hive and apply it to the jar. You will receive a jar of honey. candle-2016-11-14-03-05-15-98 Go back to the pink rabbit and apply a jug of honey on the rock on right, hanging on a thin vine. Rabbit gnaws liana and stone is fallen down. candle-2016-11-14-03-06-06-60 candle-2016-11-14-03-06-24-75 Go down, run and jump onto the stone. Apply here for a rope to save Guardian. From it you get a bone key. candle-2016-11-14-03-07-01-57 Go back to the three figures of shamans, where pink frog is. Before you touch them, go down and jump into the water. Swim to the island on which sits the frog, and apply the stone shard to cut a fungus (it cover the animal). candle-2016-11-14-02-55-11-82 Climb to the statues. Remember the same pattern that you saw in the room with mill. Here again the screenshot: candle-2016-11-14-02-09-24-53 Note the hands of characters. This is the solution. Lower left hand of the left figure, right hand is straight. On average figure you need to lower left arm down and the right lift up. In the right figure you need to lover the right hand and left hand is straight. If you put it right, then the cut-scene will start. candle-2016-11-14-03-13-45-37 Since there is no fungus, water is scared toad. Get the first coin where the toad was. Other coins, if you remember, you can barter for a lonely red leaf. But it still needs to find. Jump to right to get to the new location with a suspended fish and two enemies. Hear the story of one of the soldiers. Enter the cave to right. You need to select four characters, so that they do not overlap horizontally or vertically. A sequence must be: fish, mountain, spear fire. In the top bar, select fish. The second line - the mountains with water. The third line is a spear, and in the fourth - the fire. Window will open. Put it on a wooden bird, and then click on the D, to fright opponents. candle-2016-11-14-03-22-23-68 Cut the rope by splinter stone. Fish is fallen down on the soldiers of Vakchu. candle-2016-11-14-03-23-26-50 Go to the right, jump over the gap and stand on a piece of wood. You will fall down into the water. Select and go up the stairs. Click on the button on the wall to the left. Open passage and bridge back, but you do not need to go there. candle-2016-11-14-03-24-36-40 candle-2016-11-14-03-24-42-69 Jump into the water and swim. The passage is closed. You need to dive in and swim to left, towards the bushes. Behind the bushes you climb up into the hidden passage. Here, look for a lever. Use it to open the way forward. candle-2016-11-14-03-26-03-39 Swim there, select the surface. There is a niche with an extinct candle right after the bridge. But be careful - in the middle of the bridge there is a button. If you step on it, the bridge will snap and kill the hero. candle-2016-11-14-03-28-09-57 Jump to the right ledge, where a red square on the wall is. Interact with it is impossible. Jump to right, when a warrior Vakchu will leave aside. Climb the stairs and save. Unlock the door by Skeleton Key. Interact with stove, to see the next puzzle. You need to move and rotate the four tiles so that the two blue squares were on the two blue cells, and two yellow - two yellow. Tiles with blue squares need to start only from the bottom (both). candle-2016-11-14-03-32-26-47 There will be three mini-games that will draw three bolts. The meaning is the same. candle-2016-11-14-03-36-44-70 You will then pass - a wall with a red square. Take mask of Divas from the opened passage, where a puzzle was. candle-2016-11-14-03-37-10-25 Walk in the opposite direction through a new passage and find the fire. Set a fire and return to the place where the enemy is. Under it, if you remember, there is a bridge with a button that leads to a niche with a candle. Fire the candle, without stepping on the button. candle-2016-11-14-03-38-39-67 The enemy will distract. Climb up and tear lone red leaf. You can push a warrior Vakchu into the abyss. candle-2016-11-14-03-39-18-16 Go back to the sheet to the collector through the mill location. Give him the list and pick up the coin. Now that you have two coins (one found a toad, another bought the collector), return to the boat. Pay the old woman of the boat and watch the cut-scene. candle-2016-11-14-03-45-55-57 candle-2016-11-14-03-46-48-96  



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