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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough DESOLATE (Main Quests)

Walkthrough DESOLATE (Main Quests)

In the prologue of the game, everything is clear.

Walkthrough DESOLATE (Main Quests)

This material describes only the story tasks. At the same time, in another article we will describe how to complete other missions. [caption id="attachment_6629" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Walkthrough DESOLATE Walkthrough DESOLATE[/caption]

Hello, Granichniy

You will find yourself in the room. Take the key card from the drawer and apply it to the electronic lock, then go outside (to the light). Go to the marker to the lighthouse, destroy opponents on your way. Go inside and inspect the device. It is broken, so you need to move to a new place. Once in the cinema, look for two boxes of details. You will find the first one near the building where the film projector is located, and the second inside the building to the left of the big screen. Collect the parts, go back to the lighthouse and fix the repeater. Do not forget to start it by pressing the red button. [caption id="attachment_6631" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Walkthrough DESOLATE Walkthrough DESOLATE[/caption]


Talk with the curator, go to the railway station “Iskra” and go down to the underpass. Find the corpse, there is badge. Go to the Oasis, talk to the Locals, then go downstairs and chat with merchant Michael. Task is completed. From here, you can go down even lower, where your personal base is now located. You can repair the workbench, oven, medical station, as well as improve them once. You can buy items from Michael for customizing the room. Each player has his own room. [caption id="attachment_6632" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Walkthrough DESOLATE Walkthrough DESOLATE[/caption]

Help science

After that, chat with the biologist. Go to the specified place where the radio detection is located. Go through the first dome and enter the second one to find a door with an electronic lock. Need a key card. Go outside and immediately go into the first dome through the nearest opening. You will find yourself at the bottom. Move from room to room and find a separate room where the key card is on the table. Take it, open the door in the second dome and kill Vanogu. [caption id="attachment_6633" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Walkthrough DESOLATE Walkthrough DESOLATE[/caption] The monster will teleport, and most often, if it is not below, then - at the top, it clings to the wall. After that, search the body, then go to the pneumopost. There are several pieces scattered around the map, but one of them is definitely in the Oasis.

Weather report

Go to the weather station and look around. Inside you will find special antennas. It is necessary to lift each of them and move them to the right places. All of them are located near the weather station (no further than 50 meters). So, take the antenna, start move. Pay attention to the lights on the device. If they light up, then you are moving in the right direction. There will also be an increase in the sound signal. [caption id="attachment_6636" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Walkthrough DESOLATE Walkthrough DESOLATE[/caption] Go down the hill from the building with antennas and find the first place next to the cliff. Take the second one, exit the building through the top and go left to find the desired position. The other two antennas - when you exit the building, go right. As soon as you do this, activate the lever in the building of the weather station. Walkthrough DESOLATE Walkthrough DESOLATE           Walkthrough DESOLATE Walkthrough DESOLATE          

Important documents

Move to the specified location and find the locked door with an electronic lock. Pay attention to the corridors on the right side. They are flooded, and the wires are lowered into the water. When you are near, the curator will give a hint. Follow the marker to the location of Ray-2, enter the specified building and finish off the enemy. Search the body to get the key card, then follow it back to the door and open it, applying the card to the electronic lock. Inside the room you will find a remote control. Use it to de-energize the premises. Follow through the corridors to the small room where there are documents on the table. Send them to the curator for any post.


Chat with merchant Michael in the bunker of the Oasis, then go to Gornyatsk. The selected house is locked, but you can climb the second tier. So do it. Pass into the room with the hung man, then take away Sergey's diary. After that, Michael will ask to find the parcel. She is here, on the second floor, but in the next room. Look for the box on the floor, then go back to Michael and turn in the quest.

Humanitarian aid

This task begins next, and this time a certain Eleanor is asking for help. Talk to the girl and go to the hospital for medications. Enter the building. Here you need to find three plates of tablets. The hospital has first and second floors, as well as a basement. Tablets are scattered throughout each of the levels. Go inside, turn right and go all the way to the door, which is backed with a stick. There is a flight of steps on the right, but you need to turn left. Through the ventilation, go to the isolated room (access to which is only through the mine) and find the first tablets here. [caption id="attachment_6641" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Walkthrough DESOLATE Walkthrough DESOLATE[/caption] Go back to the stairs and go down. Please note that there is a similar staircase in the left wing of the hospital, but we are guided by the right one. Go down, you need to go left through the entire hospital, kill Vanogu. Then enter the room, where flares (blue-white) are lying on the floor and find tablets next to it. Go back to that very staircase in the right wing and go up to the second floor. Enter the room to the right and search for candles and a corpse among the chambers. About them roll medication. Collect all three medications, send them to Eleanor by the nearest post.

Mushroom master

Go to the right place where the camp of scientists is located. First kill all the marauders (four), then start searching for mushroom spores. There are four tents here, and in three of them there is one flask. In one tent, the flask is on the table, in the other - is on the floor by the lantern, in the third - on the ground next to the corpse. Next to the tent, in which there was no bulb, outside there is a table with equipment. There is the fourth bulb on the table. Send these bulbs by post.


Go to the specified place. We recommend to immediately take with you two bottles of vodka or other alcoholic beverage. Arrive at the village of Lugovniki, chat with the Engineer. He will ask you to bring him alcohol. If it is, then go up to the village and go inside. After the conversation, go to the base of the New World "Stolp". Kill the enemies and explore the environment. It is necessary to find two boxes with the details. The first one is hidden in the largest building, on the table on the left, and the second is in a small storage room opposite, behind the door between adjacent rooms. Take both boxes, go back to the Engineer and get the "Pugach." [caption id="attachment_6645" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Walkthrough DESOLATE Walkthrough DESOLATE[/caption] Along with the ultraviolet lantern, which can scare away the psi monsters (Sapsi, Chern, Vanogu), move to the subway. Inside you are waiting for new opponents - Chern. Kill them and follow in a straight line, without turning anywhere. Along the way you will find luminous bulbs and cases with people. At the end of the tunnel there will be a doorway. Go to the next room, take the stairs from the tunnel and go upstairs to find a small lighted room (with candles) with a table and the necessary documents. [caption id="attachment_6643" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Walkthrough DESOLATE Walkthrough DESOLATE[/caption] Take them, get out to the outside in any way and send the documents to Eleanor by post.

Family matters

Move on the marker, kill the marauders, search their bodies and find the pendant. Take it to the Engineer.

Spy game

Go to the specified place to be on the territory of the base. Deal with the enemies and move forward until you find yourself in a room with a core. Around it you can find two places with tables. There are the documents. Pick up two folders, not far from the core, find two holes through which you need to jump down. So do it, then get out and send documents to Eleonore.

Let the world know the truth ...

Climb the radio tower "Peak Granichniy" and start the radio broadcast. When Eleanor is finished, get out. Kill the enemies and run away from the peak to complete the quest.

Black boxes

You will need to go to square D3, go down to the bunker and read the tips on the board. All of them point to the three black box locations. As soon as you find yourself in the right square, near the black box, a yellow marker will appear. Visit in any order the squares E3, E8, H5. Pick up three black boxes, send them by pneumopost.

Camp “North” (Severnaya)

Visit the new camp, talk to the Scientist and follow to the bunker of sector D6. Follow the bottom of the bunker, using steps and ventilation. Talk to Alice, and then go back to the Scientist, select the folder with the documents.

Archives of Ognin

Go to Grachevsk, enter the building and go up to the second floor. Examine the folder behind which you will see an electronic lock. The key is hidden in one of the boxes of this room, with the number 69383743. Take the key, open the secret door and go inside. The password for the safe is drawn on the lampshade of the lamp on the table on the right. Enter the password 4815, pick up the documents and send them to Eleanor by pneumatic post.


Receive the device from the scientist, go back to the bunker and destroy Alice. Pick up the device and return to the Scientist.


Move to E6 square, go to Y.M.A. and go down to the second level. At the first level, you will need to find a small doorway on the side of the fallen bulb and go down. Get to the door with a combination lock. In the room to the right, there are several corpses and a note on the floor with the code 8874. Enter it on the door to go further. Get to the control room and unplug Y.M.A.

Mystery Y.M.A. (side quest)

In Y.M.A. you saw an unknown monster. Return to Dmitry in the camp "North" (Severnaya) and ask about the monster. Go to sector E3, go down to the marked bunker and start searching for notes. In the room on the right, there is a table with the first notes where the beds are. In the dining room, you can find another table with a second note in the far corner. Finally, you can go into the room with remote controls from the corridor. Go downstairs, kill the mob, and pick up the third note from the floor. Go to the room on the right and turn into the tunnel with the rails on the left. There is the key card near the corpse. This will complete the quest.

Keeper Y.M.A. (side quest)

Return to Y.M.A., go down to the second level, and find the path to the third level. Open the door with the key card. By the way, you can make stocks weapons. Go through the floating plates and enter the teleport where Slepez (Blind) is waiting for you. This monster has 80,000 HP. After the victory, you will find an artifact that allows you to teleport once every 10 minutes.

Cut off the snake head

Go to the marked sector, enter the building and go down the stairs to the right. Climb up, kill the officer and collect the key card. With its help, open the door to the bunker, then get to the room with two guards. Kill them; inspect the flasks from left to right. You need to place them in a specific color sequence. It's about the colors of the rainbow. Thus, from left to right should be the following thermal cells: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple. Go inside and watch the final video.



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