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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Ghost of a Tale

Walkthrough Ghost of a Tale

Prison break

Exit the camera

Examine the camera. You will find a plate in one corner, and on it there is a note and a key. Take the key and open the camera, be sure to close the door behind you. Look at the list of prisoners on the wall. Try to open the grate, however, so you draw the guard. You hide right in the chest and look at what is happening.

Get out of prison

As soon as the guard leaves, you go out into the corridor and run to the right to the next cell. Pull the lever and open the door. You speak with a pirate-frog and ask him for help. In return, he asks to bring him a bottle. You go to the guard and steal a bottle from him. Give it to the pirate and ask him questions. In the end, he will say that there are 3 coins in the potty of the, take them and exit the camera.

Run towards the guard, there is a corridor to the left of it. At the end of this corridor you find a candle for the candlestick. Go down the stairs

However, the door will be closed, and so you return to the guard and steal his key from the "screaming door". This door is to the right of the guard, open it. One more rat watches here. You need to find a time when the rats are not next to the lever. Find such a moment and get inside the room. There is a table to the left, you open the drawer and take the key from the sideboard, you run to the sideboard and open the top. There is a key near the shelter of the rat, but you can not get it, next to us in the corridor we find a stool. Put it on the key and climb it, take the key.

Open the grid and go further. You see a new room with an abyss; ypu need to throw a stick into the handle to drop the bridge.

Move to the other side and take a lantern from the chest on the left. Immediately find a jar of oil, fill the lantern with this oil. Go ahead and bump into the room with the guard on the left, you need to cuddle up to the wall on the right and quietly get up the stairs, then push the barrel. The rat is contused. Jump to it and take the key from the grate, which he guarded.

Open and go further, then again you see the guard. Wait when he goes back and hides in the chest in the middle of the corridor. In it you will find a hood from sacking. Reach the room, where you take everything that is needed, including the MAIN PRIOR KEY. Pull the lever and open the door. Now we got out of the prison into the yard.

Find a mysterious stranger

You speak with the blacksmith and take from him the task of finding a hammer. Next, you need to explore the yard, climb all the stairs. Near the blacksmith there is a small passage on the bottom.

Go along it and climb the stairs; you reach the place where it is possible to squeeze the beam out. You can jump onto this beam through the window:

Jump from it to the visor on the right, and then go up the stairs. go along the bridges and find a stick on the right and throw it in the window opposite the place where the stick was found. A small ladder will fall, climb along it, you'll find the tracker's boots.

So, you need to return to the exit from prison. There is a blacksmith on the left, and there is a gate to the right that leads to a room with three guards. You need to wait for the guard to leave, run to his side and see that he does not notice us. Go down to the camera with 2 mice. Talk with them on all topics.

First you need to bring a handkerchief, so you will need to search the territory of the castle to find it, also look for a handkerchief in the premises. You bring the mask, and then you go to the garden with carrots. There are shutters, you open them and get into the window, search the rooms and climb higher. You find Silas at the very top - a mysterious stranger. You can perform his instructions. Go down into the yard now you can use the lift:

Secrets of the signalman

The quest is activated if you try to open boxes in the closet near Silas, but you need a key. It is located on the 2 tier of the room. Take the key and open the box on the 2 tier (take the figures), run to Silas and ask about the figures.

Blacksmith Hammer

Quest is taken from the blacksmith, who works to the left of the exit from the prison. Return to the starting position - this is the way out of prison. There is a gate on the right side, pass into them. There is a new room with an exit from the castle, which is guarded by the guard, to the right you see another guard, he then leaves then comes to the place. He guards two mice-thieves. Wait, when he leaves down, then you run in his direction, there you will find a camera with mice. Speak with mice on all topics, among them will be the topic of the smith's hammer. Take the quest Cache. When it is done you will find a hammer. See description of this quest below.

Three passes

The quest is taken from the mice in the cell. Run to the blacksmith rat, he will give us a tip for these passes. But first, I recommend that you pass the Blacksmith Hammer quest. I also recommend that you purchase from him maps of the yard and other maps.

So, for an extra fee, the blacksmith rat will mark on our map the possible locations for the passes.

So, you'll find the first pass in prison. You should have the main prison key in our pocket, which you will find in the closet in front of the yard. Go to the camera, where you saw a sleeping rat. Open the lock with the main key and select the pass:

There is the first pass on the prison map (green marker):

The second pass you find here (this is the place next to the blacksmith):

Climb the stairs and get to the table with a box, inside you find the second pass. The third pass will be found by the guard guarding the exit from the castle. There is a bar to the left of guard. Take a pass.


The mice gave us a map and a key. Go to the entrance to the prison. You need to find a hiding place. Open the map on M. You can open this map only in prison. Go to the very first guard who sleeps. Go along the corridor and open the door to the Flooded Chamber.

Here is the place on the map (green marker):

Go into the cell and put a stool under the ring:

In total, there are two such rings - left and right. We need to properly orient the rings to open the hiding place. For example: put the left ring in any position, run to the right ring and rotate it 360 degrees. If the cache does not open, then run to the left ring and turn it to one position, again run to the right ring and rotate it 360 degrees, if not, then again go to the left, etc. Here's what I got:

You'll see a hole in the wall on the left, take the hammer and run to the blacksmith, and then to the mice to complete the quests.



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