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Walkthrough GRIS


See the introductory video. Move to the right side. The main character falls to the ground, and when she gets up, she can run. Run to the right. Climb up the hills by clicking on the "Space" to jump. Move through several obstacles. In the end, you will find a luminous point.


Take it and move on until you find the next luminous point. Both points will follow the heroine. Use them to open new routes. Walk to the right and climb the ruins. Move to the left. Follow them; go up the black mountain. You will find a cliff with three missing points on the right-hand side.

Now you have only two of the three, so go left and climb to the top of a tall tower. You can to create a bridge of two points and go down to the right to the next tower. Inside it you will find the third luminous point. Go down and go right to the three points to build a bridge.

Follow until you find a place where three points go to the sky. Go to the right. Climb down, go over the bridge to the right and climb to the top of the building. You will see the splash screen with the name of the game - GRIS.

Jump down and go left to activate the glowing seal with three dots in the cave. These are collectible badges. There will be a lot of them in the game.

Follow to the right. You have to hide from the strong wind inside the various buildings. You will find the first luminous point. Jump down and go to the right to find the second luminous point inside the ruins. Pick a moment and go back. Jump on the rocks. Climb back to the room where the point was found. After the wind, move to the neighboring ruins, where there are no walls, but there are two points. Take a bridge from the collected objects, and move to the other side.

Move to the right over the bridge and enter the building. It is the shell of a huge creature. It will start moving to the right. Go up to the top along numerous stairs and jump to the right-bottom descent. The main character starts to slide down. Jump in time to activate a new collection symbol.

Run over the bridge to the right and jump down. There is a collection symbol in the room below you, but now you cannot take it. Run to the right to the next building. You get a new ability. Now the main character can turn into a heavy cube. Go back to the left, climb the ruins and stand on the ruined stones. Jump and click on K to turn into a stone and hit the stones. So you activate the collection symbol.

Follow the right. When the wind blows, turn into a cube and (hold the K key). Move to the right. In the end, you will reach a building with huge statues. Stand under the bell, jump up and switch to a cube to destroy the floor below you. You will need to hit it three times, after which you will fall down. Repeat the same procedure. When you are in a room with a mirror, and then several times strike the cube on the ground so that the birds take the heroine up.

You will find yourself on a bridge under the volcano. Go left and climb the pipes to the very top. Get to the left upper point with the help of rotating blades. Soon you will enter the building. Use a moving stone, go higher and go to the room where there are five points above (three to the right of the platform and three to the left). The platform is lowered in the center - jump and turn into a cube to connect it to the bottom. The upper platform will periodically lower to the right and left. Use it to climb it, and then move from it to the bridge from the two points on the upper left.

Go outside to the left; hit the metal cube-shaped structure on the left edge. It leans to the left. So you can get to the third point of light. Return the structure to its original position, move left-up to the rotating blades and jump onto one of them from the left side. Get over to the roof of the building, and from there - to the blade on the right so that you have time to jump to the collection symbol.

Go back with three points and go to the right side. Make a bridge.

In the end, you will reach the room shown in the screenshot below:

Stand on the platform. You should stand simultaneously on both. After that, jump and turn into a cube. Put down two platforms at a time. All mechanisms will begin to rotate. Climb up and to the right. Go outside, follow up the slope. Find a huge cobblestone on the right. The main heroine cannot get under it to pick up the fourth luminous point. So go to the left side to see a smaller cobblestone with legs. Move to the left of it, jump over the small stones. Take a moment to jump onto the cobblestone with legs. Jump up and hit it. Use a cube to free a strange creature. Go to the right and see that the creature will climb into a huge stone. Pass under the stone and take away the luminous point.

Return to the large hall with the platforms. This time you go up to the left. Go in this direction. Outside, go down the stairs. Use the cube on the cobblestone with the balloon.

The ball will go up. Follow up the stairs. Stand on the platform of the ball and turn into a cube to lower it. When the ball goes down to the desired height, you jump onto the platform on the side. There is a fifth luminous point.

Note. You need to activate the next collection symbol. Turn into a cube and lower the ball to the bottom. After that, quickly run up the stairs. You have to jump on the upper part of the platform of this ball. From there, move to the left, destroy the stones with a cube and jump along them. You find the collection symbol on the left side.

Go back to the main hall, go up higher. Now you can make a bridge. Use the five points of light.

Follow it up and to the left. Go up higher, until you reach the huge wheel. It is necessary to lower the platform down. But you have to jump from a great height. First go right and go up to the inside of the wheel. Run along it and jump over the hole to find the climb higher. In the end, you will be at the very top. Turn into a cube and jump down. The wheel is raised, and you can pass to the right.

Get to the stones, jump over them. You will be in big stone hands. Here the main character revives the world by adding plants. Go down and go left to return to the central location. Jump on the big cube. The main character will give the collected luminous point.


Jump to the left and move to a new world. Jump down from the bridge. You will be in the forest. Go left until you see the disappearing and appearing cubes. Jump over them to the left side. Jump down and see a strange creature with a square head. Follow the left until you find yourself in a place where you need to climb cubes and triangles. Pay attention to the cube that does not change. Jump on it. You will see a rise in the form of a triangle on the right, then move up and find yourself on the ledge on the left.

Soon you have to climb the transforming cubes. You need to climb one tier and go to the left, but if you want, then jump from the big cube (which does not change) to the right on the same cube. Jump to the right, above and to the left. At the end you will find a segment where three small cubes appear, and then another one below. Use two small and get to the lowest. Then jump from it to the previous cube (middle of three) and to the left. So you get to the collection symbol.

Go left, jump down and soon find yourself in a location with several trees (the leaves are cubes of different sizes). The same creature will be below. There are red square fruits (look like apples) hanging in the trees. You have to jump on these trees and strike in the shape of a cube. When the creature eats three apples, go down to it and chat. He will open the passage down - jump behind him.

In the cave, go left with a new friend. He will repeat everything for you, but remember that the creature is behind the main character, so you need to find the moment. Go left and creatures jumps down where the apple is. Go back and go left again, but already so that the creature jumps on the branches after you. Get to a dead end with a tree. Your friend will open the way further.

Go left, jump on the dilapidated column and destroy it. Your friend can go to the left. When you move past the huge stones, the animal goes up. Go back to the right so that the animal can find an apple at the top. At this time, the creature should already jump onto the column and destroy it. So the main character can go on her way. Go to the building; hit the destroyed floor with your partner. Do the same thing below to slide down the mountain. By the way, you can shake an apple from the tree.

Below, you go to your little animal, and then return to the right to show him the apple. Go left and say goodbye to your friend. Jump below and enter the building with two luminous points.

You need to go down from here and go left and right. First, move left. You find yourself in a place with appearing and disappearing cubes. They're disappearing when the main character jumps on it. Go left and jump on cubes to the right. They will disappear and appear.

Further the task will be more difficult. Jump on the big cube, which will turn into a triangle. Move to the huge stationary cube on the right. Jump on it so that the next time cube will appear instead of a triangle on the left side. Climb up the left side to reach the luminous point.

Note. Jump in the same direction. There is a collection symbol on the left. You can take it if you jump onto the nearest of two small cubes (which appear and disappear together), then go down (without a jump) to the cube to the left and jump to the symbol from there. A large cube will appear when you jump.

Go back and go right. You fall through the hole. Move on the cave, jump along the branches to meet the same creature. He will give you the second luminous point.

Go back to cube to activate it. You unlock skill - a new double-jump. Double-click on the "Space".

Hold the "Space" after the second press; the main character will float through the air longer.

Climb to the very top of the tree using a new skill. You spot three red birds. Jump to them and hold the "Space" to climb higher. Go left and go higher. Reach other birds and jump up again, this time on a tree. Jump down and take the second jump in the air after you find yourself under an obstacle to the left. It will allow you to go around it and climb the ladder.

Go up the steps, use the birds, and soon you will enter a room with a large cube. Birds fly around it. Stand on the right side on the edge of the ledge. Make a double jump to the birds when they fly past. Climb to the cube; use the birds again to climb into the room above. Immediately go right, destroy the floor. Below, you activate the collection symbol. Go to the jars on the left and destroy one of them. Turn into a cube. Jump up with the red birds.

Now go left and jump on the disappearing cubes. Go up and continue the same actions, but this time it will be necessary to jump from each cube at the moment of disappearance. Use a double jump to wait for the next. Go the left side; destroy the floor with a cube. Use birds to fly up. Go to the birds on the right. You start to climb higher and higher until you find yourself in a room with a large statue of a woman.

Climb up using the red birds in the jars. Follow higher and higher until you find a bird. When it pushes you lower, use other birds to get to the new part of the level. Now you need to escape from the bird using the red flock. So you need turn into a cube that the bird does not blow off the main character. You will be on a location with a few red birds and green cubes. Climb to the first one, and then push away from the flock of birds to the right. Reach the flock above and push away to fly over the sloping tower to the left. When you fall, take a moment for a second jumping in the air to get to the collection symbol.

Follow on. In one of the places you will need to use a double jump and the cry of a bird to reach the cube, and from it - to the ledge on the right. Climb higher and higher. You will be in a room with a huge bell. Get to the jug on the left or on the right, destroy it. Jump up to the top using the birds. Jump to the bell and turn into a cube. The bird could not blow you away. Approach the cube-shaped bird. Stand on the edge of the bell and when the bird finishes blowing, then jump over to its side and again turn into a cube. Go to the cube-shaped bird to scare it away. She will disappear, and a red flock will appear on the bell. Jump up, using it.

Get to the new statue and stone hands. The main character will change the level. Now there will be water on it. Jump up and down the hair. You are on location with water. Movie to the right, use cubes and water platforms to move on top. There will also be red birds. You must use them to get to the dilapidated column. Hit on it in the shape of a cube to make a hole, and then jump onto the ledge with the collection symbol. This way, you go back to the main hall. Form the constellation using the luminous points.

Water level

Go down and walk past the turtle symbol. Move through the cave until you reach a dead end. Go up to the ruins, jump from them in a double jump and turn into a cube. Under the weight you go to the depth. But the reservoir will end and the main character will be in a new cave.

Go to the right and use the red birds. Follow through the room with the big tree, go down and climb the big mushrooms. Stand on the bells on the chain and hit them to go down. You will need to go to the next one to go even lower. Go down the bubbles, go left and destroy the jug. Use birds and jump up, turn into a cube and dive into the water to go around the underwater reef. Break the floor under your feet twice. You will be in a room with a cube and two points. Here you will receive a new skill, but for this you need to find two glowing points.

First go right. Frost will periodically appear in this cave and the silhouette of the main character will be frozen. Go to the high ledge, turn into a cube and wait. When the cube will freeze, jump on top with it. Soon you will enter the room with a luminous point. First, stand on the right side and turn into a cube to lower it. Place yourself under the left side and turn into a cube.

Wait and the cube will freeze. Then jump onto the left load and turn into a cube to lower it. Since there is a frozen cube below, it will not fall to the end. Stay in the shape of a cube on the left load and wait frost. When the cube will freeze over the left load, quickly move to the right side and turn into a cube. Both loads will be on the same level. The path to the luminous point will be unlocked. Take it away.

Go to the left cave, turn into a cube and wait. Use the ice cube to jump up. Go to the platform on the left and turn into a cube on its right edge. When it freezes, jump on top and turn into a cube again. You will be in place. Now you use the double jump to get on the top.

Go back to the cube with two points. You get a new skill. Now the main character can swim under water. Swim to the deepest until you get an underwater cave with some object and six points of light. Collect 4 more points.

Swim through the upper left tunnel and get to the land. Go up, using red birds; jump over to the tower with water to the right. Accelerate the "Space" to jump out of the water and fly to the birds. Use the birds to climb higher. In this way you need to go around the tower and go down to the depth to the right of it. Take the luminous point. Destroy the floor and go back.

Swim through the upper right tunnel to see the luminous point. It will run away from you. You have to climb through the water through the tunnel on the right, accelerate to the luminous point and immediately turn into a cube. Cube will fly faster, and you can catch a luminous point.

Swim through the lower right tunnel and get to the hall with the collection symbol. You can take it, but dive into the water on the right in the story. You must focus on its reflection from above to move through the missing columns and take the luminous point. In fact, you need to swim on the upper part of the water all the way to the left, go down and go around the columns to take object. Go down and swim to the left to return to the common room.

Swim through the tunnel bottom left; get to the flooded room with a large red tree. There are red fish (similar to birds) bottom right of the tree. Swim to them. They will start to follow the main character. Swim inside the trunk of red tree. Jump out of the water and jump with the help of fish and take the last luminous point.

Swim down with the turtle. Follow the only route and climb onto the arm of the huge statue. Climb the vertical stream of water. Swim away from the black monster, follow the only path and again run away from the creature until the turtle rescues you.

Follow to the left and get down into the room with the collection symbol on top. Go left. There will be a glowing cube in the room. It lights up when you approach it. Use this to memorize the location of the platforms. Rise left-up, and then jump on the cube, and from it - more to the right. Climb the ledge on the right in a room with another cube, use the birds and float in the air. Jump to the cube from the water and follow to the left to find other birds.

When you get to the room with a large cube on top, and then pay attention to the blue mushrooms. Hit the ground, turn into a cube. So the mushrooms would rise up and the cube would glow. You will find a floor on the right. Destroy it. So do it. Go higher and higher, using water cubes, until you return to the main hall, where you will continue to form a constellation.

Final level

Climb up to the right. Use the double jump to get to the ledge. The path to the right led sometime to the first level. But now, you need to destroy the jug and go up to the top with the help of birds.

Follow the long stairs to the left, climb up with the glowing bird. Follow the higher and higher, using red birds. Climb the waterfall and go right. You will find yellow birds at the end of the path. Use them to jump up. Get to the second flock of yellow birds and climb higher. Jump to the dome. Where there are closed red birds. Hold on, when it gets darker. The heroine falls down. Use the birds to climb up. There you will find a collection symbol.

Jump down and go left, find a half-destroyed floor at the end of the path and destroy it, turning into a cube. Follow left, climb up with the help of two flocks of red birds. You will find yourself in a large water bubble. Use the left red fish; you can fly across the tower on the left to find the collection symbol. Use the red fish again to jump up. Use a water stream to go up.

Slide down the slope, use water squares and move higher and higher. Move left and right. At the very top, you need to destroy the floor under your feet. So you get to another bird with a flashlight. Follow the right to find another bird. Go to the jug with the red birds and strike it with a cube. When you strike with a cube, the bird with the lantern will disappear. Free the red birds. Go to the blue one with a flashlight on the left. Jump up using the red birds, jump on the platforms near the ceiling and climb onto the dome. There are red birds under it. Hit the dome with a cube to drive away the bird with a lantern. Climb to the very top with the help of red birds.

You will be in a room where you need two points for a new skill.

Go left and up the stairs. Walk past the cube with the light and destroy the floor under your feet. Climb higher and higher, using red birds to turn the picture upside down. Now you walk on the ceiling. Go to the right, use the red birds until you reach the horizon line. Cross it to go down again. Jump across the line to move on the platforms. So you will have to get to the water from above. Lure red fish, jump out of the ceiling and use them to get to the glowing cube. Move to the right and soon reach the half-ruined floor. Destroy it to take the first luminous point.

Now go right, go up the stairs and jump into the water. Find red fish and use them to jump on the dome in the center. Climb even higher with the help of red birds. Again reach the horizon line and move to the ceiling. Go left, move between the ground and the ceiling with the help of birds. At the end of the path, you will need to grab the red fish from above, go down the water stream to the water square and jump down, then use the red fish to jump left-up.

Use the last red birds and climb into the tower, destroy the floor and find the second luminous point.

Go back and get a new ability: the main character can sing. The flowers open. Inside, red birds are hidden. You can sing to the left or to the right. Use singing and birds and you can get to the luminous points leading to the sky. Now you have only two points, but you need even more.

Go down and right, up the stairs. Use singing to open the buds and jump into the water square from above with the help of birds. Jump higher and swim above. You will see some point on the platform below. Jump to it and use singing. A big spider will appear.

Move to the right on it (you need to stand on the right edge). Then you will see the luminous dot on top. Get up under it, use singing to open the flowers. So you can get to the luminous point. From there, jump to the ledge on the right; climb higher and higher to move again beyond the horizon line.

Activate the moth on the right, go beyond the horizon and activate the second moth. You need to jump on it with the help of flowerpots on the left side. From there, move to the moth from below, and then to the right side of the moth from above. Jump to the right side, but so as not to jump over the horizon line. You will get in the tunnel to the right. So you will reach the next luminous point. Take it and go back. On the way, you will need to destroy the floor.

Move to the left from the place where you got the skill. Activate a large flower under the ceiling using singing. Jump down, lure red fish and use it to jump onto the dome to the left. Take the luminous point.

Go left and get out of the water on the waterfall. Up the steps to the right and you find yellow birds. Use them and climb higher and higher. You need to get to other yellow birds before everything gets darker. You can move to the ceiling. Follow the only path using red birds.

You need to sing songs in the room to the left. All the flowers open. Move between the ceiling and the floor. In the end, you get to the last point of light. Go back up, go upstairs and watch the cut-scene.

Get out of the monster's lair. You will be on a shattered arm. Use singing to restore the statue. Run up the path until you see the final credits...

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