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Walkthrough Kona

Walkthrough Kona

Full walkthrough

The Rest Stop

Drive forward (hold the W key). Get to the blocked bridge where the protagonist leaves his car.

Examine the closed gate on the wooden bridge. There is a lock that holds the chain. You need bolt cutter.

You can read a brochure on the wall in the booth to the left. Climb to the tower and open the chest. Take a pincer and fire starter.

Go down and open the garbage can near. Take the empty bottle.

Go back to the barrier and hold down the E key to cut the chain. Drive ahead until you have an accident.

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A few hours later

Wake up, turn around and go the other car. Open the trunk and take the first aid kit. Open the car door and take locked iron box from the seat. Take Isabelle Photo from the glovebox.

Open the map. Your location is indicated on it.

South Atamipek

Nearby there is another tower. Move in that direction, but you will meet the house on the way. This is the Atamipek camp. There is wood near the house to the left. Take one log and go inside. If you will be in the cold long, then you freeze and die. Periodically you need to warm yourself by the fire. Inside the house there is a stove in the far left corner. Go to it and hold down the E key, if you have a match, fire starter and firewood.

In any case, there are firewood on the street and 6 matches on the table. Also, there is 1 fire starter.

Wait until the hero warms up (the red icon in the upper left corner with the image of the fire must be full). From the table take the chains.

You can set fire on the street:

Go back to Carl's car. Apply the chain to the rear right wheel. Open the inventory. Find the first-aid kit in the Consumables section. Apply it to yourself. Carl is ready to go. Get in the car and drive forward to the next point - the general store and refueling.

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The General Store

Go around right and see a strange bunch of blue crystals. Take a picture and take the photo.

There will be new entries in the journal. Foul the wolves (dogs). There is a generator to the left. Look at it. You need scissors and scotch tape to repair it. Go the tank near which there were dogs. Open the lid and take the note.

By the way, you can get a fire starter from the trunk of your pickup truck.

Go inside the store and look around. There is electricity. There is the body on the right. Study, take a photo and save the photo.

Cover the body with a blanket. In the far right side there are three fire starters on the shelves. There is another note on the table to the left of the mailboxes. Remove the brochure and study it.

Go behind the bar. The light will turn off. Turn on the flashlight with the F key. There are several boxes behind the seller's bar. Open them and take the note, the duct tape, and the garage key.

Another note is to the right of the cash register. Inspect the cash register and knock out any numbers, then press the SALE button. It will open. Take post key.

Turn around and interact with the stairs. It will move, and you will see a first aid kit on the shelf. Take it, go to the stairs and go up. Take the bottle of wine.

Go to the street to the car. There are mailboxes to the left of the entrance. Open the bottom with a key and take away the revolver and the mini-key. Karl will automatically open the metal casket from the inventory and get another letter.

Follow the garage. There is no light, so use a flashlight. There will be a workbench with drawers on the left hand. Search them; find pliers and hardware.

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Go to the generator with pliers and tape near the store and repair it.

Enter the store through the back door (to the left of the generator) and find the shield and switch to the left. Turn the switch so that the white arrow points to the position GEN (generator). Open the shield. Electricity in the store is in the OFF position, and you need switch the garage toggle ON. If you turn both on, the lift in the garage will not be able to rise. Go inside the garage and bypass the car. There is a remote at the window. Activate it to raise the lift. Get the crowbar under the car.

Go inside the store and now turn off the light in the garage, but turn it on in the store. Follow the seller's bar and you will see the remote control panel of the two pump columns at the window. Activate the right pump and refuel the car, go out into the street and interact with the gun of the gas station. Now you can move by car, but do not rush.

Go to the pile of blue crystals behind the store. From them go wolf tracks. Follow them until you find a frozen person. Touch it.

The vision will begin. Follow the footsteps, in the opposite direction to the one from where the silhouette is running. Pick up the journal. Walk a little further and pick up the keychain with the number 739. Go further, open the car door and take Jill's papers. The vision will end.

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Eastern Atamipek

Open the map and you will see two new icons. One of them next to the store points to the bonfire. Follow it - you saw this place in the memory. Learn it, set a fire. Firewood is at the gas station. Look again at the mysterious magazine.

Lachance's House

Next is the next icon - LACHANCE. Go to it; go up the mountain to the house.

Inside the house, set fire. You can turn on the light. Switch next to the front door. Search the boxes to find the fire starter. There is a new tool in the room next to the front door in the box - Pain Killer. The "brain" icon in green is your fear. Pian Killer restores the scale.

You can fill an empty bottle with water. Go to the other room. There is a stepladder and stairs up. Look at the picture on the wall on the left. Turn it over and see the inscription: "Bertrand Lachance 1948".

At the top inside the wardrobe you find 10 films for the Polaroid. You can get cigarettes from the chest.

Go down and interact with the icy person.

You go to where the fingerprints are pointing. You will learn about the hiding place and find a Gisele's Diary.

Go into the room to the right of the ice statue and inspect the place where the hiding place is located with the safe. Interact with the wall and see the safe.

What is a code? First, just turn around. You will learn that the code consists of one letter and three digits. Three figures are on the keyfob (739). The letter is B (the name Bertrand on the back of the portrait). Enter the code B 739, the safe will open. Inside you will find a compromising document.

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Go outside, go around the house and on the metal plate to the left of the window with a silhouette find the magnet.

Get down off the wooden steps. There you will see a burning arrow on one of the beams to the left. Take a picture of it and save the photo.

Bedard's House

Open the map and go to the next house - Bedard on the map.

There is a mailbox near the road (not far from the house). Open it and take the picture - it shows a place with treasures. We'll come back to it later.

Go to the house, but first go inside the garage to the left. You find the small key in the drawer in the desk on the left (there are lots of drawers; you need to inspect all). Find an empty bottle and canister on the shelves on the right.

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Follow the house and inspect the door. There is a mat on the porch. Find the key under the mat and go inside. Immediately heat the stove on the left.

Examine all the drawers and refrigerator. Take the steaks. Take supplies from the boxes. Apply the magnet to the threads at the sink. You will receive a wired magnet.

Look at all the portraits to get a new entry in the magazine. Look into all the rooms in the corridor. You need to turn on the table lamp in the far right room. There is Sylvie's Diary inside the drawer of the cabinet. You will find Marie's Diary in another room from the curbstone.

Roy's House

Follow to another house nearby. One door will be closed and the other one will be open. Inside, immediately set a fire in the stove on the right. The firewood are to the left. Collect different supplies from the boxes. Inside the house you can find four pages with a novel.

Go outside and walk away from the house, where there are wolves and a barn. You can find an ax inside the shed. Run along the wolf tracks from the barn. You find a place with a fireplace. Set the fire. Nearby there are stones – find a talisman under a large stone. You need the scrap from the garage at the gas station to get it.

Cabin A, Cabin B, Shack

Open the map and look above the store (refueling). There will be two icons with a "bed". Go there and carefully look around. Wolf tracks will lead to various bonfires. You can set them. Shack is closed - you need a key.

Inspect Cabin A and Cabin B.

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Western Atamipek

Go back to the gas station, but not until the end. Turn toward the left edge of the map.

Dr. Beaprue Clinic

You need to turn left behind the bridge, to the icon with a white cross. The key of the house is in the mailbox opposite the main entrance. Go inside and light the stove on the left. Search all. Take a picture of the blood

Find first-aid kits, firewood, fire starters. The next point is Rosa's house.

Rosarie's House

Go inside and see the man on the chair with a gun. Talk to him. He is ready to exchange you a warm coat for a good bottle of beer. The usual bottle of beer will not do. There is the key to the barn to the right of the front door. There is an ax and inside the barn. We go to search for beer for the old man, but first search his house again to collect different documents.

House of the Patriot

Go on the marker of Blouin, which is more to the left of the map.

Look around inside the house; find a note in the wardrobe. Also you find Regina's driver's on the bed. Remove the Caribou recipe from the wall. This is the drink that an old man needs with a gun in Rosarie's House. You could find the wine from the recipe in the store. You need whiskey and one more ingredient.

But in fact for a new drink it will be enough bottles of wine and an empty bottle. When you have both ingredients, go to the saucepan at the back of the room and interact with it. You will get the right drink.

Rosarie's House

Return to the old man and give him a drink. Take your coat. Now you will be freezing more slowly.

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Lamothe's Garage

Finally, go to the end point of the left edge of the map.

Climb the hill and go left to go through the hole in the fence. There will be another frozen person in the garage. Do not rush to interact with him. Look around. Take the bolt from the refrigerator - it is needed to repair the spaceship in the center. Find the nippers in the drawers on the left. They are also needed. There is also a third ingredient, but which one? Find the handlebars on the shelf on the right. Take the headlight from the ship (capsule). If there is no duct tape, find it in the garbage around the garages.

And the third part is the tape. So, when you have hardware, pliers and duct tape. Look through the memory now. You will not get anything interesting.

Go outside and go to the back yard of the garage. There is a broken snowmobile. There is a snowmobile track on the wall on the building to the right. But that is not all.

Climb this building up and go along the bridge to the nearest building. There is an interaction point on the left. Use a hammer and hardware; you can build a bridge on the garage. Do it.

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You will find another note on the roof of the garage.

Go down and go further from the snowmobile. There is a lounger on the edge of the cliff. Take away bench. Examine the cars in the yard. Find the snowmobile skis in the trunk of one of them. Another ski is to the left of the door of the next building, next to the garage.

Enter the building and remove the plan of the spacecraft from the wall on the right. Find a guide of snowmobiles on the table. Finally, find a letter from the police on the table to the left of the stove.

Studying the instruction and then you can install items on the snowmobile. You will need:

  • The bench.
  • A tractor and a clipper.
  • Headlight, handlebars and nippers.
  • Two skis.

You need a can of gasoline, a key and one more thing to start the snowmobile. So you do not have this (an empty canister could be found in one of the previous houses, and you can fill it here - from the yellow tank behind the garage). But where are the keys and the second object?

Secret Project. Puzzle at the satellite, electric lock

Exit the territory of the garages through a hole in the fence and see wolf tracks. Follow them. Traces will go to the right, where you can’t go. You run straight. Along the way, you may have to kill the wolf. Take a picture of the blood in the grave, and then break the gate with crowbar. Walk along the wooden path. By the way, you can find the fire starter in the bag behind the gate on the right.

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Further there will be a fork. The path to the left is blocked by a satellite dish. Go to the right to bypass the antenna. You will see a red lever behind it. Pull it to expand. Go back and see that the path is open. Walk past the satellite and see a huge number of wires, valves with pluses and minuses, as well as an electric lock on the grille in the center.

There are the tips to solve the puzzle:

  • You must combine plus with a minus, a minus with plus and so on. If plus is combined with plus or minus with minus, then a short circuit occurs.
  • Approach the lock and start moving in a random order. Select the positive wire on the lock and track which valve it is on. Turn this valve so as to put a minus in front of the input of this wire. If you chose a negative wire from the lock, then you need to put a plus on the same wire on the found valve.
  • After this will be a short circuit on the other part of the valve (plus or minus). It will be necessary to track where the wire is going and turn the next valve to the opposite sign.

Remove the key from the snowmobile from the generator inside. The second item is found!

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It is necessary to find the third. It's a spark plug.

The Ice Cavern

It is on the left and lower from Rosarie's House. Inside it, go deep and find another icy body. Interact with him and follow the red tracks to find a secret move. Read Regin's records lying on the table. So the memory will end.

Take away three dynamite ligaments, a rifle from the stand and cartridges to it. There are also other consumables - duct tape, nippers, etc.

It is necessary to take all three dynamite bonds. It is very important!

Go to the exit, lower the board down (the board from the memory). The exit is blocked by a block of ice. Use dynamite and run away. It will not blow up. Follow the opposite direction to the place where the ice man is. Along the way, kill the wolf. Place the dynamite on the pile at the end of the cave and run away. Go outside, lower the stairs and go down.

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You will see another cave on the map, below the gas station (general store).

Find the cave entrance and apply the third dynamite found in the previous cave. Inside you will find supplies and a place for a fire. According to the plot, this cave is not needed.

Blais' House

Go above the general store across the bridge up the map. Do not turn to Cabin A and Cabin B on the right of the map, and turn left at the next turn. So you will get to the house.

There is a house and a barn. Go to the shed, and you will see an ice hole to the right of it. You need a magnet with threads to get the key and go into the barn. Thread is inside the house.

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Enter the house. Find the key Cloutier et Fils' on the bedside-table to the left of the entrance. Move the bedside-table to the right of the entrance and take the note. Look around. Take a notice from the thumb at the sink. Its name is the same as found key.

Find the newspaper on the floor in the bathroom and read the article about Blaise.

Climb up and pull out Louise's diary from the bedside-table in the lighted room. Get down, dismiss the wolf.

Treasure Map 01

HINT. Two crossed trees indicate on all places with treasures. They are in the chests.

If you do not recognize this place, then go to Cabin 2 on the map (the icon with the bed, the right of the two). Climb the slope, to the right edge of the map, and find the box near the long boards. Inside there will be a second treasure map and a fire starter.

Treasure Map 02

Go to the shack between two cabins Cabin 1 and Cabin 2. Climb up north and at the top of the hill find the same box. Inside there will be a third treasure map and a patron.


It's time to move to the north of the location. Go back to the road and drive up the road until you see a crashed car. There is a descent at the bottom of the car. You can drive by snowmobile with the prompt of the announcer! But you do not have the last detail.

There is a burning arrow in the car - take a picture of it.

Look in the trunk of the car, take the note. Pick up the Rangers' guide from the ground, near the destroyed fence. Go through this fence ahead, along the wolf tracks. You will find yourself at the ice wall.

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Ice Wall and Treasure Map 03

Look at the cutscene at the icy wall. The wall will disappear, but you do not rush to go forward. Look at the hill on the right and see two crossed trees. Climb to them and find the third treasure chest. Open it and take the treasure map and 10 frames for the Polaroid.

Treasure Map 04

Let's continue to search for treasures. Go back to the turn where there are two huts (markers with a bed) and a shack. Look for two crossed trees. Inside will be the next treasure map.

Treasure Map 05

Follow the gas station, the general store. Go right down the map, along the river. After you see the boards across the river, continue to follow down the map, climb the hill. Here you must find the right place. Inside there is the sixth card.

Treasure Map 06

Follow the map below from the gas station and turn to the river on the other side of the road. Inside is the seventh card.

Treasure Map 07

From here you can walk on foot down the map, to the green zone. Inside is the eighth card.

Treasure Map 08

Again you can walk, and again you have to go down the map. Inside, you find the ninth card.

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Treasure Map 09

And again you need to go down, along the stones, but first find the point where you can jump over the wooden fence.

Treasure Map 10

In the last chest you will find a note from Martin. But most importantly - there will be a signal rocket launcher, ammunition to which you found earlier.

Ice Wall

Go back to the ice wall. Go through it and follow the path until you find yourself in a small camp. Here you can set a fire. There is a pillar with a burning arrow next to the tent - take a picture.

The Northern Forest

Then you will find the northern forest. Go on the dot on the map.

Observation Tower

Very soon you will reach the tower. Light the stove inside the house. Take the letters to Pierre from the table. Also you can find the next account for Alexander Blays from under the jacket in the far right corner.

Burnt Cottage

Continue to move down the slope until you see the river. You can go over the stones on the right dotted line on the map, or build a bridge with a hammer and hardware.

You can set a furnace, find a hammer, nails and a first aid kit inside the burnt hut.


Further the road diverges, but you can find the next hut nearby.

There is a place under the fire a little higher on the map, while the entrance to the hut is closed. I did not find the key, as well as the last detail from the snowmobile (comment if you find that).

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Continue to follow further. You have to go to the right at the fork of the two paths (the path to the left leads to a dead end and to the same bonfire, indicated above). You will see frozen people. Climb the stairs to find Wendigo. Interact with it. So you will find out what really happened here.

Do not try to kill Wendigo - run away. You need have first-aid kits. Avoid wolves if possible, without killing. Go the cemetery. Follow on and find yourself on the dock. Go along the rails ahead and open the gate. Go right and see the monster again. Take the left to the pier and interact with the boat. See the final cut scene.

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