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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Lucius III

Walkthrough Lucius III

Lucius III

See the introductory video, follow Jack and jump over two holes and go to the trustee. Climb higher after the cut-scene and walk along the path up the hill. There is a place with a stand and a map on the left. Examine the bench and collect bobblehead the little devil figure (collection item). Climb higher and break the tree. Aim at it, hold the LMB and tilt the object. Release the LMB. Go upstairs with the help of the bench. Walk along the lowered tree and tilt the other tree trunk. Jack follows you. Continue further, move the beam to the right-above from the dam. A large stone will fall. Use it to move to the other side and see the city on the coast of the lake. Go down the path, jump over two cliffs. Move along the wooden stairs. Jump down to destroyed wooden structures and go to the broken fence on the edge of the rock to the left. You find the figure of bobblehead on the ground. Climb to the ledge and go on. Go down the stairs; do not go to the very end. Pay attention to the platform before the last flight. You can jump on it. Having done, go to the bridge. You need to destroy it. Concentrate. Then hover the "light" on each of the two ropes and clamp the LMB to set them on fire. Then, jump down. Do not rush to move lower, but go upstairs to find the figure of the imp. Get down below until you find the entrance gate. Open them to see a party of locals. You will be given a camera and you will need to take pictures of the guests present. Get to know them. Go to the two women on the left to find out that the children of one of them are called Samantha and Derek. Their home is near the beach. Come and take a picture of a drunken man – James Morgan on the right side. Also you meet a young guy named Banter. He owns a a motel, and his sick mother is also there. Take a picture of the preacher Cooler. Take a picture of Gabriel, who was met on the road. Mayor Jackson will say that he will be happy to see Lucius in his house. Finally, apply the camera to Robert Williams, standing next to the barbecue. Walk to the right of the house and chat with the children. Kill the crow, and then take away his heart, lying on the ground.


Pass into the room to the left of the detective and inspect the photograph, which lies on the cabinet in the left distant corner. Take the notebook to put all the collected pictures into it. There is a toy robot on the shelf next to the bed. You will need a screwdriver to open it and pick up the batteries. There are many costumes in the wardrobe closet. You can change at any time. You leave from the room and follow into the hall through the double door to the left of the kitchen. There is a figure bobblehead on the cabinet to the left, next to the chair. There is a family photo in the same closet. Go to the far room and pick up the Sacred Scroll. Watch the video, and then return to the nursery.

Chapter 1.

Waking up and go to the bedroom of Jack. Take a bobblehead from the bollard on the right. Next, go to the kitchen to meet Jack. Eat breakfast off the table and go to the exit. Now you can to navigate the map. Look at the school, to the right of the front door (inside). Take a bobblehead on the floor. Talk to the teacher; look at the note on the drawer in the far left corner to find out that Freeman’s children are liked to stamps. Walk down to the water tower, go upstairs and pick up a bobblehead. There are the documents signed by Judge Jackson on the floor. Go to the house of the Freemen and look around. Look at the three boys in the room on the left to leave a note in the journal. Go to the garage and pick up the screwdriver from the table. There is a detail T12С3 on one of the shelves in the right side. Take a look at the storage room in Freeman's garage. You see the floorboards nailed on the floor. There's anything hidden, but now it is impossible to open it. In the kitchen, you can take a bottle of milk from the refrigerator. There is a bobblehead (on the pedestal with a flower) in the room with a piano. Climb to the second floor and enter Freeman's office to make a note about him. There is a bobblehead in one of the bedrooms with a large bed. It is located on the cabinet on the right. You can find bobblehead at the cemetery in the upper left corner. It is located on one of the graves at the far end. You will meet Banter Mason himself at the Mason Motel. In the far room, there is a bobblehead on the statuette of a crow. Go to the next room, next to the office of Banter, and look through the holes in the eyes in the pictures hanging on the walls. You will see a bath. Maria takes off the wig, and Lucius will leave a note about this in the diary. Visit the burnt Dante Minor mansion. It is located to the right of the cemetery and motel. Go straight into the wreckage. You find a book on the ground in Latin. Lucius will mark the translation of the phrase Novit enim Dominus - “For the Lord knows.” If you go back and turn left, you can watch the video. There is a pink urn at the crossroads between the diner, city hall and school. Take a bobblehead from it. Go to the diner and overhear the conversation between the waitress Cheryl and Dr. Green. He will tell about the broken fire alarm in the house of the mayor. Lucius will leave a note in the journal. Go behind the bar, go through the kitchen to the pantry and find the bobblehead. Go to the gas station, go inside and watch the video. Here you can find three bobbleheads: on a shelf in a room with shelves; in front of the garage; in the common room where the sofa is located. You find a flyer on the table in the last room. Read information about the Halloween party in the house of Williams. All guests will be in white pajamas. Lucius has white pajama in the closet. Go to the tree house, which is located below the gas station. Next to it, Lucius will take a note in his diary. The house belongs to Morgan Derek. Use concentration and lower the stairs under the house. Climb up and take bobblehead from the box on the table. Climb higher on the platform in the window. You find the second bobblehead. Climb onto the roof of the house and find the third bobblehead near the tree trunk. Go to the house of Morgans. You see that Samantha's father is drinking. He locked the girl in the backyard. Inside the house, there is a tall wardrobe in one of the bedrooms. There is bobblehead on top. First jump onto the table and then take it. Go down to the  Jackson's Ledge, read the note on the stand. Find the bobblehead under the bench. Go to the dump and listen Bonapart. He has a bobblehead, pliers and a wrench on the table. You need to bring something in return to take a tool. He wants the processor from the game console. Go down to the river to find a secret place. Here is a wooden hut. Inside you can find the bobblehead and detail "T12S3." We did not take the item in the house of the Freemen, so perhaps it may not be here. It is time to visit the city center. Go to the city hall and see the video. Remove the flyer from the stand in the main hall. It says that the mayor begins the campaign on October 28. Go around the circle and look at the mayor's office. Inspect the trophy. Mayor - the main contender for the title of First Horseman. You can talk to him and give him the flyer found earlier. But we decided to explore all the other places. There is the police station next to the City Hall. Go left along the corridor and open the last door. There is a woman's handbag on the washbasin in the WC. Take it away. Go through the door at the reception. Find the bobblehead on one of the office desks. Climb to the second floor and inspect the board with the wanted ones. Knock on the lieutenant’s door. You will learn that the lieutenant asks Jack to find the same girl (Paula Lambert). Also on the second floor there is a room with evidence. It’s impossible to get inside yet. You can meet Nancy Morgan in a nearby store, but there's nothing inside. Go down to the house of Gabriel, ring the bell and view the cut-scene. You can't get in now. Go to the pier and chat with Larry Ferguson. He is not ready to take Lucius fishing because the ship is broken. He needs an oil filter. Also not far from the boat, there is a small pier with a bobblehead on the left side. Go to the mayor's office and give him a flyer. Return home to the mayor. You will see a stove through the window. Concentrate on it, turn the dial and watch the video. Mayor is at home. Return to the mayor's office, turn over three crosses — two on the sides and one behind the desk. The mayor will appear in the office. Go to him, concentrate and turn into the First Horseman of the Apocalypse. Back home, you will need to follow Jack. You leave from the house through the rear door (glass). Jack will break the boards. Follow him to the amusement park. Search the pockets of clothing on the corpse of the mayor, who is on the carousel. You will find the coin and house keys. Interact with the booth on the right, where is the machine with the predictions. Search the adjacent booth on the right side to find the bobblehead. Go to the left side of the park, where the cars are located. There is a bobblehead on one of them. Interact with the toggle switch opposite the carousel and go to Jack to start the video and complete the first chapter.

Chapter 2. The Burning Faith

When you wake up, go to the office where the scroll is located, and listen to Jack. The second Horseman is a person who provokes everyone to conflicts. In addition, he must have a sword. Go to the mayor's house, because now you have the keys. There is a bobblehead on the nightstand in the bedroom (to the left along the corridor). There is a game console in mayor’s home. Open it with a screwdriver to get the processor. You can find the very same robot (in the room of Lucius). Open it with a screwdriver and get the batteries. Go to the city hall and go to the main hall to listen to the meeting. Lucius will make some important notes. Go to the Gabriel’s house. Go inside and find the key to the basement of the church. Here you can study notes hanging on the wall. Follow the church and go down to the basement. Use the key. The entrance is to the right of the main entrance. Look at the note on the table downstairs and examine the large bronze statue with a sword hidden under the sheet. By doing this, go outside and try to enter the church. Crosses continue to prevent Lucius. There are two crosses left and right of the entrance. Turn them over. Apply the concentration on the cross on the porch visor. Go around the corner to the right, open the door and go upstairs. Go to the roof and interact with the large cross. You need a wrench to turn it. Go to the junkyard. Exchange the processor for a wrench from Bonaparte. If he gave pliers, then go back home and open a robot in Lucius’s room with a screwdriver. Exchange them for the desired item. In any case, you need to exchange all the items for pliers and a wrench. You need both tools. Bring Bonaparte detail T12C3, which we wrote about earlier. For this, Bonaparte will take you into the garage, and you will see a construction. Listen to the guy, and then pull the lever on the side to kill him.   Return to the church, tilt the cross on the roof, using a wrench. Enter inside. Take the bobblehead from the booth for confession. Examine the two portraits of priests on the cabinet on the right. Wait until all people come closer to the priest, where they will kneel. After that, knock over the books on the cabinet on the left, on the first floor. Tear down two white posters on the walls to the left and to the right. Climb up; find another poster and other books on the pedestal. As a result, you have defiled five sacred objects, but you need seven. Go down and use mind of Gary (a man with a bald head). Knock over the cross. Then concentrate on the cross behind the priest and lift it up. After the video, Lucius will be alone with the pastor in the church. Approach him and when you can concentrate, and then you can burn the book in your hands. You will need to aim at it and click on the LMB several times. Also you need to concentrate again and set fire to the head of the priest. Chapter is completed.      

Chapter 3. The Balance Between

Go to the kitchen and listen to Jack. When he leaves, you clean up the fragments in the room. Concentrate on them. After that, go out and follow to the city hall. Go to the offices in the distant part and look at the office on the left, where the judge's office is located. Examine the scales on the table, then follow Judge Jackson's house. Go inside, but the judge will not be at home. There is a bobblehead in the room to the left, behind the sofa. Go to the far bedroom; study the newspaper clippings on the nightstand. See a photo of Lucius’s Grandpa next to the bed. Examine the study, examine the photo above the fireplace, a picture with Latin inscriptions on the wall and take away from the table a notebook with the same inscriptions. Also there is a book on the bookshelves that you can click on. Bobblehead is hidden in the kitchen next to the fridge. Take another little bobblehead in the living room, on the nightstand next to a vase of dust. Go to the police station, go upstairs and hand over the notebook to Jack. After that, visit the church, go down to the basement and re-examine the book in Latin. Next, move to the Dante-Minor. Go deeper along the path and pick up a book. That same lawyer will appear. After the cut scene, go back to school. If you haven’t been there before, pick up two bobbleheads - one at the front door, the other - on the shelf in the left far corner. Talk to the teacher. Apply a notebook on her, to find out the meaning of the phrase: "Kill them all, for the Lord knows who they are." Return to the house of Judge Jackson and go to the office. Find the different books available for interaction on the shelves on the right. You must activate these books in the correct order:
  • Kill them all
  • For lord
  • Knows
  • Who
  • They are
  Get down. There is the locked grid. There are two bowls, a candle and a pentagram on the left. Also there is a barrel on the right. Pick up the dirt from the barrel and pour it into the bowl, which is closer to the grid (under the image of the mountains). Hit the pentagram, concentrate and light the candles. Finally, pour the milk from the bottle into the leftmost cup. We found a bottle of milk in the refrigerator of the Freemen’s house. Another one is in the fridge at the mayor's house. When you do all this, lower the lever. The grid should open. Go ahead, look into the mind of Judge Jackson and watch the videos.

Chapter 4. Death over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Go to the station to listen to the conversation with the lieutenant Jack. You learn about the missing girls, but only one place united them - the motel. Move there and go to the house behind the motel. You will see Wagner through the window on the right. He is talking to his mother. Follow him. Wagner will enter the room where the new girl lives. You must enter the next room and look through the picture next to the entrance. Wagner will wear a wig. Look into the bathroom through the picture on the left to see how Wagner will kill the girl. Follow him to the cemetery until. Go back to the room where the crime was committed. Turn the cross hanging next to the bathroom door and burn the bible on the bedside table. When Wagner comes in, you concentrate and kill him. Watch the video.

Chapter 5. The Burning Love of the Christ

Burn all the people who decide to attack Lucius. When you kill everyone, go to the altar ahead and burn the lieutenant before he has time to shoot at Lucius. Watch some videos.

Chapter 6. Sooner or Later, They All Return

Move on top, jump to the next part of the building, turn the corner and concentrate on the wall to the right to overturn it. Jump further and go down the stairs to the right. Get out of here until you meet Gabriel. Talk to him; go down to the basement through the passage on the left. Move to the far room, where you will find two corpses. Remove the dagger from the skeleton of Fabius Wagner. Take it and go outside. Move to the cemetery. Examine the mausoleum door in the center of the cemetery. Find the bowl to the left of it. Use the dagger, go inside and lower the lever on the right. Enter the elevator and throw four coins from four Horsemen into the mechanism. If you don’t have them, then go back to McGaffin’s house. Go to the right of the entrance door and find the gate in the high fence. Through it you can go to the backyard and get to the merry-go-round with riders. Go down the elevator, you will find yourself in Hell. Go forward, go through the door and find yourself on the destroyed bridge. Jump down when the platform flies to you. Leap on a small ledge, and from it - even higher. Jump onto another platform when it is nearby. Go to its end and go down to the ledge below. When the platform will approach the column, and then go down to it (without jumping). Go down from the column and open the door in front, using the lever. Follow forward until you find yourself in a snowy cave.

All endings in Lucius III

Go straight and see the rotating platforms. You just jump forward when the next platform is close. Lucius should automatically fly to her. After a couple of seconds, another platform will appear next. Just click on the "Space" button. Immediately do the same to jump to the third platform, and click on the "Space" again when you are at the central part. Go up to Lucifer and apply a dagger on him. Watch the video. Now there is a choice that will determine the ending:
  1. Pull the dagger from the back of Lucifer and hit Gabriel with it. Lucius will sit on the throne and rule the Hell.
  2. Do not touch the dagger, but go to Gabriel. Walk past him to start the video. Lucius and Gabriel fly to the Pearl Gates.
All side quests (actions) in Lucius III https://youtu.be/jfqtDKUeFvg  



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