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Walkthrough Obduction

Full walkthrough Obduction

Start a new game. You can choose the method of transportation. Free movement is always better. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-24 21-11-56-94 Move to the river and to the left, past the fire. Go up the hill until you do not stop the game. Wait, when glowing object will fly to you. You will find yourself on an unknown planet. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-24 21-12-47-96 Walk through the gorge, go ahead and see the object in the form of a crystal. Nearby there is a sign and a button. Click on the button and listen to the message. Use the cursor and the left mouse button to interact with objects. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-24 21-13-01-48 Go ahead until you see the gray house. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-24 21-14-03-48 Go to it. You can find a note in the mailbox. And you need to listen to another audio message near the house. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-24 21-14-49-03 The door is locked inside the house. Turn around. You can go to the left and see a few graves. Aura is blocking the way. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-24 21-19-00-80 Go right from the house, if you stand back to him. You will see a flying creature (from mines). It sits on the roof of the house. What does it mean? A little further there are several houses with boarded-up doors and windows. Nearby you will find a message, which saw earlier (in the first audio messages). Turn on the sound clip. Go to the right side to the rock. There is a pass between the houses. Look to the right and see another audio message. Run it and learn about the Tree (you can see red leaves in the background,). Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-24 21-21-57-03 Now you can bypass a rock on the left or the right, but will see a locked gate to the Tree. Move deep locations, where you can see blue and red gleams. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-24 21-29-50-77 Soon you will see the building with the device. It is forming the gleams. The building is locked. To the right of it there is a small building, through which you can get on the wooden walkways. You will find a metal door inside the buildings. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-24 21-30-35-73 Click on the green button of the device (the center of the door).  Metal shield is fallen, and you talk with a man. He tries to leave this place. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-24 21-31-02-86 He asks to restore the power. Walk on the wooden bridges on the left . Stand on it, move the lever to the right to go upstairs. From here you can get a device with a red beam. Go over the bridge, through the rocks and turn right. Do you see the dam? Pull the lever to open it. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-24 21-37-29-01 From here you can get a device with a red beam. But can’t to interact with it. Run away over the bridge up. Turn right and go to the partition that holds water. Pull the lever in the direction to raise the barrier. Look down to see where the water is now flowing. Go back the same way. Move to the dam. Under a waterfall, you can activate the audio message from Mayor Joseph. Go to the dam. There is a lever on the contrary. Examine the partition. On it there is a thing resembling a valve with two blades. So for these blades you can move up or down walls. There are three positions: two partitions on the same level, right above the left or right above the left. You need to make sure that the right partition was lowered into the water, and the left - raised up. Then again, pull the same lever. The partition must turn 90 degrees. So you get the access to the other side of the location. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 12-26-13-94 Follow the path. To the right you will see two rods. Behind them there are steps. If you go over the top, then you will stop near the very partition. There are metal step and go on until you can’t. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 12-29-54-37 Follow ahead until you find yourself in a new place. There is a huge stone sphere on the right, and under it there are tracks and motorcycles. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 12-30-12-99 On one of the columns you can find the white button but nothing happens when you press it. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 12-30-25-72 Go on. There are several carriages and rails on the right side. Blue car is a generator that you need to run. Walk up to it and look at the panel. You see the green switch on / off, switch on the tube (red arrow), which takes two diagonal position, as well as fuel measurement sensor. The arrow of fuel is pointed on E – EMPTY. Please note that red metal pipe goes of the generator. Follow for the pipe. Because the pipe will go black hose - move along it and find yourself at a gas station. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 12-32-26-16 IMPORTANT! Green switch set to OFF and the arrow on the place where one pipe turns into two, set so that the left end was lowered down. Go back to the gas station and turn the lever on the column. Go back to the generator (wagon) and see that the fuel sending unit points to F - Full. After that,  you need turn ON the green toggle, while you not touch the arrow on the adapter. Now pay attention on the metal door to the right of  toggle switch and arrows. Move it to the left to close the fuel sending unit, but open another yellow switch. It can turn to the left (PRIME) and in the right position (START). Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 12-44-00-85 Switch the dial to the PRIME (left). And it is necessary not only to switch, but also hold!!!! The bulb on the left will start to fill up with fuel. Wait when the game automatically turns off. After that, move the switch to START. Again hold!!! Hold until the generator will started. You will hear a distinctive sound and the light will illuminate green without flashing. Power is restored! Go back to the man. This is the same S.V. He will say that now we need to turn off the dome.

Disabling the dome (Farley)

Now the lift up to the red beam does not work. Get out and look to the right. There is a garage door and a red button. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 12-56-21-18 Click on the button to open the gate. Climb up and look around. You can find a few notes on the table. In one of them S.V. requests to change the access code to Farley. You need to set numbers of the house in reverse order. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 12-56-53-83 Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 12-57-54-24 If you go on rails, you go into the water tower with a hose and a switch. You can turn on or off the water supply to the Tree. There is device on the second floor, where you have read the note. You can lift the lid and move some lever to connect the hose. Go to Farley's house and see what its number - 1436. Go back to the car generator. Remember, there you included the power supply. Behind it there is a small porch and doorway. Go back to the right and the right hand will find the entrance to the mine. Go there. This is the door to Farley's house. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 13-10-54-20 Enter access code (number Farley House vice versa) - 6341. Just need to click on those figures. Green light is lighted. Open the door. Inside you can see the house of Farley. Slide the latch on the door and open it. So, you opened the door, which was locked at the beginning of the game. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 13-22-43-41 Inside the house there are a lot of interesting information. Read it - notes, notebooks and diaries on the tables. Go back to the place where the blue and red beams. Climb up and look at the device with blue ray. It stands on the trolley. There is two buttons on one of the metal studs. Click on the bottom to lower the trolley down. Then you need go down. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 13-34-21-26 Go to the trolley. Now you can get into it, find the door with the inscription “ENTER”. Use the key C to leave the screen fixed and moves the cursor in any direction. You can see the green switch in the upper right corner of the screen. Use it to switch between the control trolley (movement forward or backward) and configure the device with blue ray - left, right, up or down. Blue button in the middle enables or disables the blue ray.

What are the red and blue rays?

The device with the blue beam destroys the device from the red beams. The red beam produces an energy barrier. We must destroy it! Get in the car with a blue beam device and go forward over the fence! There will be a pointer to the rails. Go through a fork and set the arrow so that you could go back, but do not roll back from left, and away from the fence. Thus, the trolley should be the front part of the building, where you went. Switch on the device, activate the blue beam and move it to the device with a red beam. So you will destroy it. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 16-35-14-97 From this point you can pass through the barrier, but there is one feature! The barrier will teleport you to a certain part of the location where you have not been. Get back into the trolley and go to the beginning, where is the house Farley. Where are the arrows. The arrow for rail works only if you are traveling along paths that diverge to the left and right sides. So, you have to drive through the location in front of the house Farley. There will still be a fork between two different routes (cross-hairs). Drive up the hill toward the energy barrier. To the right you should see the gate. Exit the trolley and open the gate. Go through the tunnel and see a sub. Note the stones which blocking the way - they glow red. This is the tip! Behind them is the red beam device. Go back into the truck and shoot a blue beam. So that it will pass through the open gate and to the rocks in the tunnel. Stones is disappear. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 16-24-51-65 Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 16-25-04-43 Leave the trolley and go through the opened tunnel. Enter the energy field, and you move to the dump.

The Dump

Go forward and to the right. There you will see rails in a circle. Walk along the rails until you find the red gate. Be sure to open the red gate! This is one of your main goals. After that, go back on rails in a circle. Move clockwise from the red gate on the right side after 10 meters will see a rise in the bucket of the excavator. Stand in the bucket and press the left button. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 16-44-06-28 You go down. Move along the fence and find electrical shield. Open both doors. Behind them are two levers. One lever is without handle (right). You can’t move it. A second lever (left), with the handle and can move it up or leave to the lower position. There are tips on the back side of the door. You need to raise the left arm. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 16-44-48-18 Go to the garage. Inside, you'll find the device one of the races. This device allows you to encrypt messages, but now it is you do not need. Go deep into the garage and then press the "up" to open the gate and get the access to the rest of the locations where you've been (petrol and so on). Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 16-46-40-87 Go back to the trolley. Drive on it back toward the place where the device red beam was. Stay around in front of red Tree. Please note that there is a fork in the road that may lead you to the right in the direction of the tunnel with rocks. Shoot the blue beam in the stones. They are disappearing. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 16-40-37-62 It is important to understand that disappear the stones only with the red glow (under which is the device of the red beam). Drive through the tunnel. You will move in the same location across the street from Farley, but with one exception - in other ways. Drive along these paths, until you move through the energy barrier closer to the dump. Go to the dump and make a circle on the track to unfold the trolley. When you go to a dump, you need to set the arrow to the left to leave. Drive the trolley to the cliff before it doesn’t stop. Look down and to the right. There's a tunnel with stones. These stones are the same as the previous! Shoot these stones blue beam. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 16-43-22-83 The tunnel is located on the other side of the river. How to get there? We say later!


Now come to know the device, will teleport us to different part of the location. Move to the generator. Go through the doorway behind the generator. Here you can go when went into the house of Farley. Entrance to the house is on the right Farley. You take a left, and then - to the right. Get to the energy field and go through it. The field will move you up at the rock near the river. You will see that same partition (dam) that moves in the direction to go in this part of the scene. As you can see, if the partition is shut down the flow of water, then you will be able to cross the bridge to the other side. But it is later! Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 17-02-51-39 Move to the right until you find the energy field. Go through it and follow the path along the cliff, that to the right of you. Soon you will see a gray stone, and behind it will stand the very device - teleport. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 17-04-12-67 If you lower the lever, then the device will open. Next, click on the blue button to move to the new location. Follow the same steps to go back to the desert. Be careful there is a hidden loading when you teleport, so you have to wait. There is a column with the button near the teleportation device. Click on the button to lower the platform down. So you can quickly get to the dump. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 17-09-20-69 Return any way to the dam (septum) and turn it so that it is blocked the flow of water. Now follow the house of Farley and go through the energy barrier (any), which leads to the dump. Go from the dump down to the garage (gas station) and exit to the cars with the generator. Go through the doorway past the car with a generator, past the tunnel leading to Farley's house, to the left side. Turn right and go through the barriers at the end. It has already been described previously. So you will find yourself on a cliff next to the wall (dam). Since the dam is blocked, then you can go to the other side on the bridge. By the way, you can pull the lever to lower down the iron rungs. For these steps, you can go back to the stone industry. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 17-14-56-78 Walk past the next steps. After a long gorge you can see the orange tower. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 17-15-29-75 Next to it there is a button, but nothing happens when you click. On the left side there is the device of the input. Twist the phone barrel and the digital code will appear on the screen.

Portal 2

There is another portal that takes you to another world. It is the third in succession. Go back to the dam (septum) and go over the bridge ahead. Sign in a wooden building and move through the energy barrier. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 17-22-11-19 Climb the rocks and turn right. Over the stone is one more device. The principle of operation is identical, but there will need to lower the bar, which is hidden under the blue button, and then to press it. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 17-26-04-13 If you go down the hill, you will find the door into green buildings. You can open the roof on the right. You must enter the three-digit code, but what? Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 17-26-30-88 Return to Farley House. Inside it there is projector. Turn it on by pressing the yellow button with the numbers "0" and "1". After turning circle combine to the projector and to draw a map. You see the point. It points just on the very same door that you can’t open (the three-digit code). Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 17-34-26-38 Move the projector; hold on to the handle so that it covered the field to the right. Find a card on the side of the projector. Pull it. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 17-35-03-48 You'll see a black point. Align them. You should have the number "15" of connected points. Remember it. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 17-35-11-91 Follow to the gas station. Inside it there is device. On it is the very point. Draw lines from the blue dots in such a way to get the number "15". If you had a wrong line (connected two incorrect point), then just drag the cursor in between (from black to black) to share. You like to cut them. So, when done correctly, press the top button. On the right you should see a three-digit numeric value. This is code - 406! Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 17-44-32-54 Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 17-44-36-65 Remember it; go back to the door with three-digit code. Enter it in the panel on the right and get access to the inside. It is something like the City Hall. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 17-46-39-40 Inside there are two more doors - and open the right and left. The left door leads to the enclosed area with the Tree, and the right - to the stone industry. Inside learn detailed information about everything. Do you remember nonfunctioning elevator near orange tower? So the tower passes through this building. You can try to call the elevator, but here it doesn’t work. Apparently, you need to enter correct six-digit code at the top with the help of a phone. Go back to Celes to find a new job.

Connect Tree

So, you need to get under the tree. It is obvious that we need a lift inside a building of the mayor. But it does not work! It is necessary to learn a six-digit code from the elevator. Go back to the town hall, where you can get to learn three-digit code. So, inside on the table you will find a compass in its case. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 17-50-06-59 Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 18-18-21-32 Overturn the compass. You will know the name of the state. Go to the gas station. There are car license plates on the right wall. They consist of four digits. But not all of these signs - numbers. It is necessary to translate the letters into numbers. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-25 18-18-46-27 There is a notebook with notes of different languages in the house of Farley. It seems, at the gas station is a note. It turns out that the letters need to award the following numeric values: A, B, C = 2 D, E, F = 3 G, H, I = 4 J, K, L = 5 M, N, O = 6 P, R, S = 7 T, U, V = 8 W, X, Y = 9 Z = 0 In my case it was a note from the State of Missouri. Look at car license plate in the garage, I saw the following code - 3BK247. Instead BK scheme above turns 25. As a result, the code is 325247. For Rhode Island CLU-287 code that a numerical value 258287. If you can’t make the code, write in the comments! We help you. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 10-10-37-54 Go with this code to the orange tower (at the top, the dam). Enter the code. If you enter the code correctly, you will hear a beep. Call the elevator and get down on it at the bottom. Walk into the room. Read the note on the table about code. Go ahead and turn the wheel to open the way to the Tree. Go back to the second tier, the mayor's office. Go through the door on the right and go to the Tree. If you do not this EARLY, go back into the building next to Celes, climb to the second floor stairs (here you will find more blue-ray device) and move on rails. Find a water tower and turn the valve to supply water. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 10-12-08-29 Go back down the tree until you see its root. It will be necessary to turn the valve around him. You will see the water and there will be three different colored portals in three directions.

World Kaptar (Race Arai)

Go through the door leading in the mountain. Follow to the end and go through the energy barrier at the location where it will be a narrow passage. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 10-24-08-66 Go forward until you will not find the same device for teleportation in the end. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 10-24-39-18 It is still possible to get through the dump, if you lowered the ramp by pressing the button. Lower the lever and press the blue button to move to the world Kaptar. Go forward across the bridge. Go down the stairs on the side and turn the wheel. The design comes in motion. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 10-29-14-81 Now climb back up the stairs and turn the other valve that the bridge left clockwise. Go ahead and follow down the mountain. As a result, you should be on the spacious locations with huge columns and stairs. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 11-25-26-60 Turn around and you will find one more ladder in the same direction from which they came. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 11-35-21-04 Climb the stairs to the top. In the end, you will see a huge car. Go to it, go around and go to the cave with even more formidable structure. There is a kind of electrical device on the left side, connected to a battery (for orientation). Walk around any pedestal and go deep into the bridge, from where go down the stairs. Go down to the bottom! There is a valve and lever a little above it.  Move the lever to the left to lower the huge shaft with the gear. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 11-38-17-05 After that, turn the valve to start the machine. Take the one layer above and turn the other valve to connect the parts. Climb to the top. There is a pedestal in the center. Stand on it and click on the circular hole. There is a lever. You have to lower it when the moving part touches immobility. Perhaps it does not matter. Either way, the sleeve should be set in motion. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 11-42-23-21 Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 11-42-35-74 SAME lever moves the round hole down, left and up - to three different sleeves. Put them in the same way. As a result, you have to connect four sleeves. Go back to the ruins. Go towards the red beam and find here the stone ball. There is a device for teleportation inside the ball. Use it. As a result, you will return to the first world called Hunrat.


Go back to the trolley with a blue ray. If you followed our walkthrough, the trolley must be in a dump. ATTENTION! If the trolley was a dump, then make a detour on the dump so as to go back to here! This is very important because in this case you will unfold around the house Farley and go inside the mine, where there is a teleport that you just used. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 11-57-31-17 Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 11-57-46-19 It is VERY IMPORTANT drive head in. When you are done, without leaving the cart, lower the lever and press the blue button. Together with the trolley you will return back to the world Kaptar.

Kaptar. Destruction of red beam

Aim for the red light through the window on the left and destroy it by blue ray. Thus, in this world, the red beam is destroyed! Go back to the ordinary world, take the exit from the mine and leave the trolley. Go inside the house where the teleport and move to Kaptar.

Moving through the barriers in Kaptar

So you destroyed the red beam in the world Kaptar. Follow a huge machine, which started before. Go to the right side of the platform with a circular hole. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 12-55-36-64 Go down, go up on a piece of wood and go to the elevator. Pull the lever and the elevator will lower you down. You will find yourself near the teleport, which was used for the first time to get here. Go to the bridge. Call it and go to the middle. Turn the lever to get to the other side. ATTENTION! Look in the opposite direction. Do you see the shimmering energy field? You need to move more to the right of the bridge to pass through it. Pull the lever with the red handle on the other side of the bridge (not where the teleport). This lever is the blocker, the bridge can’t move even further in a clockwise direction. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 12-59-31-48 Lower the lever, return to the middle of the bridge and again pull the lever here, to the right side. Follow to brown portal. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 12-59-45-29 Rise up, stand on the platform and pull the lever to move back to the ruins. Come out of the ruins. If you go to the right, then you come to the stone ball to teleport. But you have to go further away from the ruins and find another passage to the right (downhill). Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 13-06-16-42 Follow the stairs down and find yourself under the chain, which only moves the platform. Ahead there is a passage. It is open for the reason that you moved here on the platform, and from the passage to the other end left a huge anchor. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 13-06-38-01 Anyway, go ahead and up the stairs. You will be to another part of the ruins. There are piled pass and four passes on the sides (two left and right), which are steps.

Temple Kaptar

Go left. Rise up and go along the mountain. Soon you will see the huge skeleton of Polyarchy, one of the representatives of the species Arai. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 13-13-49-72 Move down. At the end of the path will be a brown energy field - go through it. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 13-14-21-22 Climb up through several stairwells and look in the room, inside of which find a teleport.

World Marai

Navigate through this teleport in the world of Marai. You will be on the hill. Do you remember teleport located in Hunrate near the dam? He is still surrounded by green grass. So the same teleport can lead you into the world of Marai, but you will not be on this ledge, where you are now, and below. The path forward is blocked by a white door. On the ledge where you are, there is a remote control. Walk up to it, it will automatically open. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 13-21-47-16 Connect all black points together to form a square. Click on the top button. The door will open at the bottom! You can go back. Use the teleport back to the world Kaptar.

World Kaptar

Continue go up the stairs until you find yourself in a moving platform. Stand on it and move. You will find yourself at the top of the previously activated the machine. Go to the left and lower the ladder. So it's easy to get here in the future from the bottom of the machine. Move down the elevator, find a teleport and use it.

World Hunrat

You will return to the place where there was a stone ball (next to the dump, the mayor of the house and the carriage-generator). Go down and press the white button on one of the columns of a former stone (and now wooden) ball. It is necessary to turn it around so that the steps leading to the teleporter inside the ball were aimed at building inside a mountain (City Hall).

World Kaptar

After this re-use the same teleport inside the ball. Back in Kaptar world, you should see the following picture: stairs leading to higher focus on the passage to the door. If it is so, then you have done everything correctly. If not, you'll have to go back to Hunrat and move the ball. Anyway, you have to get to that door. Remove the bolt and open the door. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 14-21-47-65 In this way you will return to the temple (ruins). Again, go to the other side, go up and go down past the huge skeleton. At the bottom you go through the brown portal (energy barrier). Follow up the stairs. Go up past the room with the teleport. There is the path on next stairwell, leading even higher, as well as downhill. Go down! There is a small room with the teleport at the end of the road. Use it.

World Hunrat

Inspect the room, read the note. Go through another entrance to the cave. Open the door to be in the house of Farley. Open the door to exit through the postern door. Go under the stone arch and to the right. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 14-37-48-25 Enter the portal (barrier). Go to the bridge from the dam and turn left into the wooden structure. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 14-40-49-17 There will need to enter into another portal. Go a couple of steps and go to the teleport on the right in the grass. Move into the world of Marae.

World Marae

Go forward through the door open earlier (in the world caprate you move to higher ground to the right, where there is a remote control). Continue straight until you find a new teleport. Use it. Back in Hunrat, you will see for two teleport. Activate the one that is ahead. Follow back to that place in the Marae, where there was a teleport. Now it's not here, but there is a stone bridge of Humrat. Go to the other side. There are just three ways - forward, left and right. Go to the left, where there is a kind of alien ship. Go to the bow, on the screen you will see Joseph. Listen to the message. Go to the window and use the remote to bring a ray of blue on a red laser to come. Destroy it, you will be able to move. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 14-53-06-46 Go back to the fork and left. You will find yourself about the missing bridge. Go back and go through the only remaining path. At the end you go through the teleport. Follow the path and go through the other teleport. You again get into the alien ship, but it is another. Here you need to use the remote to create two bridges. First create the bridge leading to the dome with teleports. Line up the point as follows and press the top button: Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 17-53-29-52 Then make two new lines and re-press the button: Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 17-54-45-30 Get a full bridge. There are two teleport inside the dome. First, activate the first teleport. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 17-57-41-99 You will find yourself in a dump. Get down by the bucket. Go to the stone field through the petrol and go to the dam. Before you go to it, go up the stone steps on top. Go through the portal in the side of a wooden building. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 18-03-55-98 Go ahead and use the teleport on the right to return to the peace of Marae. Go back to the dome with two teleports. Now there is teleport one here. Use teleport. You will find yourself back at the dump, but this time with a stone dome. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 18-09-28-76 In the same way you need back to the portal in the world of Mara. Go back to the dome. Now, in the dome there is a second way out. Get out and Ride the elevator down. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 18-12-56-14 You can go on top or lower. Go on top and go to another dome. There are already three teleports. Use teleport among the rocks. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 18-15-56-87 You are in the mine.

World Hunrat. Mine

There are three teleports in the mine. Use the teleport on a wooden barrel. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 18-17-44-90 You will return to Marae, at the same place. Now, there is a way to the bridge in the dome. There will also be the panel to create a bridge. Simply connect an arbitrary line and press the top button. If the bridge is not completed, connect a other lines and re-press the top button. Find the exit of the dome, where there is a pedestal with a blue crystal. This is button. Click on it to turn the contents of the dome on 180 degrees. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 18-22-41-54 Now use the panel of aliens to build a bridge to another location. The bridge leads to the dome with a single teleport. But take your time! Inside this dome you need to activate black portal with thorns closer to the console and the newly-built bridge. The portal takes you and the panel in the same mine. Use it to make a bridge inside the mine. Go back with the help of the same teleport with spikes. Go to the dome with one teleport and use it. Once in the cave, go across the bridge to three teleports. Go back to the Marae. Use the black teleport with spikes on the concrete circle. You will notice that inside the stone dome over the bridge now there are stones out of the cave, where there is a teleport. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 18-51-15-69 Again, go to the teleport and move to the cave. In general, you need to do so in the dome, which was one teleport; it appeared as a pass-through in the screenshot. Use only teleport inside the dome and one of the teleport inside the other.

How to build LABYRINTH?

You can then go through the stone ball, which will no teleport. Get to the place where the elevator is located. Elevator can go down or go up. First go up and look at what you can see below. So, it is a huge maze with four rotating units. Thus, if you rotate the blocks correct, you can build a path through the maze. You need to get right on the opposite side, where the panel is visible. Here's a screenshot of the answer: Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 19-49-04-63 Consider all four rotating block, two blocks have a passage in the form of a right angle. The other two blocks are oblique. You should have a result like this: How it's done? Go down the elevator to the bottom and you will see the teleport. Use it to move to the cave. Come out of the dome and rise upward. Find here the console with two buttons. P.S. in a cave, you can even go in two directions. If you pass on the remote, the download will begin. Go to the end and remove the bolt from the door to open it. This door leads back to Hunrat, not far from the place where the Cecil. If you go to the other side then you open the door leading to the four teleports in the mine, with whom you have interacted. We note that this is the place you need more. Go back to the dome - to the console with two white buttons. One button is turned the unit clockwise and the other - counterclockwise. The block is rotated by exactly 90 degrees. Go back up and re-look at the screenshot above, which shows the correct alignment. Note that you can easily rotate the blocks with right angles. Upstairs there is the remote, which you can rotate the huge maze of 90 degrees. You will rotate the unit (closest to you). Use the remote in a cave. Align the blocks to the right angles and place them so that the left turn another unit. If you mentally rotate block 90 degrees 1, 2 or 3 times, you will realize that it is not appropriate here. But then comes another block with an oblique passage. It would be necessary to swap around them! You need make that there is one of the oblique blocks at the bottom (that you can rotate it in a cave). Go down the elevator and teleport into the mine. The buttons do not need to press! Climb the stairs and go to the right, where there are four teleport. Here, use any of the three portals on the left. From here you need run back to the elevator and rise upward. You will see that instead of the oblique passage is now block of direct passage: Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 19-41-59-99 Turn the maze so that under you were the other block with an oblique passage. Go down and teleport to the cave. Again, go to the place with the portals and return to the Marae. Go to the elevator and rise upward. If you already have a block, you need turn it correct with the remote in a cave. If it still is not, in this case, rotate the maze so that the bottom of the unit was a direct passage (appeared at the first exchange). Get down and teleport to the cave and then return with the help of the teleport back to the Marae. Run to the elevator, align the last block and turn maze so that you can go from the elevator to the panel. Text is difficult to understand, therefore see a video. https://youtu.be/LJmk5SItrdo Go through the maze and activate the console by connecting the black lines in the square. You will see that a plate at the top disappears in the background. But a little further you can see the other plate. Apparently, there is also a second console. Go back to the elevator and go up. You need to make a path through the maze so that you can pass the bridge on the right, which leads to a gray wall. Wall - is a portal. Thus, you need to replace the unit with an oblique passage in the block with a direct passage. After that, the path would look like this: Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 20-23-03-77 Then go there, pass through the portal, and follow to the end to another portal. At the end of the path will be panel. Activate it in the same way as the previous one, to remove the plate, block the way. Go back to the elevator. Go up. Now you need to get through the maze to the left side. You need to turn the maze once clockwise to connect the passage under the lift and access to some structure on the left. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 20-26-13-52 Go into this building. Do not rush to climb to the top. The middle tier you go to the end of devices and see the screen. Listen to the video message of Josef, and then click on the button. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 20-26-50-25 Up there is some sort of device. Climb up and go into the capsule. Wait. Arrive at a new place, go down and go left. Soon you reach the place where is alive alien under the rubble. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 20-32-32-54 There are four monitor. After a few seconds, they will receive one and the same message with the code - "222". What does it mean? Find the next table and open diary. There is a list of all the subjects, placed in capsules. Find the number 222 - a Joseph, a man from the screen. He asked for help. Pay attention to the number of floors and the post - 14 13. You need find the capsule with this number. Go back to the building where you come from. There is a remote control at the bottom. Stand at the panel of aliens - you are on the lift. You have to go by the elevator to the 14th floor and choose the capsule with the number 1413. Enter following combination to do this: Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 20-51-10-42 Look at the capsule - inside is Joseph. Then remove all the lines on the panel, and press the button. You go upstairs. Go back to the place where the alien is. The door blocking the way should disappear before your eyes. Go through it; inspect the body of a man.

FALSE ending - DEATH

Do you see a figure with some facets? Do you remember the message on the door of Hunrat. They had written that you can’t to approach to similar pieces. You can come, but first save a game (in case). This piece will absorb you. There will titers without any explanation. You need to climb the hill to the right to continue the game. And use a blue ray to destroy a lying person on the left and the very figure of the right. When you are done, go on. Use panel f aliens to build a bridge. Go over the bridge and go down. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 21-08-14-50 By the way! Go back to the place where the person is. There is a passage on the left. Go there and get to the missing bridge. Create it with the panel. Now you can go back to the very beginning of this world. But we need to go back to a place where you destroyed the figure. Go across the bridge and see the Tree with red leaves. Go down and go inside it. Once at the root, turn the lever to fill the pool with water. Now you can move between the two worlds by means of the Tree - just go into the passage, where visible Hunrat is is. It remains to connect the Chart in the other two worlds! Return to Hunrat and talk to Cecil, to see what he thinks on this subject (optional). Move through the portal (where is a wagon of depot at the back side) in another part of Hunrat. Immediately turn right and go through another portal. Go forward until you find a teleport. Use it to get into Kaptar. Go back to the huge machine, which you previously ran. Climb the ladder lowered to an electronic device - a safe with a few dials, keys. Somewhere in the game you should have found a note which indicates the numeric value of a number of characters (about 20). Each player has different value!!! Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 21-29-17-19 Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 21-29-46-26 Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 21-30-51-91 You must enter this code. Use the white keys. The keys are given numbers. Then you need to press the press ENTER. The ENTER key on the device is located through one of the "9" key. The device should fall down. You do not know where to find a note with the code? Read the paragraphs below! Go to the ruins. Go down to the left of the passage of the stone ball to teleport. Go deeper into the ruins – to the temple. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 21-44-46-58 Here you have already been. If you opened the door to the right, then go through it. It takes you to the teleport with ladders. Again, you need to move back to Hunrat to turn the wooden ball on wheels. From the starting position to turn it twice (double-click on the white button). See screenshot below. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 21-51-23-19 Return in Kaptar by the teleport. Now you can go downstairs to the lair of Arai. NOTE WITH CODE of device above is in the lair of Arai. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 21-52-42-97 Go down and take the first pass. There is a dead. There are scales on the floor. There is necessary you note on the table on the right! Code, again, is different for each player. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 21-53-13-84 Descend even lower. As a result, you will have a mechanism where there was a moving platform. You have been here. Please note that there is growing Tree. You can’t get to it, because there rotates the pinion. It is necessary to turn off one of the bracket in a huge device. Obduction-Win64-Shipping 2016-08-26 21-55-49-26 Climb up. Move in Hunrat by the teleport. After that, go through the garage to the dump (top) and go up the ramp to the teleport on the hill. Here it is possible to get through a series of portals behind the depot. Use the teleport to get to the top of Kaptar. Go up the elevator. Here, go to the machine and disconnect all brackets, except that at the bottom right. Return to the elevator. It will go, since the lower right sleeve responsible just for his work. Downstairs you can teleport in Hunrat. Go to the wooden ball and teleport to it in Kaptar. Get down to the lair of Arai. At the bottom you go to the non-working mechanism, go through the pinion hole and go down to the root of the tree. Turn the lever to pour it by water. Three Tree are activated! Go to the dam in the world of Hunrat. VERY IMPORTANT! Turn the partition so that the platform (on which you move) was sent to the mountain. Once this is done, go to the top of the dam on the other hand, move to the Marae world through the teleport.

World Marae

Move deeper into this location, in a stone bowl with three teleporters. Use any of them to move into a cave, where you rotate the stone blocks. Go past the panel with buttons and get outside. You will find yourself on the other side of the dam. Now it is rotated so that you can use it. Walk on the platform and move along the cliffs. EARLIER! If you followed our walkthrough, then you shouted by the blue beam in the stones, while a trolley next to the dump. Do you do? If not, read the above the walkthrough. Now you go right to the tunnel, where the stones were, and you destroyed them. Come inside and at the end get the teleport. Use it to move into the world Mofang.

World Mofang

Move left and up. There is a descent. Follow the trail. At the fork you go to the left route and find tree. Go down; turn the lever to activate the Tree. All four of the Tree in different worlds are activated! Go back to the world Hunrat.

World Hunrat

Go into the building next to the capsule Cecil. Rise to the second floor where you find a trolley with a blue ray. Find the side door; lift the bar and go at the track, which went up in the elevator., If you remember the lift is not working. Run to the top. At this time, don’t go right to the lever, go forward. At the end of the path will be a portal. Go through it and find yourself on the platform of the unit, located on the water. Walk around it and lower the lid. Raise the lever to power the dynamite sticks. Go back to the building of the mayor, go to the elevator inside the orange tower and go to the top. Exit to the balcony, and then press the lever of the detonator. You will see the explosion of tower. See the long cut-scene.



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