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Walkthrough Observation

Read detailed walkthrough of the science fiction adventure in which the player takes control the artificial intelligence of SAM. So you need to help the only survivor on the space station.

Observation Walkthrough

Use the R key and click on the necessary information to answer Emma. Do this and then inspect the state of compartment 9 and transfer the necessary data to Emma (via R). Do this with compartment number 10. Perform AI diagnostics. Run all three processes and interact with the data on the right screens. For the first time on the right, you just need to click on the start of the diagnostics, and then report back. The second time, start each of the four streaks with the W key and display the data. For the third time, hold the LMB on each circle and tell Emma the information highlighted in red. Rotate the camera, switch to the next one. Then inspect the document on the wall using the scroll wheel for approximation. Examine the laptop and the hatch control panel. Open the hatch in compartment 11. Wait until Emma gives access to the rest of the ship. [caption id="attachment_7717" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Observation Walkthrough Observation Walkthrough[/caption] Use the "Space" and switch to compartment number 4 to see the fire, and report it to Emma. She will go to you. Open the hatch in the compartment №6 on the way. Emma will take a fire extinguisher and ask to crack the hatch in the compartment number 4. Move there and do it with a side panel. Open the door when Emma says so, and then wait. Fire is extinguished. Open the ventilation on the left and wait. Enter the Emma authorization code in accordance with the prompt on the screen (the Emma code itself will dictate, it also appears at the bottom of the screen). Give her a response code. Select the rotating circles and press LMB. If the right one rotates, you select it with the D key, the left one - A, the top one - W, the bottom one - S. Then select the circles located diagonally from the center. The upper right is allocated simultaneously clamped W and D, and so on. Examine the compartments outside. You report damage to the top of the first chamber, right - on the third, top - on the fourth. There is no damage on the second chamber. When you do this, Emma will switch the SAM to the last camera, and you will see Saturn.

Turn on the reactor

Learn with the management of the sphere. Fly to Emma twice, point to another sphere through R. Move to the far compartment with the image of the yellow atom. There is a reactor hidden there. When you get to the place (in the fifth compartment the light turns off, but Emma turns it on), in the second compartment examine the computer and get a hatch unlock scheme. Interact with the panel through the camera compartment and apply the scheme. Hold RMB. In the diagram, the L3 configuration allows you to unlock the hatch. LMB on the starting point and using WASD draw the same path as in the diagram (right click to see it). Inside the compartment, get close to the reactor (on the sphere) and interact with it. Click on 1 and 2, then hover over each square and reduce / increase the magnet force. The oscillating contour should go around the central circle. This will make button 3 (redirect) active. After that, choose the same characters that a mysterious black figure shows. Watch the video.

Work in open space

[caption id="attachment_7718" align="aligncenter" width="1023"]Observation Walkthrough Observation Walkthrough[/caption] Fly into compartment 11, study the 3 sheets on the wall to the left and open the "Data Core". Combine 3 fragments with the main (flickering), then use the panel to open the gateway and go outside. Having done this, fly to the EAS-03 module and find the blue panel. Activate the three red points of contact. To do this, press and release the keys indicated on the screen in time. [caption id="attachment_7719" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Observation Walkthrough Observation Walkthrough[/caption] Go back to Emma and open the hatch for her. She will take you to the wing of UNI, and you will see the dead Stas. After that, open the Station Alerts tab and select the red square with the cooling system. Point this out to Emma and navigate to the correct compartment with this system (red marker). Turn on the computer by activating the outlet, and study it. Next to the outlet, examine the document. Through the "Data Core" combine all the fragments to get the cooling system circuit. In the same room, find three panels. Use them and the scheme found to activate the system. Each yellow panel has numbers. In the diagram, these numbers are compared with one configuration or another (L1 / L2, and so on). Having started three boxes, you use the working monitor and start each block through the "Start" button. Through the "Run" button activate the entire node. You will see May. Examine the compartment KIT. Then go back to Emma. Open System Alerts and select the next red square with the sensor sensors. Three sensors are located in different compartments of UNI. You can see their blue markers on the map. Move around, interact with white monitors and activate them through calibration. It will be necessary to click on the squares of the specified color. As soon as all three sensors are launched, a new tab "Employee Sensor" will appear. Open it and report to Emma all the data on Jim and Josh. You will find yourself in the compartment RUS, where the captain. Move to the RUS-06 compartment, but the camera will not work. Open the "System Alerts" section, select the red square with RUS-06 and report back to Emma. She will turn on the camera. Move to compartment RUS-06 and point Emma at Captain Jim. Wait for it to come close to the module. Look at the laptop and look behind the code 9338. Enter it on the laptop and get a diagram of the hatches RUS. Open the hatch in the module RUS-06 and watch the cut-scene. Move to the module RUS-02 and move into the sphere. Get out through the nearest gateway. Fly to the KIT-01 module, where you can find May. Look at it, find a blue panel nearby and activate two points of contact. After doing this, you go back to May to complete the mission.

Episode 3

Listen to Emma, ​​and then you need to recognize the voices. She will tell you the task. Go to the camera module EAC-07, but there is no access yet. Contact Emma and tell her about it. Emma turns on the cameras and you will be inside. There is a photograph of Jim on the wall with the signature 2008. Enter this number on one of two computers to obtain an identification code. When you know the identification code, tell Emma with the R key. Go to the compartment RUS-04. You need to activate the near and far field sensors (near the computer), before using the computer. Find the coordinates of the station that Emma was talking about. To do this, you must enter the coordinates on the "Communications" tab: 16-14-22, DEC 48-11-11. Select Emma Fisher in the signal transmission router. Next, you need to turn on the external antenna and start the data search. [caption id="attachment_7720" align="aligncenter" width="828"]Observation Walkthrough Observation Walkthrough[/caption] Watch the video. Find the sphere in the EA-09 compartment. Head for Emma, you need to open the gateway. Start the movie. Then you find yourself at the station. Go forward. You will see the hatch, tell Emma. Go ahead; Emma will open the hatch, pay attention to the square hatch below. Also report this to Emma. When she opens it, go to the control room. Examine the laptop using the R key. Listen to the message and head for Emma. You get to Jim's room. Head towards Emma, she will reach out. She will use a flashlight in the sphere.

Episode 4

Now you have the only route through the corridors. See messages on two laptops. You will see the hatch of RUS 01. Tell Emma to open it. Also inspect the hatch to the left. It leads to the compartment UN 5. There will be a room with suitcases, as well as a laptop. Collect all the data, you need to combine them in the core. So you collect the dossier on Jim. Go to the previous compartment. Follow forward; there will be a new laptop and letter in the room. Head to the room on the left, you will see a hatch above the round table. Tell Emma to open it (the control panel is located on the side). Inside, learn with the body of Emma. Use the luminous monitor and pipe, which is located in the center of the room. Look at everything and ask the SAM questions using the R key. Head back, you'll see Josh. Watch the video.

Episode 5

SAM will be disconnected from all systems. Inspect the different nodes; you need to find "Connection". As soon as you switch to the camera, inspect the laptop, study three documents. You need to connect a flickering node with two blue fragments in the data core. So you get an experimental flash memory log. Use acceleration. So you can open the red door. Head down the corridor to the right. You find the room where Jim's body will be. Now you need to knock out the ventilation grate on the wall. Go through the ventilation pipe. Try to avoid meeting with Jim. In search of a new point, you will reach the Chinese compartment. You will hear Jim talk. There is a room with a laptop at the very end. Enter password 2491 and read the document. Remove the grate on the wall again and move along the ventilation pipe. Jim turns off the sphere again. Connect to it again. Go to the room with the round table. You need a ventilation pipe, which is located near the starting point. You will find the SAM mainframe at the round table. Interact with the interface so you can resume the functions of the SAM. William contacts you soon. Talk to him, in the sensor employees choose Jim. All data pass to Will. Show Will using the camera. Move to the RUS 06 comparement and reveal Jim's body. Also do this with Emma. Jim will be disabled. Will will show the protocols to the SAM. Read the new message. Switch to UC 02, then “Command Terminal”. You need the following values:
  • D76 - 5
  • E43 - 2
  • H62 – 9
Protocols will be disabled. Next you will find a mini game. Pay attention to the squares. They are similar, but they have differences. In one of them the upper square is white, in the other - clear. Upon completion, watch the video.

Episode 6

Head to the room where Jim is. Use a life support terminal. The numbers will start to change in the lower right corner. Pay attention to the first cell, there will be a red number. The same number must be pressed on the dial. Use only red numbers. Use the green light panel (on the right side of Jim) to close the hatch. Examine the scheme to choose the right path to close the L1 hatch. Then study the scheme L4. The second and third hatch also need to close. Press the button on the right in the life support panel to remove air. Head to EAS 11. You need to open the gateway to run Emma. Use RMB to mark the map. You need those passages where there is an inscription Waypoint. Watch the video clip. Head towards RUS 04. Use an astrophysical measurement terminal. Find the ground and enter the following coordinates RA 8-38-24 / DEC 32-14-12. To transfer, select Emma. Next, in the Station Alert row, select the red square and report it to Emma. In UC 01 using the navigation system, keep the LMB on the number 2. Next, you need to set up several scales on another screen (96/44/13/33/46/94). We start the engine and watch the video.



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