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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough The Uncertain: Episode 1. The last quiet day

Walkthrough The Uncertain: Episode 1. The last quiet day

Full walkthrough The Uncertain: Episode 1. The last quiet day

After the introductory movie, you will find yourself inside home of the main character. You can explore all. Active objects are marked with the corresponding points. There are two niches in the background - one is open (left) and one is close (right). Look to the left, an open niche. Take the box with broken storage medium.

Go to the back of the house, into the kitchen. Find a second battery on the table (first robot finds on the street).

Нужная батарейка
Нужная батарейка

Go back to the main hall and click on a high chest of drawers with a radio receiver and a photo in the frame.


Hover your mouse over the receiver and click on the icon "two red battery". The robot will take the device in his hands. From left there is the active point. Click the left mouse button to rotate the receiver. Open the cover and insert the batteries. Close the cover and locate the active point to the right of the receiver to turn it.

Press the black button on the top to turn on. Rotate the black wheel on the side, to the right to turn up the volume. Finally, turn the black wheel in the lower right corner of the device. Hold the key D and hold for as long until you find a wave. Listen to the message on the airwaves.

Look around, until the huge computer does not receive an incoming call. Answer it by clicking the icon "Monitor". Speak with a robot-builder. You know he waited his plasma cutter two days ago, but he hadn’t time to finish the job.

Входящий вызов
Входящий вызов

Go back to the kitchen. You find the plasma cutter on the table. Look at it. Right there is DATACOLDER. Examine the device, and then use them.

Резак на столе
Резак на столе

So, you need to perform the calibration. You need to find the same pictures and connect them with each other to form a square. That is to collect icons in pairs. Then the figures in these icons must form a square. The screenshot below shows the last couple of icons. Put them together.

Два парных элемента, образующие квадрат
Два парных элемента, образующие квадрат

Every time you find a correct pair, the time in the upper right corner of the screen is cleared. If you do not succeed the first time, click on the command RETRY. If all is good, then press the EXIT command.

Go to a dock station to the right of the bed. You need recharge your own battery until the morning.

Dock station is currently disabled. It is necessary to use a shield, to redistribute power. Walk up to the front door and you will see a plate. Interact with it. There will be one more puzzle.


At the top there are two scales - SOURCE A and SOURCE B. You need to balance them. The yellow part of the second scale indicates overload. Move the toggle switch 50 and 45 from right to left. Toggle switch 30 left to right. 20 move to the right. 25 move to the left. Done! So you turn off the monitor, but you activate the dock station. Go there.


Go to the fallen spacecraft. Apply plasma cutter on the door. Cut it by pinching and holding the keys W, A, S, D, W. See the instructions on the screen.

Go back to the entrance and open the left door. Take wire from the floor.


Go next to the stairs and examine the damaged robot. Move on and find the battery in the corner.


Take it and again hover cursor on the robot. Select the icon "battery." Open the bottom panel on the back of the robot with the word DANGER. Connect founded wires to the battery terminals, and then remove the battery from the slot and connect the other ends of the cables to the robot.

He will say. You will hear a sequence of numbers: 1, 6, 2. Then again interact with the robot to pull the memory chip.

Climb up the stairs and interact with the on-board computer. Select diagnostics. Next, disconnect the alarm sound. Click on the function "Open the hold." You will need to enter the code. You know three of the four-digit numerical code. You need to collate and each time to press the E button on the monitor. As a result, I have the code was 1623. When the correct code is entered, you will see how to unlock the door.

Go back down and go through the door to the right of the entrance. Do you see ... people?

Нужная дверь
Нужная дверь

Talk with RoboCop.

Try to escape from handcuffs, quickly press the key F. chat with other robot about everything.

Once in the hallway, go down the screen (to itself). There is LED flashlight at the end on a pedestal on the left. Take it. Move in the opposite direction into the screen. Talk with a yellow robot. This is Patrick. He is an electrician. He is trying to establish a supply of electricity. He requests to find the contactors in the unlit room with broken door. You saw this room. It is located on the right side. Patrick recommends the use a flashlight.

Before you go into the unlit room, look in the room to the left through the open passage. Find the tablet left on the table and listen the information. Talk about everything with Abigail. Nick is the robot in a wheelchair. He refuses to communicate. He is busy.

Go back into the corridor and find the right entrance to the unlit room, a little further the landing, if you move from Patrick.

Помещение с контакторами
Помещение с контакторами

Turn to the left as far as you can go. Find the first contactor on the second shelf from the bottom, above a fire extinguisher. Turn the camera and stop so that you can see the green lockers in the corner. There is rubbish on the floor. There is the second contactor. Right there are two blue containers. Between them is the third contactor on the floor. Finally, you can find the fourth contactor at the top of the cabinet, nailed to the wall, in a corner on the right (white).


When you collect all four of the contactor, then the robot will tell you that it is all. Give contactors to Patrick, just to talk with him.

Abigail goes out of the room and says that you need help to Nick. Enter the room on the left and talk to the robot in a wheelchair.

Nick asks to start the first, third and fourth servers located on the ground floor. It is also necessary to ensure that all elements of the network are working. After the Internet connection must be activated.

You need to use the stairs on the right side of the corridor.


Go down and go into the room on the left side. First you need to start the servers - they are left, the last unit. Interact with them, click on the first, third and fourth servers from left to right.


Open the cover on the console under the monitor. The robot will say that there is not enough fuse. There are other devices on the right side. Look at them - it slots for router’s chips. One of the chips is broken. There are two chips on the table, but both are broken.

Консоль для предохранителя
Консоль для предохранителя

Get out into the corridor and in the background, on the left of the dock locate the fuse, which lies in a cardboard box. It is broken and does not work. Come upstairs.

In the hallway on the left stand immediately get a working fuse. Take it.


Now you need to look for the chip. Go to the room at the far end of the corridor, where is the main - Gregory. There is a chip on the floor left of his desk, next o a large closet. Take it.


Go down; insert a fuse in a monitor console, and chip - right into the router. Then interact with the electrical panel on the right wall. But first! Be sure to select the icon "palm" on the monitor and the router to ensure their efficiency. Only then you can try to interact with the electrical panel. The robot will tell you that you need to find a switch.

Get out into the hallway and find the red switch around carton box near the room in the middle.


Go back and set the switch on the panel. Now interact with it. It is necessary to set up five switches. Above them there is a hint in the form of binary code - 00010.

If the switches are raised up (lit red lights), then number them from left to right from 1 to 5, move in the following order:






That is, the fourth switch from left to right should be lowered down (green), and all the others - to be in the top position.

Правильное расположение переключателей
Правильное расположение переключателей

Interact with the monitor, and then click on the word CONNECT. Go upstairs and talk with Nick.

Key decision

During the meeting of all the robots, you will learn that Abe chip (of the shuttle robot) could be useful for his recovery. Decide - give chip or not.

Our choice: give a chip.

Apartment informant F-2

Soon you will find yourself at home of informant - a police robot F-2. Go inside the house and go up to the second floor. Do you see the sealed door? Examine it, select all the icons. Don’t use the cutter, because the alarm is triggered.

Квартира №5
Квартира №5

Go down and go outside. Go into the alley on the left.

Переулок слева
Переулок слева

Look up the fire escape. Try to reach it. She walks past the windows of apartment №5, but you need to somehow lower it.

Go inside the house and find the pipe on the first floor between the elevator and the door of apartment №4.


Try use a cutter, but Ar-Tee refuses to do so. Select the icon "palm" and press the F key to bring down the pipe. It will not work!

Go into the street, turn into the same lane on the left. There is concrete block on the ground. A little further away is a piece of brick.

Кусок кирпича
Кусок кирпича

Take a piece of brick, go back into the house and use it on the tube. Knock out the pipe and go into the alley and apply it on the ladder. Ar-Tee can’t to get up the stairs. Interact with a concrete block to move it. Again, apply the pipe to the stairs. You can do it!

Press alternately on the Q and E keys, and then - in the "Space", to climb to the balcony. Ar-Tee automatically will use a cutter to cut the bars on the window. Once inside the apartment, check the desk with a computer. Enter the intercom and go to Mail. Read all messages and delete them appropriate icon.

On the opposite wall hangs a picture on the left. Interact with the picture - icon "palm".

Картина, за которой спрятан сейф
Картина, за которой спрятан сейф

You will see a safe. Place your cursor on the icon and select safe "intercom" to connect with Gregory. After the conversation with Gregory and Nick you can reapply the intercom at the safe.

So, you need to move the part numbers so as to create the code. Right on the intercom there are a few yellow dots. When all points are connected, the number will be correct. That is, if you see connected a point at the top, the elements of the figures are chosen correctly. In general, it should get the code 87205.

Сплошная жёлтая линия на интеркоме справа показывает, что цифра выбрана верно
Сплошная жёлтая линия на интеркоме справа показывает, что цифра выбрана верно

Inside there is a large iron key. Leave the apartment through a window.

Bar " The core"

Go to the cabinet in the background in the right corner. Examine it and use the key which you found in the informant's apartment. Ar-T will open the cabinet. We need to crack the code. You can access keys with letters - A, B, C, D, E, F, G. In fact, the button is associated with the notes. There is a jukebox in the opposite corner of the room. Turn it, switch to the next tune. This tune will consist of four sounds. Remember the melody and use this combination on the lock.

Predictably (hearing), the first and the third notes are identical.

Here's the answer: GCGE.


Look carefully, you can explore all the interactive objects and items. Check the following items: kitchen cabinets on the left, pass with a cloth to the left, cans with water still left, teddy bear on the bed on the right (near the entrance), oven with meals, open the chest, medicines and canned food.

You will see another robot.

The next day. Search laboratory

Navigate to the air car. Use A and D keys to dodge to the side and press "Space" - to jump. Drone will pursue for you in the second half of the trip. You need to constantly move left and right to avoid the projectiles. At the same time, you can see red squares on the scale at the bottom of the screen. It is marked trees that will appear in your way.
Upon arrival, you will have to first find Silencing device. Go right past the air car and go inside the wooden building. Go to the far corner and see Silencing device. Interact with it. You need to hack and disable this computer; so you should click on the button "Space" so that the white line was through the red dots. So it will be to remove them. Do you have three errors - three green dots may be accidentally affected.
Get up to the second Silencing device and turn off it.
The next target - object to the northwest, which may be a laboratory.



Go forward to the mountain.

Here you will find the panel. It is deenergized. Apply it on the intercom. Nick will tell you that you need to go through the energy channels. Do you see the red cable? Go along it. At the fork, turn left. Get to the rocks, where the cable is interrupted. Locate the active point and interact with it to find the first control power supply.
We need to find two more such panel to supply power to the panel. Go back to the bar and see that it is active. Need key card. Not far from this hill under a tree is the human corpse.

Search it and find the key-card. Apply it on the panel to get inside.
Inside the lab, use the card to open the door on the right. In the next hallway is a door on the left and run into the screen. The door will not open on the left. Apply the key card to the terminal on the left of the open passage. Once access is confirmed, go in to the room where the cleaning procedure will start.
This opens the way forward. Open the next door and go down the hall to the right. Enter the room with the generators. Please use the computer. It is necessary to connect the line so that the route to construct two arrows. After that, the power supply is restored.
The ventilation system and water supply don’t work. Go back into the corridor through the chamber where cleaning procedure was. Move to the opposite side and open the door by a card. Go through the other chamber of cleaning. The new corridor is necessary to look. There is the room in the depth of the screen. In this room is the ventilation system. There is a console, but do not get to run the system.
Go into the room on the left. It's a locker room. There is a note on the floor to the right of the benches. Read it to find out the code to the safe in the guard post: 0451. Perhaps you it will be different.
Go to the corridor between the two chambers of cleaning (after the first laboratory room when you come here). Left there is the door to the terminal.

Open it by key card, go inside and see a safe in a closet for the locker room.

Enter the code 0451 (or other) and pull out the protective detail for the bot. Yet you have not seen with him.
Return to the room with the generators. Do not enter into it, and go deep into the corridor, where is door without terminal. If the electricity is switched on, the door opens automatically. Inside is a storage room with two turrets. If you come under their field, they will destroy you. Go along the left wall and use the key card to the terminal.

Open alcove with protective drone. Apply it found the item. Bot will leave out and stand in the middle of the room.
Use it as an obstacle behind which to hide. Wait a moment and run by the drone of the right boxes.

Finally, go the terminal along the wall and get to the door under the turrets.

Use the key card to open the door and go on.
Go into the next room. Walk past the chairs and tables and you will see a large monitor. Apply it keycard and socialize with artificial intelligence.

After that, go back the same way (gently past the turrets) in the hallway after the first space laboratory. Enter the room on the left, where there is a safe. There is a small area to the left. Go there and find the computer. Only if you have talked with artificial intelligence, use the key card and disable the turret.

Go into the corridor on the other side and go to the room, located in the depth of the screen. Activate ventilation system by the blue panel. Watch the cut-scene, the final episode of the first game.



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