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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Truberbrook

Walkthrough Truberbrook

Read the full walkthrough of the detective adventure Truberbrook.

The game begins at the gas station, where the main character arrives on her motorcycle. It is necessary to fill it and add refrigerant. If you try to refuel, the girl will say that the column is not working. Go to the front door and look in the tool box to the left of door. Inside are pliers. Take them, strike the sewer pipe to the right of the door so that the key falls out. Pick up the key and open the door with it.

Inside, look at the picture to the right of the door, then interact with it to remove and see the hidden switch. Click on it to turn on the light, and then pick up a fallen glass from one of the tables. View postcards located on the wall at the bar. Take one of them with a map of the area. Use the pliers on the panel with switches (to the right of the entrance door).

Go to the motorcycle, click on the gas station and the main character will refuel your vehicle. Use a large glass on the freezer to the right of the door to get some ice. Use a glass with ice on a motorcycle to cool it. If you already have a postcard with a map of the area, you can interact with the motorcycle to continue your journey.

Prologue. Lazarus Effect

Move to the right and go to the next location. Go to the right side of the city and enter the hotel. When you can control the main character, then again interact with the bell. Talk to the woman who will give the room key. In the end, you find yourself in the room.

Download and you will see a strange man who steals the thesis of the protagonist. Go outside and go outside. Chat with the girl, go to the top location and start a dialogue with her again. At the end of it the walkthrough of the prologue will be completed.

Chapter 1

Talk to the girl; pick up the right cardboard box. Go downstairs and find an old man in a wheelchair at the entrance to the hotel. Talk to him about everything. He will not be particularly talkative. Enter the hotel and chat with the woman behind the reception desk. Ask about everything and then ask for a glass of beer. Drink it; pick up the fallen cardboard stand. Take the second stand for beer glasses, go outside and apply both stands on the wobbling table (through the "gear"). Talk to the Baron to find out about everything. He refuses to tell even more, because he lost the cat.

Enter the hotel and interact with the TV to distract the daughter of the hostess. Talk to all topics, and then use a voice recorder to tell where the hostess's brother has a cache. Interact with the food on the table to the right of the girl. You take away the worm from the chicken, from another food - canapés. Go upstairs to your room, look out the window and pick up the coat hanger from the rope. Take the second coat hanger from the closet in the room. Take the towel (tablecloth), which lies on the cabinet to the right of the entrance. Get a vibrator out from under the bed. Then move the rug in the middle and remove the bottle of schnapps from the cache.

Go down and click on the rods for the hostess of the hotel. She let you take one fishing rod in rent, but you need to give something in return. Offer her a vibrator, and the woman will not refuse. Pick up canned food next to the table with food. Move to the very first location to the left. At the pier, use a fishing rod with a worm to catch a can opener. Apply the tablecloth to the boat, and then shoot the cat sitting on the tree. Do not be surprised: the cat really looks like a fox. To shoot a cat, you need to have a canapé cheese, a bottle of schnapps and a cane tube. The last you get in the interaction with the reeds to the left of the pier. Try to grab the fallen cat, but he will run away.

Go to the square; apply canned to the cat in the alley. Since you have a can opener, the main character will open the jar. While the cat is eating, apply a cardboard box on it. The cat will run away. Climb to the new partner and see a cat on the bench. Try to grab it. The cat will run away, but he will be electrocuted. Take the stunned cat and give it to the Baron below. Talk to him and ask for the key to the cable car. He will give it to you.

There is a statue in the center of the square. Throw a can opener into it and put on the loose armor. Climb up to the cable car and interact with the wires in the background to connect them in armor. The wire is repaired! Go back to the girl and apply the master key from the cable car to the generator nearby. And then it will remain to get a device for movement on the cable car, since there are no booths here. You fit those two hangers found earlier. The chapter ends after you apply them to the cable car.

Chapter 2

In the dark, you move in any direction until the scene switches to the sanatorium. The main character lies in a hospital bed; he is examined by a strange doctor. Click three times on the main character; choose the "interaction" button. When you wake up, talk to the doctor. Get up, knock on the door and agree to be tested. You will be asked three questions, and for each there will be three possible answers. In fact, it is impossible to pass the test now.

Back in the ward, click on the skeleton. Interact with the ladder, and then apply it to the grid on the upper left, on the wall. Move the shower curtain back, try to turn on the faucet, and then inspect the shower sprinkler. A coin will fall. Apply it on the grid, near which there is a ladder. Get out, go downstairs and pick up the UV lamp near the reception desk. Look at the safe, go up and open the double door in the upper left of the screen.

Go to the balcony and interact with the brazier to get a band-aid. Go back to your room; apply the band-aid to the sparkling electrical shield. Then inspect the wall in the shower stall and find the point for interaction in the upper part. Apply a UV lamp to it. You can see the numbers. Interact with them for the main character to write a code combination.

Return to the safe, apply the code combination to it and read the dossier. You will find out that a certain patient was too calm. You must do the opposite. A doctor will appear and retesting will begin. This time for each question there will be new answers. Select the bottom three lines, and then go through the other testing steps. During these stages, you can choose any answers. The doctor will set you free. Take the key from the wall on the left and open the main door.

Chapter 3

Move again in the darkness until you find yourself near the dumped entrance to the mine. Examine the barn door. It's locked up. Pick up the chain and connect it to this door. Start the cable car using the device in the lower left corner of the screen. Take the gear from the cable car and place it on the trolley on the right. Pick up a belt near the tent, take the propane tank out of the barn (you pulled the door off with a chain) and place it together with the belt on the trolley. Examine the stones to the left of the dam, under the mountain, to find the miner's helmet. Take it and get into the cart to go to the mine.

Upon arrival at the cave; pull out the pickaxe from the wall to the left. Pick up the gear and install it on the pipe on the back wall. Turn the gear and hit the pipe with a pickaxe. Throw a pickaxe into the stalactite hanging on the ceiling. It will fall down, and the ravine below will fill with water. Hit the cart three times to dump it into the water. Move on it to the right and with the help of the destroyed rails get to the top.

You will meet with the main character. Talk to her; inspect the door and remote control on the left. Explore the dark walls to find five inscriptions in different languages. One will be in the upper left corner, graffiti - in the upper right, three more on the middle wall. You need to choose five inscriptions in the order in which their ancestors left them. First, select the image of the five-hexagon with people lying around, then — the hieroglyphs in the upper left corner of the screen, then the inscription in Latin, after — the runes above the Latin, and finally the graffiti in the upper right corner of the screen. All the lights come on. Click on the control panel to the left of the huge gate to open it and go further.

Once in a dark room, interact with the pedestal by the window in the far side (on the left of the screen) to turn on the light. Interact with the rotating model of the planets, and then apply a bottle on this model (in the bottom left of the screen). The planets will stop. Take the item from the table. There are several electronic cabinets with equipment on the left. There is a door on the one that is closer to the window. It will not be active immediately, but after you hear the voice of robot. Interact with the door on the right. Open the door on the cabinet on the left and install the RAM.

Communicate with the robot several times. You need to interact with the door or panel to the right of it and robot appears again (this is not about the elevator, but about the right door). In the end, the robot will let you inside. Watch the video in the room with the portal of Saturn.

So, you need to help your new friend back home. For this it is necessary to find four components. First, go outside and find a fair. Move left to the river and pick up the fishing pole and lottery ticket. Go back to the square; apply a lottery ticket to a stall with a girl near the hotel.

You win cat food. Give it to the baron in a wheelchair to get your shoes. Climb up to the cable car and chat several times with a woman exercising with a weight. Give her shoes to get tobacco. Go to the square and talk to the sailor. Exchange the tobacco for a winning ticket that allows you to swim across the lake.

Go to the pier and talk to the girl (the boat rental). Look at the inflatable toy on the left and ask the same girl about it. She will allow to take a toy. Examine the broken boat at the pier, talk to the girl and she will ask you to repair it. In addition, when you moved to this location after the lottery, you would see the graves of an unknown man in strange clothes. He went to the left. Follow him and find yourself on a location with a thick tree trunk and a bunch of garbage. Interact with the tree and whistle any tune. Climb up and pick an apple from the branch on the right. Climb even higher up the stairs to find yourself in a tree house. Chat with a stranger.

When you can control the character, go out to the balcony and remove the wooden wheel with blades by disassembling the windmill. Get down, go back to the hotel and look at the table with food. Take a little stew from a large pot. Return to the pier and apply this stew to the boat to patch the hole. Use the wooden wheel.

The boat is ready to sail! Hop on a boat and swim in the swamp. Once in place, you will see a corpse on the right. Take off his yellow rubber boots. Inspect the corpse to get a rusty key. You can interact with the luminous place on the right.

Go back to the hotel; move to your room and take the empty can from the device in the center of the room. Go to the location with the pier and hit the lamppost next to the stop. The light goes out, fireflies appear. Use an empty jar on them from your room to get fireflies in the bank.

Return to the hotel and use the rust key to open the door near the TV. Go downstairs to light your way. Take the malt from the bag on the left, take the yeast from the barrel to the right of the stairs. Read the note on the beam to find out the recipe for beer. You need fruit, malt, yeast and mushrooms. Fruit we have - apples from the tree. We also just found the malt and yeast. Look at the beer machine on the right. In the background, there is a metal cover under the stairs. Take it.

Get out of here, go to the square and stand next to the big guy. Interact with the attraction to hit it. Your hero will not be able to score the desired number of points. Go to the tree house and meet a familiar woman here. She will appear after you interact with the luminous place in the swamp (and the main character will glow). Chat with her to get vitamins. Go to the pier and talk to the girl from the rental. She will be glad that you have repaired the boat, and will give a map. This map allows you to quickly move between locations.

Stand under the tree on which the house is located, examine the garbage and you will find a metal cover on the left. Take it. Go to the square; buy treats in a stall next to the big guy. Give the hostess of the hotel back the fishing rod to get a whistle. Go to the pier, interact with the tree and select the whistle. Crows arrive. Click on them and apply the seeds. The crows will be overfed. Go to the square, go to the hotel and apply the whistle to the antenna hanging above the entrance. The TV will stop showing, and you can pick up the electro-ray tube. But for this you need a special tool that will be discovered later.

You have two metal caps and yellow boots, go back to the swamp and apply these items on the water next to the corpse. Move to the island, pick mushrooms. Go back to the hotel, go downstairs and interact with the brewing machine.

Hans will say that fire is needed. Climb to the hostess of the hotel, and ask her for a lighter. You can also talk about her brother, found in the swamp. Take the lighter, go down and light the device. Throw apples, malt, yeast and mushrooms in turn. Take a bottle of beer. Hans immediately drink it, then wakes up at the bus stop.

Walk to the right, winter will come and you will meet a meteorologist (right at the same location with the pier). Talk to the woman; interact with the transition point on the right. Select the mountains to get to the weather station. Try to pull out a shovel, and then apply on it vitamins obtained from a woman. When you pick up a shovel, talk to a meteorologist.

Next, interact with the balloon on the left, in which there is helium. You will need to click on the tap at the bottom of the bottle. A meteorologist will say that you cannot touch helium. Talk to her and ask for some helium. She will in return ask for a favor and give a telegram. Take a screenshot to remember the sequence of numbers.

Return to the hotel, chat with the hostess and ask to send a telegram. Where numbers are erased (second sequence), select 10433. You will immediately receive an answer. Return to the meteorologist and give the answer. She will ask for another favor: you need to collect data from three devices. The first device is in the swamp, the second is in the location with the pier, to the right of the boat rental house, and the third is near the cable car. Everywhere you need to use a screwdriver. Having done this, you go back to the meteorologist. She will fly away, but will allow you to use helium. Use the inflatable toy on the balloon with helium in the left part of the location. Take the toy to your room and set it on the iron mannequin on the right.

Use a screwdriver on the TV in the hotel lobby to pick up the electro-ray tube. Install it on a mannequin in your room. Two components found! Recall that you need to turn off the TV: overfeed the crows and seat them on the antenna above the entrance to the hotel. Talk to the musician on the stage and give him a beer created earlier. Wait until the melody is over. It will be necessary a couple of times to choose the words of the song. When the musicians disappear, you can pick up the accordion from the stage. Install it on the mannequin in the room. And this is the third ingredient.

Finally, interact with the attraction at the fair and apply the vitamins to deliver a strong blow. You will win the silver cup. Go to the swamp with cup and the shovel. Apply the shovel to the luminous spot and collect the meteorite with the help of the silver cup. Take it to your room and install it on a mannequin. Quantum device is collected!

Chapter 5

Back at the science object; interact with the equipment on the left side of the screen to open the door. Go to the portal and wait. When you can control Hans, and then apply the created device to the portal on the right. Three projections will appear. They allow you to move around the room. First move to the control panel in the background and interact with it. The left cabinet with the equipment will allow you to call robot. Now the robot will not do anything useful.

The panel on the right will break the portal into several parts. Pick up the first part, then apply the quantum device to the teleport and move to the right side of the room. Collect three more fragments, reapply the device on the portal and move to the left side of the room. Collect two more shards. The portal is completely ready. Move to it by applying a quantum device, and go inside. Double-click the Gretchen statue to neutralize it in the real world.

Returning to reality, apply a quantum device to Gretchen. Do this several times so that the girl will be on the left. Call robot by clicking on the cabinet with the equipment in the background. It remains to view the cut-scene and choose the ending of the game: agree and leave this world, or stay in it. After the first credits there will be an additional cut-scene, so do not rush to close the game.



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