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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Unto The End

Walkthrough Unto The End

Read the step-by-step guide to the walkthrough of the platformer Unto The End

At the beginning of the game, press the E key to pick up a spear and a lock of hair. Move to the right until you fall down. A stone wall blocks the path to the right. To open it, you need some kind of key. So, move to the left. Climb onto the ledge, open your inventory, select the torch and click LMB to light it. Walk to the right and break the boards blocking the path. You need to hit several times, so be patient. Keep moving until you find yourself in a cave with boards under your feet. Hit them to fall down.

Go left with the torch in hand. Pick up the grass. Search all the bodies and objects that you see, as you will need ammunition. You will find a trap on your way to the left. Hit the rope with a stone to activate it, and then proceed further. Climb up the stairs, interact with it through the E key. At the top, first move to the left, light a fire and heal (if necessary). There is a wounded man on the left. Offer him the herb, in exchange for a key. Go right with it. Climb to the high ledge by pressing twice on the "Space". This path leads back to the stone wall, which you can now open. Standing close to the wall, open the inventory with the I key and use the key.

Jump down and quickly roll to the left by pressing Q. When the spikes come down, run to the right, search the corpse and jump over the abyss. Defeat the first enemy and go down, jump along the ledges. At the very bottom, don't use the ladder, but instead jump to the left. See a rock with a rope. Get close to him and then press Q to dodge the arrow. Go left, kill the enemy and light the fire. At this point, you should have enough resources to improve your armor. Craft Vambraces! Go back, you can go right and collect resources. You must go down the stairs and enter the wooden elevator to continue. It will bring you down.

Take the elevator in front of you downstairs. You can collect resources on the left, but then return to the elevator and jump to the right. Get to another lift. To get it down, you have to jump several times. You can go left to find a stone door with a round hole. You don't have such a stone yet. There is a lever nearby. Pull it to make the elevator appear. Climb up to go back. Jump over to the right. This path leads to a cave with a dangerous boss. In order to advance the story and get the round stone, you will have to defeat it.

To be continued…



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Гость, 53 года назад


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