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ShowGamer.comWar Thunder has received the "Red Skies" update

War Thunder has received the "Red Skies" update

Gaijin Entertainment announces that the online military action game War Thunder has received a major Red Skies update.

It added rank seven aviation to the game, including the Soviet MiG-23M fighter and the Chinese J-7E, as well as dozens of other models of military equipment - for example, the Soviet front-line bomber Yak-28B, the modern Russian T-80BVM tank, the German Marder A1 infantry fighting vehicle, Franco-Finnish SAM ITO 90M and Italian battleship Dante Alighieri. Now there are more than 2000 real-life models of land, sea and air military equipment in the game! In addition, the explosion of a nuclear bomb began to destroy buildings in locations more reliably and spectacularly, two new maps were included (“Red Sands” and “Flooded City”), and ground vehicles got the mechanics of commander’s sights – of course, only those vehicles which in reality are equipped with such devices.

War Thunder has received the
War Thunder has received the "Red Skies" update

The MiG-23M, currently the most modern aircraft in the Soviet-Russian tech tree, has a variable sweep wing with three settings and develops max.a minimum speed of Mach 2.4 (currently the fastest fighter in the game). The aircraft is armed with an autocannon, bombs, unguided and guided missiles, including the new air-to-air missiles R-23R with radar homing and R-23T with thermal seeker. The MiG-23M thermal direction finder is capable of detecting the thermal signature of a running engine of an enemy aircraft at a very long distance and covertly launching a missile without turning on the radar.

The addition of rank 7 aviation is an important step in allowing War Thunder to move from Vietnam-era aircraft like the MiG-21 and F-4 Phantom II to the increasingly modern air vehicles that will be introduced to the game in future updates.

The T-80BVM is the result of a program to modernize the Soviet T-80BV tanks to the level of the T-72B3 and T-90M main battle tanks. The vehicles are equipped with a modern Sosna-U fire control system with a backup sight for the commander and the ability to work with the Reflex guided weapon system, as well as the new Relikt dynamic protection, the blocks of which cover the turret, frontal and side projections of the hull. The latter covers well both from cumulative (including those with a tandem warhead) and from kinetic projectiles.

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War Thunder has received the "Red Skies" update

The Red Skies update solved the problem of a detailed simulation of a nuclear explosion on any map where the player fights, with the ability to observe the effect for a long time and from any angle. A volumetric mushroom cloud effect, condensation domes and a shock wave are created that realistically interact with the sky and physical objects. Nuclear weapons were first introduced to the game in the New Power update and are available in arcade and realistic battles for the most effective players. Even if the team as a whole loses the battle, a single hero can score enough points to sit at the helm of a strategic bomber and bring victory to the team with one blow.

Several small but important mechanics have also been added to the game: for example, in naval battles, you can now switch to the camera that monitors the flight of shells, and in land battles, you can help other fighters put out a fire in a car.

You will find detailed information about the new products of Red Skies on the official website .


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