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ShowGamer.comGuide Days Gone - How to find all Nero injectors

Guide Days Gone - How to find all Nero injectors

In this guide, we will tell you how to find all the Nero Injectors that allow you to improve the main character of Days Gone. The guide was prepared in honor of the release of the game on PC on Steam .

All injectors are scattered across several Nero Checkpoints and Nero Research Sites. In total, there are 30 such injectors in the game, and they can be distributed equally among three parameters:

  • Health
  • Endurance
  • Concentration

That is, if you collect all 30 injectors, then in any case you will pump health, endurance and concentration 10 times. On the other hand, any injector can increase any parameter. That is, when you find the next Nero, you yourself choose what to invest it in.

To get started, check out the screenshot below, in which we have listed the locations of all roadblocks and Nero research sites. That's where the injectors are hidden!

Guide Days Gone - How to find all Nero injectors
Guide Days Gone - How to find all Nero injectors

Below is a description of each injector:

  1. Performing a story mission, during the search?And sterile bandages for Boozer, the main character will stumble upon Nero's checkpoint near the Little Bear Lake. Look for the first injector there.
  2. During the mission "Spy" you will move through the caves. Once you've done that, return to the caves to find Nero's research site with the injector.
  3. Checkpoint Nero at the old pioneer cemetery. After killing the enemies, take the canister and refuel the generator at the fence next to the Nero building.
  4. Nero checkpoint at the Iron Butte Pass. Find a pile of garbage near the rock on the side and a canister of gasoline lying there. Refuel and repair the generator.
  5. Checkpoint Nero on Horse Lake. To get to the generator, you need to push down the blue jeep and climb onto the roof of the Nero building. There may be a horde nearby. The canister lies where the jeep stood by default, near the low fence. Refuel the generator and go inside.
  6. Nero's Checkpoint at the Marion Forks Tunnel. Go to the military truck to find a gas canister in the back. Refuel the generator and then find the fuse inside the white box at the entrance to the tunnel.
  7. The crashed helicopter has Nero's research site with a new injector. Look for a path leading to a springboard with which you can jump over the ravine. We'll have to pump the motorcycle engine and install the accelerator.
  8. Near the water there is a cave with Nero's research site. Go there and take the injector.
  9. During the bounty quest to find Anderson, you will need to search the cave with the sprinters. Inside there is a research site with an injector.
  10. In this place there is a house with a box and Nero's injector.
  11. Inside the cave, near the wall of wooden fences, you can find Nero's research site. Freak nests can be inside the trucks.
  12. Another research site is located on a small island. Use the springboard near the shore to jump over the water on a motorcycle.
  13. There is another Nero research station in the cave at the top of the mountain. Get as close to it as you can, and then look for a ledge you can climb up. Once you do this, move up the path.
  14. You can get to this place of Nero's research using a motorcycle, from acceleration and jumping on a springboard.
  15. Under the bridge is another research station.
  16. On both sides of the road, between two rocks, there is a tree. Use the trampoline on the higher side to jump to the crashed helicopter where Nero's injector lies.
  17. Roadblock on Pilette Bridge. The canister lies behind a small building at the entrance to the outpost. Look for the generator behind the fence, which can be easily bypassed.
  18. Roadblock at Chelmouth College. Find the canister by the wooden shed next to Nero's building and the fuse in one of thecurrent.
  19. Checkpoint Volcanic Legacy. Go to the end of the yellow school bus to find the canister. Look at the entrance to the tunnel and look for a generator behind the fence on the left.
  20. Checkpoint in the Santiam tunnel. Burn the freak nest near the tunnel entrance to find the fuse inside. A canister of gasoline lies inside the tent.
  21. Here you will find a railway bridge with Nero's research site.
  22. Checkpoint at the old sawmill. Search the tents to find a canister of gasoline. The generator is located in the center of the checkpoint.
  23. There is a Nero exploration site here, which can be reached by bike following the path leading to the jump on the rocks. As you make the jump, pay attention to the ledge on the right, along which you can climb up. Follow the path to the crashed helicopter.
  24. Checkpoint at the Marauder's Tunnel. There is a jeep near the Nero building. There, look for a canister of gasoline. The generator is on the opposite side.
  25. Checkpoint at Spruce Lake. In the tent on the left side, look for a gas can, while the fuse is hidden in a box next to the tent, located on a hill near the cliff.
  26. There are two islands here and Nero's research site, located on the farthest of them. Use the springboard near the shore to get to the first island, and then swim across to the second and pick up the injector.
  27. Next to the mountainThe clone has Nero's research site. There is a corpse nearby.
  28. Here you can find Nero's research site, inside the White King's Mine. This place is a horde hideout, so it's best to visit it at night when the freaks are out for a walk.
  29. There is a side of the mountain where Nero's research site is hidden. Although it may seem a little too high, you can easily reach it by driving around from the side.
  30. Another injector that is easy enough to find. True, this place is the lair of the horde. Find the cave, go inside and take the item.


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