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ShowGamer.comGuide Evil Genius 2 - How to move or delete a room / entrance on the base

Guide Evil Genius 2 - How to move or delete a room / entrance on the base

Built a room or entrance in Evil Genius 2 and then decided to move the object to another location? We tell you how to do it!

Unfortunately, in Evil Genius 2 there is no quick way to move the built premises. Because of this and other shortcomings of the construction system, sometimes there are problems with finding free space for the construction of new structures. Or with the expansion of existing ones... On the other hand, instead of moving, you can directly delete the room.

To remove the entrance to a base or room in Evil Genius 2, go to build mode. Select the Dirt room type. Then draw an outline surrounding the built room to be removed. It doesn't matter if there are any items in it. All of them will be automatically deleted or moved to the sale. You can sell each item individually first, but this is not necessary.

Once the path closes, surrounding the room, click "Confirm". Your minions will fill the room with dirt and nothing will be left of it. After that, you can use the freed space for new development.


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