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ShowGamer.comNier Replicant Guide - Where to Find All Weapons

Nier Replicant Guide - Where to Find All Weapons

In the previous Nier Replicant guide, we talked about all the endings. Now let's talk about the weapons that need to be collected for endings C, D, E.

Weapons in Nier Replicant (first half of the game)

There are nine weapons to be found in the first half of the Nier Replicant remake. All nine are one-handed weapons. Some of them you will receive during the passage, while others will have to be bought from blacksmiths.

  • Trapper ( Beastbain ) - is part of a set with Beast Mastery and Curse of the Beast. Can be purchased from a blacksmith for 16,800 gold.
  • Blade of Treachery - Found in Emil's Mansion, in a crate before the Grimoire Rubram fight.
  • Earth Wyrm's Claw is quite heavy. The weapon is easier to use with the Trapper. Can be purchased from the blacksmith in Façade for 8,400 gold.
  • Faith - Receive as a reward after freeing all the inhabitants of the Forest of Myths. You can also find it in the flooded city - the soul box is located on the second floor inside the resource extraction module (to the right of the elevator).
  • Lily's Sword ( Lily-Leaf-Sword ) - Can be purchased instead of the Blade of No Name at the beginning of the game, in the village from the blacksmith for 2400 Gold.
  • Moonrise ( Moonrise ) - Save ocher??nick from the Shadows in the Southern Plains. For salvation, he will issue this weapon.
  • Nameless Blade - The default weapon Nier starts with. Weapons are updated during the storyline.
  • Nirvana Dagger - The sword is rather weak, but better than the Blade Without a Name. Can be found in a crate inside the Lost Temple, right in front of the second staircase.
  • Rebirth - Can be obtained from Façade King if you rescue him from the Desert Temple.

Weapons in Nier Replicant (second half of the game)

  • Ancient Overlord - can be purchased from the weapons dealer in the Resistance Camp. It can also be obtained as a gift from the Façade King.
  • Ax of Beheading - Can be bought from the Blacksmith in the Village for 19,200 gold.
  • Curse of the Beast ( Beastcurse ) - Found in a locked chest in Forest Castle, on the top floor of the rightmost room with stairs.
  • Beastlord - Can be bought from the weapons dealer in the resistance camp for 10,000 gold. You can also break the box on the roof of the Lost Sanctuary.
  • Captain 's Holy Spear - Can be purchased from the blacksmith in Façade for 30,000 gold.
  • Dragoon Lance - found in a crate in Zam??e of the Lord of Shadows just before going up the spiral staircase.
  • Fang of the Twins - In Emil's mansion on the first basement floor, you will find a box near the door. Break the box and take the weapon.
  • Fool 's Accord , Fool's Embrace , Fool's Lament - Read the mother's diary on the first floor of your house. Defeat the enemies behind all three doors to get each of these three weapons.
  • Iron Pipe - Can be found during the "Magic Stone" quest (during Fishing in the sewers leading to the Amusement Park) or obtained automatically after unlocking the B ending.
  • Iron Will ( Iron Will ) - Issued by Gideon at the junkyard.
  • Kusanagi - You will receive this weapon automatically upon reaching Part 2.
  • Labyrinth's Shout - Reward for completing the Damaged Map quest.
  • Song of the labyrinth ( Labyrinth's Song ) - Reward for completing the quest "Disturbing Sleeping Kings".
  • Labyrinth 's Whisper - Can be found during the Bridge in Peril quest. The quest will be issued by a guard who walks on the grass near the northern gate of the Village. Also dropped by the giant Shadow, which Nier kills when he is defeated.
  • Phoenix Dagger - The weapon can be found near the waterfall in the canyon outside the Mall. You can enter this area by falling off the wooden bridge or through the secret entrance in the Forest Zone. The Flying Arms Dealer is in a locked chest next to him.
  • Phoenix Spear - Purchased from the blacksmith in the facade for 32,400 gold.
  • Phoenix Sword - Talk to the pigeons in the Shadow Lord's Castle and smash the crate next to them.
  • Spear of the usurper of the Usurper ) - Sold by the Blacksmith on the Embankment for 21600 gold. It can also be obtained for completing the Legacy of the Past quest.
  • Sunrise - Sold by the blacksmith in the Village or Eyrie for 21,600 gold.
  • Devil Queen ( The Devil Queen ) - Break the crate (leftmost crate) next to the second stairs of the back path to the Lost Temple.
  • Transience - You will receive this weapon automatically upon reaching Part 2.
  • Vile Axe - Sold by a blacksmith in Primorye for 21,600 gold.


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