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ShowGamer.comHow to turn off the voice of the narrator in Biomutant

How to turn off the voice of the narrator in Biomutant

Perhaps, to someone, like me, the voice of the narrator will seem somewhat intrusive and annoying. Therefore, I decided to tell you how to get rid of it once and for all. Believe me, it's much better to play this way!

Go to the settings and find the "Frequency" section, where there will be a slider that allows you to adjust the "Announcer" (Narrator) on a scale of 0 and above. So set this value to zero. In this case, you will get rid of the voice of the narrator outside of missions. He will continue to comment on the tasks themselves.

You can also go to the volume section and set the "Speech" item to 0. All voice speeches in the game will be disabled. All the creatures you meet speak all sorts of gibberish, so they won't be affected. Only for the narrator. But keep the subtitles on as they are the only ones that explain what the creatures are saying to you.


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