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ShowGamer.comHow to Increase Happiness in Medieval Dynasty Settlement and Start a Family

How to Increase Happiness in Medieval Dynasty Settlement and Start a Family

Build a food storage building and make sure it has a sufficient supply of food. Also build a warehouse and make sure it always has wood. This will increase the happiness of each settler by 50%. If you do not have at least one of these buildings, then happiness will quickly drop to the minimum values and the inhabitants will leave your settlement (literally in 2-3 days).

Your wife is also considered a settler. She needs those buildings too. 50% happiness is enough for the settlers to stay and work. Increasing it even more is optional and even pointless. Productivity does not appear to depend on happiness. It is affected by skill levels.

Craft a clay beam in the barn out of clay and straw and upgrade houses to increase the happiness of all residents by 3%. If the house needs repair, happiness drops by 1%. Perhaps in the future happiness can be raised with the help of alcohol, but so far the crafting of barrels in the tavern has not been implemented.

How to create families

If you assign one man and one woman to one house, then after a while they will begin to like each other and form a family. The happiness of both will increase by 5%. Then the woman will give birth to a child, and both parents will receive an additional 5% happiness. Your wife will receive the same bonuses (5+ 5%) if she marries you and gives birth to a child. The house can accommodate up to four people, so the inhabitants can have a second child, and they will again receive 5% happiness each. That is, by forming a family, you can increase happiness by 15%.


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