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How to Manage Workers in Medieval Dynasty

Starting with version, Medieval Dynasty briefly talks about the job distribution system. All that you know initially is that you can hire settlers and distribute them to jobs, but how to do this is completely incomprehensible. Fortunately, we have prepared this guide to make your task easier.

How to hire workers

Let's start by explaining the basics. To get a settler to work, you need 50 dynasty reputation. At the moment, the only way to earn reputation is to complete quests. Complete the first tasks until you accumulate 50 points. After that, find a suitable peasant. Go to the settlement and press the ALT key to activate the check mode. You will receive information about the townspeople, you will see the icons of sellers, tasks and a marker indicating the inhabitants who can be hired. Such NPCs will be marked with a stick man icon. They usually loiter around campfires.

They will only accept your proposal if you have at least 70% approval. To increase this parameter, interact with the peasant and select the option "Hey, do you have a minute?". A conversation will start and you can choose different phrases. Some of them will increase approval, and some may decrease it.

There is one more requirement! You must build houses. A small simple house will cost you 21 logs, 66 sticks and 32 straw.

How to assign a settler to the field and to the house

Now that the villagers have settled in your village, you can make them work. Open the management tab and select a villager or building. You can assign a building to a settler or assign a settler to a building. It all depends on the selected tab. But that's not all. There can be more than one workplace in a building. For example, in a hunting lodge there are positions of a hunter and a gatherer. They will need different tools in the building's inventory or resource storage. If you don't know what tools you need, open the management tab, select a building and a resource. You will see the tool and what should be its strength if it is needed for work.

Item crafting buildings will require the tool to be placed in a resource storage. For example, in order for a settler to start sewing, linen itself will be needed to create linen thread. The flax stem can also be stored in the building where the flax is created.

Field workers will plow the fields, plant seeds and harvest. They will take seeds and grain from the chests in the barn. Put those seeds in them?? the crops you want to grow. Build fields and select seeds to plant from the Fields menu in the management tab.

The only drawback is that such workers work slowly. On the barn tab, you can set the production capacity of farmers.


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