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ShowGamer.comMetro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition Guide: Location of All Notes

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition Guide: Location of All Notes

The article indicates the location of all notes, diaries and journals.


  • When you go through the tunnel and deal with the first enemy, there is a table on the right. Take the Torn Notebook note from the table.
Walkthrough Metro Exodus
Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • Pay attention to the table on the right in the infirmary. There you will find an outpatient card . Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • When you pass the building with Anna, be sure to visit the apartment, which is located one floor below. In the room with the sofa, you will find a note " Dusty Diary " on the right side of the nightstand.
  • Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • When you get to the escalator, don't rush down. To the left is a bookstore. At the entrance you will find a corpse with a note .
  • Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • When you get out of the building, head to the bus. There, on one of the seats, you will find Shura's note .
  • Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • When Artyom is wounded, head to the ditch. Crawl under the trees. You need to go forward, but there is a passage on the right. In the snow, between the aisles, you will find a corpse, It is sprinkled with snow. Dig up and take the crumpled letter .
  • Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • Are you in?Chat with Anna in the control room, near the console you will find a memo .
  • Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • Inside the car, when there is an episode with a cruiser, head into the opening on the left in the wall. Two enemies will be waiting for you there. Deal with them and take the official letter from the table.
  • Do not rush to go to the lead car when the shooting starts. In the penultimate car on the right there is a box with a crumpled note on it.
  • Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus

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    There is only one note in this chapter. You can find it at the bottom of the steps. That's where the memorandum is located. Wait until Anna leaves, now go downstairs and go to the box.

    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus


    • You will be taken control again, head to the bridge (reverse direction) and turn left, go down and inspect the concrete structure. There are corpses under this structure. Take the Moldy Magazine from the mattress.
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • Go to the port for the Cross. There is a building on the right, go around it and find the stairs near the rails. Climb down and in the room on one of the shelves you will find a faded note .
  • Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • Bandits are holding hostages in a warehouse. In the same warehouse is the key to the room in which the night vision device is located. Pay attention to the suitcase by the fire. Take the folded letter from the suitcase.
  • Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • Not far from the tower (where the teddy bear for Nastya is located) is a barn. There you can find a dirty letter.
  • Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • Head to the place you see in the screenshot. There is a wooden structure on top of the adjacent building. Use the beams on the roof of the building. Having reached the structure, go inside and look for a faded note . Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • Pay attention to the black mark on the map, a little above and to the left of the terminal. There is also a passenger car, which is guarded by bandits. Go to the edge and look at the half-flooded building. Use the boat to swim to it (from the side of the island in the center of the map). There you will find the logbook .
  • The dusty notebook is located in the building where the enlarged filter is located. Head east (from the car where the Prince is sitting). You will see the building, inside you will find tolsth envelope.
  • Look at the map, there is another small island. Use the boat to get to the minecart terminal. From there, swim to the right side to swim to the island. On this small island is a bandit's note .
  • You will find this note in one of the rooms of the bunker where Anna fell through.
  • The truck is in front of the bridge over the river (to the right of the far railway bridge). In the back of this car is a diary.
  • Go through the gas station when you follow the cart. You will find another diary on the table.
  • You need to get to the broken Gazelle. To do this, head along the railway (from the place where the Prince is hiding). Before reaching the bridge, there is a turn to the right. The place should be marked with a red skull. Inside the car, you will find a note .
  • There is a room at the station with the trolley. Do you have to tYes, go in to open the road for the trolley (pull the lever). To the left of the entrance is a chair on which you will find a diary .
  • Spring

    There is only one document in this chapter. When traveling on a train, you need to get out of the compartment. Go into the room on the right (Nastya will stop Artyom near this room). Inside on the table, find Nastya's letter.

    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus


    • Deal with the cannibals and climb up using the elevator. In front of the door in front, on the left is a table. Take the diary page .
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • Go through the freezers and you will see a shield on the wall. Launch it and squeeze through the hole. Take the diary page that is on the barrel.5-08-58-988.jpg"> Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • You will find another page in front of the concrete pipe. Go up and to the right. In the room, on a crate, you will find a note .
  • Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • Deal with the machine gunner. You will find yourself in a corridor with rooms. In the second room is the officer's diary .
  • Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • You will meet with Anna again, do not rush to enter the elevator. On the barrel on the left is another officer's diary .
  • Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus
  • Whenyou will go with your partners and Miller to the elevator, on the left is the officer's diary (about halfway).
  • Walkthrough Metro Exodus
    Walkthrough Metro Exodus


    • Get in the car and drive to the communication center in the upper left part of the map. Stop at the barge where the slaves are working. Enter inside it, passing through the archway. Go up to the second floor and you will see a praying slave located behind the first container. There is also a table, and on it lies the diary of the first mate.
    • Go to the end of the tier and go up the fire escape. There will be a few bandits here, but they can be stunned without raising the alarm. If you don’t kill anyone in either the first or second room, then a flash will work - a good action . In the far room, go up the stairs and on the table on the right, look for the letter of the leader .
    • Drive forward along the road to the crossroads. Get out of the car, go to the ATV in front and find the entrance to the cave. Go there and slide down the rope. Pass by the enemies and in a place where there will be several corpses at once (in front of the bridge) and one slave who attacked Artyom, near one of the rest?? and on earth, find a baby for your son .
    • At the request of Gulnara, you need to head to the bunker. Walk forward and to the left of the closed door. Turn right where there are several offices. In one of them, there is a typewriter on the table, and next to it is a memo .
    • Go to the back room, where you need to charge the electrical panel to turn on the electricity. Return to the locked door, which is now open. Go through it, move down the stairs and Damir will open the next door. Go through the office, get to another locked door, where Damir will switch to a loudspeaker. Crouch down and crawl through the room on the right. Having made your way into this room, pay attention to the table in the far right corner. On it lies a corpse, as well as a document analysis of images .
    • Go into the archive and head to the command post on the side. On a large table, near one of the sitting corpses, lies the diary "Last Orders" .
    • Follow the dismantled ship to the right of the crane (if you navigate on the map). Kill nearby enemies or go directly inside. How to act, decide for yourself. You can climb from below, bypass the enemies on top, or you can kill or stun everyone. The ship consists of three parts: the first is the engine compartment, where you get, the second is the main compartment, where there will be a bunch of opponents and several tiers, and the third is the place whereyou will meet a machine gunner and you can go upstairs to the captain's cabin. So when you get to the cabin, go in and take the list of products from the table on the right.
    • Move to the upper left corner of the map, where there is another question mark. Right in front of the entrance to the canyon is a truck, and next to it is a chair on which lies a letter from the baron .
    • Go to the canyon and kill all opponents. Once they are dead or stunned (or the last ones give up), a rope ladder will descend. On it you can get to the leader, who has already managed to shoot himself. Take the suicide note from the barrel.
    • Pay attention to the black spots in the middle of the location. Not far from them is a rusty barge. In the room you will find scraps of a diary .
    • When you get to the Source and meet with Damir (go for water according to the story), then after descending into the quarry immediately turn left to climb the metal structures uphill and find boxes with a note on the platform.
    • Next to the barge, inside which there are cages with slaves (you will learn about it from Anna), there is a bridge over the road at the top of the hill. It is occupied by opponents, and the bridge itself is formed from another ship. There is a fire next to it. Near the fire, find the yellow ladder, climb it and take the note from the box.


    Listen to Anna, then exit the compartment and go right first. Move past the tank car and find yourself on a platform with a car. On the table on the right lies the only document of the chapter - Tetashnik's note .


    • Exit the courtyard and find a note on the crossbow bolt (a piece of paper wrapped around an arrow) on the gate.
    • Go right along the road and you will find yourself at the Solnechny children's camp. The way forward is blocked, so turn right and turn left from the monument to Lenin. Enter the building on the right that looks like a classroom. On one of the desks of the main room , Larisa licks a letter .
    • Enter the brick ruin building and go down to the basement to find a crossbow with a scope and a night vision device. Climb to the roof of the brick building to find the solemn oath on the box.
    • Get out of here and go towards the bridge, along the river on the left. Behind the gazebo is another building that looks like a section for small children. Enter inside and turn into the room on the right, where the button accordion is lying on the floor. Children's scribbles lie on the corner of the table.
    • Once you've crossed over to the other side, follow the road ahead and turn to the treehouse on the left. You will recognize him by the burning fire. Climb up the rope ladder and on the shelf to the right by the fire you will find dusty??th diary.
    • Slide down the rope to the fire near the rock, deal with the enemy and take the alchemist's diary .
    • Continue down the main road towards the quest marker. Turn right when you see the lights - this is a house on the pier where the fisherman lives. Inside the house on the side of the pier, on the box is a lost diary .
    • Cross the road and find the green entrance to the cave in the mountain. Once in a small room, take the dusty notebook from the table.
    • Follow the road ahead, turn up the hill on the left, where you will find all your equipment. Go further and on the left you will see four people talking. Hide from them in the grass on the left side. On the same left hand there is a building, and next to it one of the pioneers lit a fire. Talk to him, enter the building and find a neat letter on the stove.
    • If you go to the pioneer camp through the main entrance, then in the building on the left you can find a careless letter .
    • Following the gorge, turn into the cave on the right to find a tattered letter on a box near the fire.
    • Continue moving through the cave and pick up a crumpled note near the corpse on the ground.
    • Climb down from the bandit camp and follow the road to the river. Turn right to find a pier with a corpse. There is a dirty diary on the table next to him.
    • Ahead of you is a camp of pirates. We recommendLet's go down and move along the road along the mountain on the left. At the very end of the path, near the stones, there is a ladder down. Go down it and find a pier with a boat. It is best to do this at night. Get on the boat and swim forward until you find yourself in the camp. The path to the left is blocked by a gate. To their left, in the building on the second floor, there is a lever that raises the gate. On the first floor of the same building, there is a folded note on the table.
    • Start the generator in the hangar. Go to the door, open it with the lever on the right and go into the corridor. Immediately pay attention to the corpse on the ground, near which lies a bloody letter .
    • Get out upstairs until you meet Alyosha. Listen to it while standing on the helicopter, then go down to the abandoned village. In the second house on the right, the entrance to which is open, there is an unfinished letter on the table with a sewing machine.
    • In front of the entrance to the territory of the church, near the gate there is a corpse of a hunter. Next to him lies a bag, and in it is a hunter's diary .
    • When you talk to Olga at the top of the church, then go down and follow the path. Turn left and on your right hand you will find a gazebo. It contains another note.


    After talking with Anna, go to the locomotive and listen to Melnik and other people. After he finishes, follow back to the beginning?? passenger car to find Katya's note next to the workbench.

    Dead city

    • Go into the room on the side, activate the shield in front to turn on the light, and then listen to the audio recording on the tape recorder. Go through the door, turn left and go down into the water. Follow the tunnel on the left until you find yourself with a lot of corpses. Having risen a little higher, turn around and find the text of the radiogram on the table (sit next to the corpse).
    • Keep following the Miller, killing the enemies. It will show you the correct path. Eventually, you will reach a gate with a broken valve. Knock out the door opposite them, go to the next room. Here Melnik will offer Artem to look around. And rightly so, because on the table on the left hand lies a shabby report .
    • Follow on until you find the boy. Chase him, and then find inside the barrel, under the lid. Fight off the mutants and go to the station. Inside, pay attention to Melnik. He will put down his weapon and you can take it. Also remove the order from the board with the card.
    • You will split up with Melnik and find yourself in the subway. Once in the train car at the top, take the notebook from the bench on the right.
    • As you ride the boat forward, stop when you see a door on the left. Enter the corridor??, go from one room to another, in a circle to get to the closed room through the gap in the wall. There are filters on the right, and a shabby diary lies on the table.
    • When you get to the next lever and get on the boat. Fight the creatures, Artyom will feel bad. When he comes to, then run through the station, go up the escalator and go right. There will be an open door on the left, behind which you will hear a conversation between Melnik and Kirill. In the same room lies a darkened note .
    • Get outside, go forward and the vision will start. Continue on your way to fall into the tunnel. At one end you will see a monster, but for now, move in the opposite direction to find resources and a dusty notebook at a dead end.
    • Get to the room where there is an exit to the outside, but the passage to another building is broken. Turn around and go to the landing on the right. Climb the stairs, go to another building (you will see Anna along the way) and immediately turn onto the landing on the right. After jumping down, open the door and take the list of goods from the table in front.


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