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Cain from John Wick 4 will get his own movie

He'll be played by Donnie Yen.
Cain from John Wick 4 will get his own movie

Film company Lionsgate has announced another movie in the John Wick universe. The new project will be dedicated to Cain, the hitman from John Wick 4.

The main role will again be played by Donnie Yen, who played Cain in the fourth part of the franchise. The script will be written by Robert Askins, known for his work on the series Umbrella Academy and other projects. The movie about Cain will not be a prequel, but a continuation of John Wick 4. The plot will tell about the life of a mercenary after meeting John Wick. Details are yet to be revealed, but it is expected that Cain will survive his encounter with Akira.

A premiere date for the Cain movie has not yet been announced. At least four projects are currently in development in the John Wick universe: an anime, a TV series, John Wick 5, and a Ballerina movie starring Ana de Armas.

Edward Dmitriev
Date of publication
16 May 2024