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ShowGamer.comNew CRSED mode: FOAD will include construction

New CRSED mode: FOAD will include construction

Similar to many popular battle royale games

In April, the fighters of the brutal online shooter CRSED: FOAD will switch to environmentally friendly fuel and learn how to build. The new mode is called Field Approved Rocket Testing Knight or FART Knight and is available to everyone from today.

Last Friday evening, the developers of CRSED: FOAD explored games similar in genre that are on the list of the most downloaded “royal battles”. The analysis revealed a large segment of players who prefer the construction of skyscrapers to shooting. To appeal to this audience, building construction mechanics have also been added to FART Knight, however, we are not talking about boring modernist boxes that would destroy the visual integrity of the project, but about elegant examples of classical architecture, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa .

Further analysis, however, showed that for a portion of the audience, skyscrapers cause a burning sensation in the lower back. “When you see an enemy, you shoot, and he is a **** skyscraper, it burns so much that it is ready to fly into the stratosphere,” one of the players explained on condition of anonymity.

For the bestExplore the world of FART Knight. and synchronization of the player's feelings and his virtual avatar, Darkflow Software game designers introduced a new mechanic that turns the player's fire into a directed jet stream . Every time one of the Heroes consumes any food, it simultaneously generates a supply of fuel for a “bio-jetpack”, which allows him to take to the skies and, for example, climb onto any of the towers built by enemies to punish its builder.

The environmentally friendly and socially responsible FART Knight bio-jetpack also highlights the importance of moving away from fossil fuels and the need to switch to renewable energy sources.

You can learn more about FART Knight and CRSED: FOAD on the game's official website .


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