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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough "Brothers Pilots. The Case of a Serial Maniac"

Walkthrough "Brothers Pilots. The Case of a Serial Maniac"

We tell you how to pass the game "Brothers Pilots". The case of a serial maniac.

Dining room

It is necessary to lure the mouse into a trap. We play as the Chef and take a colander, a magazine knife and cheese. Using a knife, Chef will cut off a small piece of cheese. The chef arranges the items in the following order: a small piece of cheese, a larger piece of cheese, a colander and skipping a short distance magazine. Playing as a Colleague, flip through the pages of a magazine where they write about mouse love. Again we play for the chef and ask for a dish with mustard or vinegar does not matter.


Playing as the Chief, put the mouse on the projector. As a Colleague, pull the green cord that is located to the left of the clock. It is necessary to combine the three parts of the picture. A colleague will interfere a little. Since we suspect Sumo, find his head first, then his torso and legs. Legs to the left, body to the left, head to the right. Repeat until the legs match up. After that, the witness will identify him.


Show the guard a photograph of the suspect. He wants beer. We leave for Pivnaya (basement).


First you need to find money. There is a barrel in the corner. Check it out and pick it uponetka. Take the coin to the cash register as the chef. The saleswoman will allow us to take 4l. beer. However, we have a 5 liter canister and a 3 liter bottle. Will have to play around. Take bottles and type 3 liters of beer. Pour it into an empty canister. Then we collect the beer again in the bottle and pour it into the canister. However, we have a liter left in the bottle. Pour the full canister into the beer machine. The remaining liter in the bottle is poured into the canister. Pour the beer into the bottle again and pour it into the canister. Now we have a liter of beer in the canister.

Railway station

Playing as the chef, place the barrel near the phone. Near the window "Cashier" you can pull out one board. Put it on the barrel. The boss will call the watchman and start a conversation with him, playing as a colleague, head to the platform. Unroll the turnstile when you notice the porter on the screen. On impact, he will drop the box. The boss has to get inside. The porter will recover from the fall and continue his work.

On a railcar

Playing for a colleague, we accelerate the trolley. The boss will catch the umbrella, which Sumo will throw. We repeat again and again. Further, the Chief will also begin to help disperse the trolley. When you get close to the car, use an umbrella and get to the train.


You need to get to the other side.


Sumo is in the building on the left. Playing as a colleague, take a pickaxe and use it on the fence. A colleague will pick up a stone and throw it in his pants. Again, use the pickaxe on the fence. Now the Chief must throw a stone in his pants. We climb the rope as a chief, which sagged a little. Next tie the Colleague and lift him up. We also make our way into the building using the ropes.

Sumo kitchen

Playing as the Chief, use the lighting cord in the pantry. The colleague will take the Balloon from the chest. Have a colleague eat three bananas. We play as the Chief and examine the mysterious objects (bananas). Use the cord from the fan (turn it on). A colleague will inspect the garbage chute. Playing as a colleague, use a ball launcher on a cat.


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