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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Death Park 2 - game guide

Walkthrough Death Park 2 - game guide

Fight monsters, solve puzzles and uncover the secret of Farland and the origin of the clown in this sci-fi horror game!

At the beginning of the passage, the main character wakes up in his room due to terrible screams coming from his sister's bedroom. You should find out if everything is all right with the girl. We go out into the corridor, but we cannot go into Lily's room, because. it is locked from the inside.

We go forward along the corridor and go into the parent's bedroom. On the bed we find a note from the mother, which says that she was called to work. We also learn from the note that our hero's name is Charlie.

There is a safe in the room, on which there is a photograph of children with a date. 11/12/89 - This date is a combination from the safe. Open it and take out the revolver from the safe. At this moment, a red ball will fly into the room. We touch it to go to the world of dreams.

We see that the house, in the world of dreams, has almost completely changed. Weapons are not available to us in this world, but now another passage has opened to Lily's room. We go there and see a clown. He tells us that he stole her mind, and without a cure, she will not last long. And most importantly, the clown tells us that the less power Lily has, the sooner he can get into this world.

We openheck, we return to our room and touch the ball again to return to reality. Now we can enter the sister's room, but we still cannot wake her up. We are trying to find the door leading to the street. On the door we find a note from the father. From it we learn that the city was filled with some creatures.

We go down into the hall, try to open the door and again we see the red ball. But first we go to the kitchen and pick up a flashlight on the table in the corner. And after that we are transferred to the world of dreams. Now we can go to the room opposite the kitchen. This is the basement into which we descend and light our way with a flashlight.

In the basement we find some ammo, a first aid kit and a hex wrench. We rise up and rest against the ventilation grill. Using the found key, we open the ventilation grille. Also, in the world of dreams, we see a picture with a "broken" image. You need to restore it to get a digital combination.

Walkthrough Death Park 2 - game guide

After that we return to reality. In the hall we see a safe, and we just found the password for it in the world of dreams. This is 9156. We open the safe and take the key from the front door from it. After that withagain we go down to the basement and exit through its second exit. At this moment, a clown comes out from behind one of the doors and lets a bunch of plain red balloons into the hall.

We need to find the ball that will bring us back to reality. In parallel with this, we must not fall into the hands of a clown. In our walkthrough, the desired ball ended up in the kitchen, near the wall, opposite the refrigerator. Now we can go outside, because we have a key to the front door.

We leave and go to the patrol car. From it we learn about the sad situation in the city. On the hood of the car, we pick up the card, and from the trunk - a baseball bat. Our tasks are updated. Now we need to go to the hospital to try to find help there.

On the way, we examine all the surroundings, because there are objects that we need so much. These are cartridges for various types of weapons, as well as first-aid kits. Thus, we reach the hospital, on the steps of which we find a machine gun. We collected cartridges for him, on the way to this point.

We read the note on the doors of the hospital, after which we go inside. We collect all the available loot, and also read a note from which we learn that the experimental medicine should be in the head physician's office.

First, head to the back stairs. On the waywe send out all the creatures that stand in our way. The chief's office is located on the second floor. However, the door to it will be locked. At this point, a ball will appear. We are transferred to the world of dreams and follow to the office. At this moment, the clown appears again.

We need to run to the correct doors, the icons of which are drawn on the signs hanging at the top in the corridor. We have it: square, circle, June, Earth, cardiology, resuscitation, the exit is nearby, the exit is not nearby. Thus, we find ourselves in the chief physician's office, where we are again transported into reality.

In the office we see a safe, but to open it we need a key. We also learn that the head physician died, and that he is probably in the cemetery. On the table we find a letter from Stephen Dorsey, to which is attached the key to the back entrance to the cemetery. We go there, because there is a high probability that the key to the safe is still on the neck of the deceased chief physician.

But on the cemetery gate we see a note that Dorsey was in the hospital. However, we do not need the main entrance. We go to the point where the cemetery lattice is in contact with the stone wall. This will be the back door.

In the graveyard, we also collect all available items. We need to find the head physician's grave. From the plaque on his office, we remember that his name is Mark Stones. Find itthe grave, but the head physician has already been buried, so you need to find a shovel to dig it out. At this moment, the ball appears again, leading to the world of dreams. Let's go there.

First we go to the church. There we see a puzzle connected with the graves. A clown also appears immediately, who continues to chase us. We need to collect all the gems from the graves and not get caught. We immediately remember their symbols.

After that, we go to the church, from where the ball flew out, and arrange the stones in the right order. This will open a door for us, deep into the church, where we will find consumable items, a ball that returns us to reality, and a shovel.

Walkthrough Death Park 2 - game guide

We return to the grave of the head physician and dig out the key. We pick it up and see that a lot of monsters have appeared in the cemetery. We quickly run away from them and head to the hospital to open the safe in Stones' office.

But in the safe we find only an injection gun and a key card, as well as a note that says that the last dose of the medicine is in the refrigerator on the 0th floor. We go down to the first floor and reach the elevator, which we open with the received card.From the elevator we can go down to the 0th floor.

Near the refrigerator we find a note from which we learn that the door automatically opens in case of fire. We also find a note from which we learn that the fire switch has broken. In the next room we are solving a puzzle with knife switches. They must be activated in the correct order. The correct combination is 1342.

After that, we go out into the corridor and activate the fire switch. The door to the refrigerator opens, we kill the monster that is there, we go inside and pick up a dose of medicine, which we immediately load our injection gun with.

Let's go home to my sister. You need to give her an injection of the medicine found. However, this does not help her, because her mind is under the complete control of the clown. Through her body, he tells us that he will be waiting for us in the park of death, and that we must go there to save our sister.

When we reach the fire truck, we see the fire. We take the fire hose located on the rear doors of the car and connect it to the fire hydrant. After that, we must connect it to the fire engine and apply maximum pressure to it. The correct combination is 135135.

We are putting out the fire, but for now we have nothing to do here, so we are heading to the park of death. Nearthe entrance to the park we find wire cutters. We pick them up and see how a red ball flew out from behind the park, and that it flies in the direction where we extinguished the passage. With the help of wire cutters, we break open the grate and go down into the sewer, where the ball went down.

There we find a sewer plan and understand that it leads directly to a military base. In the same place we find the ball. We pass into the world of dreams and again we meet the clown. It turns out that he has lured us into a trap from which we must find a way out.

We need to find and activate all the valves in order to open a further path for ourselves. We go down deep into the sewers and get into a round room. We need to go past the water tank. To do this, we lower the knife switch, near the device, and then press the left button.

This raises the water level with a makeshift bridge over which we can go further. So we move to the other side of the location, where we find the ball and return to reality. We go further and reach the control room, from which we learn that it was the military who turned the city into a home for monsters.

Next, we come to the entrance to the military base. The password for the door is 31785, and each of the buttons must be clamped (hold for a few seconds). Here we face 2 tasks: find a way to save the city and find the key to the park of death.

We go further and destroy the huge monster. After that, we find a note from which we learn that Lily has become the object of military experiments (the father of the children also wrote about this in his dismissal report). After that, we approach the mechanism and open one of the passages by simply moving the switches in one line.

In the AA room we find consumable items. In block C, we find the key to the gates of the park of death. Also, in block C, we find the MV-1 rifle, which is capable of shooting in all dimensions.

We continue to look around at the military base and find a code door, on both sides of which there are strange symbols, in the form of an equation. We solve the puzzle and get the code from the door. This is 532. In this room we find 3 batteries for defense towers. Now we need to find them and install batteries in them to save the city.

First we go to the city to install batteries in the towers. They are marked on the maps, and we occasionally ran into them, running from the hospital to the cemetery. They look like boxes on poles.

We arrange all the batteries, after which we go to the death park to meet with the clown. Also, near the ticket office, we select a ticket for the attraction train. We go to it and launch it. After that we go up to the the top we collect gears. Near the bridge, we will activate the last battery of the military dome. We found gears on the bridge, after which a ball rose, taking us to the world of dreams.

At that moment, a clown appears, which has become huge. He informs us that we ourselves launched the train, which means that we ourselves will kill our sister. We see that the clown crucified Lily in the middle of the rails, in the world of dreams.

On the bridge, near the arrow, there will be a mechanism. It is necessary to arrange all the gears in the correct order in order to have time to translate the railway arrow and save Lily.

Walkthrough Death Park 2 - game guide

Lily is saved. The clown says that because of this, he will now not be able to get out into the real world and threatens us with death. But do not forget about our miracle cannon, working in the world of dreams. With its help, we defeat the clown.

To do this, shoot and move all the time. We wait for the reloading of the weapon and shoot again. After that, the clown will summon monsters. We deal with them and with the clown.

After that, we are shown a short video in which Charlie and Lily are being rescued from the city. Together they reach the evacuation zone. It was the bestah ending. After beating the game, the developers will say that there can be 4 different endings in total.

Second ending

The second ending will be different from the first if you do not have time to collect all the gears and save your sister. In this case, the train will kill her, but you will still defeat the clown. Defense towers were also included, which saved the city from the appearance of new monsters.

Third ending

You will get the third ending if you save your sister, but do not save the city, i.e. if you do not activate the defense towers. The ending will be the same as the first. Charlie and Lily will save themselves by reaching the evacuation zone, but we will be informed that it took the military a month to clean up the city, and the children were never able to recover from this nightmare.

Fourth ending

As you probably already understood, the last ending is the worst. You don't save your sister and you don't save the city. In this case, you are told that Charlie tried to reach the evacuation zone alone, but he could not reach it, because the monsters caught him and killed him. And the city itself is still cordoned off by the military and turned into a testing ground.


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