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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough Mind Scanners - Device Guide


Walkthrough Mind Scanners - Device Guide

A guide to using the main and special devices in the game.

Devices for therapy


Removes 1 insanity of any type.

Slow but effective device. The psychotron beam is capable of dealing with any kind of madness. But only with one at a time.

Select the desired character using the toggle switch on the right. Press the button in the center and hold until the charge level reaches the highlighted area, and then release at the right time. Do not release the button in the red areas, otherwise your patient will get stressed!
If you release the button on the bright green cell, the machine will immediately remove the madness point. If you release the button on other green cells, the madness unit (indicated by the red symbol at the top of the screen) will be partially erased, but you can continue to erase it in parts.

Retinal decoder

This machine allows you to look into the soul of the patient through his eyes.

You need to reproduce the pattern in order to extract mental illness. Use the round buttons to repeat the sequence that appears inside the ghole, and then confirm your selection with the large orange button. It will be easier for you to remember the symbols if you give them conventional names - for example, a bug, a triangle, or a snake. This will save you some time!


A device attached to the larynx converts the madness into vibrations and allows it to be removed using the patient's vocal cords.

Click on the wheel and, holding the left mouse button, slowly turn it until the energy fills the scale to the limit. Don't spin the wheel too fast or the patient will get stressed! If the patient's voice begins to tremble, then you should slow down. You can even temporarily stop the movement completely, just don't release the mouse button.


The reflector deciphers the patient's thoughts and erases them with a single keystroke.

Use the reflector sliders to look for the patient's thoughts, including love, phobia, loneliness, etc. If you find negative thoughts, erase them by pressing the X button. If you find a positive thought, save it by pressing the heart button. However, this will not save the patient from insanity, so keep looking for bad mthought. Hint: if the black background is almost completely filled with letters, it means that you are close to the goal!


Allows you to clear your mind by finding, counting and erasing threat images.

This device requires a lot of effort! A symbol will be shown at the bottom of the screen. Your task is to find and count the same symbols at the top of the screen, but it is partially covered with black bars. To move the black bars, hold down the arrow button - this will give you the opportunity to see more characters. However, sometimes it makes sense to release the button to take a closer look. If you are sure that you have found out the number of characters you need, click the button with the desired number.

Sonar sequencer

This machine transmits sound waves through the patient's ears.

Listen to the sound sequence and repeat it with the toggle switches that adjust the duration of the sound. Horizontally placed toggle switches mean a long sound, and vertically placed means a short one. Press the big red button below to confirm your entry. When you play a sound near your ears, a visual cue is also displayed. Long dashes meanlong sound, and short - short.


Drains strange and negative energy from your patient.

Rotate the three knobs until the skin tremor is at its most intense. Please note that this does not always happen at the maximum position of the knobs. To confirm your entry, press the triangular button.

Special devices


A detector that detects and reconstructs a patient's personality type using advanced identity radar.

Move the sight on the radar until you see a yellow symbol on the screen. Then select the same symbol in the button bar. Note that the blue screen hides more than one character, and the buttons don't match all of them! Keep searching until you find the right one. When you approach the symbol, the device makes a special sound.

stress impulse

This device lowers stress levels by using a buzzer pulse directed at the heart.

You need to release momentum at the right time. To do this, press the button whenthe yellow line will be exactly above the red one. If you press too late or too early, the patient will be stressed.


Soothe the patient with strong scents of synthetic flowers. It can be used even at the maximum level of stress.

Press the buttons when they appear. Keep the mouse pointer in the middle, and then it will be easier for you to be on time! Each time the button is pressed, the light will turn on and when the indicator is full, the device will calm your patient. But do not forget that it gradually deprives the patient not only of stress, but also of personality.


This powerful apparatus connects to the patient's body and mind by transmitting energy through their fingertips straight into the nervous system. Attention! Will cause the patient stress in the amount of remote insanity.

To charge the device, switch the toggle switches in the same order in which the bulbs light up. When it turns on, turn the knob in the center to select the strength of the impact, and then press the lever on the right. The device will remove as many units of insanity as the number of cells you have selected, but it will increase the patient's stress by the same amount! After applying the device ?? goes on cooldown, and for some time you will not be able to use it.


Stops time for a moment. This energy crystal will put your patient into a trance.

Swing the pendulum in a steady rhythm until the visual effect in the middle is visible all over the screen. This will stop time and give you the opportunity to help the patient!

The palaces of the mind

Bring the patient's repressed hopes and dreams out of the labyrinths of his mind. Fully restores personality.

Use the handle to rotate the maze. Take the patient out of the labyrinth of his mind.


Converts personality to Science points.

Press the button at the bottom to connect the machine to the point marked on the patient. It is absolutely safe, honest scanner! When the connection is established, press the green buttons in time when the blue icons reach the bottom. The indicator on the side shows the degree of progress.