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ShowGamer.comWalkthrough The Forgotten City - guide how to pass (completed)

Walkthrough The Forgotten City - guide how to pass (completed)

At the beginning of The Forgotten City, you will be thrown ashore, and you can chat about everything with a girl who will introduce herself (if you insist) as Karen. In addition, you can choose the gender, skin color, name and origin of the character. The latter will allow you to get certain bonuses: a bonus to knowledge, weapons and 10 rounds, a bonus to survivability or running speed. You decide!

Karen says that before that, another guy named Al washed ashore, and he went into ruins, and Karen promised not to follow him. Therefore, the search for Al is now our task. Once the conversation is over, you will receive the first main task.

Quid Pro Quo

Karen will also give you a flashlight. By pressing the "2" key, you can get a lantern. You can also get it or hide it by moving the mouse wheel forward or backward, respectively. Move to the marker, enter the ruins and get to the far door. Read the note on the door and stand on the slab inside the building to fall down. Get out of the water and move the only way past the golden statues. Behind the stone bridge you will find a statue of a hanged old man in modern clothes. Read the stone tablet below. This is Al, and he spent his whole life here, trying to get out, but he couldn't.


Climb up to the marker and enter the portal to travel to the past. Exit the temple of Proserpina and chat with Galerius. Agree to go to the magistrate.

Golden Rule

Follow Galerius, on the way down you will see a woman named Aurelius, the owner of the tavern. Also, the crazy old woman Livia will stand by the fire. There will be a fork in front of the bridge. The path to the left leads to Lucrezia's clinic, where you can heal. At the entrance to the magistrate is the guard Horace. The magistrate's name is Sentius. Keep following Horace. When he leaves, you can chat with the girl on the left, Sentia, the magistrate's daughter. She will tell you that her sister Sentilla seems to have escaped from this place, but Sentia does not know exactly what her fate is. Don't bluff that Sentia is happy about the disappearance of her sister, because in this case the conversation will not be entirely successful.

Climb up and talk to Magistrate Sentius. So the golden rule of this place is if even one person sins, everyone will perish. What we saw in the present tense - all people turned into golden statues. Sentius performed a ritual in an attempt to save the city, and so we traveled back in time. And now he asks to find out who the criminal is. And it should help save the city.

The task will not complete. The main goal remains - to come to Sentius and tell who is going to break the Golden Rule. Therefore, we will return to it later. But if you talked to Sentia, then you will have the option to tell Sentia that you suspect his eldest daughter. She's too calm. But it's better not to rush.

Ask Domitius for meeting Malleol. He is willing to arrange it in exchange for something of value. Say that a bribe can be a sin. This will unlock the optional objective of this quest and allow you to frame Domitius for the crime.

Read the description of the missions "Disappearing Focus" and "End In Water". When you find Sentilla, talk to Sentius.

locked villa

Speak with Gladiator Domitius at the Magistrate's House and Malleola Palace. He will let Malleola inside the locked palace in exchange for something. But we will find another way. When you talk to Ulpius, who will jump down (after talking to Yuliya on the Disappearing Trick quest described below), look down, aim at the pool and jump into the water. Get out of the water and talk to Malleol. Remove the key hanging on the hook to the left of the front door and go outside. Quest completed .

Fade out focus

Chat with Sentia, daughter of Sentius in his house. She asks to know about Sentilla. Ask where to start looking. Go to Sentilla's room nearby and read the letter under the pillow. Report it to Sentia. She recommends talking to Julia.

After talking with Sentius, leave his house and pay attention to the gladiator who is doing push-ups not far from Horace. Talk to him. This is Domitius. Ask how to meet Malleol. He will say that he is ready to give the key to the villa if you give him something valuable in return. Do not under any circumstances say that you do not believe in Malleol, otherwise Doimicius will no longer want to talk to you! The quest "The Locked Villa" will begin. Ask for Julia, but he will say that she is not in the Malleola Palace.

Rescue Yulia in the "Last Gasp" quest described below. Talk to Lucrezia on all topics, then Julia will get up and you can question her. You will recognize Ulpius, another slave of Malleol. Climb up the mountain and talk to Ulpius and Octavia. It doesn't matter what you say, as Ulpius will jump down. Switch to the "Locked Villa" mission above and open the villa with the key by jumping into the pool after Ulpius. When you help Ulpius (read the quest "The Final Solution"), ask additional questions for Sentilla.

Visit Malleola Mansion, where youfell off earlier (now you have the key), and talk to the woman on the second floor. Report everything to Ulpiy. Further read the description of the quest "Ends in the Water". Quest completed.

last breath

This task is just related to Julia. Talk to Lucrezia and she will say that Julia poisoned herself. Go outside and go to Decius' shop nearby. Ask for medicine. He will only sell silphium juice for 1,000 denarii. You don't have them. Juice is in a jug in front of the store. Steal it. The golden rule will work. Run back to the portal and enter it. You will restart the time loop. Return to Lucrezia, give her the sylph juice and talk on all topics. Be sure to ask for Nevia. This will start the quest " Thorn in the Paw ". Quest completed.

Uninvited guest

You need to talk to the woman in the yellow dress on the steps between the market and the Roman baths. This is Fabia. This will start the quest. The woman will run to the temple, and she will be crushed by the fallen ceiling. Go to the Roman baths and listen to the bounty hunter. He will shoot anyway, breaking the Golden Rule . Run back to the portal through Decius' shop. There is a key on the shelf opposite the entrance. Take it, open the chest on the left and take 2000 denarii. They will come in handy for the "Final Solution" quest. IN?Go to the portal, ask Galerius to bring the sylph juice to Lucretia in order to save Julia. Go to Fabia, the woman in yellow, and ask her not to go to the temple. Ask to be trusted. Go to the baths, tell the bounty hunter that you saw Quinctius in the temple nearby. See how the enemy will be crushed by the ceiling. Retrieve the Bow, Arrows, and Quinctius Bounty Notice . Quest completed .

final decision

When you save Yulia on the "Last Gasp" quest, ask about Sentilla and you will recognize Ulpiya, who wants to kill himself. Climb up, Ulpius will jump down. Steal 2,000 denarii from Decius' shop. The key lies on the shelf opposite, and the chest is on the left. Can be done during the quest "Uninvited Guest". Then enter the portal to reset the time loop and go to Ulpius. Ask if this is what Sentilla wanted. Then say that you have 2000 denarii. Say that he is free and you do not need anything in exchange. Quest completed.

straight as an arrow

The quest will begin after you eavesdrop on a conversation between Decius and Virgil in the marketplace. The first one wants to get a weapon. When you complete the quest "The Uninvited Guest" and pick up the bounty hunter's weapon. Quest completed.

A thorn in the paw

This quest will start right after the Last Breath quest. Lucrezia will tell Rufiya for rheumatism. Ask for Naevia, who must have the cure for it. Read the quest "Gilding". Get to Naevia, choose peaceful phrases and shoot the half-cleaned golden statue. She will give willow bark. Go to Rufi and give him willow bark to help with rheumatism. Quest completed .

Behind closed doors

Talk to Lucretia or Decius about Naevia. When you complete the quest "Straight as an Arrow", Decius will approach you and the "Gilding" quest will begin (read below). Complete it and you will be able to enter the palace. Quest completed.

Democracy in action

When you save Julia on the quest "Last Gasp", ask about the Golden Rule to start the quest. When you return from the temple, having found all the tablets except the Greek one (it is in Dooley's chamber: read below), ask Equitia to start voting. It is important that before this the Golden Rule was violated and you asked Galerius to take the silphium juice to Lucretia, the willow bark to Ruthia, to blackmail Malleol with a letter with the name Quinctius (read in the paragraph below). Then the majority will vote for Galerius, and he will release Dooley.

So, in order to dissuade Malleol from participating in the elections, you first need to complete k??eats "Uninvited Guest" and find a reward announcement on the corpse of a bounty hunter. Go and talk to Malleol. It turns out that he is Quinctius, as evidenced by two different eyes. Climb to the second floor and chat with Claudia. Offer to take revenge on Malleol. She will ask for wine. Go to the amphitheater, into the caves, and find a ruined building with a chest there. Inside is a vessel of wine. Give it to Claudia and it will show a letter from Malleol where he uses the name Quinctius. Keep him for yourself, show Malleola and order him to refuse to participate in the elections and free all his slaves. The quest is completed (when they vote for Galerius). If suddenly the voting starts earlier, everyone will choose Sentius. Restart the time loop.

Ends in the water

You will be offered to get into the upper tank. You can free Dooly and get the key from him, but we will go the other way. Enter the basement to the left of the stairs leading to the front door of the Malleol house. Follow the only route, save and talk to the bound Centilla. If you release, you will see a bad ending. Don't free Sentilla.


When you take away a bow, arrows and an announcement of a reward from a killed intruder (murderer) (the latter is needed in order to convince Malleol to participate in the choiceah), go to the market to be stopped by Decius. He will offer to get a golden bow.

Go to the temple of Demeter and extinguish the two braziers. Climb the golden statue to retrieve the golden bow and replace it with the fake golden bow. Interact with the doors, do not agree to give the bow to Decius. Shoot the hive under the ceiling to turn it into gold. Next, you need to move through the catacombs and the palace, shooting at enemies and turning all sorts of plants and algae into gold. At the end, you will meet Nevia. And then you can leave this place, keeping the golden bow with you.

"Divine Intervention" and "Something in Common"

When you complete the quest "The Golden Rule" after learning the truth about Sentia, talk to Equitia. Chat with different people until you can list for Equitia 3 similarities between all the people that appeared. Quests completed.

How to find all the tablets

Equitia asks to find four tablets. This is what we'll do.

Roman tablet

To get the Roman tablet, talk to Rufi and remind him that you helped him with rheumatism. He will give you the key. Open the entrance to the temple behind the amphitheater, go down into the cave and turn right twice. Otk??Oyte grate and take away the Roman tablet from the table.

Egyptian tablet

Talk to Aurelia, speak for Habash. Tell George about it and enter the next temple. Talk to the old man inside:

  • I'm looking for Habash.
  • Why not. It's easy for me.
  • I don't know exactly. Difficult question.
  • This is true.
  • And who decides what is good and what is bad?
  • Don't think.
  • I don't think "correct moral values" exist.
  • I think we need to live according to the laws and customs of our society.
  • No, i guess.
  • What do you mean?
  • Sounds doubtful. How about "don't kill"?
  • I agree.

He will give you the key. Open the grate leading to the catacombs. Go through them until you meet Habash. He will give the Egyptian tablet.

Mysterious tablet

The same Habash will throw out another tablet. Jump after, pick it up and get out of the ruins. in order not to kill Habash, choose the following phrases:

  • There is no need for violence.
  • What can be destroyed by the truth deserves to be destroyed.
  • Isn't an honest life valuable in itself?
  • Your beliefs about the afterlife turned out to be wrong, but doesn't it matter that you lived honestly because of them?

Greek tablet

You need to convince everyone to vote for Galerius so that he frees Dooley (there is a cage in a separate barn, between the market and the amphitheater) and you get to the Greek tablet. Grab it and run to the portal as Dooley will break the Golden Rule.

Pandora's Box

After you have dealt with the task "Something in common", talk to Livia in the residential buildings near the portal. Quest completed .


Examine the inscription "Sinner" on the outside wall of Vergil's shop, talk to Vergil and agree to find the person who threatens him. Go to the residential courtyard near the portal, go inside and go up the stairs to the right. Turn right and read the note in Rufi's room. He blames Virgil. Go back and report to Virgil. Go to Rufi after giving him the willow bark and he will agree to stop chasing Virgil. Tell the good news to Virgil. Quest completed.


You need to convince everyone to vote for Galerius so that he frees Dooley and you get to the Greek tablet. Quest completed.

Heracles labor

When will you collect all the skr??zhali, go up to the temple, from where Ulpiy jumps, place four tablets on the obelisk and go inside. Choose four gods in sequence - Pluto, Hades, Osiris and Nergal. You will then meet with the god of the Underworld. If you cannot convince him, shoot Proserpina with a golden bow, take the crown, drop the noose by entering the portal, and go to God again. Show the crown and say that you will shoot Proserpina again. He will abolish the golden rule.

For a better ending, you need to choose certain phrases:

  • Let's talk about you.
  • Let's talk about this place.
  • So it was you who introduced the Golden Rule?
  • What is sin for you?
  • This principle is not as easy to follow as it seems.
  • I've seen terrible things here that you don't consider a sin. How did you let all this happen?
  • Experiments with golden statues.
  • This is a very literal interpretation of the rule.
  • Of course not. Never mind.
  • No wonder people think the gods are cruel. This only proves how subjective and unreliable your moral principles are. In assessing good and bad, you are not the best people.
  • No, but that's the point. No one distinguishes good from evil enough to trust him with such power. You have become a tyrant.
  • If you do this, you will confirm my point.
  • Point to each gre??.
  • Let's talk about something else.
  • I am from the future. This phrase will appear on the condition that you have studied all the sins.
  • I was hoping that you yourself would explain it to me (false).
  • Shouldn't the god of the Underworld know that?
  • I want you to cancel the golden rule.
  • The golden rule has corrupted the city, making it impossible for you to win.
  • Point out all the things the Golden Rule led to.
  • That's all the example I can give.
  • Why do you expect us to lead a sinless life if you yourself are not capable of it?
  • You punished hundreds of people...
  • Didn't you kidnap Proserpina and keep her here by force?
  • You locked people in the city against your will.
  • Maybe.
  • You brutally punish hundreds of people: some of them only slightly stumbled, and some were completely innocent.
  • If we switched places, you wouldn't want me to punish you for other people's sins.
  • No.
  • And in what way is your people superior to people?
  • And what is the superiority of this wisdom and high technology?
  • So you think that you can behave with us as you please, because you are stronger than us?
  • What did the Roman Stoics say? "Treat those who are below as you would like to be treated by those who are above."
  • But didn't you talk about your leader Jupiter? You have your own hierarchy.
  • I say: if you yourself cannot live by your own rule, n?What do you expect this from people?
  • You are not a monster. You are human, you made a mistake.
  • All people make mistakes. This is our nature.
  • Perhaps he was wrong too.
  • Maybe by assuming a human form, you took on some human weaknesses.
  • We just want to return to our world.
  • Why?

End of the game


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