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Walkthrough Disciples: Liberation - game guide

Detailed walkthrough of story and side quests, companion quests in Disciples: Liberation
Walkthrough Disciples: Liberation - game guide
Andrey Pavlenko
Date of publication
22 October 2021

At the time of this writing, there was no Russian language in the game, so some titles are translated at the discretion of the author. We will start the walkthrough, and then we will return to it when the official localization appears. If you expect a sequel, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Russian-language localization will appear on November 19.

Step into the dusk

At the beginning of the game, talk to Orion, who will become your new companion. You will learn about how the selection of certain dialogue phrases affects certain parameters. Go left and fight the imperial troops. It will be a pretty easy fight. For victory, you will receive experience points and the first spell. Heal at the well and pull the lever to open the door where the enemies were. Go back and go through the opened grate. Fight in the second battle. In the lower right corner of the screen there is a button that allows you to speed up animations in battles. Be sure to use it.

You can follow the path to the right to find a chest guarded by mutants. Kill and take the contents. Go down the left path, past two bars, and pull the lever to open both. Behind the nearest grate there will be a chest with armor, and behind the second - the way further. Get to Sebastian and fight him. You won't be able to win, but you need to survive 3 turns. After that you will see inideo.

Choose a castle in the city, the first point and chat with Orion. The task will be completed.


Here you will be able to select Avianna's class. You can also build a market where you can buy mercenaries, equipment and resources.

  • Forests of the Lost (plot). Talk to Lady Darkoil. The Bone Golem has a side quest. To the left of it there is a passage to the closed tombs. After killing the enemies, you can try to go inside, but you will need a companion who can pick the locks. Walk right and up. Search the corpses and meet with Eyamar. You don't need to kill anyone in this fight: hold out for three turns.
  • Bon appetite (side). Chat with the Bone Golem at the beginning of the location. Don't attack him. The task will be updated. You need to bring 4 bones to the golem. Select the task as active and move along the markers. You will pick up two bones after killing normal enemies. For the third you will have to go to the ruins of the tomb. To the right of the throne, there is a gate that Eyamar can open. To do this, you will have to wait until the man joins your squad, and then complete his task. Finally, the fourth bone is obtained when you kill Pulcherson or Purherja during the side mission "Over My Corpse".
  • A throne fit for a queen. You will need to find 4 bodies for the Corsaal Seat. Below you should have already found the corpses. Interactionget along with them. Go right, talk to the marked character and agree to go to Eiyamar. Chat with him until your main enemy appears.
  • Descent of the Council of Six (plot). After a while, you will fall into the catacombs, and Eyamar will become a new companion. Go to the right and take Wopenwolf to the squad (for the duration of the journey through the dungeon). Kill the first enemies and go to the gate. To activate them, you will have to finish off three more enemy units. Behind the backs of the enemies there are two more allies and a fountain of healing. Then use the portal and agree to the last battle. You don't even need to win: just survive for 3 rounds.
  • Through my dead body (sideline). In the middle of Greywood, you need to find the village of the Awakened. There will be Queen Purherja, who has a side quest for you. Find Pulcherson's camp on the right. Fight him or take his side and kill Purherya.
  • Long lullaby (side note). There are also three banshee sisters in Greywood. Talk to them and say that you will help find the grimoire. Find the tomb in the upper right corner, go down there and follow forward without turning anywhere. Destroy the undead to inspect the grimoire. You will learn the spell. Tell the Banshee Sisters about him. In addition, you can take on a new task. Banshees will be asked to bring a woman to them. If you refuse, you will have to kill the witches.
  • AfterbirthEiyamar's laughter (companion task). If you took Eyamar into the squad, as soon as you get out of the Halls of Souls, go to the right and interact with other gates in the catacombs. So you will recognize Eyamar's wife, and so the task will begin. Head to the left of the gate and fight Ja'annar. As soon as you kill the main enemy, the battle will end, so you can not go in cycles in the rest of the undead.
  • From the cradle to the grave (sideline). In the dungeon where you get out of the Halls, the bard Mathieu sits in the left wing. Talk to him and agree to help with the exit outside. The exit itself is located nearby, so the quest is quite simple. After going outside, find the tomb, which you visit on the assignment "Long Lullaby". Near the place where the grimoire is located, there is a glowing wall. Interact with her to get into the cache and take the stone.
  • Bookworms (sideline). When you release the grimoire in the side quest "A Long Lullaby", he will ask you to get three books. One of them can be found in the Halls, where you go in search of Eyamar's wife. Look for the second book on the right side of the wastelands of Eureka. There will be a gate that Eyamar can open. Move through them to the chest and pull out the book from there. You can pick up the third book after you complete the Eureka storyline. You will be joined by Batal, who can destroy poisonous vines. Chop the creepers in Greywood and take the books??from the chest. Return to the catacombs and decide the fate of Tuchulkan.

Widow Plains

  • Hale and Veil. Chat with the guard in front of the castle and go right. Talk to Corisandre. You will either need to kill the mercenaries standing a little higher, or go even more to the right and deal with the beast. The second fight is easier, and there is a chest there. After that, the task will end, and Corisandra will become the new fighter of your squad.
  • Advice. Don't forget to return to your castle. There you can hire new fighters, train them (upgrade them to the highest possible level), improve equipment, combine shards (you need a forge) and much more. It will be difficult to fight enemies with only satellites.
  • Death and taxes (sideline). There is a peasant named Ed at the location near Hale Castle. Chat with him and offer to help. Walk to the right and find Hel's guards. You will be told that it will be possible to go inside only after the destruction of the rebels. On the left is the Ripper, but so far it is not worth attacking him. This enemy is stronger! Climb down and capture the sawmill with two level 2 knights. First, go down the map and kill four level 3 warriors. On the map, the desired character will be signed as "Rebel". It's in the rebel settlement. If you already have two companions and at least level 4, you can kill the Ripper near the entrance to Hel Castle. It is noteworthy that the battle will end immediately,as soon as you finish off the Ripper. The rest need to be killed! Return to Ed. Unfortunately, the rebels will finish him off. Fight them to complete the quest.
  • Intrusion (side). On the right side of the location there is Baron Galtier, from whom you can take this task. Head right and down to find an elf. Don't fight, but listen carefully. Now offer help, go back and kill Galtje. You will receive a good reward and will be able to take a barony for yourself.
  • Labeled clean (sideline). Near Galtier from the previous quest is the Most Serene Vokelin. Talk to him and take the quest. Find the Church of the Allfather nearby, go down there and go deeper until you find Vokelin's wife. Talk to her. You can fight the priestesses, and then tie up your wife and return her to Vokelin. Or you can agree to her terms, return upstairs, fight the knights and tie Vauquelin to deliver him to his wife in the Church of the All-Father. Choose yourself.
  • The holy abbot arranges a reception. The quest will begin upon completion of the quest "Heil and the Veil". Chat with the guard at the entrance and go inside the castle. To the right is a chest. Ahead will be the first battle with enemies of level 5. Keep moving. Search the treasure chest on the left and kill another enemy group. Then you will meet the abbot. It will be necessary to decide whether to intercede for the abbot or goagainst and choose the rebels. We chose the abbot and Corisandre.
  • Mathieu, amazing bard (sideline). Cross the bridge and see a chest and Bard Mathieu on the right. Chat with him. You can choose love phrases to spend the first night with another character and get the achievement "In love, all means are good."
  • Corisandre's Call (companion mission). Cross the bridge and turn left to speak with the captain of the trading fort and take the quest. You need to go down to the Church of the All-Father and talk to Mother Jeanne. Move deep into the church and interact with the Mirror Eye. Head outside and return to the merchant port captain at the top. He will be dead. Support Corisandre. You will receive a new strategic skill Corisandra.
  • Three temples of God (side). Go down to the basement of the Church of the Allfather near the place where you met Corisandre. Talk to Mother Jeanne and accept the quest. Go outside, go down and to the right. Here is the temple of Gallean. Use love phrases. The cultists will leave. Above the Ripper and the entrance to Hel's hamok is the Temple of Soloniel. Here you have to fight with six different enemies of level 7. I managed to defeat them at level 5, with a fighter and two companions. The most difficult battle will be at the temple of Bethrezen. Having dealt with everyone, return to Jeanne.
  • White dragon, Silver tongue (sideline). When can you go to the Holyat the abbot, to the right of the descent into the castle, there will be Humphrey, the dragon hunter. Talk to him and agree to kill the dragon. However, in a conversation with a dragon, you can choose Humphrey himself as the target. This will be a battle against 4-5 level 6 warriors, who will be assisted by a healer and a mage.
  • The flames of rebellion flare up stronger. This quest will begin after meeting with the abbot inside Hel Castle. Go outside and go down to the south, to the rebel fortress. You will face a battle against 6 level 5 enemies. This concludes the Widow Plains main storyline. Before switching to a new map, try to capture all mining buildings. They will come in handy.
  • Dying words (side). The task can be taken in the lower right corner of the map. Perhaps upon returning to this region from another. There you will meet two arguing warriors. You can take one of the sides, and then kill his opponent. Go down to the basement of the Church of the Allfather and go left. Open the grate and get into the cache. Raise the four pillars in the center to search four separate cells.

White lands

  • Empty fields (plot). To move to another map, you need to talk to Orion in the castle. Right at the entrance you will be met by elves-robbers. You can lie to them, kill them or pay them. Go a little further, after which the heroes will fall asleep and end up in prison. Talk to Cowan while interacting with the grateyour camera. Look outside for a chest (below) and free Orion. Move on and rescue Corisandre. A little further will be the elves. A simple battle awaits you.
  • Climbing (plot). Go through the bars to complete the previous task and start a new one. Finally, for the first time, you will be able to skip a simple battle. Do this in the case of the next troop of elves. You can go past the exit from the catacombs to kill a few more opponents and search the chests. At the very end there will be level 17 ice monsters. If you are following the same path as us, then by this point your heroes will have leveled up to a maximum of 11, so it is useless to fight ice monsters. Come outside. Grab the first object and climb up the mountain. Turn left, kill the enemies and light the first obelisk. Go right, kill a few enemies, capture the sawmill and activate the obelisk standing near it. Move even higher and turn left to meet the elf Raila'an, mistress of the Rai dynasty. You will learn that there are five stones to activate. Two you have activated, another one has been activated by Raila'an. At the top there is a passage to Stone Peak. Get ready in advance as you need to win three battles in a row.
  • Advice. To increase the level of current troops to the maximum allowable, return to your castle, inspect each building associated with the hiring of fighters, and select the second p??nkt.
  • Smoke screen (side). After exiting the catacombs, you will find Farothin the Sharp-eyed character. Talk to him and agree to help. Climb up the mountain and look on the right for the last survivor. You can let him go or kill him. keep in mind that you will have to fight with enemies of level 13.
  • Ghosts of the past (side). On the mountain to the left, you can meet the mage Johalmar and an ice creature. You can accept mana, the task will end immediately after communication.
  • Fall of Stone Peak (plot). Obtained after breaking through Stone Peak. Chat with Ormiriel in the village. In any case, she will have to fight. You don't have to win this fight, you only need to survive at least 3 rounds. After that, Ormeriel will become a new companion!
  • Elfsmith's weapon (secondary). Can be picked up in Stone Peak Village. Enter the forge and go up. On one of the routes is a huge level 35 dragon. It's incredibly difficult to defeat him. Another path will lead you to the elves. You can lie that you killed the dragon, but in this case it will doom them to death. You can kill or call to Illyan. So you get new warriors.
  • Deceived (sideline). Can be picked up in Stone Peak Village. Return to the catacombs where you were sitting in the prison cells. Go right and up. Turn left from the fountain. This path will lead to the tents where the elves-thieves are located. Can you tell what to you?only their leader is already. Kill the Mistress on the battlefield, the rest can be left alone, as the battle will end immediately. Mission completed.
  • Return to Illyan (plot). The task will begin after you complete the quest "The Fall of Stone Peak".
  • Revenge of Ormeriel (companion mission). As soon as Ormeriel joins your squad, she will tell you about the task. Say you saw Raila'an. Go downstairs where you saw this elf. There will be a house, the path to which is blocked by ice. Check out this ice. Let Ormeriel melt it and then fight Covan. The one that was seen in the dungeon. To win the battle, it is enough to kill Covan himself. The rest you can not touch!
  • Advice. Open the "Fighters" tab and right-click on each companion or normal fighter. Both fighters and companions can install fragments. Moreover, companions can be given weapons (with the exception of some situations: for example, Ormeriel should only be equipped with her sword).

When you're ready, return to Illyan. By the way, at level 15 of the detachment you can kill ice monsters in the catacombs, where they sat in prison cells. Chat with Orion at the castle to travel to Greywood.


  • Spleen for spleen (plot). There is a spleen collector at the location. You need to search Eureka and kill four wild beasts to collect 4 spleens. Per?Give them to a collector, stick your hand in your mouth and find out about the Boss. The task will end, but the quest "Heartbreaker" will begin.
  • It's never too late to change your mind (sideline). There is a Wasteland in the lower right part of Eureka. There, look for a character named Temket, the right hand of the Master. He will ask you to kill his sister. You can refuse and finish Temket, or agree with him. Go inside the mine shaft and find Temkanna, Temket's sister, in the upper right corner. Talk to her. Suggest a route to Illyana. In this case, you will have to kill all the demons in the mine. Then tell the good news to Temkanna, and then return to Temket, who will have to be killed. Finish off Temket and the fight will end. The rest need not be touched.
  • Glove on the fist (sideline). At the bottom of the location, you can meet a demon with an exclamation mark. Successfully negotiate with him, and the task will end.
  • Strength has a price (side). There is a mine shaft in the upper right part of Eureka. You will go there on the assignment "It's never too late to change your mind." Once inside, go to the right and search the chest near the merchant of death. You will get the things you need. Go to the upper left corner of this mine and talk to the demon blacksmith. Give the ore and get the assassin's blade. Now go to the merchant of death, where you found the ore, and buy a sacrifice. Take the sacrifice to the blacksmith to improve the assassin's blade. You can learn about the next victimand buy it from the merchant of death for 1500, but so far the blacksmith will not improve the weapon. You can upgrade it a second time after defeating Veran. The third time you can improve after completing the storyline in "The Lowlands", and the funeral of Avian's mother. But in order to complete the task and unlock the full potential of the weapon, one of the companions will have to be sacrificed.
  • Heartthrob (sideline). In the upper left corner of the location is Big Belphegor. Talk to him to start the mission. Then follow the marker to the zombies. Talk. You can kill them or ask for money, and then return and finish off Belphegor. Decide for yourself!
  • Demon possession (sideline). Inside the Fighting Pits, to the left of the entrance, stand Noemi, narrowed down by Bethrezen. Talk to her. go outside, kill the enemies in the indicated place (watch the blue arrow on the screen when the task is active) and return to Noemi. You can give or sell the medicine, keep it for yourself, or offer Noemi a place in Illyana.
  • Fighting pits (plot). You need to go to the fighting pits arena and fight in three battles with a squad (enemies up to level 16). Then, in the final fight, Avianna will have to fight one on one against Batal, a level 19 enemy. By defeating him, you will complete the quest and also get a new companion! Between battles, you can use the mana and health wells located on the side of the Master. On the left sidefighting pits have an enemy unit and a lever that opens the chambers with prey.
  • That which is buried deep (plot). The task will begin immediately upon completion of the Fighting Pits quest. Follow the marker into the wasteland and find the sacristan's quarters. Go inside, go left and collect the loot. And then go along the marker and defeat the demon that Batal points to. Finish off the demon itself to end the fight, and you don't have to kill the rest of the enemies.
  • Burden of Battle (companion mission). This quest will start after you complete the story mission "What's Buried Deep". Batal is the very character that can cut vines. Destroy the indicated vine, collect the loot from the chest and return to the Fighting Pits. Challenge the Owner himself to the battle, as asked by Batal. As before, in such battles it is enough to kill the main villain.


You can get here only after you pass through the four previous locations. talk to Orion in the castle and choose a new region.

  • Different worlds (plot). Walk to the right and a little higher to chat with the leader of the Empire. And so on: talk to the leaders of all races to get side missions from them.
  • Request of the Empire (sideline). Talk to the representative of the Empire. He will ask you to kill the leader of the Undead.
  • Criminal Sebastien (companion task). Will you meet Sebast near the beginning of the location??ena. Talk to him to start the quest. Follow the marker and find the Constructor at this location. Talk to him, after which the fight will begin. Sebestyen should be on the front line, so put him in place of one of your companions. Remember that Sebestyen's second ability deals damage to everyone, including your allies! After the battle, Sebastien's ability is unlocked - he, like Eyamar, can open portals.
  • The request of the Elven clans (side). You need to kill the leader of the Empire.
  • Request Undead (side). The leader of the Undead will ask you to eliminate the leader of the Unholy Legions.
  • Request of the Unholy Legions (sideline). You will be asked to finish off the leader of the elves.
  • So each of the leaders wants you to kill one of their competitors. It turns out a vicious circle. you can even kill everyone, because each of the leaders is guilty of something. Then the final quest of this location will begin.
  • Dead center (side). Standing next to Sebastien is the cadet Saint-Pierre. Talk to him to start a new mission. you need to find an antidote. Get to the undead camp and interact with the marked zombie. You will receive an antidote. Return to the soldier in the Empire's camp.
  • Connections are everything (side). In the upper right part of the location where the elves are located, there is an elven commander with a side quest. Talk to him to start it. Directly opposite one hundredit fort. Talk to the merchant Latush, win the battle, and then decide how to deal with the fortress. You can give it to the elves.
  • Don't forget to pick up your shoes (side). In the lower left part of the location there is an inn "Doomsday". Near him is a bard you know. Talk to him and take a new task. Follow the marker, kill enemies on the battlefield and search the corpses marked by markers. After collecting four pairs of shoes, return to the quest giver and complete the mission.
  • Secret knowledge (side). Also on the left side of the region you need to find the demon Vikarum. Take the relic from him to receive the quest. When you defeat Veran and get inside Vernato'or, follow forward and turn left along a thin stone path. Open the gate and take the stone. Return to Vikarum and talk to him. If you decide to keep the crystal for yourself, then you will have to kill the demons.
  • Ilmere is the last to drink (companion task). In the lower left part, in the camp of the Unholy Legion, there is Ilmeren. Talk to her and accept the girl into your squad. She will become a new companion. The next job will automatically start. Follow the marker to the "Doomsday" tavern and interact with it. Talk to Belphegor. We need to find the Ilmeren cargo. Follow the marker until you find the Spleen Collector. Fight her. if you kill Ilmeren, she will leave your squad. Ilmeren Ability - Meltdownbrew ice.
  • Melendrach the Wild (companion task). There is a demon Orthric in the camp of the Unholy Legions. He asks to save his comrade from the clutches of the elves. Agree to take the quest. Go to the elves and enter the prison located in their camp. Go deep into the location, kill the elves and defeat Melendrach. Then he will become your companion. At the exit from here, the demons will want to return Melendrach. If you protect, then he will remain your companion. He is able to clear creepers.
  • Charlea's Sweet Retribution (Companion Quest). Chat with Sharley at the Undead camp. Move along the marker and fight in battle. After defeating everyone, you will be able to advise Charlea what to do next. After that, she will join you permanently, and you will receive her ability - purification of filth.
  • Battle of Vernato'or (story) Go to the fire, then win two battles in a row. Before the battle with the inquisitor, you can heal at any fountain. Then destroy the Covan army. Finally, you will need to defeat Veran. After the victory, go inside Vernato'or, go deeper, killing enemies, and chat with the statue. Return to Illyan, speak with Orion and choose one of the three new locations.

Path of Flesh and Fire

  • Taking care of the caravan (companion missions). This quest will start after you defeat Veran during the "Battle of Vernato'or" storyline and return to Illyan. Enter the temple?? Ilmeren, located near the location of the quest "Sticky Fingers". In the center of the arena stands Ziminiar. You need to finish him off. After winning the quest will be completed.
  • Sticky fingers (companion missions). This quest will start after you defeat Veran during the "Battle of Vernato'or" storyline and return to Illyan. Follow this location, follow the marker and chat with Eva. Win the battle and go down the map, past the Ilmeren temple, to the treasure. Defeat Eva and her army, and then take the item. This will be a great sword for Orion. Plus, Orion can now pick locks! One of these is at the location of Greywood, and leads to the tombs.
  • Will break through (plot). This quest will begin after you defeat Veran during the "Battle of Vernato'or" storyline and return to Illyan, and then go to this location. Go right and kill the first enemies. Follow further across the bridge and talk to Lieutenant Veil, who is on the left. Win the battle and negotiate a truce. Next, you need to get to the fortress of the Unholy Legions. Go up the location and fight Moloch.
  • Titans Unleashed (plot) Return back to the fort and fight the inquisitor. Keep fighting to save the novices.
  • Disappearance (collateral). Literally at the very beginning of the location, after the first battle you will meet a character,who has a side quest for you. Agree to find the family. Follow the marker to the acolyte of Bartog Lek. Kill the enemies and return to the quest giver. If you finish off Bartog, the battle will end immediately.
  • Return home (companion missions). Enter the temple of Ilmeren, go forward and soon meet her minion. He will refuse to let you go further, so the demon will have to be killed. Moreover, the battle will end as soon as he is dead. Examine the door. There is no key, so I'll have to come back here later.
  • From the ashes (plot). Talk to Genevieve and decide her fate.
  • Frightening melody (side). Enter the Maternity Hospital, located in the upper right part of the location, not far from the fortress where Moloch stood according to the plot of the game. Inside there will be a level 75 lava dragon, so go past and to the right, to the detention chamber where the bard is sitting. Talk to him and agree to help. You need a camera key. You will immediately be attacked by enemies. Kill everyone, go around the detention cells and find a demon with a key. Finish him off and free the bard.
  • Maternity (side). This location has the catacombs "Maternity Hospital". Go inside and turn left at the first opportunity. Kill enemies and try to pick up dragon ingots. Chat with the dragon, go outside and run to the source. Deal with the enemies who want to take the vessel, and then return to the dragon. Wins?those in yet another battle. It will end as soon as you finish off the Ascended.


  • True Emperor (plot). Talk to Emperor Demosthenes III, who is standing right at the beginning of the location. go to a place nearby, defeating 1-2 enemy armies. The task will end, but a new mission will immediately begin.
  • A plague on both your houses (sideline). On the right side of the location there is Julie from Peko's house. Talk to the character and agree to help. Fight the Vauli representatives on the left. Return to the couple. You can call a warrior with you to get a new fighter.
  • Cloaks and daggers (sideline). Immediately upon arrival at Atellean, Orion will mention a letter from a certain Raja. And so the task will begin. Get to the tower of Mizrael, which will happen according to the plot of the game, and go down to the basement. Kill the guards, open the detention chamber and inspect Raj's body. Take it with you, go outside and find a nearby caravan that is about to leave for Illyan. Talk to the character to complete the quest and receive your reward.
  • We Were Children Once (Companion Quest) On the right side, near the sawmill, there is Vauquelin. Chat with him to take the task. You can take him to your army. Go down a little lower, where the army of the Veil appeared. Chat with them and fight in battle. Be sure to put Sebastien on the front line. Then you will need to defeat the army of elves, ?who built a blockade for the Empire. Head back to Vauquelin to complete the quest.
  • If Trees Could Talk (sideline). Not far from Waukelin from the quest above, behind the weeds, you can find another character with a task. Talk to him, drink the liquid and accept the quest. Get to the marker in the north of the map and interact with the characters. You can attack or release them.
  • Hope for the best (plot). Chat with the twin elders who have appeared. Negotiate and make a choice. The task will end.
  • Prepare for the worst (plot). Return to the camp in the south and inspect the wounded guardsman. Make a decision, and then move north. Kill the enemies and enter the tower of Mizrael. Climb up the floors, killing enemies and collecting loot. At the very end there will be a video and a battle against the army of Katanira. The girl herself will disappear. Return to Illyan.

Wotan's grave

  • Hungry hordes (plot). Talk to the keeper of the keys and the prisoners. The fight can be avoided. Talk to the character inside the mines of Wotan. You need to poison four elven springs.
  • Annoying duel (side). Go up the location and find the energy barrier and Siriel. Talk to him and tell him that you will kill the monster. The task will end immediately after you pass the barrier and destroy the undead. Gain access to the Health Fountain.
  • Oh, how I've been waiting for this (companion assignments). This quest will start after you defeat Veran during the "Battle of Vernato'or" storyline and return to Illyan. Go to the upper right part of the map and chat with the warrior. You can pay 1000 gold to avoid the fight. In any case, you will need to go to the dungeon of the Wotan mine on the left side. Go deep into the mine and turn right. Soon you will find the undead. Finish off the guards, open the grate and enter the cell. Chat with the character, and then decide what to do. If you trust Sheilia, she will attack enemies.
  • Hammer of Wotan (sideline). You need to find four fragments of Wotan's hammer. Enter the mines of Wotan and go left. Along the way, you will be able to pick up the first piece of Wotan's Hammer. Chat with the blacksmith, over which there is an exclamation mark. And so the task will begin. Interact with the object to the left of the blacksmith Feindel and ask him to leave you a shard. You will receive a second one. Even more to the right lies the third fragment. Around the fourth fragment, you will definitely have to fight the enemies. Return to the blacksmith. You can ask for money or a new weapon (sword).
  • Convocation of dragons (sideline). There is an enclave of dragons in the upper left corner of Wotan's tomb. Chat with two dragons to start the quest. Follow the marker until you find the temple. Defeat the big dragon to end the fight immediately (otherit is not necessary to kill some opponents). Return to the enclave and talk to the remaining dragon.
  • Let them feast on mana (side). Find an altar in the middle of the location. Interact with him, agree to help and go to the elf camp nearby. You can attack or do nothing. The task will end.
  • Family reunion... sort of like (companion mission). On the right side of the location there is Hubert de Lisle. Talk to him and agree to take part in the battle. Be sure to put Eyamar on the front line. Now move around the markers and fight the offspring of Eyamar. A gate leads to one of them, which you must activate using Eyamar's ability.
  • To God's head (plot). Talk to the guardian, and then go to God's head. Decide how to be - kill the elves, the undead, or everyone. After the battle, the task will end.
  • Rose of the forests (tasks of satellites). This quest will start after you defeat Veran during the "Battle of Vernato'or" storyline and return to Illyan. Once in this location, look for a wolf marked with a question mark on the right side. Chat with Emdur, Mother of many. Run to the elf camp, put Melendrach on the front line and fight the enemies. Return the seeds to Emdur.
  • Plan of Neglect (plot). Chat with the god on the right and go left. Speak with Artz, Lord of Chains. keep talkingChat with different characters until you can leave this place. Everything is quite simple. Return to Illyan and select a new location.


  • Death comes for everyone (plot). Go left and meet the knight. This is how the task will begin. Get to the indicated place, across the bridge at the top of the location, and inspect the corpse of Avian's mother. Fight Cowan again.
  • "The Deal Is Closed" and "At the Blacksmith's Work". You need to kill two characters that are in this location. I did this during the "Death Comes for All" mission. Then the task will end.
  • Unsung song (side). In the upper left part of the location there is Bruntilda, who will have a task for you. Bard Mathieu is missing and you need to find him. Get to the indicated tomb, kill the enemies and go inside. Follow the marker until you find a living Mathieu. After talking to him, decide what reward you want, then go to the room on the left and pick up a beautiful body. Take it to Bruntilda.
  • For My Father (Companion Quest). When you cross the bridge in search of the body of Avian's mother, one of the companions will turn to you. There is a house behind the bridge. Interact with him, after which you can refuse to fight, and instead take the sons of William the Gloomy with you.
  • Lowlands take up arms (plot). Enter the familiar tombs. Now the door at the far end has opened. Follow through n?? e and fight the inquisitor. Kill the normal enemies first, and then focus on the Inquisitor, who this time will have a huge supply of health.
  • Another long night (plot). Return to the house and inspect the mother's body. After the cut-scene, you can optionally have a romance with Batal. The mission will then end and you will be asked to return to Illyan. Three new locations will become available. This will be the last act.
  • Home (companion task). Go to your house, but do not interact with the mother's body. Examine the house until a new task starts. Go down to the basement near the house, to the forge of your father. Find a chest with a new weapon in the far part. You will also gain an ultimate skill.

Hale Castle

  • Here lies the living (plot). Make your way to Hale Castle and attack it. Along the way, you will meet many familiar characters who have turned into the undead.
  • Answer Nizin (plot). After two battles, chat with the indicated armies and fight in one more battle.
  • Hale's Last Grip (plot). Finally, fight the risen dragon. Destroy it and the battle will end. Enter Hale, look around, after which the task will be completed.
  • Hunger teaches me (a side effect). Go up the location and look for a talking cow that has a task for you. Move along the marker and deal with Ed, who has risen undead. Report everything to the cow.
  • Ritual (side)Follow the undead to the left of the place where you met Bard Mathieu for the first time. Get inside. You can kill everyone or take part in the ritual. It doesn't affect anything.
  • The song also has an ending (side). Go to the place where you first met Mathieu. Search the campfire. Follow the trail of blood and find Mathieu turned into a zombie. Chat, and then finish off.

Queen's Nest

  • Nightmare Queen's Lair (plot). Move to a familiar location and go left. Talk to Eligos. Choose who to attack. Win one battle and the quest will be completed.
  • Even deeper (plot). You need to deal with five members of the Council. Ignore Stormcloak as you won't be able to kill him. With him, you will simply waste time. Look for everyone else. For each member of the Council there is a separate quest that allows you to track his location. The lost one needs help in the battle against the undead. Let Abaddon drink your blood. Kiss with Whisperer. For the Defiler, bring the desired item. From the Whisperer you will learn about the remains of the Petrel. Go to the warrior's tomb near the Lost One and find the sarcophagus there. Burn the remains. Enter the hall to complete the End of an Era quest. Win the battle and the chapter will be completed.
  • Deceived Mortis (sideline). The task is taken from Morenci, the Master of Flesh, who stands slightly to the left of the place where youfirst time fighting in this location. find Mortis, talk to her and take her back to the demons to complete the quest.
  • Memories (side) To the left of Mortis from the quest above is Timiks the Carrier. He has a new task for you. The battle will begin immediately. Once defeated, release or execute Timix.
  • Hunting Beyond Death (Companion Quest). You need to find the place where the last task of the Eyamar quest chain will start. Fight enemies, and then defeat Eyamar himself. Don't worry, he'll stay with the squad.
  • And you, Vikarum? (sideline) Chat with the demons in the warrior's tomb near the Lost One. He does not offer anything worthwhile, so you can immediately attack.
  • Meat Cloak (sideline). In the far part of the warrior's tomb there is an undead Pasal. Chat with her to take the quest. We need to find a new body for Pasal. Return to Timiks the Transporter if he was spared and find the bodies on the cart. Take any of them. In the case of Pelma, the undead will reincarnate, but will not attack. The task will end.
  • Iron Fist (Companion Quest). When you destroy the Council, moving towards the exit from the cave, you will find footprints. Charlie has gone somewhere. Move back to the beginning of the cave, and examine the wall on the right. After destroying it, get to Sharley and defeat her in battle. Quest chain completed!

Barat Nor

  • Two truths (plot). Come forward and say, h??o come to help. Win in battle. The task will end immediately.
  • Burn, Barat Nor, burn (plot). Go to the heart of the forge at the top of the location. go deep into the location and defeat all the demons to complete the quest and start a new task.
  • Always yours (plot). Defeat the Machine Master located at the very bottom. Then beat off the attack of the elves. This will end the entire chapter.
  • It all ends here (companion task). At the beginning of the location, go down to meet Aroroz of the Order of the Black Sun. Batal must participate in the battle. Put him on the front lines. Kill Aroroz and you will learn about new targets. As soon as you kill everyone, the task will end. Once you've killed everyone, go to Uther's grave and fight Batun, Batal's last opponent. In all these battles, the main thing is to kill the main target.
  • Uru dagger (sideline). In the lower left corner of the location, you can meet a girl named T'barnik. Talk to her and agree to complete the task. Go to Uther's grave. In the back room is a dagger. Kill everyone, take the item and return it to the girl outside. The task will end.
  • The horse sees, the horse does (side). At the very bottom of the location, you can find the demoness Barakak. Talk to her and take the quest. Follow the marker and interact with the eternal flame. This will complete the quest.
  • Sons of Melendrach (companion mission). On the left side of the location?and look for a stone portal. Let one of the characters open it. Go and see a werewolf. Win the first battle, be sure to take Melendrach. The task will begin. Move along the markers outside the location and look for the rest of the barsols. By the way, the order is not important. After winning all the battles, you will be able to take the sons of Melendrach with you. It will also complete his quest chain.
  • Bridge of Great Ambition (sideline). In the upper left corner of the location is Arovet Zorkaya. Talk to her and take the quest. You need to search four small obelisks to collect mana from them. You may have already interacted with some of them.
  • Waiting for the Nephilim (sideline). Inside the forge, on the right, there is an entrance to the depths of Barat Nora. Go there and chat with an unknown object. Go back and look in the forge for 4-5 pieces of plate armor. Go back and give them to the forge. Defeat enemies and get incredibly powerful armor. Destroy the main demon, Barat Nora, in combat.


Talk to Orion in the castle and say that you are ready to fight the main enemy. It is best to take dragons, the Lord and so on into battle. in general, fighters of the fourth degree.

  • Death of an era. Chat with Orion in the castle again.
  • Lost in time. Move from marker to marker, activate the coridiels and kill the enemies.
  • Come back to me. Remember the sacrifice of a satellite for the manufacturesword in the forge of Eureka? So in this place you can revive him. Go to the right side of the location and look for a huge purple orb.
  • Forge Goddess. After activating 3 corridors in the story, you will get a little higher and see a huge forge in front of you. Interact to get the quest. You need to find four parts of the golden crown. I was never able to get the fourth part of the crown.
  • I am anger. Go left and kill all the enemies. After that, fight the beast Gallean.
  • And here is the result. Enter the throne room where Katanira awaits you. First, destroy the three crystals and the enemies they summon. Then, on the next turn, Katanira will enter the battlefield, and you can deal damage to her. The storyline is complete. You can complete the game in Liberation mode. First, you will be allowed to release all the companions on the battlefield. Second, the game will focus on bringing all the warring factions together. At least the appropriate options will appear in the dialogs.

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